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Polk County
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' Ilewsj::;:r
Forths fa
VOL. XXV NO. 38.
N. FRIDAY; JANyARlf ' 23, 192(h
$2.00 A YEAH
the: gouhty
c.n, lt.n of G iisral IaUrt Gathered By Our Correspondents From Various
aecuons or roue County
wards, andMr. Jack Gtiffy; of Ruth-,
erfordton, were married last week;
Dr. Pratt will preach in the near Ruthrf ordtonj
' rhauel next Sunday at 7:30 p. m.
. . .. i
Some Sf the teacners, we nouce, i
"have let, ine watireio uviuu4Jr
are boarding at Mrs. John Khodes'. .
F. Swann attended tne norse
is domiciled
Miss Emma McNinch
t. -
at the home of Mrs. A, K McMurray.
r Mr. Robt. Hill spent Sunday with
his iamily. . ' . .
Mr. Lindsey Smith, DeWitt Smith
and mule sale at Landrum last Sat- were in Spartanburg Saturday.
urday and purchased , a pair of nne
black mares.
The many , friends of Mr. 1. A.
Rippy will be glad ot know he is now
located with the Ballenger Co at
Miss Ruby Hood and ner anend,
Miss Hamilton, of Hendersonville,
were visiting at Mr. P. N, Hood's
fast week-end. '
w R Parker and family, who have
lived all their lives in this commun
ity, have moved to . Spindaie, N. C.
Mr. Parker was a very efficinet hand
in the hosiery milL We are sorry
that conditions are such that our good
help see it to thir advantage to go
to other mills doing same kind of
work." We mentioned some time ago
that the Tryon Hosiery Co., at this
place should make some improvements
for the comfort of their help, other
wisethere would be an exodus.
We understand S. M. Blackwell
and family are contemplating going
away from the mill. Sam has been
here almost, if not quite all his life,
of all the earth do. right? ' ."One by
one we .will all be gaUierei?; horned'
Therefore let us all prepare- to meet
our God for we must all apjpear before
the judgment seajt- of ; Christ.! 7 :
T. W, Bradley, will commence . a
singing school at the church- on the
22nd, near the McCraw place, on the
mountain. - i , :
T W. Bradley, J. B. Bradley. Curtis
Newman and Posey , Hencjerson at
tended the burial " services" Sunday,
at Mt:Lebanon. ' ' y '
Court over and now and nothing
1 - -
A '
I - zz-
. Sunday School 10-1)0 Preaching next
Sunday Ji:00 " The pastor hopes to
see as many 'of thelmembers of - the
church 'at these services -as possible
A welcome to all.' f
E. V Jones, Pator. .
Edited by J. R. Sam, County Agent
... .,,
School Jtl0:30 Prachin?
every: 1st1 and 3d Sjjndays. Owing to
a tnreatened attack; of pneumonia the
How Can the Farmer Prepare for
Prospective Loss of 25 Per Cent
of His Cotton Crop?
Born .to Mr. and Mrs. O. L.
gans,, Sunday . night, a boy. ..
The friends of Miss ElizabethSpi-
yey, a former teacher here, will be
sorry to learn of the death of her on
ly sister.
r . Messrs. R. Sams and Fred W
Blanton werfe "in Spartanburg, Satur
day. ' " 7: - '
Mr. J. P. Arledge and Mr. F. M.
Burgess were in Asheville, Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. E. W Dedmond en
tertained Monday evening in honor of
the birthday of his daughter, Lizzie.
About forty guests were present.
Mrs. Chas. Davenport visited her
sister, Mrs. Fisher, at Lynn, Sunday
Mrs. Fisher, Mrs. Lawter, of Lynn,
visited. Mr. and Mrs. Lmdesey 'Smith,
done; . Way -can't we 'have another I
can coun oetween now ana marcn, i AnTvinfrnf
. & a -
cases, but .to dispose ot
thousand dollars of our
andiiot try.
a few more
money T
- What has become of the school and
road money ? We will V all know
sooner or later, some to their sorrow,
if what .vre hear is true.
Now i the time of all i times for
the farmer to begm his' vwork and
keep at it - till his crop is protected,
T. W. Bradley went to Saluda, on
business,". Monday, v. , -.
a Thomas iPrice,,. Ernest Laughter
and Ed. BradleV -were shopping " in
Saluda, . Saturday last.
Newton. Case' has the contract and
is building a new house for Jasper
Henderson, which Henderson and his
young wife will occupy when imished.
The writer has- estimated that the
southern section' of North Carolina
will be liable to an average loss to its
Hope to, greet a parge audience at
our?nexregular service the first Sun- cotton of 25 per cent (average for any States south of us have kept
day in Febuary. If - ten -year, period) after th e boU perous and,to alarge extent,
:V.'. JONES. Pastor, weevil l fnlv staWicKol - Tko Mm'n a i - u
je. JUKS, fastor. weevil is fuly established The rejrion
invaded by boll weevil in the fall of
1919 will Yacfe this nrobabilitv for
; the first time in 1921,' and the region
being sick which weevil will, presumably, invade that
Owing to the pifistor
there was' no preacljng at the Baptist j m ' 1920 will face it in 1922, theoretically as great as
for the first year of weevir experience
upon it. This means that he will give
more attention to corn, beans, peas,
potatoes, 'hogs, or whatever other line
of farming may -be most attractive to
him. This means rotation and diver
sification in a sound, rational manner.
By this means he may cover up
another part of that possible loss.
These two indirect methods of get
ting around the weevil injury . are the
"keys that explain how and why the
tained their cotton production. It is
not because the boll weevil has died
out; it hasn't. jBut it is because farm
ing operations have been so modified
the loss even though v still
before 4s
churclu 'Sunday.
We continue to Have nice weather is unually merciful, aifd the
and we - can hear ijie familiar old year is the first reaKtest.
Gee! Haw! from evLiry-hillside. I No one has found any easy, simple,
Miss Esther GibO spent the week
end at home. t
covered up and balancd by petter
methods of cotton culture and a great
production of other things.
To apply these indirect , methods,
means that the . farmer must - study
cotton culture and general farming;
The little infant of Mr. and' Mrs. p We are having' cool .weather at route 2; last Sunday. : Miss Lena
J. J. Jackson, is very ill.
Rev. N. L. Right delivered an
teresting. sermon at Cooper . Gap, Sun-
complete remedy for boll weevil. The
direct means of fighting the weevil
Mrs. Hadden andmtle daughter, of are lew; and none too effective, he must study these things more care-
Asheville, are visit$gMrs. Hadden's through the recent poisoning methods fully than before, and he must study
parents,! Mr. and ms. Grayson Ar- give promise. Perhaps the most ef- them from the point of view that cot
ledgevrv Ik ? fective method of counteracting the ton will become a less certain crop
the loss is m methods which do not that it has been heretofore. FRANK
combat the obstacle, and these LIN SHERMAN, Extension Entom-
bells Kwere - heard on methods involve study and planning I oloeist.
Lthis week!
i a.-J i ;j x.t. i
ana naving recenuy purcnasea aim day. His'text was: "I am but a ht-
r, we dont believe he Willi tiG child.' Kin
o , "V.
are. : at
little home
leave us. .
We notice -the road
their old practice that kas, been con
demned a long time ago y all prac- Maggie Jackson visite d at-WW
ucai roaa DuiiaerB nauung sanu anaiGibbs on last Sundav.
tie chil(L?'Kings III. 7.
t Mr. R. R. Wilson is -visiting
sister, near Hendersonville
.Misses Clara Feagan,-Mary Helton
present which makes us enjoy a ; good Green w&a happilyjmarried to Mr. '
nre ' . . ? . i uuwiu iuu uc j'AKuu vv
Rev! and Mrs. Wm. Wbniack spent ng and happy Uf.
the day Tuesday with the' latter's sis
ter, Mrs. Jerry Jackson; v.: -
Mr. Marshall Abrams and two sis
ters, Misses .Lucy and ; JWattie, were
the guests of their sister, Mrs. Quincy
Powell, Saturday and Sunday.
School is
this place.
nicely . at
Direct Fighting of Weevil
Gathering and -Burning Squares.-
This consist of gathering and burning
the fallen squares through the growl
ing season. It is practicable, some
times profitable and sometimes not,
on smaller areas where one has. plenty
of cheap labor, as a large family of
It is not
and HOME
dumping in the rut holes in .the. road.
to dipped but by the wheels of the
first auto that comes along; .This,
we believe is a big. waste V of money
to say the least.
We ask again what has become of
the $12,000 road' bonds, a part of
which was to . be used to repair the
road to Columbus,: via Lynn?
Mr. W.. E. Elliott and Minnie Wo-
iM:-; S Whiteside. called see Ma&-i&ai MissarGHbiialjrisj
her sister, Mrs; J J. Jackson, Sunday day calling at the hosnital to Bee their sister, Mrs. Hi' H. BlcCrauu.
- V 1 - . - . . t .
Mr; H. H; McCraf made a business children, or other children
trip to ;Big Level, jjaturday. practicable on large areas
5 MissarGHM Jabotk
areas with scant
evening ' . ..;
Farmers here are making use of
the fine weather by turning the soil
for another year. v' - V
Mr. A. H. Lynch made a trip to
Spartanburg, Monday
Weddiniar bells have been rin urine in
All that Fred Swann likes in op-. this Action, and belive me. they are
erating a jitney between Tryon and stiH rincinp- . V
Lynn is the jitney.
Miss Edna Jones, of Asheville, vis
ited her mother, Mrs. A. E. 'Jones,
last week-end. -
A new arrival at James F. Connor's
It is a girl.
A new arrival at S. F. Fowler's
boy No. 4. -
Mr Chas. B Edwards is moving in
to the J, H. Parris house.
Mrs. J. B. Panther, who was "very
sick a few weeks ago has very much
improved and has gone to her daugh
ter's, Mrs. Chas. Williams, at Inman,
S. C, for a change
Miss Oma Gibbs visited her grand
mother last week, Mrs: N. L. Lynch.
Rev.4N. L. Right spent Saturday-
night at Mr. J. L. Jackson's.
Messrs. Hobart Whiteside and Bill
Jackson "are helping Mr. A. HJLynch
saw lumber this week. "
Mr. TerrelKTaylor is discharged
from the Navy and has accepted a
position in Spartanburg,
Mr. and Mrs. T.' N. Wilson are vis
iting relatives in South Carolina, , this
Niceawinter weather- prevails just
now, v
Green river froze over on the 5th,
in places. ' ;
. Almost everyone has a cold in this
Gurley Lawter was in this section
lone day last week and procured furs
to the amount , of $172. . Several had
i shinned their furs, or the amount
would have1 been much larger.
Gravson Jackson was here; Mon-
day on business. r ,r X '
We were very sorry to hear of the
death of Miss Bertha Constant, who
died at - the .- hospital in Asheville,
Friday night, and was buried at Mt.
Lebanon church. Sunday. She was
on and SDartanhnro- nn KiislnPSS 1 4-1.-. J.n1.ti. f Hfx nnj Mm "Rnrtvn
... ' O, " I UlC UttUglilCl ui mm
Wk. - 1 x. a. - J 1 n lona nr-nr.
UUf Tavnnw etnlanto Of i!. J 1 J. r-iAr, Vatvio nno
fleams High School, Miss Elsie Ed- h?s said that in the midst of life we
lus' Qaughter .of Mr. 3. B. Ed-1 are in death. "Shall not the judge
The Philomathean Society of the
high school have arranged a program
for Friday evening at 7:30, at high
school auditorium. One of the .- in
teresting features of the program
will be a debate, "Resolved that a
Classical Education is Preferable to
a Business Education." The debaters
are Oma Reynolds and" Katherine
Shore, negative; Ula Jackson and
Aylene Edwards, affirmative. An' ad
mission of 10c will be charged.
9. The
"J vauo UI.. AUI. ! VX
Hughes will be glad to know he is
recovered from a serious illness. "
Dr. H. H.-Edwards was in Ruther-
PoisoningThisis a ' newer ' de
velopment. It consists in dusting the
plants carefully several times during
the season 'of putting on squares with
a poison known as cal-arsenate. The
neice Miss OUie Mae Womack of I - Several from : thig section attended
Forest City, who had recently under-; preaching srvices- $it Cooper Gap.
gone an. operation if or appendicitis. I Sunday. !f
They report her much imnroved. Mr. Bynum Hill rland Miss Lena
v- I . vr . r, ' J- I .... .. . .
Rev. and Mrs. WrJ. Hackney visited Green were nappiimarned, ounaay, progress is decnbed in Farmers Bul-
at the home of Mr. J. C. Lowell Tues- Mr. Charles Walke, officiating. ietin 731 of the U. S. Department of
day. . f k i - L Mr. H. H. McCrsfn and wife will Agriculture, at Washington, and other
Mr.. Elva Gray visited relatives carry their son, Binett, to Ruther-I publication on the subject are being
near Bostic. N. C last week, return- fordton, luesday, tf consult me aoc- prepared. Those interested should
. r . ' I . .M . I
of a
OMany on route were shockede with
surprise aa&d many relatives maae
sad by Miss Jhllsie Edwards running
away irom scnooi and marrying mr. Guffy, of . Rutherford county,
though we wish them much success
and happiness in life.
Miss EsMe Edwards left,'vthis week,
for her school at Brevard.
Mr. and. Mrs. Wm, Heague are re
joicing over the birth of ja. little- girl.
- We -didnft ring a bell the night of
the death of John Barleycorn, but
rejoiced as. much as any. ' . . ,
Mr. King : Brown is very ,ick at
this writing. , . -
i. Miss Bessie "Jackson's school is
closed, on -account of the death of her
mother.-.-- . ".' L'"
Messrs: Joe Hall and " Walter Ed
wards, of Greenville, spent the week
end with home folks.
Miss Bessie Hamilton Is not able to
take up her school work this week--has
a touc&Jbf pneumonia and is also
suffering from having feeth extract
ed. " " ' . ' ., .
tors in reerard to tMe treatment
case of Daralysis. iii which he
I been affected for &me time.
Mrs. Flatbush lie tells everybody
her face is her f orttHe." Mrs. Benson-
hurst "Well, she's.ftiade It nearly all.
herself." Tonkcrs
Safe !$et, .
woman In Pott411e, Pa., laughed
herself to death, bjjt we are wlllhig
it -wasn't over one .of
' Home Remedy.
"You . must take care of that cold,
Mrs. G reea. Yer want ; to gi t pen
north of ukerliptus fromx the . chemist,
put it in tai jug of boiling water, old
yer 'ead oer it, and Ignore it." To
ronto Saturday Night. -
wager mat u-W4S
her husband's Jokes-Detrpit Times.
i" ' What Is Serica?
. What is America ?1 It is not a terri
tory, it is not a set ff institutions. It
is a body of ideateland ideas. It Is
not a geographic bwundary. It is a
thought, e concept. jV : '
WilHna to Leat-ii the Truth.
The New York sXientist who
kissing Is a chemlca reaction may be
sure that a lot of persons will be glad
to test the truth of jjjiis theory by ac
tual experiments, -ilCleveland Plain
Dealer. ' . j :
. As WHie Uerstood It.
Willie woson a tifisit to his uncle
in tlie country and pas watching him
milking one evening When he re
turned to the houy his aunt asked
himr "Is Uncle Hezie through milk
ing yet, Willie ?M "Nt yt,w. answered
Willie. "Hes finished two fanccts and
has just commenced jn the other two.
apply to Washihgton. The mach
inery is rather expensive, the appli
cations must be thorough and well
Both of the above methods can be
studied at the farmer's leisure during
the next year or two. It is the indi
rect means of balancing the loss that
he must begin to figure on now.
Getting Around The Weevil Injury
Facing a loss of 25 per cent in his
cotton production, it is possible for the
skillful and resourceful farmer to get
around this loss in either or both of
two ways. They are ways which do
not come within the practice of an
entomologist, so I will merely point
out the line of study for him to follow.
First. As the weevil become in
creasingly abundant and destructive
through' trie summer, he may use
every possible means to' hasten " his
cotton to early maturity so as to get
as much cotton made as possible be
fore the weevil overtakes it. This he.
can do by the use of early maturing
varities, extra through preparation of
the soil, use of quick-acting fertilizers
applied in such time, manner and
amount as to hasten maturity, abun
dant rapid shallow cultivation. All this
is good for cotton even if there were
no weevil; 'hence by tpese means he
gives the cotton an extra stimulus and
covers up a part of that possible loss.
Second. Knowing that cotton will
henceforth be a les3 certain crop, he
can balance up his operation in such
a way that he will be less dependent
I am giving Mr. Franklin Sher
man's warning to cotton growers that
the boll weevil will reach us bye
and bye and that bye and bye will
not be long off. Now no farmer need
flatterhimself into the belief that he
is not corning to. Polk -...County. -:-.He y
will : be here .all 'right ;andbn tirae-
will we take time by the fore" lock 'andf
and be so thoroughly prepared that
we will not feel his coming; or will
we fail to heed the. warning and for
several years suffer financial set-back
unnecessarily, - -.
And now is the time , to go -to work
against the evil day TJie remedy ia
1st crop rotation, and this just what '
should have been carried on all these
years if no boll weevil had evr been"
in existance. By a systematic crop
rotation the soil can be not only kept
up: but can be built to -a higher J de
gree, of productively. Then; when
legume crops and a rotation of crops
are practiced, More poultry, hogs and
cattle can, and should be kept on ev
ery farm which would increase the
farm income to take the place of the
cotton destroyed by the: boll weevil ,
Not only this; but the manure fur
nished by this additional live stock,
would so enrich the land that much
larger yields of cotton per acre would
be grown- So that not only would
ravages of the boll weevil be offset;
but farmers would be enjoying larger
returns by having adopted proper
methods in advance, overcoming the
destructive results of the boll weevil
Now I trjist every Polk County cotton
grower will give earnest heed to Mr.
Sherman's warning and ' begin - now,
to prepare for more 'live stock and
the first step is to build up per
manani and temporary pastures in
order that live stock may be grown
. J. R. SAMS,
County Agent.
For Those Fond of Onions.
If you find onions indigestible, put
them, after peeling, Into a basin of
boiling water to which ordinary wash
lng soda has been added in the pro
portion of one teaspoonf uL to a quart.
Let 'stand for ten minutes, then djain
and cook in any way you like.
- y
, -J

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