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VOL. XXV NO. 37.
TRYON, N. a FRIDAY,, JAIfUARY 16, 1920.
Som Umt of General Interest Gathered By Our Correspondents From Various
Sections of Polk County 7
Miss Grace Gibbs spent 4st week
with her grandmother. -jv J-
dr.: and Mrs. Harry Bennett arid
Lizzie and Matie Williams visited at
U,1 S. Gibbs', Sunday last;- ;.
V? ,v Repoig of theCondition of v
' . ALift.-Uir; SALUDA
at . Saluda, I n Nthe State of North Car
olina, at tft close of business Dec.
31st, 1919,4 ?" - : '
loans and f discounts 4 . . : . S49.d77.20
Overdrafts I u;..V.. - fiiK.4n
l united Sta: les bonds and
.. - - . . . Libel tv bonds. . .
The Holidays are over, and . the On Saturdav mormW nf Jfln,iaw ine quesnon is sometimes assea iBankine iMse. S3720.77
young folks have gone back to work 10th, Miss Bertha Constant answered whffc ' Sday S
ai meir s, nope xney we suaaen summons ol death. She "T T . v ?: . All ,1 " "
If was only sick a week, before she died. - Lt2,mn: ?ow.s . Cash in vaSTt and net
will work as hard as : they play,
thev do they will sure be some . good She was carried to her sister's Mrs. nurcn oxaiuaa nas it . mounlidue from banks
results. . U G. Jones of Saluda, where the doc- fne h. which is a good showmg . . bankers and trust com-
1 Miss Flora Harwick has - returned tor could attend her, much better, but Jor , school ith only ; average Cash'itSmSheld oveV ii'hrs
from a visit" to her: home in Jackson- kept growing worse all the time. She 60: In addition to report n over 24
ville,! Florida, and has resumed her was carried to Asheville hospital and eciuwi aJ,sl&tea raismg u,uu iar r,. .. Tota.. . 1 ...$8578.41 soldiers were not fully developed in
duties as teacner m me punuc school, oiea mere., yuite. a number, of friends r;"!T. ?A rfJ.SM si - Imesias men He also
I : PKKK'K after one has reacld arid wffl direct tte - futar. W -lheir
After England's. T narrow escape
from defeat at the hands of the Boers
in South Africa the thinking men of
England hecaTi
I f ' -w V4 S3b Umv
8,550.00 lor their very poor showing against
sucn a small nation. They hadv the
'75000 and equipment, but for ; some
reason this small nation came very
near defeating this great and proud
. Sir Baden-Powell reasoned that the
young men of England who
The Epworth Leaguer has selected and relatives . attended - the ' funeral
a committee on entertainment, to service at Mt. Lebanon, Sunday. She
lav plans for a social, to be in the will be wonderfully missed among
near future. Iher friends as wejl as home folks at
Miss Marvion Patterson is spending Mt. Lebanon, for she never failed to
some days, on a house r arty With attend singing and preaching here.
friends, at Pickens, S. C. A I But God knows what is best. We ex-
Mrs. W. H. Pace, has returned from I tend to the bereaved family bur deep-
the treasury and these ' doee, with "
very few exceptions, are up to-date in
every instance. This shows their in
terest and devotion to their fraternity .
and their extreme regard for an ob- ;
ligation, which to a Scout is Iaw In
this connection the Scouts wish to ex .
press their gratitude to - .Mk F, P.
Bacon as a sort of father to the cause
here for in every instance whexTa
deficit hasoccured and Mr. Bacon has ,
been advised he come forward .more ,
liberally in clearing this account.
These Scouts of today ; will be our
men of tomorrow and if their1 ener- '
gies are directed in- the channel of
usefulness : and wholesome pleasures .
they will qevelop into men pf parts
4t... w
Birthday Collection r 9,3$
Children: Day Collectiofe' . 4.53
Paid For ' !
" ..... ,v ,.. .
;: ' .;:" ' 166,97
Lesson .Leaves and Papers .''4199
a visit to her mother, wh: has
quite ill, at Statesville, N. C.
Mrs. F. E. Pregnall- and Master
Samuel Sonne.r, have returned home,
f ronrCharleston S. C where they vis
ited relatives during the holidays.
Sammy reports a grand time. But
says -There is no place like home." ;
home." .1 , ;.Valftia
Mr. D. E. MJurray has gone to
Fletcher. N.' C. to take' charge of a
Childrens Home
Centenary Fund f
Christmas Entertainment
: v, x
est sympathy, and ask God to give
them strength to bear, their troubles.
Quite a number from Fijihtnn and
others, passed through here last week Armenian Relief
on their way ot Columbus court.
Messrs. Reagan and Hoyt Thomp
son have returned to their work in
Virginia, after visiting home folks.
Mr. Gaither Johnson was in Sa
luda, Saturday, on business.
Eev. Weldon. Green will fill his reg-
farm and orchard, recently purchased ular appointment at this place 3rd
by his brother-in-law Mr.Condon. I Sunday, if no providential hinderance.
Miss Bertha Constant, daughter of It seems like coldls and grippe are
Mr. and Mrs. M. W: Constant, died at very common everywhere now.
the Merriwither Hospital, Saturday,
morning ai o:iu wnere sne naa reen MILL SPRING ROUTE 1.
taken on Friday night for an opera
tion and was buried at ML Lebanon
..Wr, Snw PvteT,H our ihe farmers in this section are
or f tKo K.n9v mM taking advanatge of the beautiful township
Mrs. William P. Hume has been wcather and are turning the soil for $10.00 and other property
called to the bedside of her mother,
rent expenses ana tax- in-iwenues it is too late to deveion cnTnTnnnitv i y,m-
eS. O 7nn.2R I n.InnT WSnw gnil ranai4 linoa T4- trrna 1 1 I 1 . - m m
Deposits silniect tfl cheek ' AtSJOA9 ' "- mowing no ciass iines put ior wo
tposiis svpject W cnecK. . 40 W.41 this firm conviction of hi anH a z ..t
xime cerni cates 01 deposit '18.714.60 1 . . ' . . I .r."1? vwuiuuuAvy n wi.
yasmers ciecKs ,-outstand- . oi xne uoy &cout Movement, wnicn Degun to realize tne importance ol
I v , mg. . '. ..... 4 . . i . . 678.22 movement has gone into most of the this movement . and legislation - has
' TotaH - ' $8578 41 civze countries . of the world. been offered . to ' futher &&sist - tad
State of NfVth Carolina, ' A boy may become, a Scout at the direct. If Tryon can show satis-
c County Polk. Jan. 14, 1920. age of twelve years up to twenty and factory progress it is not too much
I, r". XI. l.uaiiey, Casnier Of the f and he roes throuiyh three successive 1 to look forward to asRiitane from
i. .
rank. (our national and state legislatures.
19,10 In caching the top
Balance in Treas. ' $27,36
Secty and Tres.
if) . v
The . Columbus , Real tate and
Insurance Company report ..the follow
ing real estate, tranfers. -!,,
the best oftny knowledge and -belief. Ue arst stands the test as a
r . Et H BAILEY, Cashier. foot and after successfully
correct Attest:
:.; ' ; -, : E- B. Statbn, Y-: : v, J
; . r ' hn B.. Cannon,
'I'onald M. Frarer, ' .
Tender-1 Elesewhere in this publication is- '$
passing (report of the last meeting held as rft-
along varid lines than the average ported by . two J Tenderfoot Scouts,
that test he has more real, knowledge Through the intesest and courtesy jsl .
along r varied lines:. than the average Mr. Bush of the Pplk County Nea .
young man of twenty five. Then he I this weekly report of meetings wru h;
Directors. "
Subscri andsworn to before me, stands the test as a Second Class and published. -
I this 14th dS? of Jan. 1920. J.
My commi'spon expires Mar. 20, 1920.
b -o" " ''"
from that to First Class.
A First Class Scout must know how
to swim at least fifty yards; have at
I least two dollars deposited in some
Savings Bank and this money to have
who is ill at her home in Pittsburg
The ladies of the Baptist church
ha-e organized a missionary societv,
and hdd their first meeting at the
home of their president Mrs. P. H.
Bailey, on Wednesdav last. Meet
ings to be held every two weeks.
Next one will be at the home of Mrs.
J- B. Cullipher. " . ' "
' Reporter of the Condition of
B. F. Gibbs to W G. Mattinger, 52 & Saluda, ; the State of North Car- gjings Bank andthis money to have
acres near Mill Spring, considertion iiioW WV - '
$200 000 - ' E?OTIRrFq v V receive a message . .by; semaphore;
77;. , n ' c . . S - Vo Kftft walk at least.fourteenmiles alone or
B. F. Gibbs to G. L. Orr, Saluda Joans and scounts ....,.$42,566.85 . j -i.
160 acres, rcoi&der
uiuteu otais uonas ijioeixy : iisiacuury accuuni. i iu truip tuiu uu-
bonds snd War Stamns 2.451.40 I Pw-Hnn a ? fcrmw TOliat. :tn H
another crop. Y cci.
Miss Mildred Womack snent Satur- Columbus township consideration i 7i . mprages . . . . . . . . . . 10,700.00 1 . . . -
Philippine Marriage Custom,
When a woman of th PWllECtocs
marries, the name 'of lier husband la
added to her maiden name, and la
the event of his death she discards Lis
name. . ... , . - '
.JiMi. f n..' n1 I Sift OA and '.-nfYtftv- nmtv rxr' : ' .-.''iv w
Mrs. W. W. Womack. s V List ypur .; property with . us ' Jor Air other &1 estate owned
Cash in itault rand net
Miss Maggie Sue Edwards entered
school at' Rutherfordton,". last Mon
day. ' '
Mr. General . Mathis, who was
kicked by a horse some time ago, was
carried to
d Barikinff hase. $1250 f urni- ' ! dents; now to help in case of runaway
The Handy BelU
MYou like a Norfolk jacketf "Yes,
said the commuter, "the belt. Is ej
handy to hang small packages oa.
E?oston-TranscrIpt. ;'
sale exchange or rent, r
Report of the Condition of -POLK
at Columbus, in the State of North
KUinenorawn nospiiai, i Dec 1919.
oux iment lor. dislocated .limDS, -uncon-
X a. j j 1 BCiuutsncBS. - ltuuuair, euiubrvtt.c. ucsu
banl, bankers and exhaustion, sunburn, ivy poisoning,
f : trust companies. .... 11.152.84 1 bites and stings, nosebleed, earache,
Collection. & 235.25 toothache, inflammation or crit in
. w
I where he, died last week.
leaves a wife and one child.
Mr. and Mrs. B.
children called on the former's brother
Mr. F B. Nance, near Mill Springy
Saturday night and Sunday.
Ralph Covington and Ules Collins
spent Saturday night with Isham and
Otis Henderson.
Mr. Reuben Collins attended servics
at Green River Sunday.
Mr. Arthur Peeler, Miss Euna
Shields and Miss Mabel Jones went a
joy riding Sunday afternoon. Some
Loans and discounts . . . .
r j s
Wedding -bells have been ringng on nv3Sf K " " "
the route since Amas. . Mr. uarznian United States - bonds and
Green was married to Miss Lela Mel- j Liberty ibonds..
F. Nance and wn on last unoay. 1 weonaoay HSrV',"iioM-
the horn of his father, Mr. L. Odell, tTSSSS
Mr. Tolbert Odell was united in mar- . $2427.30 '. ;
riage to Miss Thurcy Burnett. The All other real estate owned
ceremony was performed by Rev. W. Cash in -vault and net a
W -Womack. We wish for them all - mount due from banks
. - . 1 panicers ana trust com
the good things 01 me. .
Cheekjs forjclearing
eyes, cramps or stomach ache, and
demonstrate artificial respiration.,Pre-
i o7?'nS J"" stojk, paid in..... 6,000.00 foods used in camping. Eead a map
flStx- correctly and draw correctly a field
. .; rent expenses and tax- vwumuvus
999 - ; .; es piid. ............ 2,889.16 ing bxiildings, roads, principal eleva-
5,000.00 Deposits subject to check. . 32.997.14 tims etc. TTra nronerlv . an axe in
" lav :f a j ;a. m irnii I - -
xime tcrwjeaLes oi uepusiu fPli;n- tree Judire distance within
Cashier's ecks outstand- felung a tree. Judge distance withm
ing. tf. . . 53.68 twenty-five per cent by s wcods-
H , man methods. Describe fully at
. fr $64,893.92 least ten species of tre sa or plants by
S&"ASnU V. ,ooo their bark, leaves, or flowers or scent.
w...vr vhm v mi. ii.u
Savvd-Off ' Sermcjv
A man can ran a store without .ad
vertising, and he can wink at a pnttj,
girl In the dark but what's the wt'
Indianapolis Star.
' V
Medicins From Ug Hama
Stags are bred in China for .
horns, the horns being cut whl? sct"
each year and used In the manuTactiar
ox medicine.
Tunasten Gtatistica.,
The amount of standard . tunsstea
ore used In the manuf ncture of lacan-k
descent lamps in the United State'
this year was In the- neighborhood cS'
4 -tons.
paiues .
Mr. and Mrs. R. L. D. Gilbert vis
ited at the home of Mr. Jesse Green, A -0 4 I the above statement is true to the North Star, and name at least three
I. M B. line. Cashier of the above Or six species of wild birds by their
named ban do solemnly swear that I feathers, notes or tracks Find the
Messrs A. A. and T.
made a busines trip to Rutherfordton
Canitai stocV. naiH in'. : . S13.000.00
L. Womack 1 TTnHivided nrofits. less nir-
people don't seem to mind the wind Fridav-
nor the weather.
Mr. R. C. Cannon principal of
Green Creek school, returned January
seventh, unmarried, to the joy of the
lady teachers and High school girls.
Miss Nanie Feagan, formerly a
student of S. H. S. is now attending
school at Green's Creek.
Mr. Clinton Greenway and Mr. John
Horn were-pleasant callers at Mr. B.
A. Jones' Sunday evening.
Mr. Grady Flynn called at Mr.
Frank Shields' Sunday evening as
Our census man, Mr. A. A. Edwards
has been very busy since Jan. 1.
rent expenses and tax
es paid 182.11
Deposits subject .to chedt. . 47,210.12
Time certificates of deposit '6tizz.Z6
Cashier's ,checks outstand
ing. . ... ....... 600.34
best ;of my s knowledge and belief.
'Q H. B. Lane, Cashier.
Correct Attest:
:4 C Sonner, 1
Irt. A. Pace,
W. C. Robertson.
' Directors.
I P. H Bailey, Notary Public
My ;commisj'aon expirees Mar. 1, 1920.;
Mr. and -Mrs. G. L. Taylor visited
at the home of U. S. Gibbs, Sunday.
Mr Claude -Wilson spent last Sat
urday and Sunday with home folks,
returning to his work Monday.
Misses Grace and Oma Gibbs vis
ited Miss Leona Bunrett, Sunday. "
Mr. Tolbert Odel and Miss Thurcey
Riifrnitf wturo Tinfvnilv mflrrieH af. the
Mrs. Jackson, wife of Rev. Elbert home of Mr." L. Odel." We wish them
a long and happy life.
A crowd of young folks enjoyed
some nice music t at Mr. Will Tesse
nor's the other day. . - .
Messrs. G. L.y Taylor and U. S.
nihha wore fho oniests nf Mr. J. P.
I -XJi T W , VAAW 1 O " " - W
Wr. and Mrs. Melvin Swain spent w;ic ior cir
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Mp. Claude McGuinn was a dinner
Total. $64,732.12
State of JNorth Carolinal;
County of Polk Jani 14, 1920.
iM. FredWi. Blanton. Cashier of the
above named bank do solemnly swear ever 2nd and 4th- Sunday morning.
constellations of stars. Furnish sat
isfactory evidence that he has put in
to practice in his daily life the prin
ciples of the Scout Oath and Law.
Enlist a boy trained by himself into
the rank of Tenderfoot.
'Let us that are older think for one
minute and ask ourselves how many
of the tests we could stand if we were
beinflr examined to become a First
Sunday ;chool 10:00. Preaching Scout ;iealize just.
Jackson, was laid to rest vin Greens
Creek cemetery . January seventh.
Rev. G. G. O'neil conducted the
funeral services.
- The firm of Feagan and McDonwell
have purchased a Ford truck.
guest at Mr. E. L. McGiiinn's, Sunday
that the above statement -is true to
the best of of my knowledge and be
lief. ' . , i
Correct Attest:
., J. R. Sams,
, Frank Jackson,
JE. W. S. Cobb;
.: .. ' Directors.
Subscribed and sworn to before me,
this 14th day of Jan. 1920.
J. P. Arledge, C. S. C.
. : -
He Knew. -v
"Mr. Fusser," said, the professor.
; "can you tell me the meaning of the
vtltle Sir?"" ! T don't know the exact
,meanlng," replied 'the student, but
that's what a girl sayscwhen the
wrong chap kisses her." s
E. J. Jones, Pastor.
v o " ;
Sunday chool. 3,0:30. Preaching
next Saturday afternoon at 2:30 fol-
I lowed by ciference of the church.
Preachnig sjunday morning at 11.
Everybody ihvited to attend these
services. & cordial welcome to all.
E. J. Jones, Pastor.
turai Result.
ii young . Swift has - gone
broke, eh? -Vhat was the trouble?
Urown ijf was on pleasure bent,
and overdid Ithe thing. '
flroon Sir vrmn?
much greater pleasure we could derive
from just such varied knowledge and
how very useful this information
would prove in our daily life.
The Scout movement in Tryon has
not shown the development that is
possible although at the present time
nearly forty boys are actively inter
ested and meet every Friday night at
the school house under the leadership
of Mr. Link Hill and assistance of
Nelson Jackson Jr. The Scouts need
assistance and above all an apprecia
tion and understanding on the part of
the community and with . this their
possibilities are without limit:
The Scoutes -pay regular dues into
. j
Wher Flowers Are Most Fragrant- -
Flowers are more fragrant wluen ths
sun is not shining on them, acord
ing to a French sdentlKt; because th
oils that produce the perfumer ax
forced out by the water pressurt- la
the plant cells, and this is diminUhed
by sunlleht. ,
Able to Atfterd It
Hnb "The doctor sayt that XT X
keep 'on working at this pace aftcr
money I shall be a wreck at forty-
five' Wife "Never mind, dear;: py
that time we shall be able to afford
W Boston Transcript.
European Literature.
It was not until the European mind
cast away forever the fetters of Re
naissance traditions that Shelley and
Wordsworth became possible In Eng
land, that Goethe and Heine were pos
sible In Germany, or Victor Hugo and
Alfred de Musset In France.
Fit Punishment.
Recall the line in the Ukado about
making the punishment fit the jcrinsJ
Well, a Chicago girl has married the
man who tried to kidnap her. TotetS
i ; ; '
fhf Father sayj "he oon'i K ft -j I If Tnlic-rTiisc' J cyUt MOST HAVE I
The feH
cia, -" 4
I Breathes Thcrfi a . . l ( 1 " ' ,. ,
t :

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