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Astronoaical Dsla
Moon Rises Tomorrow 4:15 AM
Moon Seta Today S:22 PM
Sun Rise Tomorrow 7:99 AM
Sun Sett Today 4:58 PM
A Merger el TEE EEACFC3T NEWS (Established 1912) and THE TWEI CITY TMES (Established 1938)
38th YEAR NO. 61.
It's Laughable to Call That Strip
Of Mud Leading to Merrimon a fRoad'
CROP Receives
$221 In Donations
Congregations Contribute
Food; B & M Railroad
Provides Box Car
Two hundred twenty-one dollars
in cash has been contributed to
the county Christian Rural Over
seas program, B. J. May, chairman,
announced yesterd?y.
Fifteen dollars has been con
tributed by i the First Baptist
church, Beaufort, in addition to
food, $45 came from the Woodville
Missionary Baptist church and the
Welcome Home Freewill Baptist
church at Bettie, $1 from North
Rivei colored school, and $160 has
been contributed by the First
Methodist church, Morehead iCty.
Food was collected at all church
es throughout the county Sunday.
Contributions have' already come
in from Salter Path, North River
and Bogue colored schools. Can
ned foods and other foodstuffs
packaged in cartons or cellophane
will be collected today at More
head City school.
Through the courtesy of the
Beaufort and Morehead City rail
road, and James Fodrie, freight
agent, a box car will be placed on
the siding at S. M. Jones ware
house this week and remain there
until the food is ready for ship
ment to Norfolk.
Contributions from throughout
the county should be in the ware
house no later than Saturday. Food
items at the various collection
points in Beaufort and Morehead
City will be picked up Friday or
Appliance company an Whiteway
laundry, Morehead City, have of
fered the use of their trucks in the
collection. .
Mr. May requested that store
owners save corrugated ; cartons
and contribute them to CROP so
that they may be used for packing
the food.;;-;. ,- . :- - ;
The ' secretary of . agriculture,
Charles F. Brannsn, said recently
in regard to overset relief "pro
grams, '"Despite the Improvement
that has taken place, the people
of many lands still need our help
help in the form of food to sup
plement their own production. Al
though grain production in West
ern Europe this year is up to pre
war levels, the population in this
area has increased so that, on a
per capita basis, production still is
10 percent below prewar.
"Average food consumption in
Europe now, in terms of calories
represents recovery to a point a
bout halfway between the very
low levels of last year and the av
erage consumption before the war.
"There Is still a long way to go
and many countries must continue,
to look to the United States for as
See CROP Page 4
Atlantic Han'
. Herman Blythe, Atlantic, re
ceived a severe back injury earlj
Thursday morning when the cat
in which he was riding collided
with another car parked on high
w'sy 70 two miles east of Beaufort
Crissie May Gaskill, Sea Level,
also in the same car with Blythe
received minor lacerations about
the mouth, but was discharged af
ter being treated at Morehead iCty
hospital. Blythe Is reported to- be
in fair condition.' ;
Driver of the 1948 Kaiser in
which the injured man was a pas
senger, was Garland Mason Morris,
Atlantic. The Kaiser, proceeding
to Beaufort,1 rounded a curve, skid
ded, went off the left side of the
road, returned to the road, turned
completely around and crashed in
to the 1948 Chevrolet parked . on
the shoulder of the highway.
Driver of the Chevrolet was
Aubrey Grayden Lewis, Marshall
berg, who had stopped to pick up
a pedestrian, Andrew Ipock, of
Beaufort route U Neither Lewis
' nor Ipock was Injured. '
The Chevrolet was damaged
' slightly and the Kaiser was dam
aged to the extent of $179
Beaufort police removed the In
jured to the hospital .
R. M. Fowler, state highway pa
trolman who investigated the. acci
dent reported that it was raining
and h?.;hway conditions were bad
at the time of tv wreck.
In jured In Wreck
By Kutn reeling
.Soon after coming to Carteret
county in the early spring of 1946,
I learned of the Merrimon "road,"
a strip of sand, mud, saltwater,
muck, and mire intended to serve
as i thoroughfare from Hardesty's
corner on route 70 to Merrimon
and the South River section.
Time after time residents of that
area have gone before county
'ommissionern and requested that
late aid be obtained to make the
road at least usable, if not hard
surfaced. During the past summer
Mile trucks have been working a
long the road, hauling dirt and
dumping it here and dumping it
there. In the length of time this
activity has been going on it seems
w though nothing, absolutely
nothing, has been accomplished
ind the road is. far from being
Appearing below is a letter from
a resident of Merrimon, Mrs. Mil
dred S. Lawrence, one of the lead
ers in the fight to make govern
ment officials recognize that Mer
rimon is a part of Carteret county
and a part of the state of North
Carolim. and that therefore the
citizens of that community are en
titled to all their rights including
good roads.
To those of you who arc not fa
miliar with the Merrimon road, I
can assure you that Mrs. Law
rence's statements below are not
manufactured out of thin air. On
a trip from Merrimon in August,
my car had to be pulled out of
mire one foot deep less than one
mile from Hardesty's store. All
the way to and from Merrimon I
expected to bog down in the goo
any minute. It took service sta
tion attendants two hours to clean
the car, remove mud that had even
covered the engine and spattered
Inside through the windows.
Tun waWb man mitmnioA an.
"frTOfiir7Merrt but-m
up when the car, slithered danger
ously through the muck and close
to the ditch at the side.
With hope, hope that we believe
will not be in vain, THE NEWS
TIMES is forwarding this issue of
the paper to Governor-elect Kerr
Scott ' We think he would have to
look far throughout the state to
find a "road" such as the one to
Merrimon that has been in deplor
able condition as long and for
which so much has been promised
and so little done.
Following is the letter received
by THE NEWS-TIMES from Mrs.
" '. . . we were told by county
officers several years ago that a
federal appropriation hid been
made for the hard-surfacing of the
Cedar Island, Harkers Island, and
Merrimon roads.. Mr. Jimmie
Guthrie published a dissertation ir
your paper more than two years
ago on our road. He had been mis
informed that our road was being
surfaced before Harkers Island's
was completed and was asking
what sins the Islanders had com
mitted to deserve such treatment.
I answered Mr. Guthrie's article.
I evidently relieved his worries,
for I received no answer. I as
sured him that the equipment
placed on the North River end of
the road was only pre-election
promises again. The equipment
was removed on election day!
But going back to that federal
aid, there were three or four coun
ty officers who would speak to me
concerning the road every time 1
vould see them. Then about a
ear ago when a group from here
ippealed to the county commis
Uoners they had forgotten thai
such a subject had ever been men
Joned. . , ;
I'm going to skip the pest now
ind come up to the present spurt
A number of trucks have been
hauling dirt for months and plac
ing it on the road. During the
fry summer months it was hard
enough to get, through the road
but we endured and hoped for
iidn't happen. Each week a new
rumor came out: "We're going to
start pouring next week." That
week hasn't come. No surfacing
has been done yet.
Then the rains started. On No
vember 4, Mr., George' Tosto wss
shot. In a dying condition he had
See ROAD Page t
; t:u c::?j:tl:.:s
CROP Provides Them With
7 0
Unable to conceal their anticipation, these youngsters, at a dis
placed persons camp in Germany, crowd eagerly around the brick
sided stove in the school feeding center to watch the large pot of
soup cook. Several such food centers in various parts of Western
Europe are made possible by the contributions of church people in
America through the Christian Rural Overseas Program which is
sponsoring the North Carolina Friendship Train.
Inspection Lane Dne
In Morehead City Friday
Owners of 1941 and 1949 mo
del vehicles must hnve them in
spected by Dec. 31. 1948, accord
ing to the state department of
motor vehicles regulations.
Inspection lane No. 36 will
visit Carteret county this week
for the last time this year. It
will be in Morehead City Friday,
Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday,
opening at-S a.m. each day and
closing at 5 p.m. with the ex
ception of Saturday when it will
close at noon.
It will be located ia front of
the Municipal building on 8th
TB Field Worker
Visits In County
Conferring with health officials
today in the health department of
fices will be Miss Lulabelle High
smith, field worker for the tuber
culosis division of the state health
department. She will discuss pre
parations for the proposed mass
X-ray in this county which will be
undertaken if sufficient funds are
obtained in the current tubercu
losis Christmas seal sale.
Dr. William A. Smith, director
of the tuberculosis division of the
State board of health, will visit the
local health office this week.
He will meet Saturday with Dr.
N. Thomas Ennett, county health
)fficer, and Stanley Woodland,
president of ' the Carteret county
uberculosis association. They, too,
will discuss the , free X-ray pro
?ram. -:.:. : ' . ,; .'
The mobile unit, a trailer equip
ped with X-ray machine, is expect
3d to come to this county early in
1940. -:.v.;
Mrs. Leota Hammer and Mrs.
Mildred Spivey, public health
lurses, went to New Bern yester
day to attend a conference on
nurses' work in tuberculosis control.-...-;
: t .
To date collections in the county
tuberculosis fuad campaign are be
low those for the same period last
Collections as of yesterday
amounted to $752.90 as compared
with $804.85 last Christmas season.
Salad 1943 Vehicle Tajs
teller Than Last Year's
i The sale of 1949 vehicle' tags Is
better than last year at this time,
according to Mrs. W. M. Dye, in
charge of the sales at the W. M.
Dye garage, Arendell street," More
head City. . : ...
License tags are issued each
weekday from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m.
and on Saturday' from 9 a.m. until
1 p.m. The office will close from
Friday, Dec, 24, to and Including
Wednesday, Dec. 29. , . j
. -
51948 'j
Buy TB Christmas Seals
r V-l' :,i:ww,!f'ifl'" ww'
Lawyer Comments
On Editorial View
Wiley Taylor, Jr., attorney of
the v Beaufort Athletic association,
commented yesterday on the edi
torial which appeared Friday in
THE NEWS TIMES in recant-to
-the lease presented U) the JpoattK
of lid urn (inn for their annrnval I
1 w i - - -. i
The lease provides for the ren
tal of the Beaufort ball diamond,
located on school property, by the
Athletic association at $500 plus
9 per cent of gross receipts over
THE NEWS-TIMES editorial
pointed out certain weaknesses in
the lease and recommended that
the county attorney be consulted
in regard to what action the board
of education should take.
Mr. Taylor stated that "peculiar
interpretations' were put on the
lease by the editorial. He said in
regard to the newspaper's com
ment that the proposed stadium
could burn and the debris left for
the school to remove that a con
crete and steel stadium and fence
could not burn, and if it did there
would be sufficient insurance car
ried to cover suueh. loss, thus en
abling the damaged property to be
The editorial pointed out that
the lease did not stipulate whe
ther the lessor or lessee would de
fine what use of the property
would be "unlawful or offensive."
The attorney said that the uses
to which ' the property would be
put were agreed upon verbally be
tween the Athletic association and
the Beaufort school board of trus
tees before that body signed the
lease and recommended its ap
proval by the county board of edu
cation. The county board stated Monday
a week ago that it would make' its
decision on renting the property
to the Athletic group at its Jan
uary meeting.
Rotarians Hear
Marine Officer
Lt. L. T. Iglehart of the public
Information office, Cherry Point
Marine Air base, spoke to More
head City Rotarians Thursday
night on the necessity for better
ing relationships between More
head City and the air base. ; ;
He emphasized that there isn't a
particularly poor relationship now,
but stated thatnore could be done
by both to establish a feeling of
Because Marine personnel are
transients, he said that they want
to experience as much as possible
the feeling of permanency, where
they ire stationed, even though
may be for only one or two years.
Efforts are being made, tha lieu
tenant remarked, to .have more ci
vilians attend sports events at 4he
base. Following the meeting Ro
tarians expressed approval of Lieu
tenant Igleshart's remarks and ef
fort will be made to better rela
tionships, they agreed., n
2V I
County Leaders
Attend Meeting
At Hotel Kinston
Representatives to General
Assembly Hear Explana
tion of Ports Program
Dan L. Walker, manager of the
Beaufort Chamber of Commerce,
Robert G. Lowe, executive secre
tary of the Morehead City Cham,
ber of Commerce, Dr. John Morris,
and Dr. B. F. Royal, Morehead City,
attended a meeting at Kinston last
night where state legislators were
informed of the state ports deve
lopment program.
Col. G. W. Gillette, executive
director of the State Ports author
ity, and Sen. J. M. Broughton at
tended the meeting which followed
a dinner in the Hotel Kinston.
Sen. Clyde R. Ilocy, of Shelby,
former governor, commented in a
recent letter to Colonel Gillette
that expansion and modernization
of North Carolina's natural ports
facilities "will broaden the stale's
economic scope and react to the
distinct advantage of every class
and every region."
The letter reads:
"I am greatly interested in pro
posals to expand and modernize
the natural ports resources of
North Carolina, and believe that
all forward-looking citizens should
support the project, for the bene
fit of every section of the state,
lt is my opinion that a compre
hensive and competently adminis
tered ports program will broaden
North Carolina's distinct advantage
of every class and every region.
"Surveys have been made and
statistics gathered by those active
ly engaged in furthering the port
.pspcram. k which sUaw, ihst ot
many years our sister slates on the
Atlantic and Gulf coasts have been
reaping a golden harvest of dollars
at North Carolina's expense, be
cause they saw long ago the ad
vantages to be gained by furnish
ing their port cities adequate and
modern facilities for the handling
of water-borne commercial traffic."
lusters Plan
Legislative Action
The Rev. C. Maness Mitchell,
chairman of the Coastal Ministerial
association's social action commit
tee, reported at the meeting of the
group yesterday morning in the
civic center, Morehead City, that
plans are being made to obtain the
name of every legislator in the
general assembly and work through
them to obtain the action desired
by the ministers on the state's
gambling, beer, and wine laws.
At present no petition is being
circulated by i the ministers in re
gard to eliminating the ABC stores
in Carteret' county,- an official
stated following the meeting.
The association endorsed the
Christian Rural Overseas program
and members pledged their full
Kiipport in collecting food during
the coming week.
The. Rev. H. L. Harrell, presi
dent, appointed the following to
serve on the committee to draw
up bylaws and rules for the organ
ization: Rev. L. A. Tilley, chair
man, the Rev. J. C. Griffin, and
the Rev. R. L. Lawrence.
The morning's talk was given by
Mr. Griffin who spoke on "The
Doctrine of the Holy Spirit in the
Holy Scriptures."
Jet Plane Makes Forced
Landing at Beaufort Field
. . . i -
Capt. Daniel H. Johnson, USMC,
escaped injury Wednesday after
noon when the jet plane he war
piloting made a forced landing at
Beaufort airport.
The engines cut out on Johnson
approximately 10 miles northeast
of Beaufort and he came in at
5,000 feet in a glide. The right
gear came off the plane, nose, and
right wing were damaged and the
fuselage wrinkled. The, pilot was
The plane, a McDonald FH2,
was removed from the field Friday
morning and taken to Cherry
Point air base.
Auxiliary Makes $100
The woman's auxiliary of Jones
Austin Post No. 2406 cleared $100
on their recent Christmas bazaar.
They held their annual Christmas
party Wednesday evening at the
American Legion hut and recently
sent money to the hospital at Fay
ettivUle for gifts for veterans.
Little Theatre will Present Comedy
'Dear Ruth'
Important Christmas Official Arrives
RiiwiMiignTimwimMrninfiTliTiiiriiMi -UimiinnTi miiri tmi r n mm jJjH
iT - T - T -
Santa sails Into Beaufort On his yacht the Mistletoe. Piled on
the cabin behind him are some of the hundreds of toys that will be
distributed to the boys and girls in Carteret county on Christmas
Eve. As for the parade in Beaufort Wednesday afternoon, he
chuckled, "It was the 'royalest' welcome I've ever received!"
Photo by Roy Eubanks
Jaycecs, Nurses Clear More
Than $500 on ( Capers9 Show
360 Pound Bear
Shot At Newport
One of the biggest bears ever
taken lit Carteret county was shot
by Walter and B. G. Foster, both
3f Tennessee, at 0:30 Friday morn
ing at the head of Deep creek in
the Newport section.
The black bear, weighing approx
imately 300 pounds, was dragged
out of the woods by the hunters
ind taken to Newport where it
drew crowds of spectators.
B. G. Foster was using a .32 Win
Chester Special and Walter Foster
a .233 Savage. Three shots felled
the animal which was running on
all fours, chased by three dogs.
The shots entered his back, left
side and head.
Other members of the hunting
parly were Britt Foster, Roger
Foster, and Carl Storey, all of
Lynn, N. C, H. V. Plott, Bill Plott,
Gecrge Plott, Boone Scntclle, Har
ry Sentelle, Gwyn Scntclle, all of
Waynesville, and W. D, Allen and
Sidney Hill, Newport.
Walter Foster is a resident of
Columbus, Polk county, Tcnn., and
B. G. Foster lives at Gatlinburg,
A picture of the bear and hunt
ers will appear in Friday's paper.
PTA To Hear
Christinas Music
Members of the Beaufort Parent
Teacher association and others
who wish to attend the regular
meeting at 8 o clock tonight in the
Beaufort school auditorium will
hear Christmas music presented by
the school's choral groups, under
the direction of Mrs. Charles Has-
sell, music instructor.
The glee club will appear In
their new maroon robes which
were purchased the latter part of
the 1047-48 school year. The
graded school choir will wear
white robes.
In the glee club are 53 students
and in the choir of younger pupils
are 43 boys and girls.
The glee club will visit homes
of shut-ins and sing carols for
them the evening of Monday, Dec.
20. Names of sick persons who
would like the group to pay them
a visit khould inform Mrs. Hassell
at the school or at home, B 394-2,
as soon as possible.
After carolling, the group will
go to the Scout building on Pol
lock street for a party. ,
Boberl L Lacks Awarded
Two Prizes Saturday
Robert L. Hicks, 3107 Arendell,
was double winner Saturday when
Morehead City merchants awarded
Christmas cash prizes to shoppers.
' Mr. Hicks one a $10 and a $20
prize. George Lawrence, 1401
Shackleford street, won $50; Mrs.
Minnie Gaskill, 1309 Bay street,
won $100 and Jame't'W. Salter.
Newport route I won $20.
at 8 Tomorrow Night
"1r - irtr - i i-ffi
Approximate figure on the pro
fit made by the Morehead City
Jaycees and the County Register
ed Nurses' club on "Hollywood
Capers" is well over $100, accord
ing to reports made yesterday.
Morehead City school auditori
um was packed to overflowing. By
curtain-time the "Standing Room
Only" sign wan out
Every "actrese tuYneVf in alel
lar performance, but Betty Grable,
played by Skinner Chalk, won the
beauty contest and was presented
with a bouquet of red roses.
Dr. John W. Morris, president of
the Chamber of Commerce, was
then accorded the honor of a dance
with beauteous Betty, climaxing
the evening that was as much fun,
apparently, to the actresses as it
was to the audience.
Opening member was a song and
tap dance duet by Paula Jones and
Ann, Owens, Beaufort.
In the cast were the following:
master of ceremonies, George W.
Dill, Jr., rockcttes, R. W. Stamper,
Dalton Adams, George Adams,
Charles Willis, Quincy Stimpson,
Cecil Adams, Colie Hepler, Alfred
Cooper, Sam Guthrie, and Dave
Battle Webb.
The Ziegfield Girls, who came
closest to stealing the show as
any, were Duffy Roe, McDonald
Willis, Sr., Alvin Garner, Sam Ad
ler, Clyde Jones, and John Mema
kis. Mills Brothers, Bobby Bell,
Ethan Davis, Stamey Davis, and
James Willis.
Other stars were Red Skelton,
Ethan Davis, William Powell, Mac
Collins, Al Jolson, James Willis,
Cary Grant, Ben Alford, Ray Mil
land, Bill Flowers, Tyrone Power,
Paul Branch, Fred Astaire, Walter
Mickey Rooney, Ansil Chapin,
Van Johnson, James Murdoch,
Gary Cooper, Kenneth Wagner,
Clark Gable, Bob Williams, Henri,
Floyd Chadwick, Pierre, Charles
Stanley, Kate Smith, Bobby Bell.
Yvonne de, Carlo, Jack Stallings,
Maureen O'Sullivan, Nick Gallan
tis, Lana Turner, Bill Chalk, Do
rothy Lamour, Dave Styron, Betty
Grable, Skinner Chalk, Carmen Mi
randa, Walter Lewis, Hedy La
marr, Jerry Willis.
Hazel Scott, E. M. Dewey, Myrna
Loy, Arthur Lewis, Ginger Rogers,
H. S. Gibbs, Jr., Ingrid Bergman,
Sam Hatcher, Paulette Goddard,
Frank Moran, Lauren Bacall, Coo
lidge Merrill, Veronica Lake, Lee
Rita Hayworth, Bernard Leary,
Greta Garbo, Frank Hatton, Esther
Williams, Warren Beck, Margaret
O'Brien, Joe Hall, and Judy Gar
land, L. G. Dunn.
The play was directed by Miss
Tressa Vickers, president of the
Nurses' club. . .
Tide Table
Tuesday, Dee. U
6:29 AM 12:08 AM
6:41 PM 1:02 PM
Wednesday, Dec. 15
?:12 AM - 12:03 AM
7:26 PM 1:47 PM
Thursday, Dec. 1$
7:35 AM , 1:33 AM
8:14 PM ' 2:31 PM
Friday, Dec. 17
8:40 AM 2:18 AM
9:01 PM ' 8:17 PM
Norman Krosna's smash comedy
hit, "Dear Ruth," will be presented
at 8 o'clock tomorrow night in the
Morehead City school auditorium
by the New Bern Little Theater
under the auspices of the local
Little Theater.
The play, in two acts, takes place
in the living room of the Wilkins
home, Kew Gardens, Long Island,
and covers a period of two days.
Members of the cast are at
follows: Dora, Eleanor Carr; Mrs.
Edith Wilkins, Grace McDaniel;
Miriam Wilkins, Dottic Allen;
Judge Harry Wilkins, Frank Fa
gan; Ruth Wilkins, Janet Latham.
Lt. William Scawright, James
Lucas; Albert Kummer, Tuck Tuck
er; Martha Seawright, Apple Bol
ton; Sgt. Chuck Vincient, Jimmie
DisscI, and Harold Klobbermeycr,
George Smith.
On the production staff are the
following: Barbara Brock, director,
Sibyl Jenkins, stage manager; Eva
Jarvis, assistant stage manager;
Betty Aberly, stage sclting; Bever
ly Benners, properties; Kay Tur
ner, George Smith, and J. B. Daw
son, publicity'
Gerald Colvin, tickets; Jack
Carr, lighting; Oliver Jacobs, make
up; Joe Pinner, call boy; Theresa
Sliipp. Lydia Allen, Lillic Willis,
and Virginia McSorlcy, hostesses".
Patchwork WiU
Require Two More
Weeks On Evans
The patchwork on Evans street,
Morehead City, will consume more
time than wriginaHjrplanned and
patching alone isnt expected (b be
complete for two more weeks, men
on the job reported this morning.
Removal of the bumps in the
street began a week ago at the
east end but the bumps grow pro
gressively worse with each block
westward, workmen say.
Bulging seams are first removed
by a drill and then filled in to
street level with asphalt. A large
patch of asphalt has been laid di
rectly east of 8th street to bring a
depression there up to grade. ;
Tile drain pipe is being placed
along the north side of the street
where water drains from Arendell
and then lies in puddles, causing
deterioration of the present street
surface. '
One day has been lost due to
rainy weather since work began
on .the street. i
Superintendent on the job is'O.
L. Russ. Contractor is Z. A. Snee
den's Sons, New. iBern.
Cost of the paving will be met
with Morehead City's share of re
venue from the dog race track
which closed its first full season
early last fall.
Heal Official
To Speak Here
. .
On their tour throughout the
state to North Carolina's various
medical societies Dr. J. W. Norton,
state health officer, and Dr. J,. F.
Robertson, president of the state
medical society, will visit Carteret
county tomorrow night. tii;
They will attend the December ,
meeting of the Carteret County
Medical society at 8 o'clock in the
Morehead City hospital. Dr.: Nor
ton will be the speaker and will
discuss trends in public health as
well as the need for expansion-pf
local public health services.
He will point out that this ex
oansion can - be obtained onjy
through an increased appropria
tion from the state at the 1949
meeting of the legislature. V.
Guests at the meeting will in
clude Roscoe D. McMillan, Red
Springs, secretary of the State Me
dical society, Mayor G. W. Dill,
Morehead City, Mayor L. W. Has
sell, Beaufort, H. L. Joslyn, county
superintendent of schools, and D.
L. (Libby) Ward, state senator
from the seventh senatorial dis
trict v
Dr. N. Thomas Ennett, county
health officer, will introduce Dr. "
Norton. President of the local me-.
dical society is Dr. John W. Morris,
Methodist Stewards Meet ii rj
Stewards of the Ann Street Me
thodist Church met with Mr. m V
Mrs. R. M. William for their
monthly meeting on Tuesday. ,. ,
After the business discussion a
social hour was held with refresh
ments of fruit cake and coffee, . .

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