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Astronomical Data
Sun Sets Tonight 7:23 p.m. '
Sun Rises Tomorrow 5:04 s.m.
Moon Rises Today 12:38 p.nt.
Moon Seta Tonight at Midnight.
A Merger of THE BEAUFOBT NEWS (Established 1912) and THE TWIN CUT TRIES (Established 1936)
38th YEAR NO. 17.
Hospital Committee Requests Increase in County
Owner Terms Theatre Total Loss'
Saturday morning's fire at the
Roda theatre in Atlantic Beach has
been termed "a total loss" by own
er Alfred B. Cooper, who said also
that part of the $200,000 loss was
covered by insurance. Mr. Cooper
added that rebuilding of the the
atre is under consideration.
The fire at the Roda. was first
discovered at 3 a.m. Saturday mor
ning and an alarm was sent by
Gerry Norris, night clerk at the
Ocean King hotel, to the More
head City fire department, which
responded with one engine. Norris
first learned of the fire from two
unidentified girls who discovered
the flame while on a beach party.
Mr. Cooper was phoned at his
residence in Morehead City and he
was at the scene by 3:15.
The firemen were unable to play
water on the blaze, however, since
there are no fire hydrants at the
beach. They tried to get water
from a pressure tank and some
from a booster tank, and by doing
this the firemen were able to pre
vent the fire from spreading.
A huge crowd was present, in
cluding Newman Willis, mayor of
Atlantic Beach, but all were help
less because of the lack of water.
The Beaufort fire department
was notified to stand by, but some
time later the firemen there were
advised -to the contrary because it
was understood that they could in
no way help for lack of water.
The engine from the Morehead
City fire department remained at
the scene until 6 a.m.
The fire apparently was of mys
terious origin, but Cooper ventured
the opinion that the blaze started
backstage from the curtain motor,
possibly because of low voltage.
The fire traveled from back
stage up to the lobby. Water was
played on, thgKtiojfl U. build
ing where the office was situated
with the hope that the files housed
there could be saved. AU the files
of the Atlantic Beach, inc., wefe
kept there.
"Upon investigation after the fire,
the files seemed i to be completely
lost, but it was hoped that some
thing still could be saved. Some
other articles, such as lobby furni
ture, were salvaged.
See THEATRE Page 8
Teen-Age Club, Under Her Plan,
To Use Center Three Uighis Weekly
Newport Defers
Budget Adoption
At the monthly meeting of New
port commissioners at the town
hall Tuesday night, adoption of the
new budget was postponed until
the citizens of the town can meet
Monday night, July 19, to discuss
a rise in the Newport tax rate.
The present rate is 35 cents per
Clarence Millis, street commis
sioner who was appointed to head
a committee to investigate the
street lighting situation in New
port, reported that he had not yet
completed his investigation. This
matter will be discussed at the
next meeting.
Among the things accomplished
Tuesday was the making of the
privilege tax list for the year May
31, 1948, to May 31, 1949. The
commissioners also approved
plans for temporary repairing of
the jail. ' 0
Aside from this, routine -matters
were considered by the, "commis
sioners, such as the paying of
monthly bills.
Tide Table
Tuesday, July 13
1:11 a.m. 7:35 a.m.
1:02 p.m. c 8:27 p.m.
- ' Wednesday, July 14
2:10 a.m. 8:32 a.m.
2:53 p.m. 9:35 p.m.
Thursday, July 15
3:13 a.m. .v 9:30 a.m.
3:53 p.m. f : 10:39 p.m.
. - ; Friday, July 16 ,
4:15 a.m. 10:29 a.m.
4:51 p.m. . 11:36 p.m.
Cafe Ownership Shared
It wu erroneously reported in
Friday's paper that Mrs. Ottis Jef
ferson is sole owner of the Caro
lina Grill, Turner street, Beaufort
Mrs. Jefferson is part owner. Her
ton-n-law,. Holden Ballou, who
muiagci the cafe, holds the other
lalf Interest
Marine Air Reserves Begin
Maneuvers at Cherry Point
Ennett Says Polio
Under Control
No further outbreak of infantile
paralysis has occurred in Carteret
county, Dr. N. Thomas Ennett,
county health officer, told the
News-Times today.
The condition of Jean Chadwick,
8, of Beaufort, is not good, accord
ing to reports from the family.
Jasper Lawrence, 5, of Morehead
City, is reported to be in good
condition. Both are in James
Walker hospital, Wilmington.
The Lawreice boy has only par
tial use of his left arm but his
condition is better than Jean's be
cause his case is not as severe.
The Lawrence boy has lost some
function of his left arm. His pro
gress is attributed to the fact that
he Was less affected in the begin
ning. In the meantime. Dr. Ennett
warned the public against the
many unfounded rumors being cir
culated. He reiterated his pledge
of last week that the public will
be kept fully informed, and stated
CM? fctt.-esst that arc evert so
Reeled M feotio will be reported.
Dr. Ennett said there is no causa
for alarm, but that the wise course
is to lead anormal life, for no res
trictions will be placed on any of
the populace at present.
He cautioned the public, how
ever, pgainst flies. Ocean and
sound bathing are considered safe
by most medical authorities if fa
tigue and chilling are avoided.
Teen-Agers, beginning Friday
night, will use the Carteret Recre
ation center three nights, a week,
Mrs. Harold Sampson, director, an
nounced today.
At present they are meeting "at
the center Tuesday and Saturday
nights. They have decided, how
ever, that the Friday night will be
relinquished any time another org
anization wishes to make use of
the building.
Junior Teen-Agers will be per
mitted at Friday night's party
from 7 to 9:30 p.m. Only seniors
attend Saturday night's affair from
7:30 to 11.
Chaperons this Saturday night
will be Mrs. E. C. Ballou and Mrs.
J. Dewey Willis. Chaperons will
be Mrs. Mort Davis, Mrs. George
Law.ence, Mrs. Leroy . Guthrie,
Mrs. Morris Lewis, Mrs. R. C.
Blanehard, and Mrs. Pete Block.
The Margaret Rose dancing class
will meet at the center at 9:30
tomorrow morning and the Wom
en's club antique show will be held
there Thursday and Friday. Pro
ceeds from the Thursday luncheon
will go to the' recreation center
which will also receive a per cent
age of the profit on antique sales,
Mrs. Sampson said.
For the Rotary club boat sail
Thursday nfght, mothers of Teen
Agers and others interested in see.
ing the recreation center main
tained are helping to prepare food.
Among these are Mrs. Russell Wil
lis, Mrs. Vernon Guthrie, Mrs.
Blanehard, Mrs. , Block, and Mrs.
Gordon Willis.
The : Telephone Pioneers, ap
proximately. 150, will meet at the
recreation center at 9 o'clock Fri
day morning. , In charge of this
meeting is L. A. Daniels, manager
of the Carolina Telephone and Tel
egraph company here. ,
A home demonstration meeting
Will be held there at 10 o'clock
Friday morning, Mrs. Sampson al
so reported. :v-.--;"-;-v:v
Mothers of Teen-Agers who
have donated food for dinners and
luncheons at the center are Mrs.
Leroy - Guthrie, Mrs. Ed Oglesby,
Mrs. Bob Lowe, Mrs. R. T. Willis,
Jr., Mrs. R. T. Bowers, Mrs. Ethan
Davis, Mrs. Stamey Davis, - Mrs.
Herman Guthrie, . Mrs. Milton
Webb, Mrs. Linwood Brinson, Mrs.
Bill Flowers, and Mrs. Buck Mat-
v See- TEEN-AGERS Fag I r
Increased aerial activity over the
Carteret coast can bo expected this
week and next as Marine Air Re
serves assemble for their annual
two-week maneuvers.
Approximately 2,000 reserves
were flown to Cherry Point Sat
urday in the 59 planes of the com
bined transport squadrons. Also
flown in were more than 185 Ma
rine Corsairs.
While at the air station the Re
serves will conduct stimulated com
bat maneuvers, including dive
bombing, rocket firing, and gun
nery. The Reserves will work also
with Marine ground troops at Camp
Lejeune on close support problems
during which mock landings will
be conducted. Later in the two
week maneuvers Rcspp'e pilots
with antiaircraft batteries from
Camp Lcjcunc will be defending
the station, supported by other Re
serve aircraft.
The annual Marine Air Reserve
maneuvers are conducted for the
purpose of keeping the "weekend
warriors" in top fighting trim, to
keep them indoctrinated in the
latest Marine corps equipment and
tactics, and to determine the ra
pidity with which the Reserve can
be mobilized, officers explain.
Brigadier General Christian
Schilt, commander of the Marine
Corps Air Reserve, who won fame
and the Congressional Medal of
Honor in Nicaragua, has brought
his headquarters from the-Naval
Air station at Glcnview, 111., to
Cherry Point and will personally
direct the maneuvers.
Over 2.000 Reserves have been
flown to this area from Glenview,
111.; New York, N. Y.; Miami, Fla.;
Squantum, Mass.; Norfolk, Va.; Co
lumbus. Ohio; Grosse He, Mich.;
Washington, D. C; Atlanta, Ga.;
and Willow Grove, Pa.
Assisting Marine transport
squadron 252 in the mass air
movement was a Marine transport
squadron stationed at El Toro,
Calif., and Navy transport squad
rons. Lt. Col. L. S. Reeve, command
ing officer of Marine transport
squadron, is leading squadron,
while Lt. Col. Frank Payne, of the
Marine transport squadron at El
Toro is in charge of coordinating
the movement of the Reserves.
Collision Causes
$U0O Damage
An estimated $',300 damage was
the result of an accident at 6:30
Friday night east of Beaufort on
highway 70 when a Royal Crown
Cola truck from New Bern and a
'46 Chrysler collided.
W. Wallace, 57, driver of the
Chrysler, escaped with bruises aid
Randolph Watts, 28, sustained a
slight hand injury, according to
M. V. Hooper, state patrolman
who arrived on the scene shortly
after the accident.
The cola truck, following the
collision, proceeded eastward on
the highway until it overturned
in a ditch, spilling a full load of
soft drinks.
Watts faces charges of drunken
driving, hit and run, and careless
and wreckless driving.
Officers Make Three
Arrests Sunday Horning
' M. M. Ayscue, ABC officer, and
Deputy Sheriff Murray Thomas ar
rested three men at 7:30 Sunday
morning on route 101 and are hold
ing them now on charges of violat
ing the whiskey law.
All three are being held under
$100 bond each and are docketed
for trial in this morning's record
er's court. Sam Hedgemon is
charged with transporting non tax
paid whiskey. Matnew Collins and
McKinley Smith, traveling with
Hedgemon, are charged with aid
ing and abetting in transportation
of non-tax paid whisky.
The men were driving a pulp
wood truck belonging to Joe Bate
man, who, however, said he did
not know it was in the hands of
the three Negroes who were on
their way to Beaufort, according
to Officer Ayscue.
The three, defendants are resi
dents of the Laurel road and
North River section, :
Negro Knifes Wife
During Argument
Hattie Miller, Negro, wife of
Bennie Miller, migrant worker
from Florida, was seriously knif
ed by her husband at 10 o'clock
Sunday night near Be?ufort can
nery, according to reports from
Beaufort police today.
The woman is reported to be in
good condition at Morehead City
hospital where she was taken Sun.
day night by Officer Carlton Gar
ner. Miller, her husband. 25 years
old. was being sought by police
yesterday. The Millers lived in
shack No. 1 on the old Webster
ftibbs property. North River road.
Neighbors said the knifing occur
red during an argument.
According to police. Miller used
a sharp instrument, a knife or
razor, putting a 10-inch gash in
his wife's right shoulder. He also
slashed her across the chest.
Cbamber Labels
Wursday if Day
Thursday has been designated
MOREHEAD CITY, by the Cham
ber of Commerce.
Approximately 56 Chamber of
Commerce members will meet at
the Fort Macon hotel for break
fast at 8 o'clock Thursday morn
ing. George Ball, chairman of the
chamber's membershiD committee,
states that at this time two-man
teams will be designated to con
tact those who h8ve not yet filled
in and returned their membership
cards for the 1948-49 fiscal period
of the Chamber of Commerce.
Tt is estimated that each team
will be asked to devote only a very
short time to accomplish their goal
and that by so handling the mat.
ter, no great deal of time or ef
fort will be requested of any one
individual in order to complete
the chamber's membership for the
current year.
Dr. John W. Morris. Chamher
of Commerce president for this
year reports that first tabulation
of the returns of this year's cards
and checks is highly satisfactory.
Dr. Morris believes that the most
excellent summer business season
has been in no small part due to
the efforts of the Morehead City
Chamber of Commerce and that
this fact, plus the gratifying busi
ness enjoyed thus far this year
will result in the most efficient
and effective program yet under
taken by this organization.
Crops Wither
In' Summer Heat
Dry weather of the past several
weeks has caused unestimated da
mage running into thousands of
dollars in Carteret county, R. M.
Williams, county farm agent, re
vealed today.
Damage to tobacco alone
amounts to at least 25 per cent he
said because of lack of moisture.
More damage -is being done to the
nlants he said by the tebacco flea
Farmers in the eastern section
of the county where sweet pota
toes are grown have been unable
to set out plants due to dryness of
the soil, Unless copious rain des
cends within the next few days,
plants not set by July 20 can not
be set at all. -
Army worm Is laying waste large
ureas of the hay fields throughout
the county, - Mr. Williams continued."'-
" ?''''.';- :' -V '
Corn, he said, while also suffer
ing from lack of rain, is fairly
free from parasitical attack.
L D. Gore Heads
Morehead Rotary
Club Installs New Officrs,
Will Go on Boal Trip
Morehead City Rotarians install
ed their new official family at
their regular weekly meeting
Thursday at the Carteret County
Recreation center.
Past President Alvah Hamilton
turned the gavel over to Lou Gore,
president for the current year and
was in turn presented the past
president's pin as a token of his
accomplishments as president for
the year just past. In presenting
the award Harvey Joslyn called
attention to the good works that
the outgoing president had brought
about during his tenure of office.
The new officers include L. D.
Gore, president, George McNeill,
vice-vice-president, and Delfido
Cordova, secretary treasurer. Di
rectors for the 1948-4!) period are
George R. Wallace, John Morris,
H. S. Gibbs, H. L. Joslyn and
Mayor George Dill.
Committee chairmen are Stan
ley Woodland, club service; W. C.
Carlton, vocational service; John
Axtell, community service; Ken
neth I'rest. international service;
Gordon Willis, fellowship; Dardon
Kure, Boy Scout and classifica
tion; Robert Taylor, music; Boh
Lowe, program and public infor
mation; Clyde Jones, youth serv
ice; James Morrill, attendance;
and Alvah Hamilton, Rotary in
formation. John E. Bridgers is
sergeant-at arms.
To inaugurate a program of fel
lowship and service, the Rotarians
will be thfgttiMrCfirl N.
Bennett at' its regular meeting
next Thursday night for a cruise
aboard his yacht. The group will
board the craft at the yacht basin
at 5 p.m. Thursday for an eve
ning's trip and supper will be
served aboard by; Mrs. Harold
Sampson and the women assisting
her in the interests of the Teen
Age club. Rotary's jdinncrs for
the month of July arc under the
auspices of this group in order to
help increase the funds for the
benefit of Teen-agers.
Aero Club Spends
Weekend on Coast
More than 50 members of the
N. C. Aero club, their wives and
I guests, descended upon Morehead
City airport between 2 o clock Fri
day afternoon and sundown Earl
Taylor and his staff extended them
a warm welcome, climaxed bv a
cocktail Party in the late after
noon. The guest roster included
the names of practically all of the
leading figures in private aviation
in North Carolina.
Tavlor and his associates pro
vided transportation for those who
did not have automobiles available.
Some of the partv had arranged
to visit with friends here, but the
majority made reservations to
spend the night at Atlantic Beach.
The Carolina Racing association
was hot o the ?rcup at the rce
track Friday night. All of the
facilities of the club house were
made available to the party, gratis,
and a cordial invitation was ex
tended to them to the track Satur
day night for another visit.
Management of the Surf club.
Atlantic Beach's leading night
snot, likewise asked that members
of the tour be their guests at any
time during their visit to the Car
teret coast.
The group left Morehead Satur
day morning to fly to Ocracoke
where they were the guests of the
Wahab enterprises for a noonday
barbecue luncheon.
Attendance far surpassed that
of last year, which was the first
such tour the association attempt
ed. Plant are being made for an
other next year. ,
j, ...I ' I. :.
Commerce Eiredsrs
To Heel si Koca Tcijy
The regular monthly meeting of
the board of directors of the More
head City Chamber of Commerce
will be held at the Carteret, Coun
ty Recreation center today at 12:
45 p m. Mr. Harold Sampson, club
director, will serve a buffet lunch.
Proceeds -will go to the Teen-Age
club. I
County Charges Run Hospital
Into Debt, Group Says
S. A. Chalk, Sr., head of the
Morehead City hospital board and
a committee from the Morehead
City Chamber of Commerce yes
terday requested county commis
sioners to increase the amount of
funds for caring for indigent per
sons who are hospitalized.
The commissioners told Mr.
Chalk and the committee that no
increases could be made in this
year's budget which was officially
ad'-nted at yesterday's meeting.
The only suggestion commis
doners could offer for increasing
the amount of funds was to ap
nortion part of the Newport and
Beaufort ABC revenue to the hos
Mr. Chalk declared that it was
unfair for Morehead City taxpay
ers to bear the expense of sup
porting the hospital when patients
unable to pay their bills come to
the hospital not only from More
head but all sections of the coun
ty. Pr. K. P. B. Bonner, chairman
of the board, in reply to Mr.
Chalk's suggestion hat the tax
Irate or evaluation be raised to
meet costs of hospitalizing indig
ent patients, replied flatly that
the board would not consider such
a move and offered two .sugges
tions: change the ABC bill so that
2 12 per cent of each town's liq
uor store revenue goes to the coun
ty and the county will then divert
it to support of the hospital, or
make the hospital a county insti
tution. James Totter, auditor, pointed
out that several years ago a bill
was drawn whereby the three
towns would share in support of
the hospital. Beaufort and New
nmt f flr but Morehead CMjf
balked, he said.
In recent legislatures, II S.
Gibbs, Sr.. Carteret county's rep
resentative, declared that he
would not Introduce any similar
bill unless the mayors and boards
of each town approved, Dr. Bonner
Dr. L. W. Moore, representing
hospital interests, wanted taf'know
why Mr, Gibbs took that stand on
the matter. No answer was im
mediately forthcoming and it was
finally ventured that the repre
sentative evidently didn't want to
"jeopardize his political career."
Mr. Chalk said that within the
past 20 years $40,000 in uncol
lected bills has piled up. Poor
patients did not pay their bills
find relatives of patients won't pay
them, he declared.
Dr. Bonner pointed out that
within the 12 months prior to May
of this year, the hospital received
$7,400 from ABC funds, or ap
proximately $15,000 in the past
two years.
The chairman of the hospital
board pointed out, however, that '.
the cost of treating a patient has
risen tremendously, until now it
averages $11.88 per day.
The group decided that revision
of the ABC bill would probablv be
the most likely solution. They
Lack of Water Spelled
Destruction at Roda Fire
By John Havas
The whole tragedy of the Roda
'theatre at Atlantic Beach can be
summed up with the words lack
of water.
Firemen were at the scene and
others were standing by, but all
were helpless as the leaping
flames gutted the once-beautiful
theatre because firefighters were
unable to obtain sufficient water
to keep the damage at a minimum.
They were, however, able to
keep the fire from spreading.
The scene of the fire after the
engine of the Morehead City fire
department left was a pathetic
Charred walls stood ruined. The
theatre was a shadow of its for
mer beauty a miniature Pompeii
Roofless, the structure gave en
trance to a brilliant sun which
highlighted the costly and hand
some murals that had enhanced
the Interior. The murals now had
a different beauty.
Expensive upholstery had given
way to licking flames, but the
charred frames of seats stood firm
as before, empty and awaiting a
phantom audience,
Outside, bills on coming atlnc-
tlons that will never be shown still
clung- to the wall, determined to
await the final destruction.
The ruins presented a striking
contrast to the remainder of the
Mobile Wade Rates
Unique Nomination
Levi Knowles, of Rose Hill,
N, C, was a sick man until about
the middle of yesterday after
On Sunday's visit here he had
28 one hundred dollar bills in
his wallet but on his way home
he discovered that the wallet and
$2.81)0 were gone.
Teday hn's deeply indebted to
M b I- Wade, Morehead City,
who found the wallet at Atlantic,
I'.iach, and turned it over to
Mayor Newman Willis. Several
Moreh-ad Citv citizens, and un
doubtedly, Mr. Knowles, who
gave Wade a handsome reward,
are ready to nominate the wallet
finder for the year's top honors
in honesty.
Mayor Dismisses
Accident Cases
Two motor vehicle accidents
headed the docket yesterday aft
ernoon in mayor's court, Morehead
Citv. Both were dismissed.
One case was an accident that
took place Friday afternoon at
12:15 in front of the First-Citizens
Bank and Trust company on Aren
dell street. A truck backing out
of a parking space collided with
an automobile driven by Mrs.
Beatrice Hamid, a visitor from
Mayor George wV pllT Jtomid
reasonable doubt of negligence on
the part of the defendant, Law
rence Vickers, the driver of the
truck, and so dismissed the case
and advised the principals that
the case would have to be taken
to a civil court for payment of
The other accident took plBce
on the corner of 8th and Bridges
streets 8 a.m. Friday morning. An
automobile driven east on Bridges
street by Roy Thomas Dickerson
collided at the Sixth street inter
section with a car driven by Law
rence Gates.
Mr. Gates' son, Bobby, 8, had
his front teeth knocked out and
his lip split.
Mayor Dill could find no neg
ligence on the part of either party
and told both that the case would
have to be settled out of the mu
nicipal court.
Thomas Andrew Liston, Cherry
Point, and Eric Tillev. Jr., Hills
boro, both paid $15 fines and $5
court expenses for speeding. Both
pleaded guilty.
The case against James Harold
Wade, accused of peeping, was
continued until next week because
the principal witness, Paul Cle
land, had not been notified to ap
pear in court and was not present
at the proceedings.
beach, which on the morning fol
lowing the fire, was beginning to
hum with activity. The area -round
the theatre was roped off
and charred debris cluttered the
sands within hundreds of feet of
the scene. Everything was quiet
and solemn, and curious passers
by stopped and made their own
observations and comments about
the smoldering remains.
Workmen appeared soon on Sat
urday morning and began the task
of taking the theatre a $200,000
wreck away in sections.
Nothing pointed up the tragedy
more than did a lone fabric sign,
hanging . askew from the ruins
with its ironic message, "It's Cool
Jail Crowded
Sheriff Gehrmann Holland cas
nally announced to county commis
sioners that he had 14 prisoners
In jail over the weekend and that
the board better think about build
ing an addition to the place.
Court Receipts Total $4,651
A. H. James, clerk of superior
"wirt. told the county hoard in its
July meeting yesterday the receipts
in the clerk's office during June
totaled $4,651. From recorder's
court receipts were $3,876, super
lor court. $678, and probate fees
totaled $95.
Power Survey
Reveals Problem
In Transmission
Company Plans lo Install
Larger Transformers,
'Adequate' Wiring
Spasmodic power service in
the county has been traced by Tide
Water Power company officials to
a transmission problem rather than
a shortage of power, according to a
report received late Thursday from
the company.
The most urgent need, it wes dis
covered during a survey last week,
is 'or larger transformers. These
arc available, the report continues,
and will he installed immediately.
Commecial and resident in! con
sumer problems have been the rei
suit also of inadequate wire. A.
E. Jones, vice president of the
company said in the report and
correction of IJiis condition should
go a lont; way in solving the volt
age problem, he commented.
Mr. Junes again described the
company's plans for installation ol
a 33,(M)0 volt line from Cherry
Point by way of route 101. This
line, to be completed in March,
will terminate at Beaufort where
specifications call for a sub-station
equipped in the same manner as
the present Morehead Ci y plant.
The line from Cherry Point via
the Steel Bridge road will be link
ed with the line which now comes
through Newport by a 33.000 voW
line across the causeway between
the two towns. Either arm of this
loop circuit will be capable of sus
taining the full load for both com
munities and the eastern part of
the county.
The power company has suggest
ed that Morehead City hospital In
stall auxiliary equipment to pro
vide emergency power for the op8
ratihg room, exits, and tticubatorsl
pointing out that this is standard '
practice in hospitals throughout
the country.
As soon as transformers are
available, a 33,000 volt substation
will be constructed near Newport,
M Jones said. This will relieve
the present Newport circuit of
about 450 KVA which can then be.
diverted to other uses. At present .
this power is supplied, from the
Morehead City sub-station.
The company's vice-president
Stated that Tide Water will con1
tinually strive to improve its ser
vice in this area. ' r
Davis Legion Post
To Repair School
The county board of education
at its monthly meeting Tuesday
granted the Willis Murphy post
No. 295, Davis American Legion,
permission to repair the schoajj
house at Davis and supervise Itl
use until otherwise notified by the
board. 'Lt
The Davis school house will nq
'onger be used because of a redac
tion in teacher allotment. Pupils
which would have gone to the Da
vis school this fall will go to Smyr
na. ;.V
Frank Hunt, commander of the
Willis Murphy post, and Irvin Da
vis, both of Davis, appeared be
fore the board and requested per
mission to use the building.
The Legion post, according to
Commander Hunt, plans to hold
its meetings there. It will also be
used for other community func
tions at the distinction of Legion
naires. ,
It was agreed by the board that
unless repairs were made imme-,
diately the building would soon
become worthless. ,v
Elections Board Abolishes..;
Long Pine Precinct 'V.
The widely-scattered Long Pine
voting precinct in the Open
Grounds section of the county kill
be abolished, according to a recent
decision by the Carteret County
Board of Elections. .8.
The highest number of votes, tilt
by Long Pine residents in the May
primary were 14 and in the last
five primary and general elections
so few votes came in that the
board has determined the cost hot,
justified by the results.
Thus Long Piners have been
asked to transfer their registra
tions to Wire Grass, Beaufort or
Officials, Committee to Dine
Tide Water Power company of
ficials will entertain the Beaufort,
power committee at a luncheon at
the Blue Ribbon Club at 12:30 to
day, ,,,

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