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LYON & LEWIS, Publishers.
Only Paper Published in the Coafltp
VOL. 21-NO. 14
A good Bank serves the whole com
munity—it wants the community to
prosper. And that is why we strive
to serve each individual impartially—
because individuals make the com
munity. There is no transaction
where money plays a part but what
our Service can be utilized. ^You ^are
welcome to use it freely.
Burnsville, N. C.
Notice is hereby given thit the
undersigned Tax Collector has
levied upon the following de
scribed lands of tax delinquents
in South Toe township, Yancey
county, North Carolina, by order
of Board of County Commissioners
of Yaiicey county, and will for
tbe purpose of collecting the
ta.^es due by said delinquents on
the 7th day of J,inuary, 1918, sell
the hereinafter described lands at
public auction at court house door
in Burnsville, N. C., at the hour
of 1 o’clock p. m., forj cash in
W. H. Penland. Tax $32.41;
cost $2.50, years 1914, 1915, 1916,
lands adjoining McDowell lands,
et als, containing lOO acres.
Mamie Scott. Tax S9.34; cost
$2.50, yearvS 1915, 1916, known as
Mamie Scott lands, in South Toe
township, Yancey county, con
taining 100 acres.
This December 1st, 1917.
W. A. HALL, Tax Collector.
By L. H. HUTCHINS, Dept.
Tax Collector.
Ready Now at Old Prices.
Fresh lots of Foley’s Honey
and Tar Compound are selling at
before-the-war prices. This puts
this well-known cough medicine,
ready to use, in homes at less
than it costs to buy and mix the
ingredients yourself, and all
bother and muss is avoided.
There is no better remedy for
roughs, colds, croup or lagri ^pe.
Sold everywhere.
North Carolina, ] In the Superior
Yancey County. | Court Before
I the Clerk.
A. S. Hartsell
1. R. Love, F. B. Vines, Annie
L- Weaver, J. E. Cocke, Mattie
EllaCocke Wofford, E.R.Cocke,
Timothy D. Cocke, Charles D.
Wofford, Mrs. Jerry Cocke,
heirs at law of F- B- Vines, viz;
W. I. Vines, J. A. Vines. Elias
Vines, N. J. Vines, Jack Vines.
Carrie Taylor, and husband,
Guy Taylor, Mary Onks, and
husband Zed Onks, Lena Vines
widow of F. B. Vines and D.
A. Vines, Exec, of F. V. Vines,
Cut This Out—It Is WorthjMoney.
Don't miss this. Cut out this slip
enclose with 5c to Foley & Co.,
2835 Sheffield Ave., Chicago, III.,
writing your name and address
clearly. You will receive in re
turn a trial package containing
Foley’s Honey and Tar Compound
for coughs,-cold and croup; Foley
Kidney Pills and Foley Cathartic
Tablets. Sold everywhere.
The defendants above named
will take notice that an action en
titled as above has been commen
ced in our Superior Court before
the Clerk for the sale of lands for
partition among the plaintiff and
said defendants, said lands being
situate in what ia known as "the
gorge” in Yancey county, North
Carolina. And the said defend
ants will further take notice that
they are required to appear at the
office of the Clerk of our Superior
Court, at the court house in
Burnsville on tbe 28th day of Jan
uary, 1918, at 12 o'clock M. and
answer or deraurr to the pe
tition now on file in thia cause or
the relief praved will be granted.
This the 31st day of Dec., 1917,
Clerk Superior Court-.
There is one reliable remedy
for croup that every mother should
know. Mrs. Sweet Clary, Ante,
Va., writes: "I think Foley’s
Honey and is the best, medi
cine I ever tried.’ My little son
nearly had croup. I gave him
one dose and it stopped him
coughing in about five minutes.”
Relieves Coughs, colds, lagrippe.
Sold every where.
North Carolina, t In the Superior
Yancey County. | Courf Before
1 the Clerk.
D. A Vines and A. S. Hartaell,
Mrs. Harr A. Bean, Taunton, Mass.,
Sn her 87th year, says: "I thousht I
was beyond the reach of medicine, but
Poley Kidney Pills have proven most
beseflclal in my case.’*
Mr. Sam A. Hoover, High Point,
N. C., writes; “My kidney trouble was
worse at night and I had lo get up
from five to seven times. How 1 do
Sot have to get up at night, and eon-
aider myself In a truly normal con
dition, which I attribute to Foley Kid
ney Pills, as z have takes nothing
Mrs. M. A, Bridges, HobUison, Mass.,
Says: 'T surtered from kidney ail
ments for two years. I commenced
taking Foicy Kidney Pills ten months
ago, and though I am 61 years of age,
1 fee! like a IS-year-old girh”
Foley Kidney Pills are tonic,
Strengthening and up-bulldtnft ana
restore normal action to the kidneys
and to a disordered and painful blad
der. They act quickly and ooataia
bo dangerous or banoful drugs.
The State Journal
4 JTeekly Mirror of North Carolina Life
The Groat Kortb Carollag
Fublishod at tk9 State Capital.
$2.00 a Year. $1.00 for Six Mostbs.
Terse, Vigorous, Clean, Instnictrvc,
Entertaining, Inspiring, Made for the
Home Circle and also for the Busy Man.
It’s about your own affairs and your own
folks. You need it. K you do not read
it, you miss somethiHg really worth
while in the political, econondc and
educational life of your State. Three
months trial subscription, 25 cenls.
Sample copy free.
W, I. Vines, J. A. Vines, Elias
Vines, N. J. Vines, Jack Vines,
Carrie Ta3’]or and husband
Guy Taylor, Mary Onk$ and
husband ZedCtaks, Lena Vines,
widow of P. B. ^Vines and D.
A. Vines, Exec, -of F. V. Vines,
The defendants above named
will take notice fhat an action
entitled as above has been com
menced in our Superior Court be
fore the Clerk for the partition of
certain real estate situate in Yan
cey county and what is known as
“the Gorge”; and the defendants
will further take notice they are
required to appear at the office of
the Clerk of our Superior Court
in-Yaiicev county on January 28,
1918, at 12o’cJoek M.-and answer
or detnurr to the complaint or pe
tition which will be filed in said
office within the next ten days,
and let them further take notice
that unless they do so appear and
answer the relief demanded will
be granted.
Given under ray hand this the
31st day of December, 1917.
Clerk Superior Court.
The State everywhere has ex-
perienced-the worst cold, snowy
'eather in many years. Zero
weather is mpjst uncomfortable in
this section.
How to Check Croup Quickly.
The Register of Deeds of Bla
den county reports that there has
been more mortgages cancelled
this fall than ever before in the
county in any two seasons. There
must be some money stirring.
Old Soldier Gives Recommendation
Gustav Wangelin, Commander
of G. A. K. Post, Pinckneyville,
Ill., writes: 'T highly recommend
Foley Kidney Pills, which I pre
fer to all others I have used.”
Foley Kidney Pills give quick re-
relief from backache, rheumatic
pains, stiff, swollen joints, lan
guidness, kidney troubld and
sleep disturbing bladder ailments.
Sold by all dealers.
The old year just passed was
one of general prosperity in the
Old North State. There were
more automobiles, higher prices
for cotton, tobacco and foodstuffs,
and the people practicing enono-
my in order to win the war.'
Extra Work For Women.
War conditions try the strength
of women. The overworked wo
man in home, office or factory,
will find in Foley Kidney Pills a
ready relief from Kidney trouljle,
backache, headache, rheumatic
pains, stiff joins, swollen muscles
and that awful tired feeling.
They assist nature in restoring
strength and vitality. Sold
Ohil".’en Ory
|1!,L 3U|mn^=OIilO.J| OAjJBXU"
aS JO xoq Ro ct sJtiscuSjf: 614
Register of Deeds
Yancey ^unty
December 2nd 1916
December 3rd, 1917
(Continued from last week)
Sun Dried Apples Wanted.
We are in the market to buy the
above, and the prospects are that
Sun Dried Apples, good bright
quality, will bring good prices.
The larger cut and the brighter
they are the higher price we can
pav. The more fruit that is dried
and saved the more raonei’ for
each neighborhood. We wish to
hear from parties who expect to
have dried apples to sell so we
can place your name on our mail
ing list and keep you posted on
prices. If you want prices write
tiS at once.
S. i;. PF.Nl'JIv A CO. INC.,
Mrs Calvin Gibbs burial ex-
- pense Confed. soldier $20 OO
S M Hensley road claims 47 74
J W Wilson road claims 15 OO
Ellis Williams c jjUng jury
list • ’ 2 00
J Rich Robinson r^^laims 94 73
W M Ledford »tate«e bili
March 1917 ' 75
Louis English fee bill J W
Higgins vs Yancey county 7 60
Ben Franklin clerk to boad 13 20
Sam Fox courthouse janitor 15 00
Z S. Hamby keepinjtjcounty
home Mav and June 74 OO
D C fiyrd road claim 7 flO
J C Byrd state fee bill 1917 1 lO
Claris Cousins pauper June 8 00
Sam Ray paper July 00
J W Horton tkts f and d 2 90
J H Edge road claims 16 OO
Horace Edge road claims 12 00
T C Byrd road claims 40 00
A H Proffitt supt roads 15 00
J M Proffit wo k a d ma
terial on roada 8 PO
Alex Higgins blind two mo 4 OO
J M Proffitt work and mate
rial on road 9 00
M P Courry road claim 2 05
Mat Bennett road cla'im 9 00
Robert Edwards tkts filed
and dashed 5 20
C L Edwards tkts f and d 5 20
Ransom Higgins bearding
pauper _ ^ lO’OO
V/L Bennett road claims 16185
J B Wheeler road claim 16 00
S L English books and sta
tionery for CSC office 109 33
F E Batton for expense of
County Farm 197 48
G G Roland work on jail 7 00
Steve Collis tkts f and d 2 05
C R Wilson oil and paper 70
J B Gibbs county physician 8 SO
W A Hall for lieu of road
claims 87 25
J W Bennett'^cutting down •'
still 20 00
J A Casida lieu road claim 30 00
J M Edwards lieu road claim 2.S 00
J B Hensley CSC fees 10 10
M Cl Honeycutt CSC fees iO 10
J J Wheeler road claim SOO
W Hensley for pension board 4 00
W Hensley for pension board 4 00
J B Gibbs county physician 38 00
R W Horton road supt 36 00
John B Wheeler tkts f and d 2 85
K L Young road supt 40 40
J Hughes pension board 4 OO
J W Hall for C C Cousins 8 00
M A Whitson road supt 39 35
J D Briggs for roadicl^iims 28 OO
S S Peterson Jr. roltd supt 31 55
D L Allen road claims 3 00
Sam Ray colored pauper 5 00
Ben Peterson road sppt 22 75
W A Randolph road supt 38 10
J|M Proffitt road supt 37 39
J M Proffitt roadlmaterial 7 %
Garrett Edwards road supt 22 90
N Angel road supt 38 70
W N Ayes road supt 36 25
L C Thomas road supt 24 OO
A B Williams road claim 9 00
J W Wallace road supt 20 00
W C Murphy woik on jail 3 50
W M Young^idonation on
foot bridge 17 10
Will Ray road supt 17 10
C W Allen.road supt 18 00
Weizie Fox,lor setting stud
posts 3 50
Ransom Higgins jail fees 5 40
J C Byrd road juror 2 65
R D Nichols road supt 7 25
Alex Higgins blind 2 00
J M Proffitt donation on foot
bridge lO 00
Sam Foxcoort bouse janitor 15 00
Ransom Higgius jail fees
and lumber 18 60
Z S Hamby for keeping
county home 34 00
Jas A Casida supt roads 40 00
M N Anglin state fee bills 18 15
Louis English sec’y pension
board and court supplies 23 86
J W Bennett state fee .bill
Spring 1917 63 85
A N Melton state fee bill
Fall 1916 3 lO
F E Patton as Farm Uemon-
o’ostrator to August 187 50
Lat Evans fees fall farm 1916 1 60
Mack Evans fee bill fall 1916 1 60
W M McIntosh tkts f and d 3 40
A B Wright tkts f and d 2 90
E ii McMahan state fee bill-
March 1917 180
Ben Franklin clerk to board 2b40
S T Hens!.-y tkts f and d t S J
1 J _ii roA'X swpv 42 .k.
Sam Fox court house janitor
August 15 00
Alex Higgins blitld 2 00
A Hall Johnson atty for
road claim No 1157 issued
by board of road com. to
A Hall 1938 15
J W Bennett jail expenses 4 85
J W Bennett waiting on
court August term 1917 25 OO
C C Cousins pauper Aug. 8 00
Ransom Higgins jail fees 62 00
Dr I L English road claim 100 00
Ransom Higgins board of
Mrs J W Horton 9 20
J W Howell duplicate for
road claim _ 30 00
J E Evans mefehandise for
paupers and CSC office 18 ^
J B Gibbs county physician 17 75
Asheville Motor Sales Co
for Road Truck 6017 00
J W Bennett for Lindey
School 5 00
Citizens Bank funds to oper
ate road truck 1000 OO
L H Hutchins listing tax 24 00
J.ohn D Peterson road claims 91 OO
Sam Fox court house’janitor 15 OO
C C Cousins pauper Sept 8*00
J E Evans supplies -for road
Burnsville T S and jail 40 01
J M Proffitt supt road Aiig
and Sept 17 60
Sam Ray colored pauper 10 00
G W AngiitT road supplises
Burnsville township 12 36
W S Renfro for lumber 65 24
Z S Hamby keeping county
Home 68 65
J B Gibbs county physician
Aug and Sept 41 75
Eliza Thomas pauper 5 00
IvOuis jlnglish for estate of
RB Anglin , 20 00
Ransom Higgins jail fees
to Oct 1st 81 70
J G Arrowood state fee bill
Nov 1915 4 50
S C Blaninship listing tax 24 00
Jesse Howell tkts f and d^ 4 40
J H Roland road judgment 246 37
L R Carter road judgment 186 82
W Z May and Jane Pender
road judgments 186 82
R W Wilson bill of cost
. against the county .i 111, 00
H A Whittington road claim 75 60
J R Shepherd road claim 10 §0
A D .M asterts road claim 50 00
S E Roland road claim 28 30
Gibbs heirs road claim. fl58I7
kex Bvrd road claim 34 25
Ben Franklin clerk to board 20 OO
T A McKinney delivery of
two'lis 40 OO
Geo Gardner work on road 1 00
J W Bennett bringing Troy
Taylor trom Tennessee 32 70
C RHvrd .road claim 11 90
W M Westall road supt 51 95
W M Simmcrns tkts f and d
and one (lay as commis’r 555
R L Young roadisupt 35 60
Gaston Angel officer of
grand jury 10 00
S S Peterson Jr road"supt 25 SO
Bob Harris tkts f and d 4 95
Jas Casida roadlsUpt 25 75
Nate Boon wood iof court 2 50
R W Horto.n road supt 32 SO
C C Cousin&’pauper Oct 8 00
J B Gibbs county physician S3 75
N L Ang&I road,^»upt 43 00
J E Evans mdse and tickets
fi ed and da: h d 26 90
L A Butner keeping jury 6 50
Willard Randolph road supt 33 00
Garrett Edwards road supt 26 00
Sam Kay colored pauper 5 00
r B Bailey tkts f and d 3 10
W C Edwards road supt 30 50
Sam Fox court house janitor 15 OO
Alex Higgins blind 4 00
Raiiisom Higgins jail fees
for October 119 00
^T M Thomas tkts f and d 2 55
Z S Hamby county home 42 90
Bank of Yartcey funds to
rock and sand roads in
Burnsville township lOOO OOO
W C Murphy repairs on jail 6 50
W M Hughes road supt 21 20
WH Silver tkts f and d .2 60
J A Plannutn dynamite for
public road 16 40
F E Patton expense to State
Fair 30 00
W H Woody tkts f and d 1 55
J M Lyon per diem as coun
ty commissioner for 1917 75 15
W S Edwards as cofinty
commissioner for 1917 69 60
Edwards & Broughton record
and tax books 82 47
J A Hannuin per deim and
mileage as commissioner 78 20
Ben Franklin making tax
books for 1917 as follows:
11 townshio books, two
tax ledger and 11 receipt
books 428 76
Den Franklin clerk to board 9 00
Louis English witness tees
for W. M Ferguson and
Dave P 6 40
.1 E Evans road claims 183 99
J M Lyon for road claims 99 30
Grand total $20,519 59
Tbe above amount of -«ounty
aiiiis Were issued lur tne loi-
j lowing fn-wii;
To the Farmers of W. North Carolina
Be Prepared For 1918
From “Power Farming;.”
If we could see our cuatoniers individually and ask then! whaC
preparation they were making for carrying on their farm work next
year, we would probably find that many of them have thought little
or nothing about it Perhaps vou feel that it is too early, that you
have practically all WifilSr to think and plan; and, therefore, you do
not need to hurry particularly.
But is it too early ; have you got three or four months to pre
pare at your leisure? Positively hot; if you prepare as yoi^ should.
Furthermore, every farrper has both a patriotic and an economic
duty to perform that demands action on his part right now. We
must consider how a delay or failure to our duty will affect other
Your prepartion consists principally of having on hand and ready
for use the supplies and equipment you w'iH need, especially seed,
fertilizer, and implements. It is not too mu2h to say that, taken as
a whole, the most important of these are the implements.
For several months back We have pointed out to our customers
the possibility of an implement shortage next season. This possi
bility has now become a certainty. Just how serious the shortage
will be is, of course, not yet khown; but if we were farming, know
ing what we do, we would most certainly do what v/e are advising
our custmers to do in this article. And that is, we would lose no
time in placing our orders for what implements we would neea next
In normal timers this is rot necessary. But these are anything
but normal times, and it becomes a patriotic duty this year to order
early. It is one of the many ways in -Which the man on the farm
can “do his bit.” If everyone vVould place his order now, it would
help manufacturers and dealers greatly to guage the demand for
implements for next season, and especially to make known to those
in charge of priority matters at'Washington their needs^ for mate
rials. The man on the farm must realize that the day of an over
production of farm implement is past, imebably for ever,- and that,
in addition to an actual shortage, the price must of necessity be high.
And what is more, the price will continue to be high for some
time to come. But if our patriotic and our economic duty is indi--
viduaiiy reali7.ed—if it is, as it should be, our first tbought->-We will
not permit the mere matter of price to stand between us and the
equipment we need to carry on our businoss mos t efficiently and
In view of the jmpleme-nt-ahortage and as a matter ef goo J farm
ecopmy, -w’e want to urge a careful inspection of the implements at
present on the farm. Perhaps some of those which you thought
had reached the limit of their usefulness and which had be dis
carded for further use, could possibly be overhauled and repaired so
as to give fairly good service at least for another season. It is ad-'
visable to do this wherever possible, not only for economic r asons,
but also becausie irwill Kelp greatly to .elieve thofitagd of equipment
next year
This irepairing of Worn-out or discarded implements should be
attended to as soon as the farm woi-k slacks up, so that the repairs
may b© made in piety of time. Delay in this respect is decidedly
inadvisable as it may take several weeks in some cases to get the
repair parts needed.
In prep_aring for 1918, the ^ct that the labor shortage will be'
more serious than ever will unquestionably be the biggest problem
for the man on the farm to solve. It ic not only extremely difficult,
as well as impossible, in a large percentage of cases, to get the labor
needed to carry on the farm work, to say nothing of the quality, but
farm boys are being drafted into the\ military service. This will
I'esult in placing many in a serious situation. And yet our patriotic
duty demands that we Work harder than ever, and that we use
every means st our disposal to offset this shortage andjnot only keep
our production up to normal, but to increase it if possible.
The labor situation is so serious and the demands upon the man
on the farm for increased production are so great that the labor-
saving possibilities of farm implements will be considered more
seriously than ever. And in prepaaing for 1918 a great deal of
thought and study should be given to the matter of how labor can be
saved and how the labor shortage can be offset by using maciiines
and implements that reduce the amount of labor required.
Anticipating the shortage in implement and the difficulties and
delays in transportation, we have bought large stocks in all. lines in
advance; are prepared to supply our trade while they last. We urge
every one to order early. You will save money by doing, so. and
possibly not be able to get what you need later.
Write at once for information and prices of anything you will
need this spring and summer.
80-84 PATTON AVE.,
Asheville, i. C.
See Of Write
Burnsville, n, c.
For Va
REINS BROTHERS, an old reliable firm,
organized 1895. Our prices are lowest.
Lenoir & North Wilkesboio, N.
County expenses 6,252 85-
Boad Truck Complete 6,017 OO
Expense in operating
truck and rocking roads 2,000 00
I wish to state right here that
taxes should be much lov/er for
1918 as the levy for 1917 is suffi
cient to meet the above amounts,
I, Ben Franklin., Register of
Deeds and Clerk Oi'the Board of
County Coinmissioflers. do lieri'’'-:
certify that the n’. r--: is k t'ej
fep-.rt I:i4; eiaons issued h\ tli :
ending December 3, 1917.
Register of Deeds and Clerk
to Board of County Cooirais-
'b Kind '?B!iHav9 Atesss Bsags:

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