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Miss G?y? Milk rot Kinston has
been visiting Mrs. Bill Helton.
Mrs. Earl Hardy and two child
ren are spending this week in Char
lotte with the T. C. SuriWrlin fam
ily- ^
Mrs. Wilma Gray Rivenbark of
Jacksonville spent the week end
here with her mother. Mrs. Viola
Quinn. Mrs. Quinn moved recently
into the apartment of Mrs. Law
rence Souther land.
Henry Moore Cooper of Goldsboro
was here on business one day last
Mrs. Cora Mae Marsh visited her
mother, Mrs. Allie 'Williamson and
other relatives here last Friday.
Mrs. Hazel Scott and son John
ny accompanied Mrs. Harold Precy
the of Faison to Charlotte last week
to see the D. C. Williamsons and
. to bring Mrs. Precythe's son Nelson
back after a visit there.
Mrs. L. D. Hail of Magnolia was
guest Sunday of her sisters, Mrs.
Davis Farrior and Mrs. John Lar
Mrs. Annie Ingram spent several
days last week with Mr. and Mrs.
Forrest Dail. Mr. Dail is recuperat
ing from a recent heart attack.
Guests of Mr. and Mrs. Brinson
Vestal for the weekend were; Mrs.
Vestals' grandparents, Mr. and
Mrs. Eugene Gregory of High
Point, her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Prevost of Thomasville.
Laura returned home with her
grandparents after a visit last week
Miss Carol Pate of Rex Hospital
school of Nursing spent the week
end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Hubert Pate.
Mr. and Mrs. Chistoper Tabor of
Raleigh, were week end guests of
her mother, Mrs. J. 0. Stokes.
Mrs. D. H. McKay of Littlington,
visited in Kenansville Tuesday.
Mrs. A. J. Patterson, Andrea and
Becky Nielson, visited Mr. and
Mrs. May in Pink Hill Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Amos Brinson and
?on, Doc, spent a week recently at
Topsail Beach.
Mrs. Joyce Payne of Dell School,
Asheville, was week end guest of
her parents, Mr. and Mrs, Robert
Mrs. Mattie Sadler spent the week
end at her cottage on Topsail Beach
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hughes of
Wilmington, are spending several
days here. -
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Newton ac
companied their dauhgter, Mfs.
Earl Martin and son, David, to Rdfc
eigh-Durham airport Friday, where
tiny left by plane for their home
at BaritsdSte A. F. B., Shrev?p<frt,
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Z. Wells, Sr. of Rose Hill, announce the en
gagement of their daughter, Louise, to Carl Murray, son of Mrs.
?ri|ce Murray and the late Mr. Murray of Burgaw. A September
wedding is planned.
(Becky Nielson of Miam, Fla., and
Topsail Beach spent last week with
Andrea Patterson.
Mrs. Orn and grandchildren of
Raleigh spent last week with Mrs.
Sallie Ingrain, while their mother,
Mrs. Bill Ingram, spent a week at
East Carolina College, Greenville.
Robert Caison of State College,
Raleigh was home for the week
end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
I. R. Caison.
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Ingram and
sons are visiting her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. A. J. Patterson and Mrs.
Sallie Ingram.
Miss Mary Lee Sykes and Mrs.
Margaret Dail visited in Wilming
ton Saturday.
" Ken Jordon of Richmond, return-,
ed to Kenansville with his grand
-father, Mr McCoy Kennedy Sun
,Mr .and Mrs. Johnson and child
ren spent the week end in Smith
Mrs. Ben Williamson is spending
several days in Wilmington with
Mrs. Hunter Sanders.
Mr. and Mrs. John Miller of
Hallsville, Mr. and Mrs. Percy
Blanton, of Rose Hill, Mrs. Cora
Brinson were dinner guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Woodrow Brinson Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Teachey
and children of Wallace spent Sun
day here with the Jim Halls.
Miss Polly Brinson has been visit
ing her cousin, Mrs. Bob Lawson
in Fayetteville.
Miss Carolyn Crawford of Erwin
spent the weekend here with Miss
Cynthia Krestch.
Mack and Jack McNairy of Golds
boro spent the past week here with
Dr .and Mrs. G. V. Gooding.
Mrs. Eloise Ryder and father,
McCoy Kennedy have returned
from Richmond, Va. where they
spent several days recently with
Mrs. Helen K. Jordan and son, Ken.
Mrs. Jim Bowden accompanied
Mrs. Roscose Jones to Raleigh on
Friday afternoon to take Mrs.
Jones' two grandsons, Stevie and
Mike Gooding who were to join the
G. V. Gooding family enroute to
Mesdames Florence Brown, Em
ma Lockamy, Virginia Holland and
Louise K. Boney also Miss Mary
Lee Sykes attended the Eastern
Star meeting in Warsaw last Thurs
day night.
Mr. and Mrs. John Mohnert and
son, Clayton have returned to their
home in Prairie Village, Kansas,
near Kansas City after a visit here
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. I.
C Burch and other relatives.
The Perry Dobsons accompanied
the Tyson Dobsons of Beulaville to
Wrightsville Beach on Thursday to
visit the James Alderman Dobsons
who were vacationing there with
other members of their family.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Souther
land Jr. of Santa Clara, Texas left
here on Monday after a visit with
his mother, Mrs. Mary C. Souther
land. Other members of the family
who visited Mrs. Southerland dur
ing the past week were; Mr. and
Mrs. Wade Gaylor and two little
girls, Beth and Lynne of Princess
Anne, Va. also Mrs. Bill Willis and
children of Raeford.
Mrs. Oscar Redwine and daugh
ter, Maryanne attended a coffee
hour given last Friday morning in
the home of Mrs. Nash Johnson for
Miss Valeria Carr, bride-elect of
Dr. and Mrs. Oscar Redwine and
children went to Greenville on Sun
day afternoon to carry their dau
ghter, Maryanne who. is attending
a two weeks Summer Music School.
Rebecca Oakley is also attending
the Music School at East Carolina
College this week and next. She was
accompanied there on Sunday after
noon by her parents. Mr. and Mrs.
Frances Oakley and little sister
Among those from out of town
who attended the Funeral of 6. A.
Farrior last Saturday afternoon
were; Mr. Abraham Farrior of Hou
ston, Texas, Mrs, Margaret H.
Wolfe of New York, City, Mr. and
Mrs. Lewis Hutchinson of Oxford,
N. C; Mr. and Mrs. C. W, Surratt,
Jr. of Rose Hill also the following
from Raleigh; Mr. and Mrs. W. D.
Farrior, Jr., Mr. John A. Farrior
and Miss Minnie Farrior
Arthur Pardeses, Red Cross Field
Representative with headquarters
in Goldsboro visited the Duplin
County Chapter here on Monday of
this week.
Supper guests of the Gordon Kor
negays Saturday evening, besides
their son. Bill and Kent Frederick
son, were C. B. Bullock and Har
vey Carter of Mt. Olive.
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Kornegay,
Bill Kornegay and Kent .Frederick
son, visited the Alton Spqtts at Sou
thern Pines, Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Crawford of
Erwin spent Sunday with Mr. and
Mrs. Phil Kretsch. They were ac
companied home by their daughter
Charlotte who had been visiting
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Page and dau
ghter are visiting her mother, Mrs.
W. M. Ingram.
Bernice Farrior
Buried Saturday
Bernice A. Farrior, 65 died Wed
nesday in Duplin General Hospital.
Funeral services were held at the
Grove Presbyterian Church Satur
day afternoon at 9:00 O'clock con
ducted by Rev. Lauren Sharpe,
pastor of the Kenansville Baptist
Church. Interment was in the Gol
den Grove Cemetery.
He is survived by one half bro
ther Abraham Farrior of Houston,
Texas and two neices.
Swimming Party
Honors Joey
Mrs. Joseph E. Quinn entertained
a number of young people last week
at a Swimming Party in honor of
her son Joey's tenth birthday. They .
left here about one o'clock and
went to the Cliffs of the Neuse and
after a long period of swimming,,
refreshments were enjoyed. Mrs.
Quinn served iced drinks, cup.
cakes and the birthday cake to the
following; Mike Brown, Mike Has
ty, Jackie and Randy Nethercutt,
Rany Hall, Mrs. Glenn Rassmussen
and daughter Vickey also the guest
of honor and his younger brother,
W. M. S. Met
The Womans Missionary Society
met on Monday evening at the Edu
cational building with president
Mrs. Margaret Oakley, presiding.
Following the opening business
session, Mrs. Ellis Vestal, program
chairman, gave a program on
changing the pattern in city mis
sions. The meeting was closed with
Doc Brinson
Becoming a teenager is one the
big years in growing up, and an
exciting time also as was the 13th
birthday for Doc Brinson when his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Amos Brin
son were host to a patio party,
Games, music and dancing helped
to fill the evening with happy mem
ories for Doc and his guests, cook
ies, nuts, soft drinks and birthday
cake was enjoyed by the guests
who helped Doc celebrate his day.
Summerlin's C rossroads I
By Mn. Carl Itey
By: Mr*. Carl Ivey
Delano Hill left Wednesday tor
Salina, Kansas to spend sometime
with his brother and sister-in-law,
Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Hill.
Mr. and Mrs. Rupert W. Jernigan
of Chapel Mill were week end
guests of Mr .and Mrs. T. A. Jer
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Alphin Jr.,
of Mount Olive, Mrs. Fred Alphin
Sr. and Peggy Alphin visited Mr.
and Mrs. Faiaon Smith Jr .of Ral
eigh Sunday.
Mrs. Maude Vernon of Warsaw.
Mrs. Kate Vernon of Mount Olive
and Mrs. Annie Alphin visited Mrs.
A. E. Garner Sunday.
Visiting Mr. and Mrs. Andy W.
Ivey during the weekend were Mr.
and Mrs. George 'Westbrook, Lisa
Ann and Bryan of Kinston, Mr. and
Mrs. Billie Joe Ivey of Raleigh, Mr.
and Mrs. Jonas Dail of Scotts Store,
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Alphin Jr. of
Mount Olive.
Mrs. G. L. Summerlin spent sev
eral days last week with Liston
Summerlin and daughters of War
saw while Mrs. Summerlin was an
operative patient at Duplin General
hospital Kenansville.
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Hinson of Kins
ton visited Mr. and Mrs. Levy Hin
son Sunday.
Mrs. Martha Outlaw, Mr. and
Mrs. Thurman Davis and Johnny
of Mount Olive, Mr. and Mrs. Eddie
Goodman and Martha Kay were
dinner guests Sunday of Mr. and
Mrs. Woodrow Outlaw of Kenans
jane cuaay ana uavia uooa
man children of Mr. and Mrs. F.
L. Goodman of Greensboro spent
the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. J.
F Greene.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Garner
J. E. and Tony of the Brodgen
Community were guests Sunday of
Mr. and Mrs. Colon Garner.
Mrs. Ellworth Dail and daughter
Kathryn Ann of Wilmington spent
the weekend with Mr. and Mrs.
Lewis Herring and other relatives
in this area.
Mr. and Mrs. John Ivey Summer
lin of the Pleasant Grove Commun
ity, Mrs. Foy Goodman, Marilyn
Goodman, Mr. and Mrs. J. F.
Greene attended the Funeral of
Noah Jones held in Mount Olive
Mrs. Ray Brinson of Goldsboro
and Mrs. Jack Dail visited Mrs.
Donald Heath and Infant daughter
of Kenans ville Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Good son, Paul
Barbara, Dennis and Brenda of
Kinston,' Mr. and Mrs. Charles E.
Goodson and Valorie of Greenville
were guests Sunday of Mr. and
Mrs. T. A. Jernigan.
Mrs. Betty Holmes, Mrs. LeRoy
Holmes, Mr. and Mrs. Drifty Hol
mes visited Randy Holmes at the
Orthopedric hospital in Gastonia
Betsy and Johnny Batchelor of
Jacksonville, Fla. arrived here Sun
day for an extended Visit with their
grand parents, Mr. and Mrs. John
I. Amon Sr.
Visiting Mr. and Mrs. Elbert
Whitman during the weekend were
Mr. and Mrs. Linwood Grady of
Raleigh; Mrs. Marvin Whitfield,
Stevie and Debbie of Kenly; Mr.
and Mrs. Rodney Whitman, Jr. of
Miami, Fla. and Nancy Whitman
of Warsaw.
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Kornegay
and Edith of Mount (Rive, Mr.
and Mrs. Carl Ivey were guests Sun
day of Mr. and Mrs. Alan Brown of
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Fail and child
ren of Raleigh, Mr. and Mrs. J. D.
Best and sons, Mr. and Mrs. Ray
Card Of Thanks
I would like to express my ap
preciation for the many cards,
gifts, flowers and prayers that were
offered in my behalf, from my fri
ends, neighbors and family during
my recent illness.
Mrs. Mollie Westbrook.
Brinson and children of Goldsboro
visited Mr .and Mrs. Jack Dail
during the week
Lawton Summerlin was a pat
ient at Duplin General Hospital dur
ing the weekend and returned home
Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Jernigan were
over night guests Wednesday of Mr.
and Mrs. Lin wood Grady of Ral
Vernon Batchelor of New Bern
Mrs. Lillian Batchelor of Mount
Olive, Mr. and Mrs. John I. Amon
Sr. visited Mr. and Mrs. Ray A
mon of Mount Olive Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Goodman
and Martha Kay visited Mrs. Hade
Jones, patient at Duplin General
hospital Kenansville, during the
Mr. and Mrs. Foy Ivey and sons
went to Top Sail Beach last week.
Mrs. John I. Amon Jr. Michael
and Gail of Goldsboro were dinner
guests Monday of Mr. and Mrs.
John I. Amon Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. McCoy Summerlin
Eva Nan, Henry Paul and David
were guests Sunday of Mr. and
Mrs. Jimmy Summerlin of kenans
Miss Carrie Williams of Williams
Mill visited Mr. and Mrs. H. C.
Lewis and Mrs. L. G. Summerlin
Forrest Dail returned home last
week after being a patient in Way
ne Memorial hospital for several
Mr .and Mrs. Carl Ivey visited
Mr. and Mrs. John Jones of Bear
Marsh Monday.
Mrs. Jannie Faulk, Mr. and Mrs.
Wayne Faulk of Bear Marsh visit
ed Mr. and Mrs. John I. Amon,
Sr. Monday. John I. Amon Jr. of
Goldsboro visited the Amons on
Mrs. A. E. Garner spent several
days last week with Mr. and Mrs.
Joseph E. Garner of the Brodgen
James Edward Brinson of Ken
ansville was a guest recently of
Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Whitman.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Ivey attended
a birthday supper Monday in hon
or of Pamela Gay Brown at the
home of her parents. Mr. and Mrs.
Alan Brown of Warsaw.
Rennhm And Anniversary
Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs.
James L. Ketchside of Warsaw, for
mer residents of this Community
who recently celebrated their 50th
Wedding Aniversary and Family
reunion with Mr. Ketchsile being
reunited with his sister after 43
years. Mrs. Ketchside is a native
of this community and Mr. Ketch
side j? a native of Arkansas.
The Womans Auxiliary of Rooty
Branch Church met Friday at the 1
Church with Mesdames Cyrus Rho
des and Eddie Goodman hostesses.
A program on "Home Missions"
was presented with Mrs. Goodman
in charge and several taking part.
"I Surrender All" was sung to close
the program followed br the bene>9
During the social hour rrfriafcM
ments were served by the hostesa-]
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aonfWtnct. Satisfaction gaaroalNdl
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when backing their automobiles out of driveways and in and out of
parking spaces. And each year, hundreds of pedestrians suffer crip
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Before backing your car in any situation, make certain the way
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