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Mrs. J. R. Burton, Sr.
died at her home here on
Sunday night a t 9:15
o’clock following an illness
of several months,
Funeral services were
held at the Higgins Memor
ial Methodist church a t
10:00 o’clock ..Tuesday
Mcrning. The Rev. J. S.
Folger, pastor, officiated
assisted by Rey. J. L. Rey
nolds, former pastor, Rev.
Smoot Baker, pastor of the
Burnsville Baptist church
and Rev. Paul H. Merkle,
pastor of the Presbyterian
Active jjall, bearers for
the services'"' were G. L.
Hensley, Charles Watson
and Welzie Riddle, Jr.,
nephews and Bill McNeill,
Bailey Whitt and Ed Hol
combe, friends of the fam
ily. Members of the Wom
an’s Bible Class-of the Me
thodist Sunday school were
in charge of the flowers.
Survivors include the
husband, three daughters,
Mrs. Earl Johnston and
Mrs. S. M. Williams o f
Flint, Mich, and Mrs. Al
bert Jphnson of Rosscom
mon, Mich; two sons, J. R.
Burton, Jr., of Detroit and
Clarence Burton of Grand
Blanc, Mich.; four sisters,
Mrs. James B. Hensley of
Asheville, Mrs. C. G. Hor
ner of Wake Forest and
Mrs. Fred Proffitt and
Mrs. J. A. Watson of Bur
nsville. Several grand
children also survive.
Mrs. Burton was former
ly Miss Nan Hampton, the
daughter of Rev. and Mrs.
G. M. F. Hampton. She
was born at Bakersville on
Sept. 9, 1878. She had been
a member of the Methodist
church since early child
hood and had always taken
part in all church activities.
She had also been a mem
ber of the Burnsville Wom
an’s club for many y^ars.
Burial was in the Burns
ville Cemetery. Holccftnbe
Home was in charge of fun
an d Edwards Funeral
eral arrangements.
Oglethorpe, Ga.
The General Assembly of
North Carolina has begun
its session, and committees
have been appointed by
both the House and the
Senate. *
Dover R. Fouts, repre
sentatives from Yancey
County, has been named to
the following committees:
, Conservation and Develop
ment of which C. P. Rog
ers, Sr. r of Tryon is chair
man ; Constitutional amend
ments, Courts and Judicial
Districts, Education, Elec
tion and Election laws,
Federal Relations, Finance,
Game, Insane Asylums, Ju?
dieiary No. 1, Military af
fairs, Penal Institutions,
Pensions, Public Utilities,
Public Welfare, Roads, Jus
tices of the Peace, Library.
(Raleigh News and Obser
Mr. and Mrs. Roy\ Dun
can are ill at their home at
The Burnsville ' School
honor roll for the first sem
ester has beenannounced
by B. M. Tomberlin, princi
pal. It is as follows;
High School
o o Senior Class; (Average
above 95) June Ayers,
Beuna Ellen Bailey, Nelle
Bodford, Earnest Banner.
(Above 90) Jewell Atkins,
Mary Glatly, Margaret
Riddle, Ralph Hall, Ruth
Mclntosh. J
Junior Class: (.Above
95) Kathryn Ramsey,
Charles Hamrick (Above
90) Louise Jamerson, Vir
ginia Edney, Mary D.
Bailey, Hope Bailey; Mar
garet Allen, Dale Banner,
Ralph Bostain.
Sophomore Class:
(Above 95) Francis Harris,
John Lee Ray. (Above 90)
Camalee Towe, Evelyn
Briggs. Erlene Jones; Dick
Bailey, Dick Mclntosh.
Freshman Class: (Above
95) Charles Proffitt, Lou
cretia Blankenship. (Above
90) Doris Penland, Carroll
Angel, Edward Wilson.
Grades .
Seventh Grade: Rosa
Lee Hammond, Mary Lil
lian Boone, Mary Woody,
Royce Silvers.
Sixth Grade: Martha
Bailey, Mary Francis Ham
rick, Barbara Higgins,
Clara Lee Griffith, Romie
Burns, Carl Mclntosh, Lan
don Proffitt, Ray Staton,
Gene Woody.
Jane Robison, Junior
Wheeler, Don Croley, Billy
Banks, Frances
Doris Boone, Mildred Wes
tall; Mary B. Peterson,
Clara Mae Smith.
Fifth Grade: Mary Ellen
Banks, Mary Evelyn Hen
sley, Philip Styles, R. E.
Hennessee, Wilma Smith
Jean Robison, Wilma Ang
lin, Peggy Jean Huskins,
Bendene Silver, Ruth
Banks, Elizabeth Ramsey,
Freida Brown, Clara D.
Banner, Betty Wray Hen
sley, Mary Blake Wilson,
Evelyn Hamrick, Mary Lou
* Fourth Grade: Philip
Banks, Betty Lee Fox,
Gloria Arm Fletcher, Le
land Westall, Wade Silver,
Peggy Ann Fox, Phyllis
Rowland, J. C. Styles,
Frank Fox, Lela Bodford.
Third Grade: Wanda
Hope Charles, Virginia
Sue Banks, Bobby Ruth
Banks, Reba Banks, June
Horton, “Dannie Fouts;
Llewellyn Ray, Robert
Tilson, Charles Gillespie.
Max Buckner, Betty
Hammond, Loyce Woody,
Jeanette Smith, Sarah
Hamrick, Ola Mae Covey,.
Barbara Angel, Mable Lee
Second Grade: Eunice
Hammond, James Delling
er, Billie ITall, Cora Payne,
Evelyn Watson Riddle,
Aaron Wilson, Nancy
Buckner, Nancy Byrd,
Wayne Cooper, Ray Coop
er, Susan Weller, Helen
Westall, Peggy Styles, Dor
is Styles, Jack Edge, Larry
Fletcher, Frank Wilson,
Tommy L. Edwards, J. A.
• Banks, Tommy Tilson.
First Grade: Joe Matt
son, Jay Wilson, Clifford
.■ —1 rr jr-A fV-
- ——- < .Jr
The Northwestern Bank
has reported a considerable
increase in business during
1940. The home bank is
located in North Wilkes
boro, and branch banks are
located in Sparta, Boone,
Blowing Rock, Bakersville,
J§ffe rso n, Taylorsville,
Valdese and Burnsville.
Deposits have increased
from $3,344,828.77 in 1938
to $4,740,716.17 in Dec. "31,
1940 as shown by the state
ment of condition released
this week. r
, Total assets were listed
on Dec. 31,
1940 as compared to $4,361,
820.32 in Dec. 1939 and $3,
733.119.30 in' Dec.. 1938.
This is an increase of over
a million and a half dollars
during the past two years.
There are now over 25,000
depositors of the. bank.
The annual meeting was
held' in North WRkesboro
on Tuesday and all direcr
tors were reelected. These
are R. A. Doughton, Harry
Bailey, W. C. Berry, W. B.
Collins, R. L. Roughton,
Ralph Duncan, W. D. Far
thing, G. W. Greene, M. A.
Higgins, W. W. Mast, J.JL
Prevette, M., E. Reeves, N.
B. Smithey.
W. J. Caroon, secretary,
tendered his resignation, to
become effective Tuesday.
His successor has not been
named. All other officers
Were ‘reflected; 'These are
R. A. Doughton, president;
Edwin Duncan, executive
vice president; John C.
Mcßee, vice president.
In the local bank R. N.
Scott is cashier, Marguer
ite- G. McKinney is assist 1
ant -cashier and 1 Trena
Presnell Fox is assistant
cashier. Members of the
local board of managers
are C. M. Bailey, Robert
Presnell and B. R. Penland.
. A one week term-of , Sup
erior Court will convene in
Burnsville on Monday, Jan
uary 20 with Judge Allen
H. Gwynn presiding. Civil
cases will be heard.
The following names
have been drawn for the
jury list:
Gus Edwards; C. E. Ran
dolph, Silas E. King, C. A.
Hilliard, Char lie King,
Jesse J. Wheeler, D. S.
Johnson, Geo. W. Higgins,
Allison English, George
Greene, L. P. Horton, Car
roll Deyton;
W. W. Burton, P. S. Bra
dley, Hiram Higgins, W. C.
Gurley, Luster Wilson,
Mack Hensley, C. L. McMa
han, Robert Presnell, Bud
Grindstaff, -Henry Grind
staff, D. C. Letterman, L.
C. Bracken.
Peterson, Andy Brown,
Frances Wilson, Nelda Pet
erson, Betty Presnell, Ena
Kate Smith, Doris Bod
ford, Virginia Dare Chase,
Helen Angel.
Steve Buchanan, Clyde
Dellinger, Robert Jones,
Bernice Hilemon, Belle
McCourry, Maude Blank
enship, Mildred Blanken
ship, Louise Fox, Norma
Patton, Faye Styles, Billy
Butner, Louise McMahan,
Grace Fox.
y ■ . ■
15 Years Ago /
(January ssj 1926)
Lester Byrd of Asheville
spent a part of the week
with relatives at Jacks
Creek. . : q -
Z. V. Benhett is here
from Sarasota Fla. to
spend two weeks. He plans
to return to Florida short-
Mrs. Pearl Newcomb of
Montana has been added to
the faculty of'Stanley-Me-
Cormiek school.
The contract for the new
bank building has been
awarded, and \ work will
begin March j|* -----
R. W. Wilson is now
Mayor of Burnsville, hav
ing been elected recently to
succeed M. A* Bailey, re
Mr. and Mrs. John B.
Gibbs, Jr. arrived in the
city' Wednesday from Ken
tucky. Mrs. S|i)bbs, before
her recent rh|rriage, was
Miss Freda Riley of Gray
son, Ky. i
A protacted winter spell
has been on is this moun
tain section for the past
two weeks, with the mer
cury hanging taround zero
most of the time and with
several inches of snow and
ice covering the face of old
mother earth.;
The memlfcrs of the
Presbyterian gave
their pastor, Rev. V. C.
Detty, a old fashioned
pounding last Tuesday
night. The preacher is ex
pected to recover unless he
partakes too heartily of the
good things toted to him by
his little flock.
S. C. Blankenship of
Pensacola was a business
visitor to Burnsville last
Mrs. W. W. Hennessee
and Mrs. J. S. LeFevre
were hostesses to members
of the Woman’s Club on
Thursday, January 9, at
the home of Mrs. Henne
ssee. The president, Mrs.
Hubert Justice, presided
over the business session.
Reports were heard from
several committees, and
the president appointed the
following nominating com
mittee to nominate officers
for the club year of 1941-
1942: Mrs. J. S. LeFevre,
Mrs. R. W. Wilson and Mrs.
Hobart Ray.
The program was given
over to a discussion of in
dustry in North Carolina.
Mrs. W. B. Wray, Jr. r£ad
an article on that subject
by the state president, Mrs.
John D. Robinson. The foll
owing committee was ap
pointed to collect minerals
typical of this section of
North Carolina for a nati
onal club exhibit in May:
Mrs. J. S. LeFevre, Mrs.
W. W. Hennessee, and Mrs.
Dover R. Fquts, Mrs. P. C.
Coletta, Mrs. W. B. Wray,
Jr., and Mrs. John Robin
son were also appointed to
make a scrapbook to be
used at this same exhibit.
A social hour followed
and refreshments were ser
ved by the hostess. /
(R. H. Crouse, Agt. V. J.
Goodman Asst Agt.)
Applications for pay
ment under the 1940 Agri
cultural Conservation Pro
gram will be ready to sign
at the times specified on
the schedule below, far
mers are urged to come out
to the meetings to sign
their applications. Orders
will also be taken for lime
and phosphate at these
meetings and those who
want to get lime and phos
phate in the early spring
should sign at once. Far
mers are requested not to
come to the County Agents
Office to sign applications
before these dates, as they
will not be ready. It is very
necessary that these appli
cations be signed now in or
der that the checks will
not be delayed.
Cane River: Glenn
Proffitt’s Store, Monday,
Jan. 20th, 1:00-4:30 P. M.
Elk Shoal Church, Monday,
Jan. 20th, 9:00-11:30 A. M.
Egypt: Markle Building
Tuesday, Jan. 21 9:00-11:39
A. M. Bee Log High~Sch
ool Tues. Jan. 21, 1:30-4:30.
Ramsey town: Little
Creek School, Wed. Jan.
22, 9:00-11:00 A. M. Vot
ing place, Wed.“ Jan. 22,
1:30-4:30 P. M.
Brush Creek: L. D. Tho
mas Mill, Thursday, Jan.
23, 9:00-10:00 A. M. Vot
ing place, Thursday, Jan.
23, 10:15-12:00.
Green Mtn.: J. W. How
ell’s Store, Thursday, Jan.
23, 1:00-4:00 P. M.
Jacks Creek: Presby
terian Center, Friday, Jan.
24, 9:00-11:30 A. M. Clear
mont High School, Friday,
Jan. 24, 1:30-4:30 P. M.
Pensacola: Brook Wil
son’s Store, Monday, Jan.
27, 9:00-10:15 A. M. H. D.
Ray’s Store, Vix.en, Mon
day, Jan. 27, 10:30-11:30.
Crabtree: Presnell’s
Store, Monday, Jan. 27,
1:30-4:00 P. M. Micaville
High School, Monday, Jan.
27, 7:00 P. M.
South Toe: Wilson’s
Store, Busick, Tuesday,
Jan. 28, 9:00-10:00 A. M.
Geo. Autrey Old Store,
Tues. Jan. 28, 10:15-11:45,
E. D. Gibbs’ Store, Tues.
Jan. 28, 1:00-4:00 P. M.
Prices Creek: Silas
Hensley’s Store, Wed. Jan.
29, 9:00-12:00 A. M. Her
bert England’s Store, Wed.
Jan. 29, 1:00-4:00 P. M.
So far Yancey county
seems to be extremely for
tunate in escaping the flu
epidemic which is wiae
spred throughout the coun
try and also in this imme
diate section. Comparative
ly few cases have been re
ported and in most of the
schools whose principals
have been contacted there
has been no considerable
decrease in attendance. No
schools have been closed as
yet. The citizens of the co
unty are being urged to
take every precaution and
to avoid unnecessary risks
in contracting or spreading
the disease.
Plans For ’4l Disclosed By
Field Supervisor
Arrangements are being
made to launch Farm Cred
it Administration loans
early in 1941, S. S. Willi
ams, field supervisor of the
Emergency Crop and Feed
Loan office of the admin
istration, ’ announced yes
Mr. Williams made the
statement following a visit
of the state and regional
office officials in Asheville
last week. While here, the
officials reviewed the work
of the past year and map
ped plans for the coming
Mr.' Williams explained
that since the funds used
in making emergency crop
loans come from a revolv
ing fund, it is not necessary
to await congressional ap
“Because of conditions in
some sections of this terri
tory, due to floods last
summer,” Mr. Willi §ms
said, “we realize that more
; farmers will need assistan
i ce for their farming opera
■ tions next year. The Emer
gency CropDoam off ice will
make this loan available to
. farmers who will need as
• distance -&nd who are eligi
, ble for this type of loan.”
During the year 1940,
- more than 12,500 farmers
. in North Carolina received
- loans and more than 90 per
. cent has been paid to date,
the supervisor said. Many
• ioans were made to farm
. ers in Western North Car^
olina, and at this time to
■ bacco_ is being sold which
, will substantially increase
the percentage of collec
tions. A number of coun
ties in the state, including
some counties in Western
North Carolina, have re
paid their loans 100 per
cent during the years past,
he added.
First loans in the state
began in 1929 and since
this dkte through 1940,
255,458 North Carolina
farmers received loans
through the Emergency
Crop and Feed Loan agen
cy totaling $23,546,000.00
repayment to date on all
loans made is approximate
ly 93 per cent. North Caro
lina leads the United Stat
es in the percentage of col
lections of loans.
Due to some changes in
territories in this section,
Yancey and Mitchell coun
ties have been transferred
to the Asheville territory,
and will bq under the sup
ervision of S. S. Williams;
field supervisor, Asheville,
N. C. Mr. Joines will con
tinue to serve the Boone
1 territory.
Announcement is expect
ed to be made within the
' next few days regarding
' accepting applications for
‘ loans to farmers this year.
The local office for the
1 western part of the state is
! in Room 505, Court House,
! Asheville.
i ...
i Less than two tons is the
. capacity of 88 per cent of
> all trucks on American
I highways. Loads as high as
j five tons are carried by
1 less than one per .cent of all
trucks in the United States.
I The Yancey Beeord
• -Tour horn, count,
newspaper carries all ,
| local news.
1t ' ■
Funeral services for John
Parker, 79, were held at
the Elk Shoal church at
2:00 o’clock Sunday
noon. Rev. J. N. Snow, pas
tor of the Bald Creek
Methodist Church' of which
the deceased was a mem
ber, conducted the services.
Mr. Parker was a resi
dent of Bald Creek for
many years, and ho was
widely known throughout
the section as a shoe maker,
scfme'years ago. He follow
ed this trade for many
years and tanned the leath
er for his use and made
many articles of the leather
besides boots and shoes. He
also owned and operated a
blacksmith shop but sold
this a few years ago.
Surviving is one brother,
Gaither Parker of Ashe
ville and a half brother,
Newt Ballings, of Concord
community in this county.
Visits Local Draft Board
Major J. C. Donald from
State Headquarters of the
Selective Service System,
Raleigh visited the local
draft board on Thursday,
January 9. Major Donald
checked the office, the re
cords as work done to date
and explained classifica
tion and other duties of
board members and office
—t ———
The population of the
State of North Carolina, as
shown by the 1940 census,
is large enough to entitle
the state to an additional
representative in the Na
tional Congress.
There have been two pro
posals as to how this extra
representative may be
named: First, a “repre
sentajtive-at-large” from
the state might be named;
second, the 10th and 11th
congressional districts,
which have shown the
greatest increase in popu
lation during the 1930-1940
period, may be reappor
tioned so that an addition
al district would be created.
The former plan is not
favored by leaders of the
state, and if the latter plan,
as now proposed, is carried
out it will affect counties
in the two districts in this
New 10th District:
Avery, Burke, Catawba,
Lincoln, Mecklenburg and
Mitchell, all now in the pre
sent 10th district.
New 11th District:
Cleveland, Gaston, McDow
ell, Madison, Polk, Ruther
ford, and Yancey counties.
New 12th District:
Buncombe, Cherokee, Clay,
Graham, Haywood, Hen
derson, Jackson, Macon,
Swain and Transylvania,
all now in the present 11th
Ten billion dollars in
state gasoline taxes and
registration fees were paid
by motorists of the United
States in the decade ended
with 1940, more than dou
ble what they paid in the
previous decade.

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