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town Elections Nov.6th
[ Many Duplin County office
Betters filed Just before the
E ^*WeS the
Elali In "::ie ?
Be voters will be iked to vote!
Hied for town rf&oes!* KEN
IhlbaM, Woody Brlnson and I
^yN,B^wdhn. Commissioners:
?learance Evans, John D. Qu
ftn, OBbert Pipkin, Melrin P
fce^tnd James H. Rogers. 3
E Ramsey. Commtsslooersi H*
Kry Z. Wells, Jr.. Mrs. Do
Bothy wells. Danny NorrU.Ce
and Billy Mont
HE t J \a V1 \ ?' '? -j> V() G if I
SilM Whaley, Leon Lanier. John
W. Slmmona, Leland Grady. Ge
ne Quiiw N, Simmons,
Sloan Thlgpen. S.A. BUszard,
Jr.. William N, Bostlce, Mark
Carvtn and Baxter Sterling. To
jpen election V
4 years and 6 town commis
CALYPSOMa/on Incumber
Norwood Barfidid. Commission
ers: MJ, Lambert. Jr., Cecil
v James Carter, Leslie
Ray Ike Num. Walter Bunn
and Mosley Waters. To be open
for elections Mayor t yrs. and
5 town ( orn s n i s s I out: rs.
FAISON-Mayor: A.W. Wilson
King, Clement R. Shine and
WJL BUI Clifton. Commissio
ners: Melvln Rogers, C.H. Mi
llard, Robert D. Kennedy, Paul
Clifton, Albert S. Pears all and
lean Hand. To be open for
election Mayor and S commi
WARSAW-Mayor: Johnny Po-.
woll. Commissioners: Colen T-'
ew, Thurman Gasldl, Jr.. ILP.
Wood. Walter Foster. George
Bennett and AjC. Pears all. To
be open for election Mayor and
2 town commlssionenK V"' '
The poles will be open from
6:30 p.m. until 7:30fUn. on
November 6th. Registrations bo
ok will be closed at 6 pjn.
on OctofaesL 8th. In order to
vote a perafon must be regis
tered in both town and county.
The November 8th electic*
Will bebeld under die 163-?2
I Elizabeth H?'?Gran SC Manager,
Ktt shown presenting 'appreciation certificate
lito P. B. Ratford, while Charles M. Ingram,
B' . .
| entries m. Ingram* 1
I Preston B. Ratford. Dlrec
I to: of the Duplin Development
? Commission, was honored by
B the Employment Security Co
I mmission of NjC. in ceremo
I ; held i tis
I, rv, - iking the
*>'? ?? Elizabeth H, rani Ma-'
Kager of the Kenans** Of
?ice the Eamiovmeni Scour"
Ity Commissi on who noted that
I ESC operations in Duplin Co
Jlpunty weald be v r ually nan
? existent without the continuous
B attention shown by Raiford.
The award was originated
I in the Kenansvllle Office as
I means of
I tion for the service rendered
by the SSC Central Xfto
Lin lei ta wide.
? dual in IjC. to receive the
?J Mrs. brant noted that th
:4 Kenam ill : SC fflce terv
I S <k
? t luntl F )U
f ESC Honors P. b. KaiTora
I ... in m,? i.r?r -nff(r?c nncltlon with the Chamber of
hen the State was unable to do
this ta Duplin County, the Co- I
unty Commissioners decided to
make the necessary arrange
ments. Mrs. Grant enphaslzed
that without Ralford*s continual
supervision and attention to the
needs of the Office, the Job
of managing the ESC Office
would be much more difficu
i Ralford, a native of War
taw, attended NCSC and jp
ttcn associated hi
mself with the winston-Salem
City schools. After overseeing ]
many war-time and post-war
I he accep a p.
with the ston-Sslem
Ch nber of C? lmerce. He or
tdjHSt lal ixposi
that e was grs ed a ?i
ab mre rg
W in Uchmond. Xiriiw tMgl
s he active n the
tog rf at the x ate, I
national ?vei.
n 4C alford ?
Ti Ma? a
I? ??
Commerce. In addition to hia
activities with the Salvation A
rmy ? and the School for Men
tally Retarded Children, he wo
rked extenaively with the Boy
Scouts, serving on the Execu
tive Board plus various other
ommittees, He erved dsn
as the director for Alabama
of the Southern Association of
Chamber of Commerce Exec
utives and held positions in the
Chamber of Commerce Execu
tives Association of Alabama,
of which he was President.
with the establishment of a
Duplin Deveioprtw
ton to 1963, Raiford returned
to Duplin County 'to direct that
program. Since here, he has
ntloued his work with the Boy
Scouts, plus the Red Cross,
toe Club and to
Church, 1965, he
was a member of the com
Hee Fin- Arts So* iety. and
has ierved In all lead* ship
n tha:
le of series E and
Savl p Bonds in
JL-?a M| nnff
The facility Included 26 barrels with a capacity of 110 gallons each, aod five barrels
' with a capacity of 180 gallons each. 38 plywood bens with a capacity cf 330 gallons
each. Mash used for maonfacturing the whiibey was stored in the Vats and barrels.
Law Officers raided the lar
gest illegal Uquor still found
In NjC. ? 15 years in a wood
Authorities Raid Largest Liquof
Still In 15 Years Near Magnolia
federal Alcohol, Jpbacco. and
Firearms unit, aald that fed
eral, state and qfrtoand Wa- j
Three men Jamea E. Strick
land, 30, of Rocky Mount, Roy
Taylor. 46. of Rt. 1. R-wge
mom and Carter Bland, 36. of
Rt. 1. Bailey, ware arrested
at the alts of the still* four
miles north of Magnolia.
George Maynard of Magno
lia was arrested 'Friday ajn.
Maynard is asst. principal of
James Kenan High School.
James Newkirk, 44,. of Mag
nolia, was arrested by feder
al agents Friday in Brooklyn,
N.Y. He was driving a truck
which contained 43 gallons of
nontax-paid whiskey produced
by the still.
The illegal liquor manufac
turing facility had a capacity
of 600 gallons per day, enough
to provide an income of 96,
000 a day. Ellis estimated the
cost of the elaborate operation
at 916,000 to 930,000.
Hundreds of dollars worth
of supplies for use in making
the moonshine were stored at
the site In a wooded area far
off a rural dirt road two mi
les west of Magnolia.
The still included 38 Vats
made of heavy plywood with a
capacity of 330 gallons each
and almost filled with fermen
ting mash. Officers also found
96 barrels with a capacity of
110 gallons each and five bar-;
rels with a capacity of 180'
longs of raoonahina whiskey pa
cked in new one-geUbn plastic
milk containers ready for ship
ping. Ellis stated that the coo
denser could very easily poison
every Jug of whiskey that came
from the still. The condenser
was made from four automo
bile radiators which give over
deadly lead salts while hot ma
sh is run through them. A pipe
from the condensers emptied
into a large wash tub which
contained la quantity of whisky
Friday ajn. along with some
Fuel for the still was pro
vided from a 1,030 gallon bu
ried tank. The still Itself was
made from two fuel storage
tanks. with a capacity
of 1,000 gallons each. A water
simply and electrical current
came from a hog parlor se
veral hundreds yards from the
still site.
Officers also sised two late
model pickup trucks, one of
them equipped with a camper.
. Facilities at die operation
site included a large refriger
ator and a two burner elec
tric hot plate and a supply
of cooking utensils.
If operated at full capacity,
seven days a week, production
per week would isve been va
lued at 843,000 a week. The
still had operated for less th
an a month.
k. d m ? m \
the 1973-74 school yeer.
| The scholarship fund, which
was set up In memory of a
Campbell Junior killed in an au
tomobile accident In 1971, was
established by his grandmot
her, Mrs. Crawford S, Rogers
of Norfolk. Vs.. and by his pa
rents, Mr. and Mrs. James R,
Coates. The father is a for
mer official of Norfolk Ship
building and Drydock Corp.
Phillips, a Campbell Junior
is president of the Junior das3
and the Young Democrats Club,
- Vice-president of the Inter
Organisatlonal Council, he is
? a member of the Joint Coun
cil, the Social Science Club
die Business Club, and Traf
A clean's list student, Phil
lips is the son of Attorney
and Mrs. H.E. Phillips of Ke
D*?t<l Phillips of Kenans*
rtlle is one of five student:
at C ! " '' *
sr^i x
(kindreds of dollars worth of supplies for use in making the moonshine were stored at
the site in a wooded area far off a rural road west of Magnolia. I
Photos Courtesy of Glenn Jernigan
fioers confiscated a total of 2,112 one-gallon
plastic Jugs along with materials for use
in making the mash, including 100 pound
bags of sugar.
MOONSHINE WHISKE Y-Offlcers confiscated
439 gallons of moonshine whiskey packed in
new one gallon plastic milk containers ready
?e A . M.
W!'AW WWI!|, ' .yaw ???&: ?1
for shipping. The containers shown above
were seised at the farm of George Henry
Lee near Magnolia. Lee was also arrested.
I A I II ^
served a meal at their annual 10
meeting. "How well this idea th<
works," says PR Director, wi- kn
Hon Riwe, "will depend most- he
ly on how well our people re- pe
spond in returning their invi
tation cards."
Rows said every member of
Trl-County BMC will be mail- 4
ed an invitation and a business s,
reply card along with their Oc- n
m-County Annual <~o-op s nneeiing
pot and the little one, too"
that's the question Trl-County
Electric - the RE A - In Gclds
boro Is asklqg their 10,000 as*
- ?- ^ ? 1 ^ e ^ ^ M A* rll an M MA _
inner-customers IS tner pre
par* for the Co-op's annual
meeting of members at South
ern Wayne High School on Nov.
,J? t . V- , .
A barbecue supper wtU be >
served In conjunction with the
tier cms monui ano return
e cards promptly-"a o we'll
ow If we should cook bar
cue for ton or ran thousand

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