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A Merger of THE BEAUFQ3T NEWS (Established 1912) and THE TWIN CITY TIMES (Established 1936)
58th YEAR NO 5.
- 2,000 of Carteret's 9,000 Registered Voters Cast Ballots
...''"".A. V " '. V'..:.'. . .-.-. . -1 " '
Postmasters to Convene Tomorrow
Church Observes
The Rev. C. Freeman
Heath, Washington, Con
ducts Revival Services
By F. C. Salisbury
Following a session of revival
services at the Camp Glenn Metho
dist church over which the Rev.
C. Freeman Heath, pastor of the
First Methodist churhch of Wash
ington, N. C, presided, Home-coming
was held on Sunday, Memorial
Day. Rev. B. B. Slaughter, district
superintendent of the New Bern
district delivered the morning ser
mon, followed by the quarterly
conference. Inspiring music was
rendered by the young people's
choir of the Franklin Memorial
A feature of the morning pro
gram was a most interesting his
tory of the church prepared and
rendered by Mrs. Mattie Nichols
a lifelong member of the church
Church History
Back in 1890 when Jie Mansfield
community had developed into a
settlement of considerable size, a
gioup of earnest Christian people
o: the Muhodist faith came to
gether and organized a church,
holding services for several years
in a one-room school building
which became known as the Tra
velers Rest.
This building stood along the
roadside of the old country road,
in the vicinity .ai-ibe plant of the
Morehead Block & Tile company.
For many years It served as
church, school, and a place where
travelers could always find shelter.
Teen-Age Clab
The renewed campaign for adult
memberships to the Teen-Age club
is continuing satisfactorily, Mrs. H.
H. Sampson, director, reported to
day. More memberships are being
solicited, however, and teen-agers,
who will spend the summer at At-
lantic Beach are being invited to
join the club.
Below are adult members of the
club bought memberships during
the campaign several months ago.
The first part of this list was pub
lished last week. . Contributors list
ed below gave $5 each with the
exception of those who have an
other figure listed in back of their
names,- ; "
Mayor George Dill, Jr., Mrs.
George Dill, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Gan
non Talbert, Mr. and Mrs. G. T.
. Windell, Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Llnd-
say, Brantley Aycock, Rev. and
'Mrs. R. T. Willis, Jr., Lockwood
Phillips, $25, Mrs. Grace Piner,
' Dick Parker, Miss Charlotte Guth
rie, Linwood Brlnson, Miss Ruth
Willis, Miss Dora May Staton.
Mr. and Mrs. Glen W. Rose, Mr.
and Mrs. Joseph P. Mirabella, Miss
" A. Lois Lindsay, New York City,
Mrs, H. W. Thornton, Rev. Lester
A. Tilley, George H. Rowls, War
ren Beck, Dr. John H. Bunn, Mrs.
,. . D. H. Rowe,
Rev. 3. C." Griffin,'- Mrs. Fred
i Phillips, Mrs Kathleen Dixon, Mrs.
Gordon C. Willis.
Mrs. Luther Hamilton, Sunday
.School of First Baptist Church,
. $200, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Reynolds,
' "".Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Whitehead, W.
V-B.. Potter, (Beaufort) $10, "Mrs.
W. V. B. Potter (Beaufort) $10,
Mrs. Mary S. Johnson, Mrs. Nor
i man Webb, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth
iPrest, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Webb,
Mrs. D. M. Webb, Mrs. Llewellyn
. Phillips. t i
Fidelis Sunday School Class of
i First Baptist Church, D. B. Webb,
Miss Sudie Nelson, Miss Corinne
Bell, Rev. J. V. Axtell, Rev. W. D.
, Caviness, Jacob WUlis, H. p. Scrip
i ture, Mr. and Mrs. Alvin M. Gar
ner, Mrs. Gibbie Sanderson, Ted
I Garner, Mrs. John Lashley, Mrs.
.Robert Taylor's 6th and 7th grades,
,and $9.45 in small donations. .
j Avery Flower' shop, Beaufort;
I this morning donated $3 to the
c club. Mrs. Sampson also annouit
, ced 0iat Miss Margaret Ease, dance
Instructor, will begin ballet and
tap instruction at the center soon.'
- Registration for the classes will
be at 11 o'clock Thunday, Tore-
head Cjty drug (tore. ' ' f ' -
North Carolina Chapter No. 36,
National Association of Postmas
ters will convene tomorrow at At
lantic Beach for their 12th annual
state convention.
Convention host is Harold Webb,
Morehead City postmaster, who
will give a welcome address. An
other greeting of welcome will be
made by George W. Dill, Jr., may
or of Morehead City.
Registration for the three-day
convention will begin at 2 o'clock
tomorrow, with the opening ses
sion scheduled for 7 o'clock to
morrow night.
Breakfast discussion groups are
on the agenda for Thursday and
Friday mornings with the first
business session planned for 10 o'
clock Thursday.
The second night session will be
gin at 8 o'clock that night, with
movies to be shown at 8:50. These
films will include "Meet North
Carolina" and movies of the na
tional postmasters' convention teld
recently at San Francisco. -
' Entertainment Thursday after
noon will b boat trip to Cape
Lookout ..Friday afternoon's en
tertainment will be a directed tour
of the Marine Corps "air station.
Cherry oPint, with luncheon on the
base. ' v: :vu ;
Climax of the meeting will be
the banquet at 7 o'clock Friday
night when Congressman1 Graham
A. Barden will speak. At this time
newly-elected officers will be in
Many state and national notables
in postal circles will attend the
convention, including Pearl E.
Linville, fourth vice-president. Na
tional Association of Postmasters,
and Dan L. Gibson, editor of The
Postmasters Gazette. Wade C.
Hill, president of the State post
masters' association, will preside
at all business session.
Carteret county postmasters ex
pected at the convention are James
N. Willis, Atlantic Beach; W. H.
Taylor, Beaufort; Joseph Davis,
Davis; Floyd Yeomans, Harkera Is
land; Mattie Daniels, Lola; Mrs.
Nita Hancock, Marshallberg; Mrs.
Bessie Csrraway, Merrimon; Hfer
old.W. Webb, Morehead City; Leon
A. Mann, Newport; Mrs. Ruth Nor
ris. Peletier; Mrs. Anne Salter,
Portsmouth; James A. Daniels,
Roe; -i, Dorothy E. Willis, Salter
Path; Mrs. Pauline Gaskill, Sea-
level; Mrs. Blanche Willis, Smy
rna; Wllbert Lewis, Stacy; Gerald
Pelletier, Stella; Mrs. Gladys M.
Davis, Straits; Mrs. Elsie V. Mur-
dock. Wild wood; and Mrs. Pearl S.
Willis, WiUiston. . v ,
Iline County Pnpils Chosen To Attend
Doys' and Girls' Slate This Ilonih
Five Morehead City high school
students and four Beaufort high
school students this month will at
tend Boys' and Girls' state, meet
ings of high school pupils sponsor
ed by the American Legion and the
American Legion auxiliary.
The students were selected by
faculties of their respective high
schools. Marjorie Stone, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Guthrie,
Lois Webb, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. D. B :Webb, both of More
head City, Margaret Ann Windley,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs, Ernest
Windley, and Rosemir? Bessent,
daughter of Mrs. Howard Bessent.
both of Beaufort ar attending
Girls' state now $ Voman'i col
lege, Greensboro.' '
Girls' state will close Friday. The
'program for the week's session is
designed to teaca rt year's sen
iors the preccswa of government
by simulatH ivi'y at all levels,
Tpre' Mt'K'
Michael R. Whitley, Foreman
Core Creelf Bridge,
Morehead Seniors
Receive Diplomas
Outstanding Students Win
Awards, Class Presents
- $180 to School
Thirteen boys and 27 girls re
ceived their diplomas Thursday
night at graduation ceremonies in
Morehead City high school, audi
torium. That same morning, 53
eighth graders were given junior
high school graduation certificates.
Included on the high school gra
duation program was presentation
of individual awards from More
head City Rotary Club, the Lions
Club, the American Legion, and
the Herff-Jones company, from
which the class ordered their high
school rings. 1
Superintendent of schools, H. L.
Joslyn, presented the diplomas. Dr.
J. H. Bunn gave the invbeation,
and the Rev. L. A. Tilley, pastor
of First Methodist church, the be
nediction. Killa Hughes, Lukevia
Wade, and Jeane Farrior were so
loists. Ruth Guthrie was saluta
torian and Grace Piner, valedictor
ian, v
Winners of the Herff-Jones com
pany medals were Wary Ann pake,
gifi; nr the best school spirit;
BUI, Godwin,, boy with the best
school spirit; Grace Piner, activi
ties; Sidney Lentz. language; Man
ly Lockhart, vocational shop; Vir
ginia Jones, commercial; Sabra De
Ella Wade, best all-around girl;
and Tarver McKinght, best all
around bay. '
; J. G. Bennett. Jr. was one of the
four Lions Club award winners,
honored ks an outstanding basket
ball player for four years. Bill
Huges and Mary Sue Tenney also
received Lions club awards as out
standing basketball players, and
Bobby Bell received ah award for
outstanding baseball activity dur
ing the past four years.
Mary Sue Tenney received the
Rotary club award, a medal, as
the best all-around student. Alvah
Hamilton, Rotary club president,
made the presentation.
Stanley Woodland, acting on be
half af the American Legion, pre
sented Lucille Wright a medal for
winning the American Legion ora
tory contest held several months
ago. The Legion also gave awards
to Thomas Bennett and Doris G.
Midgett, outstanding eighth gra
ders. . ..
, The senior class gave $180 to the
school as a gift, to be used for
stage equipment in the auditorium.
J. C. Pake Spends Leave
With Parents in Beaufort ,
J. C. Pake. H. M. 3c USN is
spending 30 days leave at the home
of his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
C. Pake, Beaufort. 1 1
He is stationed at the U. S. N.
Hospital, Corona, Calif., and will
return to the U. S. Naval hospital,
Bethesda, Md., for a four -months
course in electro-cardiography and
basal metabolism.
tion of their own governor and of
ficials. ' "V
Carteret county boys who will
attend Boys state June 13-20 at
Chapel HiU are W. C. Matthews,
Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. W. C.
Mattnews, anepara sampson, son
of Mr. and Mrs Harold Sampson,
and Donald Davis; son of Mrs. A.
M. Davis, all of Morehead City,
Beaufort boys are Jimmy Piner,
soil of Mr: and Mrs. Hugh Piner,
and Clifford Merrill, son of . Mrs.
Kerney Merrill. f
J Expenses of the girls are paid by
Legion auxiliaries and boys' ex
penses will be paid by the Legion
pous. Mrs. F. M. Chadwick, More
heid City, president of the State
American Legion auxiliary, is also
attending Girls' state.
. Candidates to .Boys' and Girls'
state are selected on the basis of
scholastic achievement, character,
personality, and qualities of lead-
One month ago today Michael R
Whitley, foreman of the Core
Creek drawbridge left the little
bridgetender's house and went
home for good.
For 37 years 4 months and 11
days he supervised operation of
the bridge across the inland water
way at Core Creek. As a carpen
ter he helped build the first bridge
and for 25 years turned the gears
1 J
Michael R. Whitley
by hand, working 12 hour shifts
with Jim Dickinson, also of Core
Creek, who was retired seven
years ago on a disability.
Appointed to replace Mr. Dick
inson was M. A. Mason, of Atlan
tic, who now lives at Core Creek
and replacing Mr. Whitley now is
David Dickinson, of Core Creek,
who was transferred her from the
Coinjock "bridge near Elizabeth
During Mr. Whitley's years of
work at the bridge there was only
one fatal accident a Negro crash
ed through the gates and drowned
the night of Sept. 8, 1946. Once
in a while fender piers got knock
ed down, but usually the bridge
proved an unexciting place to be,
Mr. Whitley related.
Mr. Whitley, a native of Car
teret county is a member of the
Core Creek church and Woodmen
of the World. He married the
See WHITLEY Page 8
Memorial Day
Damp weather did net prevent
the American Legion and VFW
sponsored Memorial Day services
Sunday at the Beaufort Legion
hut. Originally scheduled to be
held in front of the court house,
the place was changed because of
- Veterans present represented
the Davis, Beaufort, and Morehead
City American Legion posts, and
Jones-Austin post No. 2401, VFW.
The Rev. Harold Cuthrell, of
Marshallberg, one of the speakers
said that observance of Memorial
Day signified the continuation of
unity, security, freedom and peace
of the United States. He traced
the history of Memorial Day from
its start after the Civil war.
C. R. Wheatly, Jr., who introduc
ed the speaker, received the pur
que, "U,S.S. Beaufort," from Com.
T. McHale, fifth Naval district,
Norfolk. It will be displayed, along
with the history of the merchant
ship, U.S.S. Beaufort, in the Legion
Hut. . -v,.. ; .
Commander McHale summarized
the history of the ship, explaining
that the U. S. S. Beaufort was
Used as a rescue craft in the tor
pedo-dangerous waters of the Paci
fic during the early war years,
Carl Edwards concluded the. ce
remony by playing taps. The in
vocation was given by Post Chap
lain William Congleton. Music was
provided by the high school band,
led by Fred King. :
Superior Court to Convene
Monday, June 1, Beaufort
- Superior court will convene in
Beaufort on Monday, June 7, with
Judge Henry- L, Stevens, Jr., of
Warsaw1 presiding. W. L. Bundy
win be the prosecuting .attorney.
The first week of court is sche
duled to handle criminal cases,
while civil cases are slated for the
following week.
A heavy docket 1s scheduled for
today in recorder's court with a
number of cases carried over from
last week. , k
' In
veterans Observe
Only an estimated 2,000 of the
9,000 registered voters in Carteret
county turned out Saturday to cast'
ballots in the North Carolina pri
mary. The only contest which concern
ed county voters alone was in
Morehead City township, between
Hubert Fulcher and Charlie
Krouse, incumbent, for the office
of constable. Fulcher won by 49
votes, according to county board of
election figures released today by
F. R. Seeley, chairman of the
Mr. Krouse Protests
Mr. Krouse, claiming irregulari
ties in voting at the Morehead City
poll, declared today that he would
demand a second primary. Ac
cording to official count, Morehead
City gave Fulcher 416 and Krouse
355, a difference of 61 votes. Both
men were present at the counting.
Broad Creek gave Krouse 45 and
Fulcher 3 votes. Salter Path went
for Fulcher, 55 to 20, while Wild
wood went for Krouse 25 to 20.
Totals were Fulcher, 494, and
Krouse, 445.
In the U. S. senator contest,
countians were just about evenlv
divided between Broughton and
Umstead, with Broughton leading,
1336 to 1263.
Johnson was by far the high
man in the gubernatorial contest,
receiving 1609 votes to Scott's 563
about 3 to 1. Albright, Barker
Boyd, and Stanley were staggered
in that order down the line.
Bundy was more than a three
to one choice over Abernethy for
the fifth district solicitorship. He
received 1818 votes to Abcrncthy's
819, and also won in the other fivr
counties in the fifth judicial dis
'Native Son' Wins
The county responded hand
somcly for Willis, who is seeking
to represent the seventh senator
ial district in the state senate. He
received 1818 votes to Aberne
'o his closest opponent, Ward, with
13S3. Kellum and Ellis each had
283 while Larkins piled up 6J6,.
However Ward and Larkins yes
terday were assured of their tri
umph in the entire six county sev
enth district.
For lieutenant governor, Taylor
topped Tompkins, 1166 to 291. For
secretary of state, Eure had 1065
while Armstrong had 491. For au
ditor, Bridges had 1130 over Miller
with . 255. For state treasurer,
Hodges outclassed Vogler and Fra
zelle. Hodges had 996 to Vogler's
246 and Frazolle's 239. For labor
commissioner, Shuford polled 982
to Sherrill's 397.
In the only Republican contest,
Williard received 2 votes and
Gragg none. Both are running for
agricultural commissioner.
TahlM Turned '
Morehead City turned the tables
on the Broughton-Umstead trend,
giving Umstead 459 to Broughton's
260. In the state Broughton was as
sured of victory with more than
a 20,000 vote lead.
Beaufort voted in line with the
general trend Saturday, giving
Broughton a 299 to 242 lead over
Umstead, and Johnson 356 votes
for a three to one margin over
Scott, with 112. Markers Island
and other precincts followed the
general trend.
Launched yesterday morning
through the able assistance of the
Cub Scouts, was a safety slogan
contest, part of the safety cam
oaign being sponsored this week
by the Morehead City police de
partment and conducted by Miss
Marjorie Froyd, of Chicago.
Children between the ages of 6
and 12 are entering this contest.
Cub Scouts are making a house to
house canvass to distribute in
structions and entry blanks. The
entry blanks Include. a "Summer
Safety Pledge" for participants
KEach child entering the contest
will receive a Green Cross safety
lapel button. ,
Certificates signed by Ned H.
Dearborn, president of the Nation
al Safety council, will be awarded
to the children who write the 10
best slogans. First, second and
third prize certificates will have
special ribbons. In addition, the
three place winners will receive
cash awards of $3, $2, and $1, re
spectively. .Judges in the contest
will e three prominent citizens
of Morehead City. - V
. Cub Scouts who are doing their
part td'fromote safety are Walter
Graham Fulcher, Kenneth Put
nam, Raymond Earl Willis, Earl
Wade, Frank Parker, Carl Rice,
Ronald Lawrence, and Erie Lawia.
Cub Scouts Aid
In Safety Drive
Carleret County Election Returns
Twenty-one of Carteret county's 27 precincts reported the num
ber of votes cast in Saturday's primary by presstime last night. The
tabulations appear below. Precincts yet to report are Cedar Point,
Cedar Island, Smyrna, Bogue, Wildwood, and Williston.
U. S. Senator
Broughton 1336
Umstead 1263
Johnson 1609
Scott 563
Albright 299-
Barker 25
Boyd 13
Stanley 11
Lieutenant Governor
Taylor " 116
Tompkins' 291
Bridges 1130
Miller 255
State Treasurer
Vogler 246
Hodges 996
Krazelle 239
Inspection Lane Arrives
Tmiay at Beaufort School
The state motor vehicle Ins
pection lane will come to Car
teret county today, locating in
front of Beaufort school until
Saturday. It will locate in More
head City June 8 to 12 but the
site has not yet been announced.
Inspections will be made be
tween 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. each
day except Saturday when Jhe
hours will be 8 a.m. until noon.
Officials have warned that their
schedule Is incomplete and this
may be the last chance for in
spection la this vicinity.
Inspection charge . on trucks
and passenger vehicles is $1.
Farm trailers must be inspected
but for this there is n charge.
Motorbikes and motejcycles
must also go through the laai.
Chairmen Ten
Sale Of Poppies
Poppy sales in Morehead City
and Beaufort were very satisfac
tory according to reports from the
American Legion and VFW auxi
liaries. Mrs. Phillip K. Ball, president of
the American Legion auxiliary,
Morehead City post 46, said that
sales went "splendidly," and "I
and Mrs. Paul Webb, poppy day
chairman, would like to thank all
those who helped make the cam
paign a success" Sales in More
head City hit the $200 mark.
Besides members of the auxili
ary, Mrs. Ball and Mrs. Webb ex
pressed appreciation to Morehead
City Drug store for lending space
for a poppy booth, the radio sta
tion and the Carteret News-Times
for publicity,! and the following
girls who helped to sell: Ann Carl
ton and five Girl Scouts, Ann Dar
den Webb, Helen Willis, Pat Wil
lis, Carolyn Lane, and Frieda Lew
Mrs. Julian Hamilton, of Beau
fort, reported that sales there
were also good. She said that
although the results have not yet
been completely checked, $110 haF
already been accounted for "and
we hope to bit $150 when all the
money has been turned In."
John Miller of Beaufort said
that the sales were ."very good."
Mr. Miller reported a sales total
of "about $233."
980 Memorial Day Visitors
Pour Through fort Macon
Nine hundred persons visited
Fort Macon Sunday, J. W. Long
senior warden at the fort, reported
today Total number for the week
end ran close to 1,600.
The restoration' program under
way at the fort now includes re
placement of windows, doors, and
blinds on the east side of the fort,
and reconditioning of three rooms
as they were originally.
. ,.' ''
In conjunction with this pro
gram, research on the fort is un
derway and the facts compiled will
be on file at the military fortifica
tion. -,...; ' . :.! ;;:
Boat .Stays Aground' :
Builders have encountered diffi
culty In launching the shad boat
from Phillips Brothers shipyard,
Evans street, Morehead City, It
is believed the boat may be launch
ed sometime today, v
Secretary of State
Kure 1065
Armstrong 491
Labor Commissioner
Shuford 982
Sherrill 397
Agriculture Commissioner, (R)
Gragp 0
Willard 2
Solicitor Fifth District
Abernethy 819
Bundy 1818
State Senate (7th Sen. Dist.)'
Willis 1839
Ward 1353
Kellum 283
Ellis 283
Larkin 616
Constable (Morehead Township)
Fulcher 494
Krouse 445
Coast Guard
Replaces Two
Navigation Aids
Two new aids to navigation will
assist in marine operations off
Morehead City, the U. S. Coast
Guard at Norfolk, Va., has advised
the Morehead City Chamber of
One, the beacon at the cast end
of Wallace marsh which had been
destroyed by a dredge, has already
been replaced and is in operation.
The other, the buoy marking the
Tihrtleroy wiaffr, will be replatod
In the very near future..
Capt. N. C. Manyofl, who con
t acted the Chamber of Commerce
commented, however, that opera
tors of craft, in the area of the
Thistleroy buoy may not be exer
cising sufficient caution, for the
buoy "has been destroyed or .re
moved from station far too fre
quently." The Coast Guard turned down a
request for a marker on the Rus
sian freighter "Istobad," explain
ing that latest corrected charts do
not show a wreck in that location
Captain Manyon added, "A
wreck was previously indicated in
this position, which was marked
by a buoy, but apparently the
wreck was erroneously charted, or
it was no longer considered a me
nace to navigation, hence the
Coast Guard could no longer legal
ly maintain a buoy at that loca
tion." Berries From a Barrel
V ' ""J
tt -
ft x
tt ',
' '
tt . t
Jobi H. Dill's barrel of strawberry plants this season produce 1
radons red fruit for Mrs. DHL Mr. Dill takes great pride in grav ':
Ing the berries but won't eat them. 'Here he Is pictured with t"
ivory-painted barrel la which he bored holes and planted 5$ str -berry,
plants this season. The barrel stands In his' backyard, I -Pollock
6t, Beaufort. -'
Service Conducted
For Fulcher Boy
Young Son of Mr. and Mrs.
Cardie Fulcher Drowns
In Core Sound
Funeral services for Phillip Ray
Fulcher, 2 12 year old son of Mr.
and Mrs. Cardie Fulcher, who
irowned some time Friday in Core
lound, were conducted Sunday af
ternoon at Stacy.
The youngster's body was found
early Saturday morning by one Mr.
Mines, of Kinston, who was pilot
ing an aercoupe. Members of Ma
ine corps police units as well as
residents from Stacy, Atlantic, and
ithcr down-cast communities,
searched all night for the child
who was last seen by his parents
soon after lunch Friday when he
vent out to play.
vCoroncr Pritchard Lewis, who
ermed the drowning accidental,
laid the boy is believed to have
Humbled or jumped from the pier
in front of the Cedar Banks hunt
ng club, where his father is care
taker. '
Upon being informed of the
child's absence and anxiety of Mr.
and Mrs. Fulcher, Col. L. L. Frank,
provost marshal. Cherry Point, im
mediately ordered rescue squads
The body was found about 200
yards from shore. Water in the
area where the boy drowned is
from 1 to 5 feet deep.
Three Men Enlist in Army;
Fourth Joins Air Force
Two- men from Morehead City
atfd two from Orients have enlist
ed' In the armed services during j
the past week at New Bern. 'm
William D. Lynch, 409 Bridge ;
st., Morehead City, has enlisted u
the regular army for three years
and has been assigned to the Iff
cavalry division.
The other Morehead enlistee,
William F. Willis, son of Mrti
George V. Willis, 506 Fisher st,,'
has been accepted in the U. S. Ait,
forces. Willis will also serve threi i
years. - t
Oriental recruits are James Di
Lupton, son of Mrs. Grace Luptoo.
who enlisted in the regular armyi
andGarland I). Nelson, son of Mc
and Mrs. Ernest Nelson, who alsv
enlisted in the army. Both signed
for three years' service.
Pony Penning Tomorrow ,
Ponies will be penned at Cap!
Lookout tomorrow. Boats will
leave early in the morning from
Harkers Island. '
; (3?;
T ...

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