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VOL. 20--NO. 19
$1 A YEAl
THE OLD RELIABLE : Tar Heel Troops to Return.
Say, Mister!
Washington, Jan. 25,—t^Jore
than 25,000 national giuuiismeri
now on the Mexican liorder. have
been clesignoted by Major Oenei*
al E’unsfbn for return il^n^e''aiKi recent yisitofs here to tlieit Jiar-
Deposit that loose money you have
laying around the house in the BANK
OF YANCEY and let it earn 4 per
cent for you. Or deposit your money
subject to check, and pay your bills
and accounts by check. This is the
modern business way of doing busi
ness. Your checks, which are legal
receipts, will come back to you, and
perhaps save you from paying a bill
more than once. Try it. We furnish
handsome check books free.
1 muster out of the federal
, ! under the order issued by 'tli.; war
c , department.
> I All of the organizations will be
•started homeward as soon as
j transportation facilities can be
j provided. Their depurtun will
i leave between 45,000 and 50,000
Eds. Kagle:
Mrs. ftenry Halley atld her
hrothet* Will Kaiidolpll and his
family, all of Erwin, Term
ents, Mr. and Mrs. W, W. R:
do'ph. who have been quite sick.
Mr. H. R. Peake, who has been
on ihe sick list, we are glad to
s.iy*is now much .improved and
able out again.
Several oT our Cdreeii MoUntai
»Clvc OCISVCCI, *tO.\^UV, «l,Ml ,
men of tl, ■ aonrd still in tte fed- neigl.bors were .|.i.te worried over
,.rnl vervi,-, ,1a;,,,. l.Awler oiilrol. tlie lOSS of tllC girls’ dormitor, at
tlib Pres’Atenan school last bat-
urday. Much sorrow ‘was ex
pressed and all extend their sym
pathy to Jhe institution Concern-
Burnsville, N. C.
I eriil service doing border jiatrol
j War department officials con-
1 tinne to withhold comment on re
ports that the movement o' Gen
eral Pershing^s regulars i-ut of
Mexico soon will be under w.ay
and the statement announcing the
guardsmen designated for,.relief
does not connect these orders with
1 the withdrawal plans in any way.
The understanding has -'•beenT'
however, that with the etturn of
the expedition in Mexico, and re
adjustment of tlic border natyal
,1! of the state troops gradually
vill be sen home.
The guardsmen designaleci for
.return and muster out incljule;
North Carolina—First infantry.
South Carolina—Troop A cav
alry. Company A engineers, field
hospital company.
Tennessee — Ambulance pom*
pany No. 1, field hospital ,No. J.'
Virginia—Second infanfry.
See me before you buy your
Fertilizers, Grass Seeds.
Seed Oats,. Feed' aad
Farm Impiemeats.
Sale of Land for Taxes.
* Notice is hereby given that uii
der and by virtue of the tax book:
in my hands for Yancey co’-inty
North Carolina, and also und;. _
and by authority of an order of Ihuicom 5s Hailey, rhe new
the Board of County Commission- have assumed all the liabilities oi
ers of Yancev county, the undu-- the old firm, and all accounts due
signed will'for the purpose of old firm will be paid to the firm of
collecting the taxes assessed for . Bailey,
the year l'n5, sell at public
.cry ni front of the court house
door in Burnsville, N. C., on the
first Monday in February, 19i7,
the same being the 5th day of
February, 1917, during the legal
hours for sale, the following d.-
By virtue of authority vested
in the undersigned in a deed of
trust exeC'-ited by J. G. Arrowood
•nd wife Amanda Arrowood bn
the 26th day of September, 1915.
which deed of trust was given to
secure a note of hand of even
date therewith or any renewal
note given instead of said note to
he Hank of Yancev, and di-fault
of {he said note, and the under
signed trustee having been re
quested to sell .said lands by th.-
lioldVr- of the said note, the under
signed win sell to the highest
bidder for cash the followirfg de
scribed lands during the legal
hours for sale on the 5th day of
T'chruary, 1917, at the court house
dour in Burnsville, N- C.
FIR -rr TRACT: Beginning
•'ll a white-oak on top of a flat
ridge and run.s north 20 east 38
poles to a sugar tree; 'hen north
.56 west 20 poles to a stake on a
ridge; then down and with the
extreme height of said ridge north
22 west 2S poles; north 43 west
34 pole.s to a down birch on the
north si-de of Roaring Branch;
then south 60 east 54 poles to a
cucumber: thence north 12 east
, S'B poles to a iynn; thence north
te licreiilter under the h->me o.f|,0 „,st f>', poles to a siiff.or tree,
chestnut and poplar; thence south
45 east l^O poles to an ash and
sugar tr.-e; thence south .T3 poles
to a chestnut and white-oak
thence south 85 west 139 poles to
the beginning, containing 64 1-2
acres, be the same more or less,
and being the lands purchased by
J. G. Arrow lod n.iid wife from S.
C. Blankinship and wife by deed
dated July 5tli. 1912.
SKCONi) TRACT; Adjoining
the lands of the heirs of Lula
Jane Ayers, Avery Hensley and
the lands of the heirs of \'’ill;..rd
Elkins and more particularly de-
ribed as follows: Beginning
A Letter That May Interest You '
N. W. M Connell, Riverdale,
Ga., writes: .‘-Foley^c.
Tablet.^ absolutely clearse’^' my
system thoroughly, and hev6r a
gripe, and no nausea. An idea!
physic.i-invigoratin.giind sfi'ength-
ening cfie bowel action ani havung-
a gold effect pn the stom.ich ; i)d
liver. Give stout persoivi a ligh'
and free feeling. Sold crery where
The firm formerly known as
Haucom & Peterson is hereby dts-
lolvcd. The business will oper-
This 15th day of Januarv, 1917.
I. .'l. BAUCOM. .
Having qualified as administra-
tor of the estate of Emeline Hig-
I. H, Bradford, a tract of land , gins, deceased, late of the county
in Kamseytown township, adjoin-1 of Yancey, North Carolina, this
ing lands of Carolina Luinuer Co., j is to notify all persons having
and others. Taxes for years; claims againsTnhe estate to ex- _ ^ ^
1013,1914.1915. Taxes and cost I liibit them to the undeicsigned at; on the cast side of the Blatlkin-
$18.42. j Burnsville, N, C., on or before the: ship creek at the mouth of a small
W. E. Gouge, aged about 60
Years, who resided at Newdale,
di d from a stroke of parahsis
List Wednesday, He was at work
in a raica house when jstricken
and lived only about fil'tpen min
utes. -Mr. Gouge was a good
'citizen, well liked by his nei.’u-
bors and all who knew him, and
his sudden death has thrown a
pall of s'Mness over the conimu*
.y in which he lived so long.
He buried Thursday after
“T.S.M. SCO.” Seeds
led and Sapling Clover,
Timotliy, Orchard Grass,
Red Top, BIec Grass, Etc.
Our present shipment of seed is of
exceptionally high grads and our prices
are below the market. WE ADVISE
BUYING EARLY. Write for prices.
iug tlieir logs.
It seems to the wfiter that in a
coinmuity as i' ours, that it could
by the hearty co-operation of all
concerned afford to have well pa-
tronized' services in our church
more often than what we do. It
s a pity to have a very comforta-
de church in our midst, just
for the sake of having name of
possessing such. What we need
inspiration and religion and
s of ■Seliishn.'ss and possessi-m
of the house called church, for
after all it is only through the
divine services held therein thar
the good is derived, therefofe-our
folks should begin a campaign to
revive the interest of church and
Sunday-schoo! \vork in order to'
better the sfociaL conditions here
Messrs Merrett Bailey and
Jarafes Leftennan began opera-
nous in a mica mine on M.r.
Bailey’s' mountain place tii.
•week, and have great faith in
their proapectsi" It is reported
that there is imjte an abundance
of mica to be liiid from* this land,
we wish these parties much
good luck, 1 , . .
Wc hear many reports these ''>s>t.
days of several of our folks having Miss Thelma Burton came over
Ibe _n.earbv,^ui-day aftefnoo^i Mr. Jatr
town of Erwin, Tern. We wouldf viile and is visiting "W. .and MrSt [Saturday a;
$1.50 by mail postpaid.
80-84 PATTOSi AVE.,
Asheville, M. C.
Eds, Eag’e;
Mr H. J. Woody, principal of
the public school, went to Burns
ville last Saturdoy and returned
-Mr. Charles A.-Oberlin left for
Johnfion City Sunday fo, a few
Eds, Eagle.
Feit Like 90, Now Like 21.
Like a weak link in a chain, a
weak organ enfeebles the whole
body. Weak kidney.S lower vital
ity, A. W. .Morgan, Angola, La.,
writes: •“! suffered witli pains in
the back. 1 am 43 years old, but
I feit like a man of 90. Since I
took Fo;ey Kidney Pills I feel
like I did when I was 21.” 50c
and 61.Oo sizes. Sold everywhere.
W. .M. Randolph, tract of land
in Ramseytown township, adjoin
ing lands of Parry Adkins, .1. 0-
Whitson and others. Taxes and
cost for 1915, $8.12.
This January 1st, 1917.
\V. A. HALL, Sheriff.
North Carolina, 1 In the
Yancey County. 1 Superior Court.
Service by Pablication,
Hattie Riddle vs. Edward Riddle-
'I'he defendar' -il-ove named i
, -will take notice that an action en-;
titleil as above
15th iay of January, 1918, or t his j tiraiicli tm a stake and runs south
notice will be plead in bor of their 75 east 96 poles to an ash; then
recovery. All persons indebted ; south 33 east about 70 poles to a
to said estate will please make 1 hickoy on top of a ridge; then a
immediate settlement.. ; west course down a ridge with
This 15tb day of_January,_1917.j plain marked line 73 poles to a
Adm- of Emeline Higgins,
North Carolina, 1 In the
Yancey County- 1 Superior Court.
Dock Gouge vs Julia Gouge,
'Phd defendant above named
will take notice that an action
been com-- entitled as above has been com-
,, , 1 the Superior Court ol , i^enced in the Superior Couit of
•'Yancey county for divorce a vin-' Yancey county by the plaintiff to
dulo matrimonii, or absolute; and : obtain a divorce absolute; and the
the defendant win lurther take j ^ei’^ndant will further take notice
notice'that he is required to ap-^ i-^-quired to appear at
pear at the next term of the Su- next term of the Superior
perior Court of said county to be Court of said county t.o be held on
held on the third Monday after , ti^ird Monday after the first
the first Monday in March, next,i .Moogjjy in March, 1917, at the
at the court house in Yancey ■ oourt house of,said county in
CQunty, North Carolina, and an- ].jy^n&ville. N. C., and answer or
swer or demur to the complaint in ' demur to the comolaint in said
the action, or the plaintiff will or the plaintiff will ap-
apply to the court for the relief, pty jq the court for the relief dc-
denianded in said complaint. j niamled in said comp] ’'”t.
This the 17th day of Jan. 1917, 1 the lOUi day of.Tan.. 1917.
Clrrk Superior Court, i CJcvk Superior Court,
chestnut: then a west course with
marked line to bank of the creek
to a locust tree, passing the locust
same course 8 feet to the creek;
then down the creek to the be
ginning. containing 38 acres, be
the same more or less.
This2Sth dav'of Dec-, 1916.
Having qualifiel as adminis
tratrix of the'estate oi Wiliniin j\;.
Renfro, deceased, Irte of the
county of Yancey, North Caro
lina, this is to notify a’l persons
having claims against the estate
to exhibit them to the undersign
ed at Day Book, N. C/,on or be-
ore the 3rd day of January, 1918,
or this notice will be plead in bar
of their recovery. All persons
indebted to said estate will please
make im iiediate settlement.
This 3rd day of January, 1917,
Administratrix of William
N. Renfro, deceased.
Some Logs.
E kota, N. C., Jan. 16, 1917,
Watson & Watson.
iHirusviile, N- C.
Deal Sirs:—Mr. Parnell wants-
you to Icnow about a most extra
ordinary poplar tree we cut this
afternoin, from which we got
76’ feet of logs. ff'wo S,
four lO, three 12, three 14 and
eight 16 lengths, making a total
of twenty logs.
You might give these ‘figures
to The Eagle man and see if they
can be .'atvn.
Of course this tree forked about
19 feet from the ground and each
prong forked again still higher,
but with these facts, still there is
•vimething abo'-e the ordinary,
for I believe twenty reasonably
■rood logs of the above lengths
have never been gotten from one
tree in diis county before,'
be sorry to lose these partie.
However, since their prospects
will be better there, upon their
dep irture we shall wish themj.he
best of luck toward the making
of a hasty fortune
We are glad to learn that the
coiiiiition of Carl, the youngest
son of our neighbor,^ Mr, D, C,
Renfro, is much improved. Here
is hoping how soon he will be
restored to good health.
J. G. T,
Cut This Out—-It Means Money.
Don't miss this. Cut emt this
slip, with 5c to Foley Sz
1.. 0., 2035 Sheffield Ave., Chicago,
111., writing your name and ad
dress deafly. You will receive
in return a trial package contain
ing Foley’s Floney and Tar Com
pound for coughs, colds, croup;
Foley Kidney Pills, Foley Ca
thartic Tablets. Sold.everywhere.
Mrs. SaUie Say.
For Croup, Coughs, Colds.
A, Baxter, Wheeler, Wis.,says:
“For ten years we have used Fo
ley’s Honey and Tar in our fam
ily and consider it the best cough
medicine on the market, espec
ially for children. as they like to
take it.” Contains no opiates;
safe fo - babies; effective for adults
Check.s croup; stops epnghs; re
lieves colds. Sold everywhere.
Mrs Sallie Ray was for a long
time a resident of Jacks Creek,
Yancev County, and later moved
to Erwin, Term., and lived there
until her death, which occurred
List year at Rutherfordton Hos
It was my pleasure to be Mrs.
Kay’s pastor for three years and
was in her home ntajiy times-
while she lived on Jack Creek and
once after she mo.'ed to Erwin,
Bile was a devoted Christian and
i loyal member.of the Methodist
hurcii. 'The I'Lbie was her daily
companio -. Her great deligli-t
was in reading it. She was a
lover ot poetry, S'-ich as referred
to religious and eternal thifigs.
Her lile wa.s an example for
good in the community in which
she lived and a light to all who
knew her, Her Christian life and
examples are still living with her
i,)s,s of friends, out her spirit
has departed from us to be with
God and enjoy the reward that
awaits all such noble characters.
The writer has been asked to
preach her fuueral some time in
the spring at Boring’s Chapel.
■ uiice ol which will be given
Old Fort, N. C., Jan. 25, 1917.
While attempting to cross the
railroad track iniront of an- in
coming train, at Effaiid last week,
J. Zeb ''Mailer, a prominent Re
publican politician of Burlington,
and editor and -manager mj tie
State Dispatch, slipped and fell
under the moving train. He was
terribly m ingbd and died vvitliiu
M short ti lie,
Fred Proffitt,
Dr. D. J. Smith went to Ashe*
v-rile Sunday to visit home folks
t a few days.
Mr. James McMahan, better
known as “Uncle Jimmy,’’ (lied
Sunday, 2Sth, at 2 p- m,, after a
long illness. He had been help
less for some time. He was one
of the oldest men in this section.
His exact age is not known, but
his people say that he was be
tween 35 and 90 years old. His
remains were laid to rest at the
cemetery Tuesday at 10:30 a. m.
The funeral services were con
ducted by Rev. (Jarrett Kay,
which were very impressive, in
the presence of a large number
of relative! and friems. *'Uncle
Jimmy’’ was a good citizen,
loved by all who knew him; was
a member of the Baptist church
in his early days and a good
Christian man. His wife and
three sons survive him and a
host of grandchildren and great
grand children. He is now at
rest in that Heavenly home. M’e
extend to this family our heart
felt sympathy in their sad hour
of bereavement.
Mr- P. S' Gose'lin left Sunday
for a week’s visit to Philadel
phia, Pa., and other points i:'
ih; East.
Mr. Sam, Bowling went to'
Johnson City Monday to work
tor the East Tenn. & N. C. R.
R. Co. as section foreman.
Mrs. James Beaty started to
Sunburst Tuesday morning to
visit her daughter and two sons
for some two weeks.
Bill Bowser,.
Rev. GiiurleS Jortes, of Me-
Roberts, Ky.. who spent a fe\V
days h le wi h '.Lis daughter,
Mrs- Janie Proffitt, returned to
his home last week.
Mes.srs, Joe and John -Proffitt,
inade^a business trip to Bar'
nardsv.ille last. Frid*iy. *•
ames .Edwards spent,
n cl Sim (Fa y ' i n*"*! '^air
nar'dsville visiting friends.
Mrs. Florence Proffitt is quite
sick at this Writing,
Mf. and Mrs. W, Y. Proffitt
have returned home from a two
weeks' visit with their sort in
Mr, Hiram Higgins has returned
home from Cincinnatti, Ohio,
Mrs- Ed King, who nas been
sick, IS improving,
Mr. R. Proffitt will leave next
week for Virginia, where he will
accept a position.
Mrs. Julia McAlister visited
friends on Bald Creek last week,
A 70 Year Old Couple.
Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Carpenter,
ilarrisburg, P.a., suffered from
kidney trouble but have Ireeo en-
tirelv cured by Fcley Kidney Pills
fie says: “Altho’ we are both in
the seventies, we are as vigorous
:is we were tlnrty years ago.”
Foley Kidney Pills stop sleep dis-
t.irhi'ng hLul lyr «-e kne.-i'', back-
•icfic, rhcHmatism, c^oui
North Carolina. { In the
A Woman’s Experience With
Yancey County. | Superior Court.
Service by Publication.
Eva McCourry vs Will McCourry,
The defendant above named
will take notice that an action en
titled as above has been commenc
ed in the Superior Court of Yan
cey County lor divorce absolute:
and the defendant will further
take no'ice that he is required to
appear at the next ter n of the
Superior Court of Yance.’ C'ounty
to be held on the third Monday
after the first Monday in March,
next, at the court house in Yan
cey county. North Carolitia, and
answer or demur to the complaint
filed in said cause or the plaintiff
will apply to the court for the re
lief demanded in said complaint.
Clerk Superior Court.
Chas. Hutchins,
Attorney for Plaintiff,
^''hen a cough or cold bangs on
and you have aches and pains that
are hard to define, it is likely tnat
grippe is taking hold of youf sys
tem. Mrs, J. A. Rogers, Switzer,
S. C., says; “I am susceptible to
colds, often ending in grippe. In
this case I have found Fojey’s
Honey and Tar to prevent doctor
bills. Sold everywhf^re.
Having qalifled as adminisfra-
tor of the estate of Avery Au-
trey, deceased, all persons in
debted to the estate are request
ed to make immediate payment,,
and all persons holding claims
against the estate are requester!
to present their Chums within
the time reijuired by law; or !>
ever be debarred.
This January, 25th. 1917.
i-oiEy csiHsimc raiETS
I'sc; Sioaadi Svisst - Uvsr Aoivc -Basils Rss-ilar
By virtue' of power sale vested
in me by cliattel mortgage exe
cuted to Hie by W. K. Haucom on
the 2Sth (lay of March, 1916, the
same beirfg registered in the office
of Register of Deeds of Yance}^
county, on the 30tli day of .March,
i9>6, book 6, page H, I will sell
at- public outcry at the court
house dooC in Burnsville, N. C,,
on the 5th day of February, 1917,
(lurina: the hours of sale, to-
the highest bidder, all the follow
ing described property:
Two black horse niules, 6-years
old; two black horse mules ID
and II years oldr three complete
sets of double wagon harness^
three wagons: two o.iy horses, 5-
und 9 years old; one black horse,
10 years old; one sorrel mule, 12
v»*-irs old; one bay mare 5 years-
1 his property will be S )ld on
six and twi;!ve i.jiuntiis tune, for
notes secured eithef by chattel
mortgage or personal security.
This the 24th day of Jan., 1917,

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