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    iTl)S * LEWIS, riiWlshors.
15-H9. 30,
Only Paper PabHsbed ia the Ceesty
'■ BrjfflSmLE, M. c.
“Ths Baai of Good Service”
Ready to S-srve'JOO.
Every cent of mor.ej csrried ia yoyr pocket or hid .
lioase ii tnonav taken ont of jjener^'
— Cdrop of life blco^drainetfchitfa tjfu
Open -T check acco-ant at this twnk—let. tout sur
plus moner star in circulation --let it t'- used in the
upbuildinjj of our coaunurii^y—it means an increas
ed valae tb
}’our aiooey will bo re:
vou waut it.
Prefers ilis Sewsjaper.
‘‘We Iiave boeti nominated for
postmaster general by some of
our intimate, sarcastic enemies.
V,’e are not a candidate for post
master genera^^^liis lime, nor
shall we etc., etc.
We should promptly but firmly
What we want and what we
shall have is the royal American
privilege of living and dying in a
country town, running a country
newsoaper, saying w'hht we
please, when we please and to
whom' we please.
“Compared with the power and
influence of a good pcruianciit
country newspaper ‘the lijj
brief authority’ of a
pcstm:i.ster geoera! in 
four years and forgotte.
is a small and uuinteresi
I “We want no job.
good living in a good t
the chance to grow ol,
lot of good people. • Tl'
is out of debt. Its own.
political obligatiotis ou
man on earth. Why
corrode liis intestines ye'
for an office that would’
shorten his life. Fame is aS!
the cheapest tinfoil that a priz
package was ever wrapped
Power is a gun that kick^. And
country printing office as it
the halls of the rich and the great.
Confederate Sc! ’isJ’s and Federal
Feij lisas.
The Charlod^ Chronicle and
somi* other of tl North CaioUna
papers are that .the Con-
not want to
he oa Per
haps some
they c-mW J
them would
aiids of then
few Confedei
State pens-
burg com
on it for^
one of
JANUARY 12,191;!
Of Register of Deeds of Yancey
County, North Carolina, for
the Year 19U.
W B RoberUion vniinfy oliysiciaii $7 5
R W Horton mad HtnTintoudeiit
J.ewH Knulisii road perintoiulent 14 1
.4lt'£ Hi.egiiis jiraiptr claim "
J. W Sorrclla Toal siifcriiiteudeht H
C W Dey.ton road miperintondcnt 25
K J P.ariKfl j^oati euj>griu*M)ieut 17
.4inamla Air-itn puyjKT claim 2
Z(;i> .\iiglin pauiier rlaiin ' 2
EJ Hardiu'r roud pnpt- l(i
’■V ill Stylos tickoBi filed and dashed 7
.4. H Ridrlle making election returns 2 0
L' ft’ Peterson I'oad uuponntcndeiit 80 3i
K E Keiil of ulrction
Neal Younjz, col., pauper claim
SalHe Howard pauper claim
Lee .^fyioB pauper claiin
Will (iardiieruttoniey tec.
.4 E Picrej’ road snpeiinlendent
; M .lllcn ck-rk to board- '
Cut Feed and
Save Money.
This is ong year that feed ?/ilI fee
scarce and higti. Thousands
of tons of pod feed are
wasted every year
Because the farmers do not cut their corn
and shred the stalks and fodder, malting
pod “Corn Hay,” worth nearly as much
for stock as clover. This can be doae^with
some labor and the proper machinery, v/liich
can be bought at a reasonable figure and
on easy terms. It wii! pay for itself.
Outfits for the smal! as well as
the large farmer.
Write Today for Circulars, Prices and Terms
oa Feed Cutters, Snappers and Shred
ders, Feed Mills, Horse Po]syers
and Gasoline Engines. ’

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