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Plans Being Made To Help
Tobacco Farmer In Sellinn
Active work and planning
to alleviate some of the evils
and Inequities that have faced
the tobacco growers and the
Industry In the past few years
have recently been undertaken
.. i''f '111i '*
Comm. Notes
Duplin County Commiss
ioners continued budget-hear
ings at their regular first Mon
day meeting. No action was
The resignation of Russell
J. Lanier as special tax attor
ney was accepted at of June
1. No replacement was named.
The tax collector reported
collections of 112.992.46 for the
month of May.
Veteran Service Officer re
ported assistance to 75 veter
ans, and the doe warden re
ported 127 dogs impounded, 15
complaints Investigated, 8 dogs
sold, 28 destroyed, and 6 rat
ings Investigated. $16.00 was
collected for dogs sold and 1761
miles traveled.
by a group of Coastal Plains
Organized in March of this
year as the Coastal Plains Au
ction Warehouse Association,
inc., the Association Is made of
warehousemen In Dunn, Kln
ston, Rocky Mount, and Wilson.
The Association has studied
and compiled a mass of mean
ingful tobacco marketing stat
istics which point to the causes
and possible cures for ills which
have beset both the growers and
Bible School
Bible School will be held at
the Kenansville Methodist Chu
rch from 8:30 to 11:00 O'clock
each morning, June 10th thro
ugh 14th.
Registration will be Sat.
June 8th. from 9:30 to 10:30 A.
All youth from age 4 yrs. are
invited to attend this Bible
School. .-i
companies in recent years.
These statistics will be part
of a presentation the ware
housemen made to a sub-com
mittee of the Governor's
Thirty-Six Man Committee
which is now trying to find
solutions to problems now
plaguing the tobacco economy.
Careful analysis by the
warehousemen of marketingst
Contiaaed to Pace I
Activity Day
By: Marlon C. Griffin
Associate Agricultural Extens
ion Agent.
School in Duplin County is
over for the year, and all young
sters are looking forward to a
long summer's vacation. Many
4-H'ers in the county are be
ginning their vacation by par
ticipating in the County 4-H
Activity Day, June 12, at the
Kenansvllle Elementary School.
The County 4-H Activity Day
will officially begin at 1:30 p.m.
with participants beginning the
Poultry Barbecue Contest. At
2 p.m. all other contests begin
ranging from Beekeeping and
Horse Demonstrations to aTra
ctor Driving Contest. A total
of 31 different contests are set
up which 4-H Club members
can enter.
At the conclusion of the con
test (4 p.m.) ?n awards program
will De held in the school audi
torium and winners wllltrt*
nouriced. Winners* wOI
engraved trophies Sur
will represent the coiirtty in the
17 County District Contest, June
19, at East Duplin School, Beu
laville, North Carolina.
Electrical Service Disrupted
If the old saying holds true,
"What happens twice will hap
pen three times." utility poles
in Kenans ville are in for another
bad weekend.
James Nelson McGowan,33,
negro male of Rt. 1, Kenans ville
was hospitalized at duplln Gen
eral Hospital following a col
t Us ion with a Carolina Power
v*?d Light Company pate, early
? paid he was calledw the scene
at 2:15 a.m. Saturday. McGowan
was operating a1964 Olds owned
by Helen Mcuowan also of Rt. 1
Kenansville. Mc Gow an was tra
vel lnc east on highway 24 and
said ne was blinded by lights
from an oncoming car. ran off
the road on the right hand side
and hit the utility pole.
Damages to the car were
estlmaed at 1800, and dama
tes to the utility pole at 1160.
JectMcal seryloe was disrup
ted for about fotf hours.
M&owan sustained facial
and head injuries.
Chief Bostic charged Mc
Gowan with earless and reck
less driving.
Students Receives Med. Degree
The highlight of the 174th
commencement exercises of the
University of North Carolina
In Chapel Hill was on Monday,
June 3 when the University a
warded over 3,500 degrees in
the Kenan Stadium.
Among those receiving de
grees was William SwalnTea
chey, son of Mr. and Mrs. Wil
liam R. Teachey, of Rose Hill,
who was awarded the Degree of
Doctor of Medicine (M.D.)from
the University School of Med
Dr. Teachey had completed
his pre-medical studies at the
University of North Carolina
and received a B. S. Degree In
Medicine In 1965. He was a
member of Phi Eta Sigma Ho
nor Society and Alpha Epsilon
Delta, an international Medical
F raternity.
During the past three sum
mers he served externshlps at
North Carolina Memorial Hos
pital at Chapel Hill; at Saint
Mary's Hospital, Knoxville,
Tennessee; and at New Han
over Memorial Hospital at Wil
Beginning July 1, Dr.
Teachey will serve a year of
lnternsnip In surgery at Uni
versity Hospital. The Uni
versity of Florida at Gaines
Illegal Stills Destroyed
Illegal whiskey stills in Dup
lin County have come under the
long destructive arm of the law
with several stills destroyed
Deputies Irvin Outlaw, Glenn
Jernigan and Rodney Thigpenin
connection with Sampson County
officers, ABC Officers and Fed
eral officers destroyed a big
still in western Duplin County,
Magnolia Township about one
mile Eastof Waycross, Tuesday
afternoon of last week.
The 750 gallon capacity still'
and about 500 gallons of mash
was destroyed. Seven or eight
gallons of non tax paid whiskey
,.?ad rcg.;?tly be#**jonuaf? w as
, confiscated.
Thursday night deputies ob
tained a search war rent and
found two illicit stills in a
stake house at the residence
of Wesley Clement Sullivan,
Rt. 2, Mount Olive.
Destroyed were a 50 gallon
copper still; a 35 gallon copper
Still; a copper condenser; a cop
per work, and two copper caps.
One hundred gallons of fer
mented mash was found about
200 vards back of the Sullivan
Sullivan Is charged with pos
session of material for purpose
of manufactury of non tax paid
; ^whiskey.
** Two other stills were des
troyed jn Magnoliatownship re
cently. 106 gallons of mash was
..J&rmred it etch stilL Deputy
Irvln Outlaw said the still were
about one mile apart and were
located just off the Minnie
Branch Road past the Magnolia
Elementary School #2.
Brinson - Kellv Win Coveted Kenan Awards
Amid the luxury of Air
conditioning aid comfortable
seating in Kenan Memorial Au
ditorium, a near capacity crowd
saw eighty Ave seniors receive
diplomas from James Kenan
- 4i&h School at their final grad
uation exercises Thursday night
May 30.
Gene Crowder was chosen by
his classmates as Senior Class
Speaker. Rev. Lauren Sharpe,
pastor Kenans ville Baptist
Church gave the invocation and
A solo "To Dream The Im
rwslble" was sung by Miss
aren DeLuka.
The valedictorian award to
Joyce Hamilton, and the Salu
tatorian award to Becky Phil
lips was presented by Mr. J.
W. Newidrk of the James Kenan
Mr. O. P. Johnson, superin
tendent of Duplin County Schools
introduced Mr. Tom Kenan, III.
He expressed appreciation to
Mr. Kenah for his, and his fami
lies genorosity to Duplin County
and especially James Kenan
High School, which was named
for an ancestor of Mr. Kenan.
Always complimentary of
ambitious young people, Mr.
Kenan, for the second consecu
tive year presented a 14,000
scholarship to "a leader in sc
hool, as well as your home
community". Earl Kelly of Ma
gnolia. Earl has maintained an
averse of above 92 for the
f our years spent at J ames Ken
an School. Mr. Kenan reminded
Earl that big things would be
expected from him ui the future.
The William Rand Kenan,
Jr. athletic Award was present
ed by Mr. Kenan to Amos Quinn
"Doc" Brinson, Jr. of Kenans
ville. This award is presented
to the best athlete who also
excels in character, and leader
ship as well as sportsmanship
at James Kenan High School.
Doc, an outstanding athlete
placed 5th scholastically in a
class of 86.
Other scholarships andfin
lanclal aid to the graduate were:
Jane Blackmore, St. Mary's
Junior College, Musical Schol
arship (Honor)
Linda Fields. UNC at Gre
ensboro, Scholarship package
$200. plus.
Kay Goodman, Mount Olive
Junior College, Belk Scholar
ship $500, Teachers scholar
ship $600 and Bryan Scholar
ship $200
Joyce Hamilton UNC at
Greensboro, Alumnae Scholar
ship $750 per year $3000 total.
Mel Herring, N. C. State,
grant and loan, $200. plus.
Earl Kelly, Wake Forest
University, scholarship pack
age $900 per year for four
years, loan of $500.
Jenny Vernon, UNC at Gre
ens boo teacher scholarship
and Pace $600total$2,400total.
Beth West, Greensboro Col
lege Teachers Scholarship,
$600 total $2,400
Riddlck Wllkins, N.C.A.&T.
President ail scholarship
Larry Futrell, Pace.
Others In line for scholar
ship are Brenda B1 an chard and
David Byrd.
Mr. J. P. Harmon, principal
of James Kenan High School
presented the diplomas. Others
assisting in presenting awards
were Mr. J. W. Newkirk, Mrs.
Jo Jones, Mrs. Grace Carlton,
all faculty members at James
Kenan, and Mr. J. F. Strick
land, member of Duplin County
Board of Education.
Mr. Harmon presented med
als to 15 seniors who have
maintained an average of above
92 for four years. They are:
Joyce Hamilton, Becky Phillips,
Jane Blackmore, Mel Herring,
Doc Brinson, Kay Goodman,
Riddick Wilkins, Janice Clark,
Earl Kelly, Linda Fields,
Brenda Blanch ard, Ann Holt
Jordan, Beth West, Faye Sum
merlin and Jimmie Hlnes.
Also recognized as Wearers
of the Golden Chain were: Jane
Blackmore, Brenda Blanchard,
Doc Brinson, Faye Blanchara,
Tonya Carlton, Janice Clark,
Linda Fields, Larry Futrell,
Kay Goodman, Joyce Hamilton,
Melvin Herring, Jimmy Hines,
Ann Holt Jordan, Earl Kelly,
Beverly Kilpatrick, Cathy Pate,
Becky Phillips, Carol Pope,
F aye Summerlln, Sandra Thom
as, Jenny Vernon, Beth West,
G-U Whitfield. Riddick Wilkins,
Nancy Wilson, and Linda Wray.
Mr. Tom Kenan, in of Durban, center, with the winner* of
the Kenan Awardf at graduation exercises Thursday night May
i James <er 1% Schoc Wlnne of the WIT
?f Ken ana vi lie w. __
scorns rrepare
For Trip
Parents, relatives, mtnls
erJ, friends and others arein
flted to be at the First Baptist
Church and the Warsaw Elem
sntary School grounds at 1:30
>.m. Sunday, June 9 when the
3oy Scouts in Troops 20 and
14 will march to the Presby
erlan Church for a short send
>ff ceremony prior to their
eaving for Seymore Johnson
or their jplJgnma^e to Bath.
County School Board Sued
147 other person have Instituted
suit In the U. S. District Court
for the Eastern District of North
Carolina, Wilmington Division,
against the Duplin County Board
of Education, North Carolina
State Board of Education and
Dr. Charles F. Carroll, North
Carolina State Superintendent
of Public Instruction, and It is
alleged that:
Negro and white students
and teachers are being assign
ed to various schools on the
basis of race and color, and
that Negro pupils have been
threatened with bodily harm
and economic reprisals, and
further that Negro pupils re
ceive Inferior education to that
offered white students.
Permanent injunction is
sought to require a reorgan
ization of the schools and re
assignment of pupils, teachers
and principals, and to restrain
defendants from intimidating
A complete list of plain
tiffs are:
Moselle Newberne and La
rry D. Newberne, minors by
their mother and next friena,
Grace Newberne.
Charlie Moor, a minor by
his father and next friend, Cha
rlie Moor.
Hazel Lou Herring, Dennise
Ray Herring, Ralph Lee Her
ring, Mary Herring, Charlie
Herring, Thomas Herring and
Johnny Lewis Herring, minors
bv their mother and next friend,
Hazel Herring.
Harry DeVone Sutton, Hattie
Estella Sutton, Danny Mltchel
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Wells Home Burned
The home of Mr. and Mrs.
James Wells, about three miles
east of Mount Olive was badly
damaged by fire of an unde
termined origin early Sunday
Wedding gifts displayed on
the dining room table were
burned and an estimated $5,000.
damages was done to the re
cently constructed brick home.
The Mount Olive Fire De
partment answered the alarm
about 3 a.m. Sunday morning.
The wedding gifts belonged
to a daughter ol trie couple who
was married on Saturday pre
ceding the fire.
Suicide Attempts Pails
A suicide attempt for a Ce
dar Fork Community man failed
Monday morning.
Deputy Irvin Outlaw from the
local sheriffs department said
they received a call about 11
o'clock Monday morning that
Harvey Brinson, about47. white
male of Rt. 2, Beulavllle, was
in Duplin General Hospital with
a bullet wound in his head.
Brinson and his brother,
Waddel Brinson, live with a
third brother in the Cedar Fork
Community. Waddel told in
vestigating officers that he was
in the house and heard a shot.
He went into Harvey's room
and found he had slashed both
wrist and both ankles prior to
aiming a 22 rifle at his head
and ffring. The bullet entered
his forehead.
"I aimed at my brain and
missed so I am going to try
again," Harvey told his bro
ther. Waddel took the weapon
and called for help.
Missionary To
Speak At
Buy ^.Validce, who hae
been a Missionary in Columbia "
South American for sometime
will deliver the Sunday morn
ing message at 11:30 O'clock
at Woodland Methodist Church.
Rev. Wallace is the son of Mrs.
Garland Wallace of the Wood
land Community Everyone is
Juvenile Sentenced
A Duplin County teenager
was returnedtoSwannanoaTra
ining School after violating his
parol, and his companions were
placed on parol following a
hearing in Juvenile Court in
Kenansville Friday morning.
The four boys, ages 14 to
16 were involved in three char
ges .of destruction- of property,
one irjc|4ent included federal
Ornamental trees on the post
office lawn estimated at 10 feet
tall, were broken and mulited
until only two short branches
were remaining.
A laundrymat, open for use
on a 24 hour basis, sustained
considerable damages when the
vouthful offenders used a metal
Dar described as "about the size
of your thumb, and two and one
half feet long" to pry open the
coin boxes attached to the
laundry machines. The box
was not removed from the ma
chine but opened to the extent
"coins could be raked out".
Testimony revealed at the
hearing that two boys entered
the laundrymat between 1
o'clock and 1:30 o'clock. One
boy said he was sleepy and
laid down on a bench inside
the shop. When he awoke some
time later his friend was drink
ing a bottle drink purchased
from a vending machine with
money taken from the coin box.
A total of $7.00 was reported
ly removed from the machine.
A third charge stemmed
from the youths ascending tc
the top of a building and des
troying the chimney projecting
above the building.
Mr. R. V. Wells, juvinille
judge said the 15 year old boy
sent to the training school had
been in court three times pre
viously and had been paroled
only a few months earlier. A
product of a broken home, his
father reportedly deserted his
family when the boy was three
years old.
Two of the boys were placed
on probation for one year each.
The fourth youngester was
placed on probation and ordered
to report to the superintendent
of Welfare the first day of each
yrianth for the next ivglve
The parents of one of the
boys said they both were em
ployed at a nearby industrial
plant and were working the
"graveyard shift" from 12 mid
night to 8 a.m. Their son was
at home, they thought asleep
when they left to go to work
on the night in question.
Jimmy Whaley Recaptured
An honor grade prisoner,
who would have been eligible
for parol on June 9, was recap
tured Saturday afternoon, just
five days after he escaped from
a road gang at Harrels, inSamp
son County.
John C. alias Jimmy Whaley,
29, white male of Beulaville
was originally serving a 5 to 7
year sentence for safe robbery
in Brunswick County. Time
had built up from previous es
Chief H.J. Brown of the Beu
laville Police Department
received a report about 9
o'clock Saturday morning that
Whaley was seen riding in a car
with nis mother on what is
known as the "dog yard" raod.
Brown persued tne car which
was finally stopped at Norwood
Millers store. Mrs. Whaley
said that Jimmy had jumped
out of the car.
Brown called the sheriffs
department, who with the aid
of bloodhounds combed the area
but failed to find any evidence
ot the escapee.
A second report reached
Chief Brown while he was eat
ing lunch that Whaley had been
seen on foot on the dirt road
which runs beside the theater
and connects highway 24 and
highway 111, just outside the
city limits of Beulaville.
Brown circled the area and
spotted Whaley in a corn field
from the Turkey Branch Road.
Brown entered the corn field
on foot and found Whaley laying
down between the corn rows.
Whaley offered no resistance
to arrest.
Officials at the Clinton Sub
siderary of the North Carolina
Department of Correction were
reported to have said that Whal
ey was "one of the very best
honor grade prisoners they
ever had. He was allowed to
attend the funeral of his grand
mother in Beulaville about three
weeks ago unguarded.
Chief Brown said he could
not resist asking Jimmy
"Why", to which Jimmy re
plied. "I honestly don't know."
Wreck Claims One
Life Near Faison
One person was killed and
three Injured In two-car head
on collision just south of Falson
Sunday night, reords of the
Mount Olive RescueSquad show.
Mrs. Mary Wright Smith of
Calypso was killed Instantly in
the wreck, which occurred on
Highway 117 two miles south of
Faison, about 10 o'clock Sun
day night.
Willie P. Smith of Calypso,
husband of the dead woman and
driver of the first car, Billy
Ray Mangum of route 1, Dud
ley, driver of the second car
and his passenger, Bernlce
MlUer of Kelly street, Mount
Olive, were all taken to Wayne
Memorial hospital by the Res
cue wuad. All four persons
were Negroes.
Mangum, who was treated and
left leg; Miss Miller, lacera
tions on her left arm and a
possible back injury; andSmith,
head injuries.
Patrolman Jim Mayo of War
saw said Smith was going south
and Mangum north at the time of
the accident. Smith crossed the
m m _ m
center line and the right front
of his car hit the front of the
Mangum vehicle almost head
on, he reported.
The two cars were total
losses. No charges have been
made pending further investi
Fugitive neturns
A fugitive has voluntarily
returned and surrendered to
the local sheriffs department
to face charges in Duplin County
on forgery.
William Raymond Tabor, 27,
Rt. 1, Chinquapin, surrendered
to Sheriff T. Elwood Revelle
Thursday afternoon.
Tabor is accused of cashing
checks totaling more than 91,000
on anon existing logging com
.. a.
Appearing as payroll checks
for W. R. Tabor and Sons Log
ging Company, the amounts of
tne checks ranged from $100
to $200., and were cashed *
branches of Waccamaw Bank
and Trust Company.
Tabor left home April 8
after leaving a note described
as "farewell" to his wife and
He also faces FBI charges
on ^jjnljarful flight to avoid

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