North Carolina Newspapers

VOL. 20--NO. 21
U. S. Severs Dipiomatic Re
X ; lations With Germany.
Say, Mister!
Deposit that loose money you have
laying around the house in the BANK
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Burnsville, N. C.
,7^ i —In an official note to the Unitec
*/• i States g-oyernment,'handed tocla'
0* I to American Atnbajisa -ior Garard
% ! the German goveri'Snent declarei
, A ; announc
•y \ nounces
Q2 ; within t
i their ow
^ For
Monuments & Tombstones,
Lenoir and North Wilkesboro, N. C.
See'or wiite us i)i.»iorc pUcing-
elsewhere. Careful attention to special
Tar Heel Delegation Stands
by President.
Berlin, Jan. 31. (Via Sayville.)
■ United
the German governVnent declared
for unrestricted naval warfare
after February 1. Ncnv barred
zones around enemy.countries are
nnounced and Germany un-
that neutr^J ships plying
those zones will do so at
their own risks. Precautions will ;
be taken to orotect neutral iships
"X* ! which sailed for thbse zones prior
I to February-1, but neutrals are
I urgently advised .to warn their
j vessels on the way to. ports in the
[barred zones and direct^ them
•y ' away from those areas. Neutral
ffi ' ships in ports within the barred
zones will be given until Febru-
..ry 5 to'sail and must take the
shortest route out of the restrict
ed areas.
The barred zones f)re defined by
a memorandom accompaning the
Washington. Feb. X—Presi
dent Wilson has broken off dipu-
matic relations with Germany
and warned the kaiser that ruth
less sacrifice of American lives
and rights means-war.
Similar action is waiting
Austria when she notifies this
government that she joins in the
campaign of unrestricted subma
rine warfare. The president made
formal ann uncement of his ac
tion to the country and to the
world today at a joint session of
The Law Mahers,
(The State Jo rnal Raleigh.)
The (ieneral Assemblv'has now
consumed about half of its_ al
lotted time and i§ in full swing,
l^rohibitioh, woman sultrage.
prison reform, rotation in office,
election of county boards of edu
cation. taxation and many other
important subjects are receiving
more than ordinary consideration.
The framing of the several gen
eral laws made necessary by tlie
constitutional amendments is
progressing well. '
The subject which has aroused
most interest and caused the most
animated debate is the proposi
tion to elect the county boards ^of
education by popular vote. Six
counties choose them in that way
now, and in the remaining ninety-
four counties they are elected by
the (A-neral Assembly. Of course
it is h-rd to justify this difference
in me hod, but after alUhere isjno
principle involved in the main
question. It is a matter of policy
as to how the public can be best
served, and suggests what the
old maid said jibout, matrimony:
that whichever way you do you
will wi^li you done the other.
That there are some unfit mem
bers of the county boards now
and some poor management is
doubtless true, but is quite as true
that there would be some incom
petence and mismanagement un
der a system of popular election,
and there would probably be more.
We are all democrats, theoreti
cal, or practical, and no one doubts
the right of the people to rule by
' ■ their dehb-
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Washington, D. C., Feb. —
North Carolina members of con
gress are squarely behind Mr.
Wilson on his action today. They
believed, too, that it would not
mean war, but if anything, pre
vent it by letting Germany know
where the nation stands.
.'I tion-.l .see !v
S. T. BKNNETT, Representative,
could have done otherwise.” ben-
'itor Overman declared, "since
Germany violated the promise in
reply to to his note after the
sinking of the Sussex last sum
mer This message and the sev
erance of diplomatic relations do
I not mean war. M’liile it makes
: the situation tense, I agree with
; the president it might avert war,
.any has no right
See me before you buy your
Fertilizers, Grass Seeds,
Seed Oats, Feed and
Farm Implements.
C. R.
North Carolina, I In the
Yancey County. | Superior Court.
Service by Publication.
Hattie Kiddle vs. Edward Riddle.
The defendant above named
will take notice that an action en
titled as above has be-n com
menced in the Superior Court _o
Yancey county for divorce a - vin
culo matrimonii, or absolute; and
•the defendant will further take
notice that he is required to ap-
near at the next term of the Su
perior Court of said county to be
held.on the third Monday after
the first Monday in March, next,
at the court house in Yancey
county, North Carolina, and an
swer or demur to the complaint in
the action, or the plaintifl' will
apply to the court for the relief
demanded in said complaint.
This the 17th day of Jan. 1917.
eirrk Sujenor Caurt.
Tor Infants and Children.
Tile Kind You Have
notice. 1
Having qualilied as adniinistra-.
tor of the estate of Emeline Hig-j
■•ins, deceased, late of the county
of Yancey, North Carolina, this
is to notify all persons having
claims against the estate to ex
hibit them to the undersigned at
Burnsville, N. C., on or before the
I5th day of January, 1918, or tins
notice will be plead in bar of their
recovery. All persons indebted
to said estate will please make
immediate settlement..
This 15th day of January, 191'
Adni- of Emeline Higgins,
where we shall go on the high
seas. I hope and pray to God we
will never be called upon to de
clare war. It is up to Germany.
She can avert it if she will.
‘‘But, for this act, she might
have taken it for granted that
she could do anything with im
punity. Nowshe knowsshe can’'.
Congress will hesitate, of course,
before declaring war. It will not
be done unless Germany commits
some overt act that would compel
to do so in the name of the
flag, integrity and welfa-re of our
country—unless i^or our sacred
honor it becomes necessary to do
I heartily approve of it,"
Senator Simmons said. "There
was no other alternative for this
oveniment. I do not believe
that there will be war between
the United States and Germany
unless, in carrying out her pro-
cram, she disregards the rights
of this government by sinkimr
one of our ships or desti oying an
American life in violation gf la,w."
Representative Stedman said:
"I think the president’s message
; was eminently proper in every re-
'spect. tie has taken such action
ias the honor and integrity of our
I country and the rights of its citi
zens demanded. I believe he will
be sustained by the e.itire Ameri
can people."
Majority Leader Kitchin siiid.
"I don t see h iw he could have
done or said less under the cir
cumstances. I am gratified that
,ie gave Germany a clear chance
to avoid conflict."
Reprsentative Page said; "I
heartily approve of everything
and all that the president s'aid,
and most sincerely hope that the
German government will commit
no overt act which would resem-
able a declarat:oii of war."
Count von Bernstorlf; Ambassa
dor Gerard with all bis staff and
all American consuls have been
■ ndered out of Genpriny. All
German consuls in the United
States are expected to withdraw
that the severance of relatiqns
may be coinplete^^American di-
United States have been taken
over by Switzerland. Foreign di
plomatic interests which the
United States had in (Germany
have been turned over to
Two years of diplomatic nego
tiations, marked with frequent
crises, and att.-'nded with the loss
of more than 200 American lives
on the high, have culminated
with an act wnich in all the his
tory of the wo Td always|has led^to
war. Every agency.of the Amer
ican government has been set
motion to protect the country
a/ainst acts of Germany sympa-
iiizers. These moves of neces
sity are being kept secret:
one dispute the ability of tliq
people to rule justify by popular
ote when they take the trouble
80-84 I’ATTON AVE.,
Asheville, N. C,
North Carolina Wants Peace Bu
Reafly For War.
Old Folks Saved
From Std^erlng
Raligh, N. C., Feb. 3.-
erjior Bickett. replying to a
from the World, New York, ..
inrr fr,r from him On was beyond the reach of medicine biii
PV LI,X2 stai^mcnc iroin iiiui ui. have provenfcost
ej iai4t Luv the president s action in severing beneficial m my case.”
to thoroughly inform them»elve^ relations witll Gernia- .Mr.' Sam a. Hoover,
an.) fully apd freely reS-Hter then-I „ale- “-oS-AyaWAT-r?;
lyil). Those who oppose an> ment toni'’'lit‘ ' from five to aeven time
extension of popular as clistin-
A Letter That May Interest You
N. W. McConnell, Riverclale.
Ua., writes: "Foley Cathartic
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■systerfi thoroughly, and never a
gripe, and op nausea. An ideal
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The value of North Carolina
prod'ucts the last year is estimated
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port of the d-epartment of agri
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Felt Like 90, How Like 21.
Like a weak link in a chain,
weak organ enfeebles the wh
body. Weak kidneys lo\ver vit
ity. A. W. Morgan. Angola, L
writes: "I suffered with pains in
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I felt like a man of 90. Since I
t ok Foley Kidnev Fills 1 leel
liice I did when I was 21." .50c
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guished from representative gov
ernment are at a great disadyan-
taken as a reflection on the fight
or ability of the people to rule.
This should not be. Since the
people cannot, bv popular vote,
anous ;'ttend to all the details of gov
ernment, it is simply a matter of
wise policy as to where the line
should'be drawn in order to se
cure the best, results. 'Eliat ^edu
cation on the whole in this State
lias been eminently satisfactory
is beyond question and ^ye simply
have to consider wliether achange
of the system of choosing county now
boards of education in the State.
We serioU'iy loubt it.
Controversies such as this and
the unwise agitation for woman
suffrage are due primarily to the
^act that we regavd the elective
francliise almost entirely as a
privilege; whereas it should be
regarded as a duty—at times a
very unpleasant and burdensome
duty. So long as the chief idea
is that of privalege no satisfiictory
argument can be advanced against
its extension. e believe the in
dividual citizen whose chief end
IS to make a living and advance
civilization, shOuld be burdened
with the duty of voting only to
the extent for his pro
tection against oppression and re-
piession—against'tyranny. _ We
have gone almost to the limit of
popular participation in the de
tails of government, and an ui •
mistakable reaciion _ has set in,
die most notable evidence being
me cri-owing demand fortheShoit
Ballot. The people', with the
idr'.'. of enjoying a privilege, Ir
carried direct popular government
to the extreme-111111 and are now
reverting to the representative
.^ateiii as,the best means of pra:-
lical ( emocracy. What we mo-tt
icid is to perfect and strengthen
.10 representative system.
r-oll girl."
•Pills aro tonic,
Streh'gthenlne' and. up-builillos, apd
testoro normal action to the kidneys
and to a dlfiordered and painful blad-
. High Point,
kidney trouble was
.. . d I had to &ct up
from five to seven times. Kow I do
. _. not hava to get up at nisht, and coa*
Till* World New York Cltv; sfder myaclC in a truly normal' oon-
j tic wonu, ixew ig.a v. > „htch I attribute to Foley Kid-
North Carolina is a conservative ^ey PiUs, as 1 havo taken nothing
sut£._ QlBLUSSBle lOTe peace aml^ ^ -ro,
hate war. If is Yhe curse ol the says: “i )fiu1tercd-rrom kidney aff-
nations. we had hoped that the taking POIoy Kidney nils ten months
warring governments of the old
world would repond to the plea; poiey Kidney _ pins" tonic,
of our president and enter into jj ■
compact that would insure per
manent and universal peace. The
reply of Germany to this plea for .
peace is a deliberate invitation to
further strife.
"Vyiien the German government
delivered it’s note of January 31,
it knew, then as well as it knows
that diplomatic relations
Id be severed. The president
could not liaye done less without
obliterating fevery trace of our
national honor. We deeply hope
that Germany may yet stay her
hand, but if American ships or
American lives shall be wantonly
destroyed then, our p' pie as one
man without respect to race or
politics, will uphold the president
in whatever action he may take
to preserve the honer and safety
of tile nation.”
(Signed) Thomas W. Bickett,
The firm formerly known as
Baucom & Feter.son is hereby dis
solved. The business will oper
ate hereafter under the name of
Baucom & Bailey. The new firm
have assumed all the liabilities of
the old firm, and all accounts due
oljd firm will be paid to the firm of
Baucom &. B.ailey.
This 15th day of January, 1917.
J. R. BAlf.EY.
North Carolina, I In the
Vancey County. ( Superior Court.
Dock (90Ugc vs Julia Gouge.
The defendant above named
will take notice that an action
entitled as above lias been com-
A Woman’s Experience With
Grippe. , -
When a cough or cold hangs on j menced in the Sujrerior Couvt oi
and vou have aches tnd pains that Y'ancey county by the plaintiff to
are hard to define, it is likely that obtain a divorce«ahsolat' : ami the
grippe is taking hold of your sys- ! defendant will forth r take notice
tern. Mrs. J..A. Rogers, Switzer,
Having qualified as adniinis-
trairix of the estate ol Wiilium N.
Renfro, dece'jsed, Irte of the
county .of YaiKey, North Caro
lina, this notify a" persons
having claims against the estate
to exhibit them to undersign
ed at Day Book, N. C.. on or be
fore the 3rd day of January, I9lt':,.
or this notice will be plead in bar
of their recovery. All persons
indebted to said estate will please
make immediate settlement.
This 3rd day of January, 1917.
Adiiiuns ratrixoi William
Keiilro, deceased-
A 70 Year Old Couple.
Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Carpenter.
Harrislmrg, Pa., suffered from
kidney trouble but have been _en-
tireiveared bv Fi ley Kidney Pills
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the seventies, we are as vigo.r.ops
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turbing bladder weakness, bivck-
ache, rheumatism. Sold every
The House lias passed the Ste !-
man bill making' the Guilford
Bal-tleground a national military
park and provi-.iing for three com
missioners, on 2 to receive S2,00f)
and the other two 8500 e:ich an
nually. The bill goes to the
Senate, where, it is said, no op
position will be offered.
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have every house painted in rota
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Having qaiified a ^ ai ministra-;
tor of the estate o: .-'very Au- |
trey, deceased, all persons in-,
debted to the estate are request-|
ed to make immediate payment, .
and all persons holding claims
ao-ainst the estate arc requested-
to present their claims within 1
tne time reciuired by law, or for- !
ever be deb'arred.
This January 25th, 1917.
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that she is required'0 appear at
the next term of he Superior
Court of said countv to be hel.l on
the third Monday after the first
-Mondiiy in March, 1917, at the
court house of sa:d county in
Burnsville, N. C., and_ unsv/er or
U'liHir to the compiaint in saia
action, or the plaintiff will ap
ply to the court for relief de
manded in said complaint.
Tliia'the l.Oth day of Jan., 1917.
i 'Cle'rk Superior Court.
North Carolina, | lu
Yancey County. | Superior Court.
Service by Publication.
Eva McCourry vs Will McCourry.
The defendant above 1 anied
will take notice that an a-'-tion en
titled as above has been commenc
ed in the Superior Court of Yan
cey Oouiitv tor divorce absolute;
and the defendant will further
take notice th:it he is required to
appear at the next term of the
Superior Court of Yancey Couity
to be held on the third Monday
after the first Monday in_ March,
next, at the court house in Yan
cey county, North Carolina, a d
answer or demur to the compl: jnt
filed in said cause or the plaintiff
will apply to the court for the re
lief demanded in.said complaii'-.j
Clerk Superior Court,
Chas. Hutchins.
Yitoniey for Plaintiff.

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