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. -iM teilllilr J: .
VOL. XXV NO. 40.
S3.ns It;(ni of General I ateratt Gathered
Sections of Polk
Xot being able to find any news
from Saluda in last weeks paper, we
have decided to come again with , a
short letter, and we wish to say to
the readers of the Polk . County News,
in and about Saluda that we will be
plail if anyone and everyone, would
gather up the news that you think
would interest anyone that reads the
paper, and bring it to the Post office,
when you come after your, mail, and
the Postmaster will gladly send it to
the paper, you can help the paper and
make it more interesting for your
neighbors, we know you can help if
vou will. Sendin the news, and let us
all enjoy it together.
. The ladies of the Baptist Church
gave an oyster supper on last Friday
night, for the purpose of raising
money to put a cement walk up to the
church, same being needed very much
and wc are glad to say that the sup
per was successsful- beyond the ex
pectation of all concerned. 'As the
weather was- good-more people came
out than was expected, and some of
the good things to eat gave out, be
fore the crowd was satisfied. But
wc hope for better luck next time,
for they have promised to ' - give us
another soon. When there will be a
plenty for all, and enough . variety,
"so every one can be satisfied. The
ladies concerned wish to thank the
people for their splendid support.
Mr. E. B. Guice who has been at
Newberry S. C, for come time is
at home for a few days. He reports
quite a bit of the dreaded influenza
in that section.
We 'are sony to hear of the death
o! Andy Fletcher, ot Green river sec
tion, who died ;in. Spartanburg with
flu. He had been with the Southern
railway surveyors for some time.
He began with them while they were
surveying a new grade in this section
and went on down the road with them
when they left here..
Report of the election of officers,
and general condition of the Church
of the Transfiguration, at Saluda, N
C. Rector, Wm. B. Allen, M. A.
The following officers have been elect
ed for the coming year: Senior War
den Mr. Frank P. Harrison; Junior
Warden, Mr. Drayton Gilreath; Treas.
Mr. John M. Hearon; Secretary, Mr.
Dragon Gilreath.
Womans' Auxiliary: Pres., Mrs
William B. Allen; Vice President,
Mrs. John M. Hearon; Secretary and
Treasurer, "Mrs. J. J. Darby; TJ.' O."
Custodian, Mrs. D. E. Murray.V
Junior Auxiliary: Mrs. Wm. B
Staton, President; Mrs. W. B. AUen
Vice President; Wm. B. Allen, Jr.
Secretary; Miss'H. Singleton, Treas
Sunday School Mr. Drayton Gil
reath. Supt.; Teachers; Mrs. W. B
Allen, Mrs. F. P. Harrison, Mrs. Wm
- Staton, Mrs, J. J. Darby, Mrs. D. E
Murray. ' . .
We have just closed the most suc
cessful year in the history of the
church. All the properties have
been painted, i. e. the church and li
brary and parish house. The mission
house has been thoroughly repaired--new
roof, etc. The financial condi
tion is good. All assessments and ap
portionments to the Diocese have
been paid. -Sewanee and N. W. cam
paign quotas have-been raised.. The
outlook is bright for the future. A
Parish Year Book is being published
and will be distributed later on.
Mr. and Mrs. Tolbert Odell visited
Mr. and Mrs. M. N. Burnett, Sunday.
Misses Misses 'Claire Feagan and
Merry Helton visited. Mrs. G. L. Tay
loi'. Sunday last.
There was a very good crowd at
Sunday school at Cooper Gap, Sunday.
We hope there will be a better one
nt Sunday.
Miss Maggie Jackson was the guest
f Miss Grace Gibbs, last Sunday.
Little Horace Gibbs was on the
s'ck list a few days last week, .but is
now better.
The Red Mountain teachers were
quests of, Mr. J.' W. Biddy,--last -Sun
day. . - xv: ; . ...
Mr. Reuben R. Wilson Was a pleas
ant caller at Mr. W. B. Helton's,last
Oar Corre.pondent. From Various
County -
church on Sunday night, February
o, 10 start a meeting. iWe hope that
everybody will attend.
We are glad to reDort no cass of
"flu in our community.
The Woman's Betterment Club
held a very interesting meeting Fri-
day, Januarv 30th. ReeWtprf of-
ficers wiio have served since'the for- Think of thes sunlit thought of Commision now. hai 300 travel
mation of the club' pxrpht thp spptp. WavHrv wnn wnc in Wo ins libraries. ,
tary. President, Mrs. E. W. S. Cobb;
Vice FresidenV
Treasurer Mrs
tarv Mrs T?. M Mr.TrsrlTif1 T'Via 1
club has planned to take un a course
of study given by. the, State Depart-
ment on Citizenshin of Woman. The
class has already been formed and
we invite any ladie who would like
to attend to inform themselves on
this :subiect. We hone to secure as
our instructor, Miss Bertha Pender-
gast, a graduate of Boston Uriiver-
sity, who has -spoken on suffrage be-
ore women's clubs in the north.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Joe Tallant,
ast week,, a girl.
Miss Pearl Keenan is visiting Miss h
Mae Mills this week.
Mr. Will Guffey, of Rutherfordton,
was in town, Monday.
Mrs. Laura MrOuinn is on the sick
ist - t.
Mr. John T. Smith has returned
from Raleigh, where he attended a.
course of lectures at A. & E. collecre.
tv, n-w mino- .irMo moot in a- fnr
v--...& ... c .
the teachers of Columbus township
will be held at the High School build- I
ing on Saturday morning, February
7th, at' 10:30 o'clock. Miss Emma
McNinch, instructor.
o t , .., ,-. . -I
Our items for last week's
failed to reach the press, on account
of the beautiful little snow which
came on the 20th. I will enumerate
some of theutems noted.
R. C. Jackson was a business caller
in this section, Friday and he.reports
the singing school at Mountain Grove
getting along nicely. J
I. Henderson and wife drove over !
to Hendlersonville Friday, to procure
some furniture for their new house.
T. Price, Ernest Laughter and P..
Henderson attended the singing at
Mountain Grove church, Sunday arid Hackney were entertained at-the
Now, another week is gone and it home of Mr. J. C. Powell, Saturday
seems that winter has indeed come night.
at last, but we. hope !t will soon moa- Mr. John Hulet and son, Lloyd, of
erate so farmers can renew their Fingerville, S. C, visited at the home
work preparing land for next year's of W. Womack, Saturday night.
crop " Mr. and Mrs. Quincy Powell were
I Henderson went over to -Henderson callers at Mr. Ancey Womack's, Tues
last week to fix up some papers to day.
make his wife safe. Miss Mary Hodge is on the sick
Now that the rattlers are all stored list at this writng. Hope she will
away in their homes, and coons have soon recover.
about all died and sent off their hides; Mr. George Womack is nursing: a
it is early. for fish news here but I cut foot. - , ;
hnvp 'inst come into the information Born to Mr. and Mrs. Tom Wilson,
hat leads to the discovery of where
the eel spawns and raises its. young;
(if true) does away with the notion
among many, that they come from
horse hair and among others that
hey are the male catfish. We re-
rffember a few summers back when it
was said that hairs were found in
cabbage that seemed to be alive and
many people thought that was killing
Deonle; when the truth came out that
some parties had used arsenate ot
lead on their - cabbage to kill the
worms. The discovery, life and his-
torv of the "eel" will be found in the
"Literary Digest" on page 102, for
January 24. We hope the editor will
print the whole of the statement as
it is a reliable paper, and many oi g0rn to Mr. and Mrs. Belton Jack
the NEWS readers will not have the gon Monday a girl.
opportunity to see it. The wonderful
manner in which they propagate is
even more strange than the many
fictions of the past.
(Sorry we have not the paper, con-
sequently cannot publish it. Ja.;
Sunday school 10:00.
v-n t: navf Snn(1av at 11:00.
It is earnestly desired that as many
of our members and friends will avail
themselves of the privilege of attend
ing; these j services. Only as we at-
hlessines. A 6ordial welcome to
v : : : : . ... rr ... 1 v v . : 1 - . . r- . -
TRYON, N. C FmDIIFEBRKj ARY j 6; 1920.
Out of a world of anxiety, pain and
sorrow, a world where the young die
and the old weep, some of us escaped
on Friday to enter, a serene world
whose language reveals "the new hea-
vens and the new earth where there
are no more tears.
Trf'stMiilur tn th snnl f ti who
were dead before we were oorn, as
transferred to our mortal ars bv the
effort oi a child we reahze that har-
monies, beauty, delight -exist though
our deaf ears are onlv conscious of
thftm at varp interval j tfi
year as Washington, coming unchang-
rietv. of this 1flnmcr i 'irWftf-iHrnes - vor information w on
lbe to over value. Only' the immor-
tal can roYnmnmVate nniv ih imrnnr.
tal may receive such airless" messages
The little o-irl's taW. W littlo to
do with clever technic or a desire to
nrcduce an effert Rnrh is an
inspiration,, a revelation. Ordinary
performers may not miss a day's
practice without she plays
when she chooses. Meanwhile , her
mind is developing, her power, in-
creasing. , k -!,!?:fr8 mei .hwe:eVc?u.ecUon-on
The "favorite" numbers were al-
most as varied as were number on ;
the . program. One musical child liK
tie older than the player delighted
cf TurAoic nii I, ut iutuutioviui o iwunuu uapuwi
cioso,' some . one else in the three
Grieg compositions while one musi-
cian caught her breath during the
nlvi'n; sf ri,?T,v 4-j n'flr
Ul . - 4.1.. L
If ViVKXi O X-lbUU ill AJ ,xv.i
W1C ,aeiuw power vx me music ueiiigjr.. ... -- if
almost too much for her. , gration. .
The audience was worthy of the ?
player. There may have been snuf-
fle3 and sneezes, colds; and coughs
outside, but not one within that bles-
sed precinct, ,'-x-.-,
All good wishes follow-our young
musician friend, Helen Pugh.
Rev. Parker Holmes, Presiding El-
der of the Marion District, held our
first quarterly conference at Lebanon,
Saturday and Sunday. There was a
good attendance of official memoers.
All the churches of 'the. Mill Spring
circuit were represented except
Maness Chapel. Rev. Holmes preach-
ed two excellent sermons, which were
enjoyed by all present. Revs. Holmes
recently, a son.
Mr. and Mrs. A. A. womacK are
rejoicing over a new girl, wmcn ar-
rived January 51.
ye appreciate these spring like
Ljays after a few days of real winter
Mr an(j Mrs GeorgeRuff , moved to
Beamont last Friday.
. Miss Sue Jones is visiting Mrs.
Qwensbv this week.
Mr J: q Wilson and sons Lawton
and waldon made a business trip to
Rutherfordton Monday.
Mr..Burban Wilson left Tuesday for
Spartanburg were he - has accepted a
Mr. T. N. Wilson came very near
i etting his leg broken last week
while helping load a saw. log.
The ' Red i Mountain , teachers spent
Sunday. night at the home of J. W.
Biddy.' r, - -r '
There .were, not many at Sunday
school Sunday. We hope to see more
Honor roll. 11th week of school:
4th grade Lizzie Lee, Esther Wil
son and Ura ; Whiteside. - ! . 1
Kth crrade Buf ord Whiteside and
te Jones. . - ;
First grade Bessie Whiteside.
- -...
Sue Jones
:The free trgf-elinff libraries sent out
-FWvw T T 1 i il .. .
eigny xne JNortn .Carolina
JW : -Comtimission in' January of
tn year- showed, an increase of over
hujdred pr cent over the number
fPPed,in Jaaaiy, 1919. 80 counties
-ce?yinggthia service r j-eachirig
J ronaorftapton to Richmond, and
Dar tCTJackson. ; : . r '
SPV coll?ctions have , been , ar-
?ngecl fo Industrial ,-conimunitiesi
VM bedone in response to de-
ands from welfare. workers .: ,who
"r2e .that spRjial? attention be given
?Jieeds ; off mill; people. The -Lib-
r1 parked increase in ; the
Yous ubcts
eYents and sicial problems.
ve f?1 e011 as world
mocracyifrest reservation Mex-
i5.;'iPoe: Gaorthy, Masefield, ; high
P1?6 Jewsjuommerce - with i bouth
fF103?; oism, - woinan : ;and
10 teri; 0ne ;oma
"vclldl """ nmg paying tnai
W. 0? ot Tpee'was inclined to ; be
and jfstubborn TWs re
a stud5i Kecent requests for
W' fennWniajatean
tmmigratpn restnction.V.the inter-
, . . , .... ..... - .
Wgh schooeryr:; leads among the
XT' ques)IP s constancy m aemana.
Commis sion has 50 package li-
- I . 1,1 . ... . . .
cranes on 'i&e restriction 01 lmmi-
Sunday hool 10:30.'
CPreachinN- every J first : and , 'third
A : meeting of the Executive Com
mittee of iie Polk County Sunday
school Association will be held at Co
lumbus,: hxt Saturday, to arrange
program place of next union
meeting fi&k 5th Sunday in February.
jj:. J. JONES, President.
gv" o- .
All thatlfwas mortal of Dr. Conrad
was tatceife f rom South' Bend. Ind..
where he -jfied Friday morning to his
boyhood ' Mome at Wanston-Salem,
in this ste, accompanied by his fa
il : i iN -' j-i i 1 i.
mer,.ms votner, nis wiie ana imam
Mrs. He'fter, with her eldest son,
was thereto meet the sad party on
its arriva;v
, The. syrfjpathy with the family felt
by the cefchpanions -of his youth and
early maijkood, his associates in var
ious hospils and in the Navy, from
i- i -i a i i . n
wmcn ne iTas lately reiesea, as wen
as by a hest of friends is so tense as
to be quie beyond words. With: all
prospects f a noble career, all that
life and, feve could offer, Dr. Conrad
seemed olOa of the favorites in life,
one bounf to be one. of the victors in
the race. f,
' No one jnay try to vindicate or ex
plain sucfa providence."'' It is well if
those mopt dear to him can "wait- in
silence tl consolations of time, the
larger vilfon of the years.
Mrs uqraa ana ner iiuie aaugmer
returned In Tuesday , with her moth
er and brother to the warm shelter
of: her fiber's house, where sur
rounded iy- the love of family ana
friends iffis hoped that her sorrow
may fmdrlcomfort, her torn , heart be
healed. .H
.I. -
Mow Sound rTravels.
Sound travels through dry air at the
rate of ;lo feet per second ; through
water a&.240 feet per second, and in
steel wiry atx 17,130 feet per second.
''For Happiness.
Ks I thoif wouldst find much favor and
peace'wkh God and man,be very low
In thine' own eyes ; forgive thyself
little, al others much. Archbishop
Leightoii.1- : "
- IT Forever 0 Den.
"My nephew, Rupert the lop-eared
one, yofj remember has come home
fr m thtuni7ersity as knowing as an
xmabridfibd dictionary," grimly stated
old- P.- g. Pester. "But, unlike that
valuabl tome,' you can't shut him up
Edited by J. RJ Sams,
Some fanners (mav tire of so .much
talk-and writing about, the soil; but
when you come to think about it, the
soil is the most, or one of the most,
important things with which we-have
to deaL (.It is- also one of the most
abused v things ! in all the world. h Ain
sunhght,, water, and soil are the es
sential 'things connected with our liv
ing. Toriunately, We . have no control
over the air, sunlight'and water The
sun shines when he pleases and as he
pleases. The J air. ; is always present
everywhere, winter and . summer, dry
or wet, And , the rains , descend and. the
snowx comes, and goes whether it is of
our choice or not AH. these -thing?
nature r regulates by fixed and ' uner
ring law, over which we . have ' abso
lutely no control, - and sometimes it
occurs to me that ;' soil productivity
should have been so fixed oy a kind
Providence that it would liave gov
erned production in a fixed - way till
man could not have control of the soI
any more than he. does of the air,
sunlight and water. But how, wise in
iod, our, laid and . beneficent. 1? ather,
in ,the' creation and , arrangement of
things that we do not have control of
these things. ' He desired to make us
as nearly, m tiis own image as; possi-
ble; so He left one of the. all impor-
tant-things to our management, to
manage as we please. Suppose He
had left;,the. management of .the air,
sunlight and water to - our fixing,
what land of job do -ou suppose we
would -have made of .it? " We might
have , fixed it till . modrn profiteers
would jhaye jugged )np- .the air and
sold aVsich a. price .that the poor
people would have suffocated, or that
4 teigt havebeen bottled
and the poof famished and corner
on the sunshine till all mankind but a
few of the arch profiteers would have
frozen to death. So it was a happy
thought when God fixed these things
so that man could have no control
over them; so that the poorest oi an as the flu scare is over. It is plan
the earth could as fully . and freely ned to offer a reward to the pupil of
enjoy .them without money and with- the "school who shall send m the best
out price, and for these blessings, how
many poor people thank God daily?
But as to the soil, God did not see
fit to so treat man as stated. He
wanted to v make man as nearly like
Himself as possible, so He created
man, which . includes . woman,
turned them looose with orders to go Pine Crest Inn, are Mr. and Mrs. W.
forth and "multiply and replenish C. Stevens, of Detroit, Mich., who are
the earth.' Man was given just about here for their first visit and expect
absolute control over the soil. Now to remain1 until the spring flowers are
let's see what kind of a job he has in bloom. ;
made of it. In the starting ! up of Mrs. L. K. Rumsey, of- Detrotf,
things, man was furnished with5 a Mich., who is a sister, of Mrs.. G.
garden yes, a real up-to- date gar- Smith, of that city,, and who has j vis
den. It also had a house, orchard ited Tryon a number, of times tin the
and all kinds of- friuts that was past,- is spending .two. weeks, at Pine
bleasant to the . eye and taste, and Crest Inn. j
all that was required for man to
dress it. ! I
About . the next thing we learn
about man', management of soil, ? e rest inn couageS. mr.
is that he made such a bote1 5i it McCormick is a student at the Um
fW ho HnVPT, owt int the versity of Illinois and a member of
woods, where he had to go to clear-
ing, fencing, plowing, pulling; stumps
cutting -briars, ditching, terracing,
etc. So man took absolute i control
over the soil and what has been, the
history and result? Well, the first j
thing he did was to violate God's laws 1
which are the laws of nature. God
told him right at the start, see Gen.
1-9. "Now let the. dry ground bring
fnrfh oras" Tnis rnmmanri was
when the waters and dry ground were
first, separated, even before man.was
made; yet man ever since has been
fighting firrass, and as a result his
lands have been" washing away, soil
fertility has been decreasing and man
hunting here and there for something
to replace this rundown soil and in
this good year of 1920 we find man
Shipping nitrate of soda from South
America; paying at the rate of more
tnan $iuu per xon ana geiung an ar -
tide far below par; wniie mere ' is
locked up in the air more than twen
ty million dollars worth of j pure ni
trogen over 'every acre of jland he
owns, which is free to every farm
owner who will only tap thejfountain,
and the fountain is so easily and
quickly, tapped. Now-af this article
has already grown long, we will con
sider in another paper , just how; every
farmer may tap this source of wealth
that God offers him just as freely as
He gives him air sunshine-and water,
$2.00 1 A YEAR
County Agent -
with some simple unalterable law iand
he: blessing vwill be ' ours yes, : that .
the, abused, washed away land ,an be
rebuilt and made, to , produce as at
first- and, by and .through thev soil act
ing harmoniously; with -the air, sun-
shine and water, plus an obedient and
faithful farmer to the faithful atten
tion and application of God's laws to
simple' agriculture I - f
'' " Respectfully -
J..R. 3AMS. County Agent.
T . . ;-
-r-r- ..vj'.v; ' : .;
The annual meeting - of the . Stock
holders of the Bank of Tryon wa? held -on
. Feb. 3rd, 1920, land tha" old board
of Directors and officers were renelect- ,
ed for the ensuing year. ' " r
On January 1st 1920 the usual eight
per cent dividend was paid and a sub
stantial amount added to' the : undiv
ided profits account, v ' ;
It is not always possible to an-
nounce ' beforehand : the subject to be
treated.. at the Lanier, Club but- next
Thursday, the twefth,. the Club . pro-
poses to devote to ' some American
authors, among 'them Mary Wilkina
Freeman, from whose unpublished
writings four "pastels", will be read.
These finished sketches give one : a
great respect for' the conscientious-
ness of Mrs; Freeman's work. l
Mr. Frost, who was so active a now-
er in tbJ--.var.wkf;-'iunt?yt
spoke .for the . iihier. . Club on!.Thurs-
day giving the ladies and their friends
of-IcelaSTd"' ano! dosed -ports Tf urther
away; of disappointments, and strange
experiences, which kind memory has
smoothed into a tapestry of beauty,
Mr. Frost has generously promised '
to sneak f or the public school as soon
report of the lecture, the. award to
be made with Mr.: Frost's agreement.
Among those who have recently
arrived in Tryon and are stopping at
Mr. Robert McCormick, of Normal,
Ilunois, has recently joined his moth-
and sisters who are occupying one
Pf Upsilon fraternity and has
e Tryon to spend his. mid-
liTf w i, v
M"; BT naV
laufhtef: Mlss Hel? P: Bul o
T lumois, are siopping iew
, f. 7 t),"v'
home m Miami . and ; Mm, Beach,
wnere xney nave spent -tne greater
mo' wuo1:. , T WA1"?
nas r"" rme iaa
her ref children and nurse, and will
1 ,
Clean Record.
"What makes Jinks so proud of his
ancestors? I never heard any of them
did anything." "That's exactly the
So many persons' ancestors did
... nnlirprMr.hmnmi Tim
1 Dispatch.
Salt in History. -
In olden times, when salt was not
bo easily obtained as it is today, II
was regarded in. some countries as t
luxury. This seems strange, does il
not? At one time the Chinese madi
It into little cakes, stamped the, lmagt
of the emperor upon it, and used It at
money. In Arabia those who togethei
ate food which had been- salted, be
I lieved that. this established a. special
bond of friendship between them. Thll
led to the old saying: rrbere la salt
between ;us,7
: i
S :
? !
I ;
1. 1
s i
1 ;
S i
.' i
- !
Sunday. '
a11' E. J. JONES, Pastor.
2nd. grad Jot -Whitosidt,
wnen y a .want to. juaje.
.' - n
and all we have to do,-is to comply!
Rv. Mariwwill'b.fttlCan Crek

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