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Astronomical Data
Sun Seti Tonight 5:20
Moon JUmi at Midnight.
Moon Sets Tomorrow at 2:20
Sun Rises Tomorrow at 6:24
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A Merger ol THE BEAUFORT NEWS (Established 1912) and THE TWIN CITY TIMES (Established 1936)
38lh YEAR NO. 47.
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County Health
Department May
Receive Subsidy
Possibility Discussed ai
Public Health Meeling
Al Durham
The Carteret county public
health department may receive an
extra $9,000 or $10,000 for addi
tional personnel and services it a
request now before the state for
$900,000 ner annum for the next
two years for the expansion of
health departments is granted. Dr.
N. T. Ennett, county health officer
litis revealed.
Dr. Ennett made this announce
ment after attending the recent
;nnunl conference of the North
Carolim Public Health association
nt Durham where he served as
chairman of the resolutions com
mittee. A. I). Fulford. county sanitarian,
nlsn attended the Durham meet
ing, which brought together the
public health doctors, nurses, sani
tarians, technicians and other pub
lic health workers from over the
The state public health office
has requested the sum for the
next biennium for badly needed
expansion of the local health de
partments, Dr. Ennett said.
The cooperation of public health
doctors with private practitioneers
in their common task was the ma
jor emphasis of the conference,
Dr. Ennett related.
Miss Amy L. Fisher, consultant
nurse for the state Board of
Health, and Mrs. Blanch Vincent,
who will be consultant nurse for
eastern North Carolina, recently
visited the county health office.
Dr. Ennett said. They discussed
the proposed mass x-ray program
Among the expanded health ser-
vices called for in the report of
the resolutions committee at the
Durham meeting was a program
which, when completed, would pro
vide for a cancer clinic within 50
miles of anv person in the state.
Other resolutions adopted from
the committee report included an
endorsement of the Blue Cross
Hospital savings plan, a request of
the General Assembly for ad
ditional state funds for health cen
ters, a request of the Medical Care
and Hospital Commission for equal
priority for the construction of
health centers, and a request of
the General Assembly that it pro
vide funds sufficient for the esab
lishing of a four-year dental school
at Chapel Hill in support of a re
quest alreaddy made for that
purpose by the N. C. State Dental
Firemen Extinguish Blaze
Near Fish Meal Plant
Beaufort firemen quicklv exting
uished a trash fire at the Fish
Meal co. in West Beaufort at 1:22
a.m. Saturday. There was no pro
perty damage. A trash pile con
sisting of junk lumber, bedding
and old rubber goods near the
boat Charles Mason, which is be
ing rebuilt, was the scene of the
Engine No. 2 answered the
alarm, and the fire was extinguish
ed using only the booster facilities
of the truck.
Aircraft on Parade for INavy
Pictured here are some of the
planes which will be on display at
Cherry Point on Navy Day, tomor
row. - ; ", ' .
Both Cherry Point and Camo
Lejeune, Marine corps bases in
this area, are having open house.
At Cherry Point there will be a
conducted tour at 10 o'clock of (he
giant aircraft overhaul and repair
75 Wild Geese Seen
In Flight Over Beanlort
Seventy-five wild geese, fol
lowing their leader northward
in the odd V formation were
seen over Beaufort at 10:30 yes
terday morning, reported Wat
lace Etyron,x of Sea Level, who
was attracted by their loud honk
ing as he was walking through
the town.
It was a beautiful sight he de
clared and added that the old
saying in these parts is that the
geese seen this early in the fall
mean a cold winter ahead.
Hallowe'en Frolic
To Begin At 6
Friday Night
The Hallow'e'cnfestival at More
head City school will begin at 0
o'clock Friday night, Mrs. Paul
Mitchell, chsirman, announced to
The main event will be selection
of a prince and princess in the pri
mary grades and in the grammar
grades and a king and queen in
senior high school.
Leading contenders, as of yes
terday, for the primary grade
crowns were David Nelson and
Cynthia Davis, for the grammar
grade crowns, Bill Dodd and Ann
Hardy, and for the senior high
school titles, Leslie Feaglc and
Shirley Keith.
Prizes will be offered for out
standing costumes, the best, most
original, most beautiful, and fun
niest. There will also be prizes for
Admission for a special program
in the high school auditorium will
be 15 and 25 cents. During this
program the princes and princess
es, king and queen will be crown
ed. Proceeds wrll be used to buv
2Wir. rfcttrns tor . the. auditorium.
I A ' . . . . .
MesTts,w1,11t e, on Mal";
The festival is being sponsored
by the PTA.
Petition Not Yet
In Hands of Gibbs
H. S. Gibbs, Carteret county's
representative in the General As
sembly, and destined to be the re
cipient of the petition being circu
lated with an aim toward abolish
ing gambling at the Cog race track
west of Morehead City, slated to
day that he has not as yet received
any such petition.
Members of the Coastal Minis
terial association, with whom the
petition originated, set Oct. 21 as
the date when ministers were to
return the papers, bearing signa
tures of county residents, to their
anti-gambling committee.
The Rev. C. M. Mitchell. Atlan
tic, chairman of the committee
which drafted the following pe
tition, has been away for the past
several days aid could not be
reached to make a report:
"We, the undersigned ' citizens
and residents of Carteret County,
respectfully request of Hon. H. S.
Gibbs, member of the General As
sembly, Session of 1949, that he
provide for the repeal of that part
of the law which permits gambling
at the greyhound race track in
Carteret County"
skC&&'J-'?dUJZ' Im 3f.jj Mitt
plant and other departments of
the station will be open to visitors.
The aircraft pictured above will
be on display near the operations
tower. Back row, left to right,
they are: BSC Curtis Commando
transport; F8F Grumman Tiger-
cat; F4U Chance Vaught Corsair,
County Members
Urged To Attend
PTA Conference
Mrs. E. B. Hunter, Char
lotte, to Deliver Main Ad
dress Member of cvrv I'arerl Teach
cr association in. the county .should
arrange to attend either the morn
ing or afternoon session of the an
nual conference of district 10 of
the North Carolina Congress ol
Parents and Teachers tomorrow t
Beaufort high school. Mrs. U'lph
Eudy. president of Beaufort's PTA
remarked today.
The morning session will itprn
at 10 o'clock and the afternoon
mcetine al 1:40, following lunch
at 12:40 in the school cafeteria.
Principal address in the morning
will h "The Child ami Mis Fu
ture" by Mrs. Ernest B. Hunter,
president of the North Carolina
Congress of Parents and Teachers.
Mrs. J. W. Burke, state PTA secre
tary, and Miss Genevieve Burton,
field secretary, will also speak.
Mrs. Burke's topic will be '"Parent-Teacher
Patterns" and Miss
Burton will deliver the address,
"Education for Responsible Par
enthood." During a discussion period be-
Mrs. E. B. Hunter
ginning at 12:10 Dr. J. D. Mcssick,
president of East Carolina Teach
ers college, will speak on family
responsibilities. Other speakers
at this time will be Mrs. V. J.
Stcll, Jr., membership goals, and
Mrs. Maude B. Foy, who will give
suggestions for room representa
tives. Charles VV. Phillips, public rcla
tions director al Woman's college,
Greensboro, will speak at 1:40 to
morrow afternoon on "PTA, the
Cooperative Way."
Reports will be given at 3 o'
clock. The Rev. T. R. Jenkins, pastor
of Ann Street Methodist church,
will open the day's meeting with
devotionals. Mrs. T. T. Potter of
the Beaufort PTA, and H. L. .los
lyn, county superintendent of
schools, will greet the district rep
resentatives. A business session
will precede Mrs. Hunter's ad
dress, Presiding at the conference will
be Mrs. J. Paul Davenport, dircc
tor of the 10th district. Other of
ficers are Mrs. J. C. Alexander,
See PTA Page 6
standard Marine Corps fighter;
R4D Douglas Skytrain transport;
Front row, left to right: JD1 Doug
las bomber used as' a tow plane;
SNJ Texan , trainer by North
American; JRB Beechcraft utility
plane; JRF amphibian; OY-1 ob-
servation plane; TBF Grumman
torpedo bomber;, and in front is
v r-.. ; , '
tnr.lmmi.iii,ii.ii.i..iiiiii liiii.nlB-ilwiiiiiiiriiirillirii iiihiii.i.m;.!, iMW ,tf
Fishermen along the beach are shown here hauling in part of the (uartcr-m:."jn round mu;;ct
catch last Wednesday. Fish houses in this area were i:o crowded that one of them in Morehead City
had to have a iruckload of mullet dumped on the s d( walk until the catch in the packing house could
be iced and boxed.
Mayors Meet at Charlotte;
G.W. Dill Jr. Eleeted to Board
Campaign Begins
For Band Funds
The month's drive for funds fur
the Morehead City school band
launched today by G. T. Wlndcll,
Letters have been sent to More
head City citizens requesting a con
tribution of $1 for membership ir
the Morehead City Band associa
tion. The appeal for support of the
band last year netted $335. SO. Mr
Winded states that an enlarged
"long-range program this year nec
essitates greater financial sup
In the letter te Morehead City
residents, Mr. Windell explained
the program as follows:
"Ralph Wade, who has had sev
eral successful years of experience
in this state and West Virginia, is
directing the band this year. He
is developing a program of activi
ties that merits the unified and un
qualified support of the entire
citizenship of Morehead City.
"In order to secure the services
Tf Mr. Wade it was necessary to as
sure him that the community
would give him loyal moral sup
port and financial aid as well. This
backing will make it possible to
develop an organization of which
all citizens can be justly proud."
Larger contributions than $1
will be accepted.
The band will provide music Fri
day nicht for the Hallowe'en fes
tival at the high school, the first
-vent in which it will appear pub
licly this year.
the FH-1 McDonnell "Phantom"
Jet fighter.
In memorial services Sunday at
the operations tower on the base
Navy and Marine corps dead were
honored. Flowers were put ' on
planes, flown to sea and dropped
on the water following the services.
in Mullet Taken in Beach Haul
"Democracy is at work in its
highest form in a municipality,"
Mayor (I. W. Dill of Morehead City
and others attending the North
Carolina League of Municipalities
recently in Chariot were told.
At this meeting Mayor Dill was
elected to the executive board of
the league. As director of the
second district he will represent
municipalities in the counties of
Onslow, Carteret, Jones, Craven,
Pamlico, Beaufort, and Hyde coun
ties. Carl H. Chatters, executive di
rector of the American Municipal
association, Chicago, told the re
presentatives of North Carolina
municipalities that democracy is at
its best in local city government
because the citizen can go directly
to the local authorities on matters
of concern.
Mr. Chatters was the speaker al
a luncheon in the Hotel Charlotte
at the 30th annual League of Muni
cipalities conference.
Mayoor and Mrs. Dill and Mrs.
George W. Dill, Sr., attended the
meeting. Mayor Dill served on the
nominating committee which re
turned the 1948-49 slate of League
officers and presided over the
Mayors and Governing Board Mem
bers group meeting. He pinch-hit
for E. L. White, mayor of Wilming
ton, in the presiding job.
The first night that Mayor Dill
and party spent in the Hotel Char
lotte, he said he was awakened
by the sirens of a four-alarm fire
but was told by hotel authorities
that the hotel was not in danger.
Next morning, he said, he was
startled when he learned that a
restaurant two doors from the
hotel had Burned to the ground.
The program at Camp Lejeune
tomorrow will include display of
combat equipment, captured Japa
nese equipment, concert by the
drum and bugle corps, showing of
battle -and training films, and a
football game between the second
combat service group and the sec
ond engineer battalion.
Morehead City JCs
Register 200 Voters
Two hundred Morehead City
voters have been registered so
far In th "Get Out the Vote"
eampaigit being pressed by the
Jaycees, H. S. Gibbs, Jr., chair
man, reported yesterday. , More
will be registered this week, he
The 200 names were turned in
to the registrar Saturday, he re
ported, after 10 of the Jaycees
completed their assignments.
More canvassing is being done
by members of the Junior Cham
ber this week in areas which
have not been covered. The
campaign will end Friday, when
the registrar's books will be
Jaycees arc sponsoring the
registering of voters in an effort
to get citizens to vote Nov. Z.
County Liquor Sales Last
Nonth Totaled $53,863.40
Carteret county Alcoholic Board
of Control report listed gross sales
at $53,863.40 for September, with
a gross profit of $14,134.32 and
an estimated net profit of $4,127.
45. In the allocation of profits from
the liquor sales, the town of More
head City and the Morehead City
hospital each received $591.10, the
town of Beauufort received $774 83
and the town of Newport was al
lotcd .$507.22.
The cost of the merchandise sold
by the ABC stores of the county
in September was $39,729.08. The
stock on hand is valucud at $104,
Home Agent Announces
Club Meeting Schedule
Home Demonstration club meet
ings for this week have been an
nounced by Mrs. Carrie Gillikin.
home demonstration agent, as fol
lows: Russell's Creek, 7:30 tonight at
the home of Mrs. W. G. Simpson.
Camp Glenn. 2:30 tomorrow aft
ernoon with Mrs. Abbott Morris;
Williston, 7:30 tomorrow night in
the community building.
Wildwood, 2:30 Thursday after
noon With Mrs. Jack Bell.
Tide Table
Tuesday, Oct. 26
2:05 AM 8:24 AM
2:40 PM 9:20 PM
Wednesday, Oct. 27
3:17 AM n am
3:48 FM 10:20 PM
Thursday, Oct. 28 I
4:24 AM 10:49 AM
4:50 PM 11:13 PM
Friday, Oct. 29
5:25 AM 11:50 AM
5:47 PM 12 midnight
Quarter of
Calck Comes
By Aycock Brown
Cooler weather coming as the
October full moon began lo wane
resulted in the best mullet catches
of the se:isnn last week. On Wed
nesday, approximately one quarter
million pounds of the valuable
food were landed by crews
operating along the beach of
Uomie Hanks and the inlets.
This was reported to he the
largest catch of food fish made in
a single day this season. Old tim
ers who each autumn spend their
time mullet hauling believed it
would be the last major catch of
the season. The catches of Wed
nesdiy at current prices (about 10
cents per pound) was worth $'ir).
000 to the fishermen.
The mullet catch came about to
days or two weeks after the liia haul of spot, another valued
food fish, was made in the same
area. On one day, more than lliO.
000 pounds of snot had been made
along Bogue Banks mostly by
Salter Path fishing crews.
Most of the mullet taken during
the big haul Wednesday were iced,
packed and shipped fresh. Many
thousand pounds were dressed
and then corned for winter con
sumption. Large and small mullet were in
the Wednesday catches. The larg
er fish contained large and val
uable roe, which to a native of the
coast is considered more of a deli
cacy than Russian caviar (from
sturgeon) or the red eggs of sal
mon. Roe from mullet are usual
ly corned and then sun-cured and
persons who like the delicacy pay
fancy prices for it.
During the cool weather which
arrived Wednesday the waters of
Beaufort Inlet and the surf of
Bogue Banks were literally alive
with mullet. They Wom .headku
for the deep sea or southern wat
ers when they ran afoul the fish
ermen's nets.
Suspension Period
Split for Driver
John Weathington of Swansboro
was successful in getting a suspen
sion of his driver's license for
i speeding reduced from one year
to six months at a hearing before
a slate department of Motor vehi
cles official in the law office of
Wiley Taylor, Jr., Beaufort, Fri
day. Mr. Taylor conducted the
hearing which was based on the
plea of hardship in the conduct
of Weathington's work.
Mr. Weathington was found guil
ty of speeding in excess of 75 MI'H
at the Aug. 23 recorders court. A
record of the conviction was sent
to the Department of Moort Ve- j
hides, and Mr. Weathington's ope
rator's license was revoked as of
Aug. 23.
Pleading for an immediate rein
statement of his driver's license,
Mr. Weathington was told by Mr.
Peel, a representative of the
hearings division of the State
motor vehicle department, that he
had broken "one of the Ten Com
mandments" of motor vehicle law
and that the action he requested
would be unfair to the 1200 or
1300 other violators who have their
Coastal Enterprisers Considet
Building Ocean Toll Highway
NAGS HEAD A modern hard
surfaced toil road. Eastern Ameri
ca's first ocean highway, will be
built in the near future along the
Outer Banks between Nags Head
and Virginia Beach if plans of a
corporation formed here recently
Under the plans discussed, the
highway which would eliminate
certain existing "dead ends" and
pass through world famous hunt
ing, fishing and recreational terri
tory, would not cost the State of
North Carolina one penny.
Plans for the toll road were an
nounced when business men of
North Carolina, Virginia, Dela
ware, New York and other states
meeting at the Carolinian Hotel
here organized the Carolina-Virginia
Coastal Corporation and
named Wayland J. Sermons, Wash
ington, N. C, as its president.
other officers of the organ iza-
tion, which will be a closed cor
poration with an authorized capi
tal of $500,000, include Sidney
Banks, president of The Cavalier
Million Pound
ivith Cold Snap
Havelock Motorist
Lands in Two
Mayor's Courts
A not so merry chase through
the streets of Beaufort at 1 a.m.
Saturday, through two red traffic
lights, down one-way Craven st.
tin- wrong wav. across lo Morehead
City, and fiunlly a collision at 1811)
and Bridges sts , while Beaufort
police officer, W. C. darner, gave
pursuit, landed Leonard West, of
Ilavclock, in the mayor's court of
both towns yesterday, lie was fin
ed $25 and costs in the Beaufort
It all began when Mr Garner
saw the car driven by Mr. West
zig zagging down the street at high
speed and speeding around cor
ners. For 30 minutes the chase
was on, with Mr. Garner driving
the Beaufort police car. siren
screaming. The Havelock driver
paced him at 50 to 60 miles per
hour, the Beaufort officer said,
never going under 50. At one turn,
he said he felt the police ;ar go 1
up on two wheels.
Mr. Garner said he overtook
West's automobile several times
but was unable to make the driver
The, Morehead City police had
heard the siren and were prepar
ing to block off the speeder when
he rammed into the automobile of
Douglas Wade, Morehead City,
which was crossing at the inlcr
soctlon of 18th and Bridges, -
A companion of Wcst'a Jumped"
nut of the car and ran following
the collision, but West climbed out
and crawled under the car, Garner
reported. The policeman said he
had to crawl under the car to ar
rest him.
Released on $150 bond. West's
case was dismissed in Morehead
City mayor's court yesterday. He
was charged with failure to st6p
at the intersection of 18th and
Bridges. There is no stop sign
there, it was revealed in court, fie
then faced charges of speeding,
reckless driving, and failure to
stop at two red lights in Beaufort
mayor's court, was found guilty. .
Mr. Wade's car was reported to
have been badly damaged in the
collision, with only slight injury
to the occupants and slight damage
to West's car.
Other cases coming 'before
Mayor Hasscil in Beaufort were
dealt with as follows: for public
drunkenness, John Marshall, $7.50
and costs; Jesse Anderson; $7.56
and costs; Annie Mae Smith, $7.50
and costs; Rufus Farr, $7.50 and
costs; for drunken driving, Robert
Powell was bound over to rceor
dcr's court on $150 bond; for sam
ple assault, Cassie Brown pleaded
guilty, was fined $5 and costs; for
assault and battery, Richard Bar;
rctt was found guilty, fined $5 and
costs. i,
In the last case the defendant
was charged with assault on Viol
Henry, that he "did assault this
affiant by dragging her against her
will from the street and did beat
and stomp her, tearing her clothes
Hotel, Virginia Beach, as vice-prest
ident; Rep. Sterling Cole of New
York and Washington, secretary,
and Capt. L. H. Garrison, of New
Castle, Del., president and general
manager of the Virginia Ferry Cor
poration, as treasurer.
From a toll standpoint, the high
way would operate similarly to ex
isting scenic toll roads in the
Grandfather Mountain and Chim
ney Rock regions of western North
Carolina. Extending for a distance
of 57 miles, (20 in Virginia and 37
in North Carolina) the toll road,
would pass through privately own
ed property adjacent to the Atlaflp
tic Ocean in the Back Bay region
of Vrginia and the Currituck ana
Dare County coast in this State.'.
Right of ways have already been"
obtained over much of the prop
erty through which the highway
would pass and other property'
owners are being contacted by
representatives of the corporation;
for building the scenic ocean high
See HIGHWAY Page ..,','

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