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    ?Paville Defeats Kenansville Softball, 14-11
?fits Three-Run
Homer For KenansvilU
I fertile Softball team led
baaeman Lou Halo and
^Wealed Kenansville 14
f game of the season. The
p team started with a big
lag four runs in the first
jnt baseman Colby John
triple in the first to start
ting. Hie beulaville squad
1 back in the first to score
then go out front by scor
l Hie second,
t for Kenansville was a
homer by shortstop Bobby
he ninth. Third baseman
lad two hits for the Ken
ansville team and three RBI'i
Batts led the K'vflle attack wit
three-for-six and five RBI's. Other
getting hits for Kenansville wer
second baseman Gene Nethercutl
W. Brinson. and D. Brinson.
Leading the hitting for Beulavill
were Billy Bostic, Larry Stewart
Jamie Quinn, and Mike Millet
Bostic, Miller, and Carr had twi
hits ape ice.
A spokesman's from the Kenans
viile Softball team challenges an;
group from near by towns such a
Warsaw, Faison, Mt. Olive, Roa
Hill, or Wallace.
ved will be only incidental to the I
educational values for the students
) involved. For the most part, it will
not involve the educational process
i. of learning history, grammar, and
h arithmetic. Instead, it involves both
s the concepts of desegregation and
e a newer concept being promoted in
1, some circles which is called "racial
imbalance" in the public schools,
e This latter concept is one which an
t, editorial writer in the Winston
Salem Journal recently defined as
0 "Integration for the mere sake of
b The "racially balanced" school
r theory deprives children of all rac
s es of the right to attend schools with
e their neighbors, their friends, and
their playmates.
' Under Title III of S. 1731 two
sets of powers are proposed to be
| granted to the Department of Heal
' th, Education, and Welfare and the
Attorney General. The Commission
i- er of Education would be empower
- ed to conduct investigations of
s racial problems in the schools, plan
t for desegregation of the public sch
1 ooIs at the local level, and educate
1 the public on how to deal with sch
- ool desegregation problems. He
i would be authorized to arrange in
i stitutes "to improve the ability of
teachers, supervisors, and counsel
t lors" to deal with desegregation
s problems and pay them to attend
heae institute* He could emply
pecialists to educate parents, sch
?olchildren, and the general public
? the Administration's views on
leaegregation. In essence, the pow
ir of the Federal purse could be
ised to engage in mass selling of
i Federal program to be conducted
n this area of human relations. To
ny knowledge, this would provide
in expenditure of tax monies un
ike any I have seen written into
The measure would grant the
Lttorney General an uncontrolled
ind uncontrollable discreation in
iringing of suits to desegregate the
lublic schools. Title in gives the
Lttorney General the power to use
Is provisions to pursue any dese
regation purpose he sees fit in
luding a political purpose. It ap
arently adopts the theory that all
chools must be desegreated wheth
r the races or the people in the :
ommunities want them desegreat
d or not. It abrogates the fudamen
al concept of government that the
hortest way to governmental ty
anny is to vest vast discretionary
ower on a public official.
It seems to me that Title III gets
ar afield from the concept that our
fforts as citizens ought to be dlr
cted toward education of every
oy and girl commensurate with his
ML. ^.1?_ i Mi-T'-M f|
tTlivtrirt Intprn?1 Rbv 1
(District Director of internal Keven-1
ue for the district in which the em
ployer's principal place of business
is located. Hie social security tax
must be paid with these returns.
For 1963 the rate is 7 Vi percent -
3-5/8% collected from the emplo
yee, matched by 3-5/8% contributed
by the employer.
It is important that wages be re
ported correctly and on time, since
the old-age, survivors, and disabil
ity insurance benefits payable und
er the Social Security Act are based
on the individual worker's social
security earnings recond.
Employers are reminded that the
quarterly returns for the months of
April, May and June are due at the
District Director of Internal Reven
ue by April, May and June are due
at the District Director of Internal
Revenue by Juy 31, 1983.
The Social Security District Office
invites anyone desiring more infor
mation about the reporting of wages
for social security purposes to con
tact the office at 311 East Walnut
Street in Goldsboro. Office hours
are 8:45 a. m. to 5:00 p. m., and
the telephone number Is 734-1491.
I - The Senate Judi
opened hearings
il rights legislation,
iasures have been
Committee relating
roposals. The most
il in S. 1731 which
) bill the package
Bd in the Presi
tessage. It consists
Mling with legisla
c accommodations
of the public sch
mn I shall discuss
Title III of S. 1731
he Federal powers
tree a planned de
le public schools.
Already in our nation it is re
peatedly stated that the public sch
oools are in need of large sum
of money to finance a progressivi
educational program. The need
are demonstrated and local ant
state authorities are certainly mak
ing every effort in North Carolina
to meet the tremendous costs, h
any discussion of Title III of S
1731, it should be recognized tha
if the Federal government engage
in a program of enforced desegre
gation of neighborhood schools
there will be an immense cos
which may be shared by local sch
ool boards and Federal taxpayers.
Amazingly enough the cost invol
t Civil Defense
i Tips - - r r
( By Ralph M. Cottle,, Director tl
Duplin Civil Defease Agency) s
(Third In A Series) fa
In last week's issue (June 36) of d
the News and Obeserver there was
an article entitled "Teller Warns n
Test Ban May Be Fatal." There fa
were some facts brought to the pub- o
lie's attention which should certain
ly stir everyone's thought on the o
security of our future. For those p
who did not read it, I would like s
to point out some of its contents. n
Nuclear physicist Edward Teller ti
said Tuesday history may know f
- Americans as a poeple who "end- p
ed their national existence because o
of a lack of elementary foresight s
and wisdom" about the dangers of si
nuclear attack. li
This could happen, he said, if the
Soviet Union prepares to withstand I'
nuclear attack and the United Sta- it
tes does not. n
Teller also testified before a f(
House Armed Services subcommit- &
tee and coupled his warnings with
a statement that the Russians are E
doing more about Civil Defense ^
iian is the United States. And he
aid the Soviet Union may be ahead
i efforts to develop an effective
efense against ballistic missiles.
'It may well turn out that deficie
cy in our Civil Defense endeavor
i the weakest link in our program
f preparedness," Teller said.
He urges congressional approval
f the administration's 175-million
roposal to spur fallout shelter con
traction through inventive pay
lents to public and nonprofit insti
jtions. (NOTET-If bill is passed, the
'ederal Government will assist non
rofit organisations in construction
f public buildings; for example,
chool houses which are constructed
9 as to offer protection to the pub
c in the event of a disaster.)
The California scientist said if the
United States spends 10 per cent of
s defense budget on Civil Defense
leasures, "the Russians will know
>r sure that this way they cannot
my us."
It is important that all of our
uplin County citizens think seriou
ly about dangers they face. It is an
stablished fact that if the people
xpress the belief that there is no
ling they can do and do nothing
re will fail and communism will
ertainly survive. Instead of taking
negative view we must take posi
>ve action and not assume that
omeone is doing the task for us.
Leaders Promote i
liwiuaaai rrau
routes, weather conditions and list a
of interesting things observed. tj
A few years ago the 50-Miler A- s
ward was created. This is given
to each individual member of a
Scout or Explorer unit that covers i
. a wilderness foot trail or canoe or I
boat route of not less than fifty con
secutive miles, taking a minimum
of Ave days to complete the trip I
without the aid of motors. In ad- a
ditiona, minimum of ten hours of
group work must be put in on pro
jects to improve the trail, spring, ?
camp site, portage, or wilderness s
area. f
Last year 18 Scouts and leaders of 0
the Tuscarora Council qualified for
this award. Nationally 16,151 Scouts n
and leaders earned this honor. c
The skills of swimming have been ^
developed in millions of Scouts. p
Each year more than 100,00 Scouts e
and Explorers qualify for the swim- ^
ming merit badge. Last year 90 jj
boys in the Tuscarora Council quali- t
fied for this second most popular
merit badge subject.
National recognition is given to s
Scouts and Explorers for complet- {
ing a continuous mile swim. This [
is a real achievement in physical t
fitness and water safety. The "long (
pull" develops muscles, endurance .
and coordination.
Testing is done under safe con- (
d it ions. The swimmer earlier must ,
have swum at least a quarter mile j
in one stretch without great effort.
In the mile swim, speed is not a ?
factor and timing is not permitted.
last year 49 Scouts and Explorers
of tbe Tuscarora Council qualified
for the Mile Swim card and swim- <
? cuit insignia.
Changes In Your
iocial Security
Although the Social Security Act
'as enacted 27 years ago, there
till is an occasional employer who
ails to file social security reports
f wages for his employees.
At the present time, all employ
nent in commerce and industry is
overed by social security, and
here is no requirement that an em
loyer have a certain number of
mployees. For example, a carpen
er might employ just one helper;
F so, be must deduct social security
ax and report the earnings for soc
al security purposes.
The employer is required to keep
i record for each employee of wag
is pad and taxes withheld. He shou
d copy into his permanent records
he names and social security ac
:ount numbers of his employees ex
ictly as they appear on their soc
al security cards. At the close of
:ach calendar quarter, the employer
nust prepare a quarterly return on
?orm 941.
wT 8 M 'S
Yanks Near Second Straight
Tar Heel Championship
The Kenansville Yankees of the
Little Tar Heel League need Just
one more win to sew up their see
on d straight league championship.
The defending champs have to win
one more of their last three games,
it will mark the second year the
Yankees have been in the league
and it looks like they are still the
cream in this section. Of course
material has to be the real mark
of a good team, but I can't help
but fCel that all the material in the
world would not amount to much
without someone to get that some
thing out of the boys. To make a
tag story short we love to talk about !
our Amos Brinson a little bit. i
This past week the BeulaviDe '
Jaycees turned the trick and beat
the defending champs 6-4, behind
the four-hit pitching of Terry Quinn.
Clark Helton, the star for the Yanks
led the K'ville team with three-for
four. Ronnie Bostic, ace of the
Yanks pitching staff, contributed a
double to the cause. T. Batchelor
led the Jaycees at bat with two-for
four for the winners.
The Yanks, Clark Helton, hurled
a near five hitter last week as the
K'ville team edged Presby. 2-1, Ed
Denny, the loser hurled Ave hit
ball but the champs wore just a lit
tle more than they could handle.
Helton, was the hero by leading the
bitting with two-for-three. Jimmy
Stroud stole home with the win
ning run in the bottom of the six
with bases loaded.
X3 , i'L. ?. _ I
Don't suffer . . . STANBACK ?
lieves pains of died, aoce mutclea.
STANBACK acta fast yet to gen
tly, and with pain relieved you
feel relaxed, comfortable. Let <
STANBACK's combination formola
free you from pain due to over ex
ercise and other muscular aches?
STANBACK Tablets or Powder*
Duplin's Comm. Dev. Baseball
w l. ret
7 1 .889
5 2 .714
3 5 .375
0 7 .000
Over Change-of-Llfe?
[Ease your mind. Get welcome relief
with special woman's medicine
Don't dread those seemingly
endless /ears of misery and
discomfort, of sudden hot
mtasL waves of weakness and
?n i i> n'a^Lodteine whie^can
nUne those heat wares, weak
ness, nervousness, so you can
SjSy life again/So that you
can once more be an affection
ate wife and mother.
If you are going through the
change, dont despair. Do as
i countless thousands of women
do-take a special woman's
medicine?Lydia E. Pinkham
Vegetable Compound ? devel
oped by a woman-specially to
help women by relieving such
functionally caused female
In doctors' tests woman after
woman fotmd that Pinkham's
Compound gave dramatic help
to all this without costly shots.
Irritability is soothed, hot
flashes subside. So don't sit and
brood and feel unable to help
yourself. Tou can feel better.
Get gentle Lydia E. Pinkham
Vegetable Compound today.
?dick* with th. genfh nam? LYDIA E. PINKHAM
I Ethel's
K Mount Olive, N. C.
Children Dresses
Children Sportswear
Everything Must Go
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Even futurt Ford ownen like
doing business with the people
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know there's no better (dace
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has Ford trained service tech
nicians and all the proper tools
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right Big or little, your Ford's
service needs are in good hands .
when you bring 'em beck home
I to us.
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I ?AiJVd
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Hf|| III. ?= I I ii
houseIdlo type WORK. '
Also Several' openings for
white nurses aides under so
years Of age for immediate
training. mosy se in good
health and arle to work
when needed at various
hours. Apply to
Duplin General Hospital
Mrs. Margaret Dail.
hosekeeper and
Mrs. Wilma Pate. Director of
W itkve voa I
i-i?. ? *?? . . - '.L
Trade Now While Prices Are
Right - at Page Home Appliance
GIANT 100-LB. 1
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Quickube ice trays*! f
holds Vz gallon bottles! II
hold up to % bushel! I
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Frost-Proof stops frost before it forms?in freezer and refrigerator. Insist
Food Freezer ,
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? New super-efficient insulation
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? Proved zero zone freezing, even
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? Roomy Slide-Aside basket for
bulky packages plus fast-freeze
? Automatic interior light and
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