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    LYOK S LEWIS, PubHsbers.
Only Paper Published ia th? Crusty
VOL. 21-NO. 13
$1 A YEA/
A good Bank serves the whole com-
munity—it wants the community to
prosper. And that is why we strive
to serve each individual impartially—
because individuals make the com
munity. There is no transaction
where money plays a part but what
our Service can be utilized. You are
welcome to use it freely.
Burnsville, N. C.
Notice is herebr,„i,5„
-ocletslgried Ta» Jollectof has
le.lcd upon the
scrtbed lands of latl delinouents
in South foe Sf"'”®‘ip, Yancey
county, Notth Oaroht -
-f Biiard of County Co,^ ,
of Yancey county, ac., ,
the purpose of coIlij,jj,,
tases due tlf said del „ J,,
the 7th day of Jauuai,
the hereinafter descth/j,
pnWic auction at couif
10 liurns.ille, N. C.4,
ot 1 o'clock p, m.
hand; . /
W, H- Penland^ 53"^ 41-
cost S2.S0, years i;i4^
lands adjoining NcDowell lands,
ot aLs, contatning.(x>a.-fes,
Mamie Scott, $9.34; Cost
-2,50, years known as
.Mamie Scott lanc^^ South Toe
township, Yaticej,- county, con
taining 100 acres.
ThfsDecenlberi5;t;^ ^917,
W, A. haul,'j'ax Collector,
Be L- H. HOIchiNS, Dept.
Tax Collecteir
Ready Kow at Oi prices.
Fresh lots of FoTA^jj Honey
and Tar Compound at
feefore-the-war prices. 'ihiSputs
this well-known cough mfetioi-ne,
ready to use. in homes a:. )ess
than it costs to buy ami mi-' the
ingredients yourself, and all'
bi'ther and muss is avoit^d..
There is no better remedy for
coughs, colds, croup or lagrifpe.
Sold everywhere.
Old Folks Sotted
From Sufferhj
NOTICE, I Cm This Is WortnJMoQfiy,
North Carolina, I In the Superior' Don't miss'this. Cut out this slio
Yancey County, I Court Before'enclose vyith 5c to Foley & Co.^
the Clerk, 2&3S Sheffield Av'e,, Chicago, III.,
A, S. Hartsell writing'ynuf name and address
clearly. You will receive in re-'
turn a trial package containing
Foley’s Ho.ney and Tar Compound
for coughs, cold and CfOQpj Foley
Kidney Pills and Foley Cathartic
Tablets. Sold everywhere.
I. K, fxxve, F. B, Vines, Annie
L- Weaver, J, E, Cocke, Mattie
EllaCocke Wofford, E.K,Cocke,
Timothy D Cocke, diaries T>.
Wofford, Mrs. Jerry Coche,
heir^ at law of F- B- Vines, viz:-
W. I, Vines, J. A. Vines, Elias
Vines, N. J. Vines, Jack Vines,
Carrie Taylor, and husband,
Guy Taylor, Mary Onks, arid
husband Zed Onks, t,ena Vines
widow of F. B, Vines and D.
A. Vines, Exec, of F. V, Vines,
deceased. , .
The defendants above named
will take notice that an action en
titled as above has been commen
ced in oiif Superior Court before'
the Clerk for the sale of lands for
partition rfmong the plaintiff and
said defendants, said lands being
situate in what is known as ‘‘the
gorge” in Yancey county. North
Carolina. And the said defend-
ants-- will further fake notvee that
they are required to appear at the
office of the Clerk of ou-r Superior
Court, at the court house in
Burnsville on tbe 28'tb day ofjan--
uary, 1918,-at IZ o’clock -M, and
answer or demurir to the pe
tition now on file in this cause or
the relief prayed will be granted.
This the 31st d'ay Dec., 1917.
Clerk Superior Court,
Mrs-. Mary A. Dean, Tauntoff, M erf.
In her S7tb year, says^ "I thovg t I
Was beyonil the reach of med-icificc, Vut
Poley Kidney Fills have proves Ssaf
Bcoeficlsl in my case.”
'Mr, Sam A. Hoovev, Eigb Pol*,
M.C., Writes: "My kidney trotthlo-ww.
Worse at night ar-.d- I had to get tw
from live to seven times. Xow I- 5v
*ot have to get up at Bight, and con.
aider myself tji a truly nofittgJi con-
ditlom which I atfrlbuftf to Poley Kid-
icy Fills, as I havo' taken nothing
Mrs. Af. A. SrfdgeA jllohlnson. Mass.,
says: Kt suffered from kidney ali
ments for two years. I ooramCnceJ
taking Foley Kidney Pills ten months
ago, and tho-ngh I Sm 81 years of age
1 r-cel liko a IS-year-old girl'."
Foley Kidney PIUS are fonlc
Strengthening and up-b»Ildlre and
restore- normal action to th» kidneys
^er. They act ntifckl-y i^hd contalii
So dangerous or hasmfuVdrugs,
The State Journal
,] ITeefcfy ^hrror of North Carolina Life
. Great North Cstroliiia Weekly
•.'u.;'?hotl at the State Capital,
?, Ycai-. $1.00 for Sis Mouths.
' -D. 'Vigorous, Clean, Instrnctrve,
’ -i'cv-Iring, Inspiring. Made for fhc
•I;-i.:e Circle and also for the Busy Man.
:■ .•‘• out you-r own affairs and your own
f.-’Ls, You need it. If you do not read-
•, you raiss something reall-y -worth
-'fhile' ia the- political,- economfc and
educational Bfe of 5„uf State. Three
months trial subscription, 25 cents.
Sample copy free.
North Carolina, I In the Saperior
Yancey County. | Court Before
I the Clerk.
D. A Vines and A, S, Hartsell,-
W. I. Vine?,. J, A, Vines, Elias
Vines, N, J, VitieP, Jack Vines,-
Carrie Taylor and husband
Guy Taylor, Mary Orfks and
husband Zed Onks, Lena Vines-,-
widow o’f F, B,. Vines and D.
A. Vines, Exec, of F. V. Viues,
The defendants above named
will take notice that an action
entitled as above has been com
menced in our Superior Court be
fore the Clerk for the partition of
certain real estate situate In Yan
cey county and what is known as
“the Gorge”;-and the defendants
will further take nolice they are
required to appear at the office of
the Clerk of o’Ur Supefiot Court
in Y’ancev county on .Tanuafy 28,
1918, at 12 o’clock M. and answer
'or demurr to the complaint or pe-
I tition which will be filed in said
office within the ne.xt ten day
and let them further take notice
that unless they do so appear and
answer the relief demanded will
be granted.
Given under my hand this the
31st day of December, 1917.
, Clerk Superior Court,
31 60
JO 00
2 00
4 00'
12 00
16 00
4 00
4 50
6 2‘0
The Orl^ia of Old Glory#
Did you ever wonder where the
American flag got its nickname
“Old Glory?” If you have
thought anything about it then
the origin of the name will inter
est you. Captain Stephen Driver
was without doubt, the first man
to Christen our flag ‘'Old Glory,’’
He was born at Salem, Mass'.,
March 17, 1803,- When about to
sail front fhall oort in command
of the brig Charles D'oggett, in
the year 1831, he was pres'ented
with a large Amerean flag. As it
was sent aloft and broke out to
the air Captain Driver christened
the beautiful emblem- “’Old
Glory,’’ and this was the name
he evermore used- tor it.
His flag shared with the Cap
tain the perils and adventures of
fife de-ep, and o-n- his refirement
from- the se.a it was taken by him
to- Nashville, Tenn., where he
made his home and where be died
iii lSS'O, Everybody wanted bisfiag
at the time of the Civil War, but
Captain Ehiver quilted it with h'is
own hands and made it into a
comforter for is own bed. How
ever, when the Federal troops
took Nashville the staunch Union
captain brought it to the Capitol
at Washington, and as it floated
from the flagstaff—unquilted
again and a real flag, he exclaim
ed: “Now that ‘‘Old Glory” is
up there, gentlemen, I am ready
to die,”
At present this sanre flag is fo
the Esses Institute, in Salem,
Old SoldierGivegRccaffiitiemlation
Gustav Wangelfn, Commander
of G, A. R, Post, Ptnekneyville,
Ill,, writes: ‘'‘I highly recommend
Foley Kidney Pills, which I pre
fer to all others I have used.”
Foley Kidney Pills give quick re
relief from backache, rheuntatic
pains, stiff, swollen joints, lan-
gurdness, kidney trouble' dtid
sleep disturbing bladder ailments.
Sold by all dealers.
Cliil'’7ea Orj
.j. 3A1JBXB']
r>SI xon UO SJ airUCUlIjS S17'
Sun Dried Apples Wanted,
We are in the market to buy the
above, and the prospects are that
Sun Dried Apples, good bright
quality, will bring good prices.
The larger cut and the brighter
they are the higher price We can
pay. The more fruit that is dried
and saved the’ more-money for
each neighborhood. We wish to
hear from parties who expect to
have dried apples to sell so we
can place your name on our mail
ing list and keep ycu posted on
prices. If you want prices write
ns at once.
Asheville. N. C.
Register ef Deeds
rOF? ^
Yancey County
December 2iid 1916
December 3rd, 1917
D J Ray reg elec tion 1916 $17 71
R W King court cryer fall
term 19l6 j lO'OO
>V H Anderson Veg elecfiort 23 SO
L H Hutchins judge election 2 00
M C Peterson judge election 4 00
J D Hughes feg election 17 .35
J A filggttts judge eleetiofi 2 OG
C I Bowditch judge election 2 00
Edwards & Br^f^ghton
A, H Proffitt feg election
T C Byrd judge-election
J F Hensley jpi^s election
C R Willtaifls’T^i^le'c'tion
C C Byrd Feg^e®tiort
W H Williams jiKlge election 4 00
J A HannOfft Judge election 2 OO
J N Wilson Judge election
M W' Anglin Jui;of
Ransom Higgins jailor
Mira Honeycutt paupef
C C Cousins pauper
J A Peterson county houie 42 OO
Sant Fox court house janitor 2 OO
Sam Ray colored pauper S 00
J O Pate pauper 4 00
Alex Higgins blind 2 00
L B Brigg Jail s^ppliefs 27 2&
Bert Franklin clefk to board 14 SQ
Mira Hcmeycutt p.iujrer ^ 5 00
George Voting repafrirtg Jail
and court hemse S 50
J B, Gibbs County physician I2 25
9atn Foxcourt hotfsejanitof 13 00
Sam Ray coloted pauper B 00
J W Benffett bift rendered 3l 55
F D Hensley/or A, Cody 5 00
Ransom Higgins jail fees 22 ^
Ivouis English bill rendered 17 36
J E Evans mer'chandire for
county and witness tickets 21 60
iJack Hamby CoY^i'.ty home 42 00
L E Briggs in lieu of claim
No. 50 ^ 19' 40
Chas I BoWditch jmlge June
election 1916 2 00
Sam Fox Court IfoUke janitor 1500
J B Gibbs County physician 8 60
G B Woody material and fe-
pafring court house 74 00
Mira Honeycutt p»aupef - 5- 00
Mrs Tiny Randolph burial
expense' Confed. soldier
,L C Thomas ^rial expense
of Co-nfederate soldier
Ransom Higgins jail fees
Z S Hamby county home
Sam Ray colored pauper
Sid T Ray listing taxes
C W Deytoo reg election
C C Cousins piup*r two mo ISOO
Olivet Pate pauper 8 00
'W O Griffith mein bd'health 4 00
L E Briggs County supplies 600
Eagle pahfiahing Register
of Deeds report 30* 00
J E Evans raerebandise for
County 24 20
Geo W AagVfit supplies for
cPtmly 19 25
F E Fatfptf bounty Farm ,
Dein for Des., Jan, Feb 120 00
Ben F’raflkTfn clerk to board 12 60
:CC Renfro tkta flle'd and
dashed 2 90
R W King C lurt cfyef 10 00
j Floyd Baker repairing Court
I house 5 28
Mrs S A McIntosh burial ex
pense Confedarate soldier 20 00
Sara Ray Colored pauper 8 OO
Geo Roland repairs on court
house 412
J W Robinson judge election 4 00
I Mira Honeycutt pauper 8 00
I Sam Fox court bouse janitor 15 00
; H R Peek judge election 4 00
IC C Cousins pauper ,8 00
Hansom Higgins jail fees 48 47
Alex Higgins blind 6 OO
, John Evans work on public
roads .3 00
J B Gibbs County physidart 10 75
, S A Laughcerf tkts f and d 2 I5'
A B Wright tickets f and d 2 65
' I. O, O- F, chairs for court
house J6 sO
Z S Hamby County hottfe 52 90
Zeb Lewis cryer for grand
J E Evans m’ and tickets
filed and dashed 23 30
Mira Honeycutt pauper ' 8,00
C 13 Morgan for inquest 10 00
^asis Ray colored pauper 5 00
■ W L Gouge Heu of r’d claim' 22' 75
W H Franklin lieu r’d claim 21 00
J B Gibbs for disinfectants 24 00
Louis English for Dr, Gibbs 6 00
J W Bennett State fee bill
Nov. 1916
C C Higgins state fee bill
; W M Ledford stat fv. ’ Ilf
20 00
20 00
36 9.3
43 00
20 00
14 00
20 00
30 50
Michael Scheftch state fee
bill . ’
Lewis English state fee bill 3 50
LewisEnglt'sh state fee bill 48 78
S M Bennett state fee bill 1 30
C .T Young state fee bill 1 40
M G Beterson state fee Wll 1 25
Jacob Bailey state fee bill 60
A G Wilson state fee bill
1915 8 00
Erlwards & BfoughtOfi Pub. ^
Co for court records 66'
McDowell Pub, Co C S C
supplies -5 40'
S T Bennett Reg of Nov,
election 1916 _ 17 71
John Kirsg judge election 2 00
R C' Stout judge election 2 00
David Dailey fee'bill 1916 110
B B Hertsly state fe'e bill 1915 2 3o
C' W Peterson state fee bill
1910 60
J O Hensley state fee bill . 75
Pansey Fenland state fee btll 2 05
Kelse Boone for three and--
irons for COUrity home 2 25
T A McKtnffey fee bill 1916 2 40
G M Robinson state fee bill 2 30
Ben Franklin state fee bil-1 1 50
C I Bowditeh state fee' bill 1 80
L E Briggs state fee bill 2 60
J M Hutchings state fee bill 68
VV L hklwards state fee bill 2 10'
J P Berttretf tickets f and d 2 lO
S D Anstin state fee bill 1 65
A C Green road claim and ^
interest l60' 25
C C Cousins pauper' 9 00
A G Williams s.upt of roads- 17 00
Zeb Ledford supt roads 3 00
Ernest Young tickets f and d 2 65
R D Nichols supt of roads 6 00
J B Whe'elef supt roads 2 00
C \V Burton judge election 2 00
i T Bailey foad claim 5 68
Will Ray road Claim 25 25
Z S Hamby keeping county
home 32 40
J F Hensley foad fax I9l6 4 OO
Ransotn Higgins jail fees 19 00
Mrs Jahif W Yotihg burial
e'^petisc Cotf, soldier 20 OO
Tilmoff Higgins fkts f and d 1 80
L E Briggs tkts f and d 38 65
A B Williams road claims 3-3 56
A B Williams road Claims 66 74
O M Wilson lumber for road 4 00
J A Casida foad supt 17 OO
D Miller & Son road claims 24 00
J B Gibbs county physician 33.50-
Sam Pox court bouse janitor 15 00
Alex Higgins blind, April 2 00
Trustees M E church for
damages 247 90
WatTOU WafscTl attys fee
M E church 25 00
VV B Wilson damage's 143 78
'.''atson & Watson attys foi
W B Wilson 25 00
J R Pate road claims 56 90
M T Bailey tkts f and d 6 60
-J ^i)l Horton road claims 66- 43
The Farmers and Traders
Bank for road claims 64 23
J A Watson road claims. 12 32
J E Huskins tk-fs f and d I 90
Will Ray supt road 14 00
Will Ray road claims and
interest J63 50
Thos Durreart foad claim 28 00
Floyd Banks and Geo Ro-'
land work on court house 3- 9 0
J W Bennett sheriff extra
court work 1917 58-96
L E Briggs coffin, robe' and
bending for! 26 00
S T Dennett et al-s reg and
Judges election 16 00
Mrs M C Honeycutt keeping
jury 44 65
Mrs. M C HoneyCuf keeping
Mumpower jury 13 00
Ben Franklin Clerk to b’d 21 70
Glen Proffitt road claims
and interest 139 80
Glen Proffitt foad claims
and interest ' 147 30
H J Fox road claifff 2 OO
Ida M Black state fee bill
March 1917 6 55
Michael Sch-enefe state fee
bill March 1917 27 50
J D Wheeler foad Claims 12 00
Louis EnglLsh state fee bill 50 00
Louis English state fee bill 50 OO
Louis Englis-h s-tate fee bill 25 00
Ixfuis English state fee bill 29 74
Geo W Anglin road claims 6 40'
W J Waycaster road claim 8 OO
Althea Bhu'ford fee bill 1915 1 25
Kennelh Ri-ddle tkts f and d 2 42
Bam Pox-court house janitor 15 00
Bam Ray colored pauper June 5 00
G C Cousins pauper May 8 00
Mrs Rachel Hall burial ex
pense Con soldier 20 00
D M McGourry burial ex
pense Mira H, 14 65
J G Dpark-s road claim- 3 00
I T Bailey judge election 2 OO
Willard McIntosh duplicate
copy 17 31
Mrs W S Bryant burial ex
pense Con. soldier
R-»nsom H-iggins jail fees
Geo W Anglin for county
J B Gibbscounty physician 8- 75
Eagle PubCo for printing
50 copies ot ro id law 16 00’
R E Holloway listing tax
Mr. Farmer
Buy Your Wife for a Christ
mas Present a De Lavel
Cream Separator.
This will not only lesson her burdens,
and appeal to her pride in home sur
roundings, hut at the same time enable
her to derive more profit from her la
bor. This Would be a practical gift,
appropriate to the times.
If desired we sell these separators on
easy payments. At the present prices
of butter, a De Lavel will pay for itself
in six months.
SS-s-f PAT-FON AV6,,
Asheville, N. C.
See or Write ^
Burnsville, n, c, M
For %
Representing: . ^.
REINS BROTHERS, an old reliable firm,
organissed 1895.- Our prices are lowest. ^
Lenoir & North WilkesbolO, N.,
e T Young’Hsting tax 20 00
\V W Ray JisflUg tax 24 00
J W Hopyef listing tax 19 00
Dave McKinney ro-ad claim 9 87
Thos Robinson’foad claim 15 11
Rich Horton duplicate claim 6 00
O B Young foad claim 18 71
O B- Young foade'laim 31 19
M L bailey foad claim 36 00
W L Ro'binso’n road el aim 63 10
J G Wilson road claim-
H M Bailey road claim
J GMatsli foad claim’
W Hensley road claim
, Gus P Hensley road claim 163 50
Pendef Wilsvn tkts f and (I 1 85
Gus-F Hensley listing tax 16 00
(Gottfinued next week.)
30 00
24 42
6 00
163 50
Catarrh and
Colds/ To Be Rid
How to Check Croup Quickly.
There is one reliable remedy
for croup'that every mother should
know. Mrs. Sweet Clary, Ante,
Va.-, writes' think Foley’s
Honey and Taf is the best medi
cine 1 ever tried. My little sou
nearly had croup. I gave him
one do$e and it stopped him
Coughing in about fi’ve minutes.”
Relieves coughs, colds, lagfippe.
Sold everywhere.-
of y
a great achievemeiit.
people would be Well
and happy wete it not fof ca
tarrh.- If is worth ten years of
any one’^s life to learn how to
get rid of catarrh.
will show you, tttttch gtfkkef
than any One co'-Uld! fell you,
how to get rid of eafarfh.
THE PERUNA CO., ColumbuevObfo
Mrs. Emiria Gannon,- l07 £.
South St., Kewaneo, Ills.,. wFlfea:
"For fiftevn years I had oatarrfT of
the head and stomach. I could
ha.rdly watlc. My attention Was
caned to ‘The Ills of Wfe.' I i%ad
It through. Then bought a bottfe
of Peruna. I am entirely" well now.'
Notice to the Pttblic.
ThelaW rOqifiring all- ftOtes to
be stamped vfent into effect
December 1st, The law p-rovides
that notes m'Ost be stamped to
the amount of 2 cents fof each
onehundr^ dollar's or multiple
thereof. The Gov©Fhi®en.t has
plac^ these stamps- on sale by
every postmiaster. The law also
r'eqiiires- that the maker of the
note shall stamp-and cancel same
himself. Parties having notes in
tte Burnsville banks will take
notice tti&t- tbeV shottld call upon
their respective postmasters for
stamps, afhx the stamp- to thei
notes before sending- them to the
baflk for' renewaL
mtf uiife"

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