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    Sandra and Beth Ray
Warsaw Girls
To Attend Debutante Ball
Sandra and Beth Ray of
Warsaw will be among five
Duplin County girls high
lighted by the 1983 Debu
tante Ball in Raleigh Sep
tember 9. The Rays are
especially pleased; they say
sisters seldom get iqvited
"I often wonder who nomi
nated us," Beth Ray,
daughter of Dr. and Mrs.
Horace T. Ray, said. "The
whole summer has been
exciting and the experiences,
fun. But, 1 have to admit 1
have a great deal of curiosity
and wish I knew who to thank
for the nomination." Each
year debutantes are selected
by delegates of the Terpsi
chorean Club of Raleigh. The
delegates reside in different
parts of the state and'nomi
nate girls within their com
munity. Each delegate
remains anonymous to the
debutante and their family.
Nominations are made each
season and all invitations are
mailed on the same day.
"The whole summer has
been a good experience,"
Sandra Ray said. "1 have met
a lot of new people from all
parts of the state as we have
attended debutante parties
this summer. It has been a
lot of fun and 1 consider the
invitation a great honor, but
right now I don't get too
nervous thinking ?bout the
ball. I guess 'it will hit me
that night." As debutantes,
the Rays have attended
summer functions planned
for regional and statewide
1983 debutantes. The
summer functions are con
cluded with the presenta
tions of the young women by
their fathers at the Debu
tante Ball during the
weekend of September 8-10.
The ball and weekend events
are planned by the spon
soring organization, the
Terpsichorean Club.
The 1983 Debutante Ball
will mark the 57th annual
presentation of selected
young girls to North Carolina
society. The Ball traditionally
began as "The Raleigh Fall
Festival" in 1923 and it was
sponsored by the local mer
chants. Like all festivals, the
annual selection of a queen
was the highlight of the
celebration and prominent
girls from all across the state
participated as candidates
for the top title of the Raleigh
Fall Festival. Each year the
queen was crowned by the
The Terpsichorean Club
was formed in 1927 and held
its first ball that year. The
club name is taken ft n the
Greek mythological muse
"Terpsichore." who was the
goddess of dancing and
choral song. The ball has
been given each year since
1923 with the exception of
years 1942-1945, during
World War II.
Beth Ray is a junior at
Atlantic Christian College in
Wilson where she is major
ing in business and eco
nomics. Beth is 20 years of
age. Sandra is a sophomore
at St. Marys in Raleigh and
she is 18 years of age.
Card Of Thanks
We would like to express
our appreciation and love to
all our friends, neighbors
and relatives for every act of
kindness shown to us since
Lori's accident.
To the Kenan^ville Jay
cees, we would like to say we
will always have a special
place in our hearts for you
and your organization. Many
thanks to this fine group of
young men. May God bless
each and every one of you.
Larry and Sue Mitchell
Trina and Lori
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Bmlly Klllatt*
Growing up in Duplin
County, the folks hear and
tell many stories about how
towns got their names or
other interesting facts about
the municipalities.
Even when an article is
published like the September
16, 1949, article in THE
DUPLIN TIMES about how
the town of Warsaw got her
name, the reader has to be
reminded this is just one of
the stories or legends. Ac
cording to the article, the
town of Warsaw was offi
cially named when a post
office located. The commu
nity had grown to the point
which the Wilmington and
Weldon Railroad chose to
pass through the settlement
and establish a commissary
there. When the commissary
opened, railroad officials
sent Thaddeus Love from
Wilmington to Warsaw as
manager of the store.
Due in part to the growth
spurred by the railroad in the
community, a postoffice was
soon to be established and a
name was needed. And, ac
cording to the 1949 publi
cation. the citizens requested
to name the office after
Thaddeus Love and the
newly marketed novel
"Thaddeus of Warsaw."
Due to the length of the
name, Thaddeus of Warsaw,
postal officials refused the
entire name and shortened it
to just Warsaw.
The article did not point
out the reason natives of the
settlement requested the
postoffice be named after a
man who had been in the
community such a brief time.
Today we do know that many
postoffices were established
within towns and operated by
store clerks. The postal ser
vice was small business and
shop owners could earn a
little extra money selling
stamps and distributing and
collecting community mail.
There is a good possibility
Thaddeus Love operated the
postoffice from the railroad
commissary at Warsaw.
As each town ages, it
suffers growing pains. The
growing pains are easier
seen looking back and one
example within Warsaw is
^vident from an article pub
lished in the August 5, 114')
issue of THE DUPLIN
TIMES. The county of Duplin
established an agricultural
based economy early and
markets for the produce were
built in each town. Wallace
became famous for its huge
strawberry market and War
saw had a strawberry and
produce market, too.
As time passed, the War
saw produce market was
abandoned and the town was
left with a large investment
in the sheds and lots. After
the market was abandoned,
the town participated in the
opening of a food cannery,
lite cannery was opened at
the site of the old market.
The market sheds were con
verted into a cannery build
ing by R.F. Wadkins. The
cannery opened in 1944 pre
serving 3,500 cans of local
fruits and vegetables. During
the summer of 1949, about
10,000 cans of local produce
had been preserved.
The sheds, along with $60,
was donated by the Warsaw
town board; Duplin County
Commissioners contributed
$300 to the project and local
citizens gave tanks for
cooking vats to help establish
the cannery. The purpose of
the cannery was to teach
local people to can in tin
containers and preserve the
summer surplus of Duplin
produce. The operation was
run on a non-profit basis.
The U.S. Achievement
Academy announced that
Miss Veronica DeWitt has
been named a 19&3 U.S.
National Award winner in
business education.
Veronica, who attends
James Kenan High School,
was nominated for this award
by Mrs. Grace Clarlton, a
typing teacher at the school.
Veronica's name and bio
graphy will appear in thp
official yearbook published
Veronica is the daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Leroy DeWitt
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