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Astronomical Data
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Moon Rises Tomorrow .. 2:28 AM
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A Merger o! TEE BEAUFORT NEWS (Established 1912) and THE TWIN CITY TIMES (Established 1936)
38th YEAR NO. 64.
Health Office
Plans TB Meeting
Friday, Jan. 10
Group Will Discuss Mass
X-Ray, Siaie Field Direc
tor lo Attend
A county-wide meeting to ex
plain the proposed mass X-ray of
residents in Carteret county will be
held at 7 o'clock Friday night, Jan.
7, in the court house, Dr. N. Tho
mas Ennctt, health officer, has an
nounced. Attending this meeting will be
leaders from the communities
throughout the county and Miss
Lulabelle Highsmith, field director
in mass X-ray work.
Stanley Woodland, president of
the Carteret County Tuberculosis
association, Mrs. Martha Loftin,
secretary, and Wiley Taylor. Jr..
chairman of the tuberculosis seal
sale, will be present. Between 1(H)
and 200 persons arc expected, Vc.
Ennctt commented.
"This is the most mportant
meeting in connection with the
mass Xray program," he said.
Funds received from the seal sale
will be used to finance the visit of
the mobile X-ray unit here.
In connection with the program,
Dr. W. A. Smith, director of the
tuberculosis division, state board
of health, will speak to doctors of
the county at the January meeting
of the Carteret County Medical
society, Monday, Jan. 10.
Rotarians Give
Party For Wives
Beaufort -Kotariamr niertaina
their wives at a Christmas party
Tuesday night at the Inlet inn.
A turkey dinner was served on
tables decorated ' with miniature
Christmas trees and red candles.
A large Christmas tree was put up
in the dining room by the decora
tion committee, headed by R. M.
Dr. N. Thomas Ennett gave the
address cf welcome to which .Mrs.
T. R. Jenkins responded. The Rev.
W. Y. Stewart humorously describ
ed Rotary organization, the Rev.
Winfrey Davis read a portion of
scripture and the Rev. T. R. Jenk
ins, program chairman, gave a
short talk on the meaning of
Mr. Jenkins conducted games
and stunts, one in which Jack Oak
ley, John Steed, and James Davis
selected "mamas," Mrs. John
Steed, Mrs. C. E. Paden, and Mrs.
V William Martin. The mothers
"dressed" their "sons" and then
fed them milk out of a bottle.
The men received mechanical
pencils as favors and the women
were presented with boxes of can
dy. The dinner menu consisted of
grapefruit, turkey, dressing, mash
ed potatoes, peas, cranberry sauce,
rolls, fruit salad, ice cream in
Christmas tree molds, and coffee.
Guests at the party were Mr.
and Mrs. E. Slamcy Davis, More
head City.
Tide Table
Friday, Dec. 24
2:40 AM 9:11 AM
2:59 PM '9.25 PM
Saturday, Dec. 25
3:44 AM 10:16 AM
3:59 PM 10:22 PM
Sunday, Dec. 26
4:44 AM 11:21 AM
4:59 PM 11:17 PM
Monday, Dec. 27
5:39 AM 12:00 AM
5:55 PM 12:17 PM
Tuesday, Dec. 28
6;32 AM
0:49 PM
12:09 AM
1:09 PM
Wednesday, Dec. 29
7:22 AM 12:59 AM
7:37 PM 1:06 PM
Thursday, Dec. 30
8:07 AM 1:46. AM
8:22 PM , 2:40 PM
Friday, Dec. 31
8:49 AM 2:30 AM
9:06 PM , 3:21 PM
Churches Will Observe
Beaufort Girls Down Oriental
Taking lOlh Straight Victory
Newport School
Principal Lists
Honor Pupils
R. L. Pruit, principal of New
port Consolidated school, has re
ported the following honor pupils
for the recent reporting period:
First Grade Joe Allen Mann, Al
len Trader, Jr., Linda Garner,
Mary Elizabeth Gould, Brcnda
Long, Shelva Jean Mann, Dicky
Garner, Shcrrill Garner, Arthur
Johnson, Judith Hardcsty and Mar
tha Lockey.
Second Grade Charles Whee
ler, Franklin Oglesby, Judith
Slaughter, Virginia Whalcy, John
ny Mason, Peggy Cannon, Mary
Fulcher, Clyde Mann, Glenda Mil
ler and Signa Faye Roberts.
Third Grade Reuben Lilly,
Iris Fleming, Alton Hardison, Al
len Ray Gray, Brenda Kelly, Myron
Durham, Jenelda Garner, Rebecca
Miller, Movclla Clement, Tommy
Howard, and Tommy Joe Garner.
Fourth Grade Mary Jane Mc
Cain, Violet Rowe Gray, Reba Ca
rol Masters, Belva Lorraine Ful
cher, Billy Dail, Allen Ray Garner,
Bonnie Garner, Gaynclle Gray, Ja
nice Howard, Peggy Howard, Vir
ginia Mann and Rachel Simmons.
Fifth Grade Virginia Hill, Wil
lilou Mason and Thomas fray.
Civtk i-biIb - Uanrtf Plitmant
i... niu.r. h Sativ Van-1
. ....... - --
Seventh Grade Meredith Smith,
Ann Murdoch, Etta Mozingo, La
vonne Mann, Florine Gurganus,
Juanita Johnson, Bonnie Elliott,
Lawton Mason, Mannie Allen, Joan
Garner and Ronnie Garner.
Eighth Grade Roy Dennis,
Howard Garner, Gerry Garner,
Billy Widgeon, Carolyn Garner,
Jean Garner, Ann Mozingo, Rachel
Mundinc and Francis Prescott
Ninth Grade Gaynellc Sim
Tenth Grade Keith Mason.
Eleventh Grade Iris Cannon,
Betty Jo Hill, Camile Stembridge
and Peggy Thompson.
Twelfth Grade Clco Garner,
Judy Mann and Peggy Mann.
Babson' s Forecast for '49 to Appear Dec. 31;
Columnist tot Summarize County's '18 Events
Roger W. Babson's Business and
Financial Outlook for 1949 will
appear in the .Carteret Ornnty
NEWS-TIMES Friday, Dee. 3L
Mr. Babson, a pioneer in the
field of business and financial sta
tistics enjoys a remarkable record
for accuracy in his annual fore
casts. His score, for 1948 was 91
per cent correct.
On Jan. 1, 1948 Babson was the
only commentator who dared to
predict: (1) That there would be
no World War III in 1948; (2)
That "due to the bungling of the
price controversy Mr. Truman has
a fair chance of re-election," (3)
That the Dow-Jones industrial ave
rages would fluctuate between an
upper ceiling of around 185 and a
floor of around 165, and that com
modity speculation would be curb
ed, -v .v
Born in 1875, reared In an old
fashioned ; atmosphere of hard
work and hustle on a farm in Glou
cester, Mr. Babson went to the
Beaufort girls' team won its 10th
straight victory Tuesday night
when it defeated Oriental 46 7.
Coach Shirley Johnson's girls have
yet to meet defeat this season and
they hope there is no setback in
the offing. In the opinion of the
experts, Beaufort has one of the
best girls' team in its history.
Hign scorers were Carol Ann
Willis and Betsy Fulford with 10
points each. Iris Davis made 8
points, Peggy Guthrie. C. Gaskill,
and J. Willis 4 points each, and
Nancy Russell, 0.
Six of Oriental's 7 points were
scored by E. Hoffman. E. Brilcy
made 1. Others in the starting line
up were J. Gilgo, C. Emory, S. Gil
go, ami F. Flowers.
In Beaufort's starting lineup
were Iris Davis, Peggy Guthrie.
Carol Ann Willis. Lelitia Simpson,
Rosalie Chadwick, and Cora Belle
Substitutes were Betsy Fulford,
C. Gaskill, A. Dudley, J. Simpson,
S. Lynch, J. Willis, and N. Russell.
Game officials were Sadler and
MCTI Adds New
Faculty Member
Appointment of Charles I. Price,
Jr., of Whitcville, Route 3, as an
instructor in engineering drawing
and wood shop at the Morchead
City Technical institute, a branch
has been announced today by Df
rector. Edward W. Ruggles of the
college's extension division.
He replaces Julian Bell, More
head City, who has gone to Texas.
A native of Delco, Price was
graduated from the Whitevillc
High school in 1938 and was
awarded a B. S. degree in civil en
gineering by N. C. State college in
1941. He will assume his duties at
Morehead City on January 3.
His duties at Morehead City.
Ruggles ssid, will be devoted
chiefly to teaching woodworking
courses and small boat construc
tion, two of the main courses of
fered at the Technical institute.
Price, a veteran of World War
II. has worked as an engineering
clerk in the Raleigh offices of the
Carolina Power and Light com
pany, as a junior naval architect
in the Charleston, S. C, Navy yard,
ss an instructor in surveying at
State college, and as a securities
salesman for McDanicl Lewis and
company of Greensboro. He is cur
rently employed as an instructor
in the veterans farmer training
program in the Williams township
high school in Columbus county.
While serving in the Army dur
ing the war, Price held the job of
an engineer in this country and
abroad and was injured in combat
in the European Theater of Opera
tions. Massachusetts Institute of Tech
nology. Upon graduating in 1898,
. 'See BABSON Page 7
. 1 i.
' i I ' !
i ,
Roger W. Babaon
Youngsters lo Receive
Treat Christmas Eve
Beaufort youngsters will re
ceive a treat from Santa Claus
at 6:30 tonight, Christmas Eve,
on the court house lawn beneath
the big Christmas tree which has
been decorated by the fire de
partment. Three Beaufort pastors will he
at the gathering, the Rev. W. L.
Martin, rector of St. Paul's Epis
copal church, the Rev. T. R. Jen
kins, pastor of Ann Street Metho
dist church, and the Rev. Win
frey Davis, pastor of the First
Baptist church.
Grayden Paul will lead the
youngsters and their parents in
inging Christmas carols. The
program Is being sponsored by
the Beaufort fire department
which has also collected second
hand toys and repaired them for
distribution to kiddies on Christ
mas day.
F. C. Salisbury, creator and au
thor of THE NEWS-TIMES widely-read
column, Here and There,
has summarized the news events
in Carteret county for the past
year. '
The information has been taken
from the files of THE NEWS
TIMES, the only authentic recor
der of hap
pen i n g s in
county from
day to day. It
is the only
perm a n e n t
rec.ord of
meetings of
numerous or
ganizations in
Morchead City
and many out
lying : com
munities. . " , '
This summary wilt appear in the
Christmas with
Forty - Eight
By Thomas II. C'arrow
I see by the NEWS-TIMKS that
five thousand jammed Front
Street in Beaufort, .Wednesday
December 9th to welcome good
old St. Nick. I also notice he ar
rived on the bow of a yacht pro
vided by Hie Coast Guard. God
save the mjrk! Dear old Nick dis
carding his reindeer and travelling
by water. It just proves that even
Santa Clans has lo keep up lo date.
Willi,1, s the post-card headache
(l mean for the V. O.). Anybody
that hasn't got fifty or a hundred
on their mailing list is
But thry siy tics aren't doing
so well. Colors arc loo loud or
don't blend or something and you
can spot 'em right off. They usual
ly scream. Handkerchiefs arc still
on the list, but as a gift they arc
mighlly thin and hard for the re
cipient to show much enthusiasm
over. However, there is no falling
off in the number of things suit
able and acceptable lo the child
ren. Bicycles, velocipedes, trains,
cowboy suits, games, guns and
gimracks are available, for say,
twenty live to titty dollars. Lolly
pops, stick-candy, raisins and an
orange or an apple don't fill the
bill anymore.
Kids have outgrown trifles.
Their wants have to be satisfied,
no mailer what. Why should kids
wait till maturity to capitalize on
mass production, anyway.
1 I saw the little fellow who got
so many presents that he was
completely obfuscated, if you
know what I mean, and stepped
in his drum with both feet.
Originally, and up to the turn
of the Century, Christmas was just
a festival consisting of eating, es
pecially delicacies, hanging up
stockings, and hobnobbing. That
made it Cc'sy for mothers and fath
ers and, friends to observe the sea
son. Every housewife who was
able to do so made cakes and pies
and had turkey, chicken or ham.
1 think the feast was always
prepared on Xmas eve. The men
folks, both young and old, except,
the teetotalers, were sure to have
a bottle put away just for old
times' sake. The women made
short visits and the men folks
would gather together where con
venient and swap greetings and
possibly a snort or two.
Up to the beginning of this
Century for what reason or why
I have never discovered, child
Many Children's Parties
To Take Place Friday
Although many churches observ
ed Christmas with special services
and music programs last Sunday,
there will be worship services also
on Christmas Eve and Christmas
A candlelight holy communion
will be held in St. Paul's Episcopal
church, Beaufort, at 11:30 Christ
mas Kvc and there will also be
holy communion at 11 o'clock
Chris! m;ts morning.
The holy communion will be clc
bratcd again at 8 o'clock Sunday
morning, Dec. 26. Church school
will be at the regular hour, 9:30
a.m., morning prayer and sernnn
at 11 a.m. and the Young People's
service league at 7:30.
There will be special church de
corations in green and white for
the Christmas services which will
be put up by the "ltar guild, Mrs.
Claud Whcatly, Sr., in charge.
Services at Sl.Egbert's
The Joyous Feast of Christmas
will be ushered in at Saint Egbert'
Catholic church, 17th and Evan
streets, Morehead City, with a
high mass at mid-night Christmas
Kvc. Father Elmer J. Landser, T.
O. It., pastor, will be the celebrant
of the mass and preach an ap
propriate Nativity sermon during
Mass. Elias Miialem and Leon Mua
lem will assist during the Muss a?
The choir, under the direction of
Lt. E. M. Patrias, will sing the
Gregorian music taken from the
Vatican Edict ion of the "Missa
dc Angel is." The choir is composed
of Mrs. McDeed, Mrs. Seymour,
Mrs. Dennis, Mrs. Woodland, Miss
Mualcm, Mr. Onorio and Mr. Ryan.
Miss Whcalton will be at the
organ, ,
Benediction of the Most Blessed
Sacrament, will follow immediately
after the Mass.
There Will be two low masses on
Christmas Day: the first at 9 in
the morning and the second at 11
in the morning.
Frank Onorio, chairman of the
ushers committee has appointed
'the following to serve as ushers;
Lt. C. M. Canan, Mr. Mualcm, Mr.
Cantclli and Mr. Hatton.
Decoration of the altar and con
struction of the Crib is uidcr the
direction of Mr. Minatcl, Mr. Har
dy, and Mr. Zajac.
Christmas confessions will be
heard on Friday night between
7 and 8 o'clock.
First Methodist, Morehead City
The children's Christmas parly
will be held at 7 o'clock Friday
night, Christmas Evp. in the Kst
Methodist church, Morehead City.
The regular Sunday program
Businesses to Observe
Long Holiday Weekend
Most business houses and pub
lic offices will take a long week
Christmas. end holiday in observance of
Stores in Morehead City will
be closed Christmas Day and
Monday. Banks and the post
offices will be closed Saturday,
Christmas Day. The court house
in Beaufort will be closed Friday
through Monday, as will most of
the county offices.
THE NEWS-TIMES office will
close at noon Thursday, Dec. 23,
and will remain closed until 7
a.m. Wednesday, Dec. 29. The
issue of Dec, 28 and Dec. 31 wil
be combined and will appear Fri
day, Dec. 31.
This issue, dated Friday, Dec.
24, Is being distributed Thursday
morning, Dec. 23.
Beaufort Distributes
Frozen Menhaden Roe
More than a hundred pounds of
fresh frozen menhaden' fish roc,
with instructions for preparing,
have been sent to various state of
ficials and publicity agents by thc
Beaufort Chamber of Commerce.
On a label with the roc also is
thc following: Packaged and dis
tributed through thc courtesy of
the menhaden industry, Carolina
Grill, Beaufort Quick-Freeze, and
the Chamber of Commerce.
The roe was prepared by Dan
L. Walker, who originated the
idea, and Holden Ballou, of thc
Carolina Grill. It was frozen at
thc Beaufort Quick-Freeze plant.
will be followed on the day after
Christmas. All Methodist churches
arc observing "Student Recogni
tion Day" when college students
are especially invited lo attend t lu
ll o'clock services.
Free Will Baptist churiTies
The Free Will Baptist church,
Morchead City, the Rev. J. C. Grif
fin, pastor, will have its Christmas
exercises Friday night and light its
Christmas tree.
There will nlso be a Christmas
program at 7 o'clock Frid:.. night
in the Free Will Baptist church at
First Baptist Chur .Hoichcud
At 7:30 Christina.) Eve in the
First Baptist chinch, Morchead
City, there will be a Christmas
any for the Sunday school and i
members of the congregation. Each
one at the party will be presented I
with a sack of Christmas candies,
nuts, and lrnil.
The gifts will be distributed by
Santa Claus from under thc Christ -
mas tree.
First Baptist Church, Beaufort
Thc various departments in the
Sunday school will have Christmas
exercises Sunday morning, accord
ing to the Rev. Winfrey Davis, pas
tor of the First Baptist church
Beaufort. The adult choir will give
i program of ('hirst mas music al
7:30 p.m.
United Methodist Church, Ocracoke
There will be a Christmas pro
gram at 7 o'clock Friday night in
the United Methodist church, Ocra
coke, given by 'children of the Sun
day school. Each child will be
given a gift of candy. Parents also
will attend.
Franklin Memorial Methodist
"The Choir of Bethlehem,''
Christmas cantata by Noel Benson,
will be given at wW:!4'rtiUjf
night, Christmas Eve,' In Franklin
Memorial Methodist church, More
head City.
Soloists will be Helen Guthrie,
Suzanne Land, Luctta Lewis, Shir
ley Willis, and June Ballon. The
choir will also give thc cantata
at 8 o'clock Thursday night at
Camp Lejeune and on Sunday
night at Cherry Point.
The voung people of Franklin
Memorial Methodist church will go
carolling at 11 o'clock Friday
night, visiting the sick, especially.
Other carollcrs are invited to join
them, thc Rev. W. D. Cavincss,
pastor, announced.
Camp Glenn Methodist Church
Thc annual Christmas program
will be at 7:30 Friday night. In
charge of thc program is Mrs. M.
L. Mansfield.
(More Church News on Page 5)
Cameraman Ends
Assignment Here
Robert F. Sissons,- National Geo
graphic magazine photographer,
left Wednesday morning for
Washington after spending nine
days here taking photographs of
the menhaden fleet, fishing, and
processing of fish.
Writer of the article which .will
be illustrated by Mr. Sissons' shots
is Leonard Roy, head of thc ed
ucational division of National Geo
graphic. Mr. Roy returned to
Washington last Thursday.
While here, Mr. Sissons took
pictures from thc Mary Ellen, cap
tained by Fred Ilaney, fishing for
Harvey Smith. Pictures of pro
cessing were taken in bolh thc
Smith and Potter plants in Beau
fort. All pictures by Mr. Sissons arc
in black and white. The weather
was not favorable for taking color
shots, he said. Mr. Sissons, who
is a member of thc White House
News Photographers association, a
House of Representatives photo
grapher, and a member of thc so
ciety of Photographic Engineers,
was assisted here by Dan L. Walk
er, manager of the Beaufort Cham
ber of Commerce.
Markers Island Downs Hobucken
Harkers Island defeated Ho
bucken at Hobucken Tuesday night
45-31. Frank Fulford starred for
Harkers Island, making 20 points.
The girls' team lost 58-29. ; . .
County Donates
Six Tons Food
To Europeans
B. J. May, Chairman Of
CROP Committee, Grati
fied With Re-ulis
Six tons of ' istuffs valued at
three thou'- dollars, and $232
in cash are mc net results of the
Christian Rural Overseas program
in Carteret county.
The food was shipped Tuesday
i morning and the cash has been
scnl to CROP headquarters at Ra-
i i,,:.,,. whrl.p
will be used to pur-
chase more food at wholesale
prices' for shipment overseas.
B. J. May, chairman of CHOP,
'expressed his thanks to all who
t.ooperi,t0(i jn (hc food collection
ilt thc box car dedication service
! a. U) o'clock Tucsdav niornine at
the S. M. Jones warehouse, Beau
Thc CHOP committee was ex
tremely gratified with the results
and owe thc success of the pro
gram to thc churches throughout
the county, the schools, and others
who donated money or foodstuffs.
Speaker al thc box car dedica
tion service was Stanley Woodland,
Morehead City, who described the
conditions of starving persons in
Europe. i 1
"Existing on a diet of 1500 ca
lories daily," he remarked, "is not
enough to live on, but just too
much to die on. Lack bl food
causes widespread disease, people
shun responsibility, and make it
easy for political 'ismsV catch
hold." he -Utrtfn' v ,v.v V
A ItarVlnff EurWf it-iger,v
0US Europe," the speaker warned.
He concluded his talk with words
of dedication.
Miss Ruth Peeling, chairman of
the food collections in Morehead
City, expressed her thanks to those
who helped make thc program a
success, James Wallace, member
of the publicity committee, spoke
briefly, and thc Rev. W. D. Cavi
ness, pastor of Franklin Memorial
Methodist church, Morchcud City,
and secretary of thc county CROP
committee, read a letter from Ger
many which expressed thanks for
food and medicine which has been
sent there this year.
Thc invocation at thc dedication
service was given by thc Rev. W.
L. Martin, rcclor of St. Paul's Epis
copal church, Beaufort, and chair-'
man of thc Beaufort food collec
tions. Thc benediction was pro
nounced by the Rev. L. A. Tilley,
minister of First Methodist '.hurch,
Morehead City,
Volunteers who helped pack fdod
at the warehouse over the week
end were Thomas Eure, Clifford
Lynch, J. II. May, Miss Mabel Can
nady, R. M. Williams, and studcnU
of Beaufort school. '-'
New CPA Office!
To Open Dec. W
A certified public accountant's
office in Morchead City will open
Tuesday, Dec. 28, in the Wade of
fice building, Morchead City, by
Albert C. Gaskill, originally of
Beaufort, and Frank C. Sproul.V
Mr. Gaskill, for thc past five
years, has been lecturer in account
ing at the University of North Ca
rolina where he obtained his ba
chelor's degree. f(
He is a member of thc American
Institute of Accountants the North
Carolina Association of Certified
Public Accountants, and holds' a
North Carolina CPA certificate.'''
Mr. Sproul was associated with
A. M. Pullcn and Company, Rich
mond, Va., for four years and with
James A. Councilor and Company,
Washington, D. C, for 11 years"."
He is a member of thc American
Institute of Certified Public Ac
countants and the North Carolina
Association of Certified Public Ac
countants. He holds a CPA certifi
cate fr the states of North Caro
lina, Virginia, and the District of
Columbia. He has had offices in
New Bern since 1042.
r; I
i i..,.,f Tnr.,-,-ir,,-( , 1 .
I i'
:. I
, I
i i
wA..-'vi lh
.i .t.A. '(ff)lii

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