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This week has been too full
of trials to have any errors -
that one fell flat, I'm sorry.
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We are certainly proud of
Brend a Sanderson of Beular
ville. She won the World Cham
pionship in the Student Stylist
contest in die International
Beauty Show In New York City
a couple of weeks ago. Brenda
is a 1967 graduate of East Dup
lin High School. We certainly
salute our youngsters and
are proud of them.
* ? * ?
'v -tfce comments since Sunday
m night about president John
> son's snnounestmsat have cer
and some even amusing. I think
everyone has been so'Tlabber
flasted" they have not recovered
rom the shock yet. However, 1
do think It has made all of us
[fc- Stop and (Mnrtore and realise
that everything is not "peaches
and fcream" In our country, as
we would like to kid ourselves
* *
Ife are very busy in the of
fice working on our Progress
Edition which is to be published
/ soon. We hope that you will
/ enjoy reading It. Of course at
lJ this stage of the gante, weil
J~> - ways have doubts about getting
It Is isSy|!^ou?sf?
Duplin mles in a year. We
think at times that we. are
only standing still aid mark
ing time, but when you get out
and stan looking around - you
are In for a surprise. Duplin is
on the move. *
I ' <r " ?t '
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Foir County EMC 4-H Scholarship Winners
Ralph Hunter. Route 2. fieu
laville, member of the Cedar
FoHt *-H Club, son of Mr. and
Mrt. Ralph Hunter.
Monday, March 28. the De
part mem of Education Welfare
in Washington tailed the Medi
cal Care Commission and rer
leased a project for bids for
an annex to Duplin General
Hospital. Bids will be opened,
Thufsday^May 2nd at 2:30 p.m.
Plans call for a 50-bed addi
tion with all single rooms, en
largement fcf dining room, kit
chen. operafthg rooms and de
livery rooms and air condi
tioning in dm old part of the ho|it
pltal. , f
Chinquapin ^ *
-?v* t>*. ?..* ' ?' . >
Community Baptist Church in
Chinquapin Will hold a revival
from April 9 through 13. Ser
vices will begin* each evening at
7:30. The guest speaker Is Rev.
Eugene Carmiohael of Beula
vllle. The public Is cordially
Linda Dianne Smith. Route 2,
Pink Hill, member of the Smith
Community 4-H Club, daughter
erf Mr. and Mrs. Bryant J. Smith,
Gas Stolen
Agrico Service Center, ope
rated by Ed Herri now as broken
Into on March 28. The store Is
located approximately one mile
North of Calypso on Highway
The fertilizer warehouse was
broken into and approximately
16 gallons of gas was stolen.
Subjects arrested were Billy
Ray Oates, Calypso; James Pe
terson, Faison, Route 2, and
WUliam King, Route 3, Mt.
OILye who were charged with
breaking, entering and larceny.
Bond was set at 1200 eacn.
"The three were also charged
kn warrant on March 4 with
gas from the farm of
ElHmdi? Rackley * cf -ROOte- * "
Mt. Olive. They were release^
under $100 bond each, on this
Attend Workshop
Seven Licensed Practical
Nurses of Ait a 29 attended a
workshop at Durham, N, C.
March 29, 1968 on the "Niirs
Ing Care of the Cardiac Pa
Mr. L. P. Beverage, Gene
ral Manager, Four County Elec
tric Membership Corporation
announced recently that Linda
Smith and Ralph Hunter have
been named winners in Duplin
County of the Cooperative's 1968
4-H Scholarship Award for their
outstanding accomplishments in
4-H Club work as well as their
scholastic aptitude in school.
Linda and Ralph were judged
on the basis of 4-H offices hud,
participation in meetings, pro
jects completed, presentation of
demonstrations, exhibits made,
presentations made to the pub
lic, participation in various 4-H
activities, leadership achieve
ments, honors won and class
rank and grade average attained
in high school. Selections wen
made on the basis of the total
score they accumulated on ap
plication forms provided by the
Each of these winners are
senior high school students who
are planning to continue their
educational training after gra
duating from their respective
high schools. A$100 scholarship
award will be provided to than
by the Cooperative. It is hoped
that these scholarships willoelp
these young people to help them
selves by giving them an oppor
tunity to continue their training.
Four County EMC sponsors
scholarships in Dupln, Samp
son, Pender and Bladen Coun
James Miles, of Jones Che
vrolet Company of Fink Hill has
won a trip to Puerto Rico as a
campaign winner in thfeEastern
Region Chevrolet contest.
R Is a pleasure to congra
tulate Mr. Miles on his success
and to wish him Bon Voyage
when he leaves on April 2
He received the following
letter from H. A. Lambert,
Zone Manager:
Dear Mr. Miles:
It is a real pleasure for me
to advise that your dealership
was a winner in the Eastern
CELEBRATE" Campaign.
Final standings for all dealer
groups have just been deter
mined and mailed to dealers, so
at a glance you can see those
dealerships who will join you for
a grand and well-deserved holi
day in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
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Three Violent Deaths In
Duplin Over Weekend
Duplin County's Sheriffs of
fice reported three violent
deaths in the county during the
5 week end.
Larry Don L. Smith, 13, of
Route 3, Pink Hi 1. son of Mrs.
Elisabeth L. Smith, drowned
Saturday afternoon in a farm
pond 2.5 miles from Pink Hill.
A witness, Dennis Earl Hall
who was sent by Mrs. Smith to
tell Larry to return home, told
Coroner Herbert Best that Lar
ry leaped from the boat into the
pond at about 4:30 p.m.
The body was recovered at
8:40 p.m. by Pink Hill and Kins
ton rescue squad. Accidental
drowning was ruled.
? ? ? ?
Ren a Outlaw. 36. colored fe
male of Mt. Olive died Sunday
night apparently from taking
1/ Parathlon 4-E.
Coroner Best received a call
at about 1:30 a.m. statins that
the womtfi was dead. He in
turn called Deputy Sheriff Rod
ney Thtgpen. Deputy Thlspen
arrived at the home of Mrs.
Outlaw and discovered that she
was still breathing. The res
cue unit was called and she was
brought to Duplin General Hos
pital and was pronounced dead
on arrival.
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Easter Seal sale Now in Progress
The 1968 Easter Seal mail
appeal for Duplin County So
ciety for Crippled children and
adults is now being made.
This is the only means of
support for this program that
brings help to so many in our
county. These funds provide
wheelchairs, crutches, special
shoes, braces and walkers to
persons in Duplin County crip
pled by polio, birth defects,
accidents, diseases and other
Your contribution makes it
possible for Duplin County to
be represented at Camp Easter
In the Pines each summer where
handicapped youngsters and
adults enjoy camping fun
previously denied them because
of their disabilities.
"We are mailing our letters
now to everyone in the county
but our mailing list is not com
plete". stated the chairman,
Mrs. Leatrice Rivenbark. "I
want everyone to understand
that they will not be solicited
except by letters, however, If
you are not contacted, by let
ter. please take a minute of
your time and mail your con
tribution to Ervln graham,
Treasurer, Wallace, ?. C."
This is the eighth year that
Mrs. Leatrlce RiveAark of
Wallace has served as chair
man and Ervln Graham as
Treasurer. They reportthatthe
driveseach year have been
most successful and wish t<
thank everyone for their in
terest and contributions in the
Southeastern Area WorKshoo
Duplin SoU and Water Con
servation District was host to
Cc;.'?? Annual Spring Southeastern
.Area VvorKShop on Friday. Mar
ch 29th at Oak Ridge Community
William G. (BUI) SuUlvan of
viDuplln. who is Area Chairman
3? iand second Vice President of
the State Association, presided.
State Association president.
George Collin of North WU
keaboro, was the featured spea
ker at the suppei meeting.
$5 The Southeastern Conser
vation area la composed of 16
,.i\ counties extending from Pam
lico to Columbus and Includes
? -'r ? '
watershed development, Youth
activities and District and
Area Operations with 76 peo
ple attending.
Appearing on the program
were State President, George
Collins of North Wllitesboro;
State Treasurer, Garland
Strickland of Airing Hope; Ja
mes Bellamy, Jr. of Brunswick
County; BUI Austin of the State
Soli Conservtlon Service, Ra
leigh; State Executive officer,
Jack Smith of Raleigh and Dup
lin Supervisors, William Sulli
van.^JalvinMercer and E. V.
Mrs. Sutton, E. E. Kelley and
Mrs. Kelley, and J. B. Stroud
and Mrs. stroud. Also County
Auditor, Falson McGowan aid
Mrs. McGowen; Conservation
supervisors, O. L. Holland and
N. P. Bianchard and their wives;
Soil Conservation Technician,
Kenneth Futrel, Bill Spicer,
Wilbert Jones and John Todd;
and 4-H leaders, Mrs. Lois
Brltt and Marion Griffin.
Special recognition and cer
tificates were awarded to re
cently elected or appointed su
pervisors, Including Super
visor O. L. Holland of the Dup
lin District.
Area Officers far the coming
year were elected. They are
White of Whltevilk, Vtce-Ch
A check for 1182,000 is presented by Wilbur Hussey, Jr.,
President erf Ramblewood Country Qub (r) to William B.
Cutler, (L) Vice-President of Beulaville Waccamaw Bank and
also a director of the country club. Looking on beside Cutler
is John M. Soles, County Supervisor of FHa and next to him is
Luther Ledford, Treasurer of the Country Club and also
cashier of First Citizens Bank in Pink Hill. The check is a
loan from the FHA to construct the facility. (Photo by Ruth P.
Ramblewoed Country Club Oil Its Way j
On Thursday, March 28, Mr.
John M. Soles, County Super
visor of FHA, presented acheck
to William B. Cutler, Vice
President of Waccamaw Bank
and Trust Company of Beula
ville. The check was for $182,
000 for theRamblewood Country
Club Development, an FHAloan
check to Waccamaw Bank, Beu
laville who purchased the FHA
W. B. Cutler is also a direc
tor of Ramblewood Club. Pre
sent to observe the transaction
was Luther Ledford, Treasurer
of Ramblewood Club and Wil
bur Hussey, Jr., President of
the club.
Ramblewood inc. is anew re
creational facility shared joint
ly by Beulaville and Pink Hill.
It is to be locate d on a large
plot between Pink Hill and Beu
laville. The club will have
swimming pool, kiddie pool,
golf course, clubhouse, and will
be one of the beautiful spots in
Duplin County.
Bids for contracts for Ram
blewood were opened on March
22. On Wednesday night, March
Daan's List
Clarence H. Pope, Jr. of
Magnolia and Johnnye Cottle
Carr of Rose Hill were under
graduate students who were on
the Dean's List at the Univer
. slty of North Carolina for the
; tall semester. Pope is in the
School of Business and Carr is
in the School of Education.
27, the officers of tKe club met
and awarded contracts.
The swimming pool is the
first part of the project which
i s planned to be completed.
Plans now are fo r its com
pletion by July 15 or August 1st.
Work on clearing the land will
begin at once.
Contracts were let to thefol
lowing low bidders:
Club House, Godwin Builders
Company, $32,495.
Electrical work, Campbell
Electric Company, $4,250.
Heat and Air Conditioning,
Jones Cooling, $5,620.00.
J Pool, Carolina Pools,
Golf Course, Godwin Build
ing Company, $49,795.
Irrigation, Dillon Suppl)
Company. $9,562.79.
Attorney R. J. Lanier of Beu
laville has handled all legal
matters for the club.
Officers of the club are: Wil
bur Hussey, Jr., President:
Linwood Turner, Jr., Vice
President: Russell Bostic, Se
cretary: Luther Ledford, Trea
surer. Directors: Bill Cutler,
Richard Williams, Morris 1
Grady of Beulaville; Albert
Smith, Roy Taylor and Harold
Hardison of Pink Hill.
Called For
Inducted from Duplin County
in March 1968 were:
Ronny Stuart Rivenbark, Wal
lace; George Patton Davis, Tea
chey; Donald Ray Fussell.Rose
Hill; Allen Lloyd Smith, War
saw ; Leslie Lee Murphy, Pink ?
James Arthur Bell, Warsaw;
Durwin Lowery Newsome, F ai
son; James Cephus Barnes,
Rose Hill; Thomas Eugene Kor
negay, Albertson; Alonzojulius
Outlaw,Seven Springs.
The April call for induc
tion is for 33 men to be induct
ed on April 8, 1968. There will
be 74 registrants sent for phy
sical examination on April 24,
Now delinquent with the local
board: Harry Lee Carr, Rose
Hill; Joseph Walter Smith, War
saw; Terry Kay Maready, Rose
Anyone knowing the where
abouts of any of these should
report it to the office of the
local board in Kenansvllle.
Pre - registration
Warsaw Elementary
The Warsaw Elementary
School will have a pre-regis
tration for Kindergarten stu
dents for the school year 1968
The registration will take
place on April 23, 1968, at
the Warsaw Junior High School
at 9:30 a.m. Parents of chil
dren that will be 5 years old
by October 16th, will be eligible
to register for kindergarten.
Parents will be required to
bring the birth certificate of
the child they wish to enroll
in Kindergarten. Parents are
required to have their local
physician give the child a com
plete physical and their shots.
This should be done this sum
mer so that the child can enter
kindergarten when school opens
this fall. Medical examination
forms will be given out at pre
registration to be filled out by
your local physician.
On this same date any stu
dent that has not been enrolled
in the Warsaw School Kinder
garten that expects to enter the
First grade in the Wars aw School
next school year
1968-69, will be expected to
register on this same date for
the first grade. Bring the birth
certificate of the cnild. The
student does not have to come,
only the parent.
The child to be eligible to
enroll in the first grade must
be 6 years old by Octoher 16th.
Ninety Retailers Leave On
Trip To Bahama Islands
Ninety happy travelers left
Raleigh-Durham Airport Mon
day April 1, for a week of
fun and sun in the Grand Ba
hama Islands. The group was
from a wide area of the state
and all are in the Retail Gro
cery business. The trip is the
culmination of a contest spon
sored by Qulnn Wholesale Com
pany of Warsaw for any super
market operator that exceeded
sale quotas during the last six
The winners will be the guests
of Qulnn Wholesale Company
at the plush Grand Bahama Ho
tel. In addition to the fun and
frolic featuring sports, night
club visits, and a boat cruise
to nearby Freeport, the trip will
have its serious moments^ Bu
In a Jet side welcoming speech
at the airport. Mllfora Quinn,
President of the QuiimCom
pany, told the vacationeers
that altho they were the first
Southern Food Dealers to go on
an overseas convention, it would
not be the last. It is planned to
be a recurring affair and before
their return Saturday night, they
would have details of tne next
convention to be held in J amai
ca. He also expressed the de
sire to see twice as many on the
next trip.
The plane stopped in West i
Palm Beach to check through
customs, refuel and take on
food for an inflight dinner. On
arrival in the Bahamas,
the group went directly to the
hotel where beach side activi
ties were begun while hotel per
sonnel moved their luggage to
won iu press,
some of the group were fishing. ?
on a nearby uninhabited island
for a picnic, and a very large
number were on the golf course
discussing the business meeting
planned for the next day.
Among those from this area
making the trip are: J. E. and
Joyce Andrews of Faison, Curt
and' Connie Cain of Garland,,
James and NelleFrancis of Mt.
Olive, Harry and Louise Rouse
of Rose Hill. Joe and Mavis
Brlnson of Warsaw.
Sewing Class
A sewing class will begin at
James Sprunt Institute on Wed
nesday, April 10, 1968, at 8:30
a.m. The program will continue
through May 99. 1968each Wed
nesday from 8:30 - 11:30 a.m.
- ?. -- is Pan I
Left to Right: M. W. Brother Alfred A. Kafer, Jr., Grand
Master of Masons in North Carolina, and Brother Reuben King,
P ,M,
vr-": .? .???A' ? . ?' !'J'.: . a
King Awarded Certificate
On the night of March 21 at
St. John's Lotfge No. 13 in
Kenansville was a most Signi
ficant stated communication,
because M. W. Brother Al
fred A^Kafer, Jr.^J^ia^Mas
Certificate of Meritorious Ser
vice to Brother Reuben Kino, ?.
Past Master of St. John's Lodge
No. IS. ?
This certificate read as fol
lows: "This Certificate At

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