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    Astronomical Dala
Sun SeU Tonight 5:25 p.m.
Moon Rises Today 10:28 p.m.
Moon Sets Tonight 11:55 pan.
Sun Rises Tomorrow 6:20 son.
A Merger ol THE BEAUFORT NEWS (Established 1912) and THE TWIN CITY TIMES (Established 1936)
38th YEAR NO. 46.
Harkers Island
Men Make Plans
For JC Building
Ond-Siory Concrete Block
Structure to Be Built
Within Coming Month
Tlie youngest Junior Chamber
cf Commerre in the county will be
the first to have its own building,
if present plans of the Markers
Island Jaycees materialize.
At their meeting Tuesday night
the Jayrecs agreed to purchase
from Karl Davis a 50 by 125 foot
lot on the island's Old Fair road,
and within the next month con
struct a 28 by 30 foot concrete
block one-story building.
The proposed structure will con
lain n club room and facilities for
recreation. At present the men
are meeting in the school library.
The Harkers Island Junior
Chamber received its charter early
Ihis year. Assislance in organiza
tion was given by the Beaufort
Junior Chamber.
In addition to routine Jaycce
activities, the Harkers Island
group has established a speed zone
through the residential section of
the island and has erected a wel
come sign on the main road.
Recent new members of the Jay
cees arc Cranston Rose Merrill and
R. .1. Chadwick, making a member
ship of 23. President is Willard
125 Register
In Beaufort
County Registration Esti
mated ai 500; Books Will
Close October 29
One hundred twenty-five new
voters have registered in Beaufort,
. R. Seeley, chairman of the
county board of elections, has an
nounced, and the number of reg
istrants throughout the county
has been estimated at about 500.
Tomorrow is the last day of reg
istration at polling places. Oct.
30th is challenge day when the
voting eligibility of anyone listed
on the registrars' books may
Registrars and their respective
precincts are as follows: J. C. Bar
ker, Stella: Allen A. Vinson, Pel
letier; John A. Weeks, Cedar
Point: W. D. Smith, Bogue; Nor
man Guthrie, Broad Creek.
Mrs. Prudie Potter, Newport;
Curtis L. McCabe, Wildwood;
George W. Smith, Salter Path
James B. Long, Morehead; Frank
King, Beaufort; M. M. Eubanks,
Wire Grass; George Ball, Harlowc,
Hugh B. Salter, Mcrrimon;
Cleveland Gillikin, Bettie; Paul
Chadwick, Straits; Charles -W.
Hancock, Harkers Island; I. F.
Moore, Marshallbcrg; George Wal
ton Davis, Smyrna.
Mrs. Pauline Wade, Williston;
Hamlin H. Davis, Davis; William
Fulcher, Stacy; Alvah B. Taylor,
Sea Level; Clayton Fulcher, At
lantic; J. B. Goodwin. Cedar Is
land, and John R. Willis, Ports
mouth. Total registration, for Carteret
county is between 9,700 and 9,800.
Six Youngsters Receive
Prizes In JC Contest
Six lucky boys and girls in More
head City received $5 prizes last
week for their winning 25-word
statements completing the pledge,
"I pledge to do my part in fire
prevention by. The contest was
sponsored during Fire Prevention
week by the Jaycecs who offered
$5 prizes to primary, grammar and
high school divisions of the white
and colored schools.
Following are the contest win
ners in the white schools: Llewel
lyn Phillips II, primary; Sue Coi
ner, grammar; Jean Barbour, high
school. Negro winners were Mott
Hester, primary; Grant Ulysses
Willoughby, grammar; and Lillian
Hodge, high school.
Bruce Goodwin, Jaycce presi
dent who distributed the prizes,
said a major crisis developed in
the Negro school when the wrong
little girl thought she heard her
name mentioned as winner, came
to" the front for the $3 and re
turned to her seat before the ac
tual winner got to the rostrum.
The mistake was righted, however.
Grand Jury
Repairs and improvements to
county schools comprised the main
body of recommendations which
the Carteret county grand jury
submitted to Judge J. Paul Friz
zelJc at the October term of superi
or court Wednesday.
The grand iury also recommend
ed that the Carteret county board
of commissioners take nroper steps
to prohibit the sale of wine and
beer in all places of business in
the county from 11:30 n.m. Sat
urday until 7 a.m. each Monday.
Ai the Morehead City graded
school. th graid jury recommend
that additional heating radiation
be provided for the first
room, which has 85 pupils, and tha'
broken window panes be replaced
and glazing done as reciuircd Re
placement of six st.ctiors of fire
hose found in had condition was
recommended. The huilili v w.r
declared to be in fair condition
except for "inadequate j Miitor
service resulting in undesirabl'
Further investigation with
view toward the correcting of
heavy seepage throii'di the wa!l
of the Beaufort graded school dur
ing heavy rains was rccimmcndcd
At the W. S. King colored schoo'
it Morehead Citv. the fire escape
steps and ceilings were found to
be in poor condition. It was re
ported that no fire exingiiishcrs
arc provided at the school and that
the first floor is in bad condition,
needing new joists, flooring and
other related framing. The boys'
toilet floor was declared to be i,i
similarly poor condition; the toil
ets are leaking, and the drinking
fountain is in a state of disrepair.
Recommendation was made that
a bad floor condition probably due
to termites at the Beaufort colored
school be repaired soon.
It was found that some doors
need replacing at the Beaufort
(white) gymnasium.
Findings and recommendations
at other schools in the county were
as .follows: Smith River leaking
roof; steps and porch, were con
demned by county carpenters In
1947. ' Windows need glazing n"d
minor patching. The pump supply
ing drinking water out of order.
Sea Level school: found in fair
condition. Stacy school: roof leaks
in auditorium. Merrimon school:
no heating facilities provided and
windows and steps in poor condi
tion. Correction and necessary re
pairs recommended. Otway school:
window glass required, toilets need
repairs and drinking facilities in
adequate and repairs to pump and
said items recommended.
North River: installation of
Cold Weather
Comes To Coast
Near-freezing temperatures hit
the Carteret roast during the
week, the thermometer registering
just six degrees above the freezing
mark on Tuesday.
Minimum temperature that day
was 38 and maximum 52, accord
ing to E. Stamey Davis, Morehead
City, official weather observer.
Thirty-six degrees was recorded
in New Bern where there was light
frost, but not enough to damage
lafc fall flowers or vegetable
Temperatures reached a low of
23 in Ashevillc and were freezing
or below throughout all of the
Piedmont section.
The past week here has been
virtually without rain. There was
a trace of precipitation Sunday
night and Monday morning.
Temperatures from Saturday
through Tuesday arc as follows:
Max. Min.
Saturday 72 52
Sunday 78 55
Monday 64 41
Tuesday 52 38
Hiram Kerr Accepts
Position On Police Force
Hiram Kerr began duly on Ihc
Beaufort police force Tuesday, suc
ceeding James Austin. Austin,
who reported to work last week
end, secured a job at Cherry Point
after working as a policeman Sat
urday and Sunday.
Police Officer Maxwell Wade.
whom Kerr replaces, was admitted
to the Marine hospital in Norfolk
Rake Sale Postponed
The bake sale, originally sched
uled for tomorrow in Beaufort.
and sponsored by the Business and
Professional Women's club hat
been postponed. The new
j a I
will be announced later. .
Devotes Report to School
Pups iii Boots
: ! '
y ' y "N
Boon dockers, say the Marines, not boots, but civilians don't
know no better. The pup on the left probably didn't give a hoot
what they're called, he didn't like then-. The only way the pho
tographer (on Id get him lo slay put was to tie him in. Such is a
dog's life. Photo by Official CSMC Photographer Staff Sgl. O. L.
Beiiuloii 11
To Entertain
Beaufort Parent-Teacher associa
tion this week concluded plans for
entertaining district 10 of the Parent-Teacher
association Wednes
day at Beaufort school. This will
be the first time Beaufort has been
host to the district.
Registration will begin at 9:30
and the opening meeting prompt-
John I). Messiek
ly at 10. Mrs. J. Paul Davenport,
Sr., of Pactolus, district director,
and other officials of the district
will be present, as well as stale
PTA officials.
Guest speakers will be Dr. John
Decatur Messiek, president of East
Carolina Teachers college, and
Memorial Service
Honor Marine
Cherry Point Marine Air base
will observe Navy Week beginning
Sunday with memorial services at
the operations tower at 2:30 p.m.
and on Wednesday, Navy Day.
there will be open house.
The memorial services will ho
nor Navy and Marine dead buried
at sea and will be conducted by
Chaplain W. W. Winter.
The public is requested to send
or bring flowers. Organizations
may send wreaths or bouquets of
flowers, while individuals arc re
quested to give but a single flow
er. Following the service, which
civilians may ettend, the flowers
will be placed in planes and flown
over the Atlantic ocean where they
will be strewn on the water.
This annual custom is being ob
served at 26 other air fields in
the nation Sunday. If friends or
relatives jof war dead do not attend
the services, they should send their
flowers to Chaplain W. W. Winter,
Post Exchange building, Cherry
PoinHWarine Air base.
On Wednesday there will be
conducted tours through the base
Overhaul and Repair department.
where aircraft is serviced. There
...til i m , " :
wil also be an air demonstration
" miwuwiu.
Complete Plans
District PTA
Charles W. Phillips, professor and
director of public relations at
Woinnn's college, Greensboro.
Theme of the meeting will be
"United for Youth."
Dr. Messiek has served as prin
cipal in Wade and Trenton schools,
superintendent at Spencer, dean of
instruction at Lion college, holds
Charles W. Phillips
membership id Phi Delta Kappa
and Kappa Delta Pi, honorary edu
cational fraternities and has writ
ten two books, Personality and
Character Development and School
Boards: Their Powers and Discre
tions, not yet published. Dr. Mcs
Sce PTA Page 7
Sunday al Air Base
Corps, Navy Dead
David Jones Conducts
Quiz at Rotary Meeting
Beaufort Rotarians were enter
tained Tuesday night with a quiz
program by David Jones. Mimeo
graphed blanks were distributed,
and members were asked to fill
in Ihc blanks of three groups of'j
questions. The first group could
be answered either by the Words
"left" or "right." The second
group called for the names of ci
ties of the world. The identifica
tion of major football teams by
their nicknames constituted the
third group.
James Davis netted the highest
score in the contest and was
awarded a cigarette lighter.
Two guests were introduced.
They were F. E. Harper, of West
inghouse Electric Supply Co., Ra
leigh, and Lionel Pelletier, of Stel
la. The Rotarians met at Inlet Inn
and were served barbecue.
Tanker Docks
The. Esso tanker Greenville.
eaVrvinff oauilina from Rout AUI1 1
r v wojivwii,
Tex., docked yesterday morning at i
iron lernunat.
Navy Transports
Dock At Terminal
Marines Go On Laborador
Operations; Return From
Training In Virginia
I Several of the 65 United Stales
! Naval vessels which arc carrying
I Marines on maneuvers to Lahra-
dor lay offshore Tucsdav morning
j while two transports docked to
take on Marines from Camp I.e-
I Th CSS Okanogan and the USS
New Kent came into I'orl Terminal
Tuesday morning and left Wednes
day morning The maneuvers arc
part of the Navj's cold weather
The 1 1SS Cambria, carrying
1,000 Marines based ,it Camp l.e
jeune. arrived veslerday. hrinuing
the me ) home from two weeks of
intensive training in amphibious
warfare at the Naval amphibious
base, Little Creek. Va.
Marines hoarded the Cambria
at the naval base prior to a prae
tice assault landing Wednesday
morning on the beaches near Camp
Pendleton, Va.
17-Year-OId Boy
Found Not Guilty
On Fraud Charge
Harold Comerford, Jr., 17, a
New York City high school boy,
who vacationed in Morehead City
this summer, was exonerated in
superior court Wednesday of
charges that he deceived Andrew
L. Davis, proprietor of the Broad
way cafe in Morehead Citv, Into
iiving him 40 for a MO Western
Union money order the night of
Sept. 10.
Mr. Davis was previously found
guilty in the Sept. 14 session of
county recorder's court on charges
that he assaulted the boy by slap
ping him the night of Sept. 11
when Mr. Davis and Comerford
had a dispute over the check cash
ing incident in the Broadway cafe.
The cafe proprietor alleged thai
a $40 check was first presented lo
him for cashing by Comerford and
a Marine M. P., Joseph Blahut, and
that he gave the defendant $40
value in return. He said thai af
ter he had examined the check and
determined its value lo be $40, the
boy and the Marine first had an
order of food and that the hoy
then presented him the guest
ticket for the food and a check,
which Mr. Davis assumed, was the
same one first shown him.
He declared that he accepted
the check without further examina
tion, took out money for the food
and paid Comerford $39 and some
It was not until the next morn
ing, he alleged, when he was about
See COURT Page 8
Parents Expected
At Spook Party
Parents, too, arc expected to
make up a large portion of the
crowd at the costume ball and
Hallowe'en festival from 7:30 to
11 o'clock tomorrow night at the
Carteret Recreational center, Shop
ard street, Mrs. II. II. Sampson,
Tcen-Agc club adviser, remarked
Admission to the party will be
25 cents. Without a costume the
charge will be DO cents.
The various games,, contests,
and types of recreation planned
for the evening will be sponsored
by civic clubs. .
Prizes donated by the Lions
club for outstanding costumes will
be as follows: $10 permanent
from the Moderne Beauty shop,
shaving soap from Hill's, a minia
ture silver basketball from Early
Jewelers, a red leather cap from
Hardware and Building Supply, a
pair of nylon hose from D. B.
Webb, stationery from Rose's, a T
shirt from Leary's and perfume
from S 4 W Drug store.
Among the bingo prizes will be
an electric iron cord, shoe polish,
bubble bath, cologne and bath
mitt, handkerchiefs, a glass bowl,
after-shave lotion, and numerous
other small prizes.
Bingo is being sponsored by the
Carteret Business and Professional I
mviiicii liUU. i UIIIlIULlce 111
charge is Mrs. H. F. Lindsay, Mrs
club. Committee in i
see SPOOK PARTY Page 7
Teen-Age Club Officers
in urn. ,ini. r ,11 aS,(1V vV'VTI!
Officers of the Morehead tity '"Von-Age club are pictured a
hove at the recreational center. They are, left to right, Ruddy Bai
ley, vice-president, Jane Ballon, rcrrtary, Lois Webb, president,
and Tommy Cordova, treasurer. IV. rs. Harold II. Sampson was recent
ly selected by the Teen-Agers as ihcir advisor for this year.
Photo by The News Times
11 Couniians to Take
Pre-Induction Physical
The first II Carteret coun'y
men ordered to I'ayettcville for
the prcinductioit physical exam
ination in the nation's peace
time draft left Beaufort yester
day at 6:45 a.m. Six of these
will be used to fill the first call
from this county. At least 21
days will elapse between the date
of the preinduction physical and
the actual induction in the
The following men from Beau
fort were in the group: Burni
Fulcher Willis, Curtis Mc Kelvin
(colored), William S. Davis
(colored), Clarence Leslie Davis,
Jr. the only Morehead City man
was James Emanuel Dudley (co
lored). Doz'er Max Henderson and
Paul Franklin Kowden, of New
port, Edward L. Moore, Marshall
bcrg; Ruthcford Haze Gray, At
lantic; Dewey Willis, Harkers
Island; and Willis L. Mason, Jr.,
Stacy, also were called.
Ralph Wade Heads
Symphony Society
Ralph Wade, bandmaster and in
structor of music al Morehead
City school, has been elected pre
sident of the North Carolina Sym
phony society committee. The or
ganizational meeting took place
Tuesday night al the home of Mrs.
B. F. Royal, Morehead City.
Other officers arc Mrs. Virginia
Hasscll. Beaufort, vice-president
Mrs. Helen Hatscll, Beaufort, sec
retary, and Mrs. H. F. Lindsay,
Morehead City, treasurer.
Sale of tickets for the little sym
phony concert which will be given
this year in Morehead City, will
begin Monday, Nov. 1. Exact date
of the concert has not been set,
neither has the program been an
nounced as yet.
The free concert in the after
noon will be for children from the
fourth to eighth grades. The sym
phony committee decided that
children in grades one to three
were too young to appreciate the
numbers which will be played.
The afternoon concert will be
given in Morehead Cily school.
Tickets for children arc available
for the evening concert, however.
To help school youngsters under
stand the music they will hear in
the afternoon concert, music teach
ers will be requested to explain
it in music classes prior to appear
ance of the symphony, it is plan
ned also to obtain records of the
numbers the little symphony will
present and have the children lis
ten to them.
In charge of ticket sales in Beau
fort will be Mrs. C. R. Whcatly,
Sr., and in Morehead City, Mrs.
Royal. All civic organizations of
both towns are backing the appear
ance of the little symphony. If
Greece Will Purchase
Heavy Material Under EBP
ATHENS (AP) Greece will
buy $31,400,000 worth of industrial
and agricultural equipment and
supplies under the European Re
covery Program.
Purchase of $5,200,000 worth of
first five months of the program.
Industrial equipment, $21,400,000
of industrial materials and $4,800,
000 of agricultural production sup-
plies have been authorized for tha
City Commissoners
Deputy for Hotel
JCs To Register
Morehead Voters
Iniensive Campaign Outlin
ed al Monday Night's
If citizens of Morehead. Cily do
not go to the polls and cast their
ballots Nov. 2, it will not be the
fault of the Morehead Jaycees who
have gone lo work in earnest in
their "Get Qui the Vole" ln
paigtl. "
Taking a map of the township at
their meeting Monday night, they
assigned the town's voters, block
by block, to a member of the Juni
or Chamber to sec that every po
tential voter in each block is re
gistered to vote.
Wherever a citizen is found who
has not registered for the city or
the national elections, ihc Jay
cees will register that citizen. It
will then be the responsibility of
Ihc citizen to carry out the "Gel
Out the Vole" effort by going to
Ihc polls on election day. II. S.
Gihbs. Jr., is in charge of the
Stanley Wainwright offered a
share-lhc-profits plan for Jaycce
purchases of gasoline at his Sound
service station on Arendcll st., and
Jaycecs promptly accepted it.
Following a plan which Mr.
Wainwright said is in effect in an
other town, he will return to the
Jaycec organization one and a half
cents for every gallon of gasoline
which Morehead Jaycees purchase
at his service station.
Reporting on the activities of
Fire Prevention week, October 3-9.
President Bruce Goodwin declared,
"We got everybody fire conscious."
During the period, Jaycecs spon
sored a contest on fire prevention
among school children, home in
spection by school children, the
sale of fire extinguishers and a
See JAYCEES Page 7
Beaufort School to Sponsor
Hallowe 'en Carnival Oct 29
Tide Table
Friday, Oct. 22
10:41 a.m. 4:18 a.m.
H:02 p.m. 5:18 p.m.
Saturday, Oct. 23
11:30 a.m. 5:03 a.m.
11:53 p.m. 6:11 D.m.
Sunday, Oct. 24
12 midnight 5:59 a.m.
12:25 p.m. 7:10 p.m.
Monday, Oct. 25
12:52 a.m. 7:05 a.m.
1:30 p.m. 10:16 p.m.
Tuesday, Oct. 26
2:05 a.m. 8:24 a.m.
2:40 p.m. 9:20 p.m.
France Over-rich In Monuments
PARIS (AP) France has more
historical monuments than she
knows what to do with.
The Education M 'try has clas
sified 12,000 cathedrals, chateaux,
etc., 1 as historical monuments.
Many erstwhile rich Frenchmen,
now fallen upon hard times, have
been offering their ancient houses
to the government, which hat been
turning them down for. lack of
funds to keep them up. '
Invitations Ready Soon For
Bids On Paving of Evans
The Morehead Citv town com
missioners Wednesday iiiialu okay
ed a request of llarkless Wooten
that a bouncer be deputized lo help
keep order at his Edgrwulrr club,
which has been the scene of sev
eral disturbance endng up in
Morehead City mayor's court re
cently. Simon Ward Parker was ccord
ingly authorized by the commis
sioners to be Iii I v sworn in as a
police officer with full power lo
arrest offenders while on duty at
the Edgewater club
The action of Darkless Woolen
in requesting a bouncer was
prompted by a warning from
Mayor (",. W Dill at a recent
mayor's court session that he
would order the Edgewater club
closed, if the Neyio proprietor
could not keep older.
Parker's police authority will be
confined to the area of the Edge
water club premises during his
working hours, except that he can
go beyond that area to apprehend
offenders who start trouble on the
premises. He was also empowered
lo deputize assistants if a ease
should be more than he could
handle alone.
In compliance with a separate
request of Woolen concerning his
taxes, the town commissioners
voted to allow him $1B0 credit on
his 194847 property taxes for im
provements which he made on the
street adjoining the Edgewater
club and hotel.
The commissioners voted lo lake
later action on a request by V. E.
Ballou for the extension of a sewer
main, pending a conference with .
contractor to determine the costs.
Mr. Ballou agreed to furnish hair
,of tfie pipe and pt the tapping.
ice if the town would provide wc
remainder of the pipe and Ihc la
bor for the extension of a sewer
Little Theatre
Plans Production
Ifoice Of Turtle!
The twin-city little theatre group
made tentative plans at their meet
ing Monday night, in the civic cen
ter to obtain "Voice of the Turt
le," a comedy in three acts, for
their first production. ;
Miss Doris Leach was named
as director, assisted by Miss Jane
Hamcrslcy. Instead of electing
a president, the steering commit
tee, consisting of Miss Leach, An
sil Chapin, and Earl Lewis, will
continue to serve. '
Mrs. Jessie Devonchik was elect
ed secretary-treasurer. Miss Ha
mcrslcy, Frank Hatton, and Charv
les Markcy will serve on the pub
licity committee.
The next meeting will be held
at 8 So Monday night on the sec
ond floor of the civic center, tflth
and Evans streets, Morehead City.
Anyone interested in joining the
group should attend the meeting.
By Betsy Noe "
The annual Halloween carnival
al Beaufort school will take place
Friday night, Oct. 29, in the Beau
fort High school gymnasium. ,
Proceeds will be used for better
ment of the school. There wilbbe
games, contests, refreshments for
sale, and a king and queen, prince
and princess will be crowned. .,
The following poem on the Car
nival was written by Rosemary
Bessent, Beaufort high school seni
or: '
On October 29th, Friday night,
In the Beaufort gym by a witch's
The king and queen i i Ihcir
royal array , -
Will be crowned by a dashing
man of the day, t-'
There'll be apples to hob tot
and prizes to win,
Just pay at the door and walk
right in. ' "
Bring lots of confetti and pen
nies to throw w
And meet all your friends with
Halloween glow. '
So remember the time, 7:30 on"
the dot, - ' '
And the Beaufort gym islhe per
- fectipoU ; -!,,:
- ' .:

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