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jß|\ : news details !
th e Yancey Bee- I
Every Week. I
WSSs^^^^tiS?' 7 ' ■•; 4b
■Kume five
|Vrhe February quota foi
■Be selective military train
ing service is eight. Volun
jßers will fill this quota and
Key ...will be sent to Fort
Bragg -on Wednesday, Feb
Buary 19.
B The following are the
who have been
■ notified by the local draft
■ hoard to report to the
[local draft board here on
February 18: Clifton Lau
rence Wheeler, Horace Sil
ver, Burnsville, route 1;
Luther James Banks, John
King, Nevil Boone, Burns
ville; Woodrow Bradford,
“Murley Williams, Bee Log;
Guy David Thomas, Green
BjL ft. 1. Lee Byrd will
■L'* included but has re-
H to be inducted
B'eekmore, Ky.
are re
in case any of
rs do not pass
Clair Laws,
HBBRuk i volunteer i, Earl
HHBBII, route 1, William
mjmXlg lensley, Swiss, Glenn
jßjßknglish. route 1, John
I? n , Silver, star route.
HRic Program Feb. ISth
Be men have boon noti
: to meet at the court-
Xpuse on Tuesday after
won" at 3:00 o’clock. A
Bhort meeting will be held
[at which time a speaker
l will addresslr the‘group and
ecy appr^riateexep^sfts
5 invited to attend the
i :
B new Service Station
°Hnpublic gas and oil
week for busi
ss Frank English as
-n Alpine is distributor
of service sta
tioßK are given, and
f onl|F'|swt and second grade
station is lo
i cat«Pln ! West Main Street
on the Asheville highway.
Glenn Honeycutt, 9 mon
ths old son of Mr. and Mrs.
Curtis Honeycutt, died
Tuesday at 3 A. M.
. Surviving, are his parents
and the following brothers
and sisters: Jack of Bur
ner, Lum, Margaret, Rufife,
Edwin, Josepnine and Jane
of Swiss. |
B Funeral services were
lit the family cemetery
Bee Log.
C. M. Cheadle left at
Wednesday for Coral
8, Fla’, because of
erious condition of
Cheadle <who is ill
: T
m to Mr. and Mrs.
Eandon Renfro, route 1, a
Km, Wendell, on February
Freda Brown, the eleven
year old daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Charles L. Brown,
is ill at the Orthopedic hos
pital, Biltmore* N. C.
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■ aßwlir.
i' i \ m ' mcßn|£ L
I 1 ' \tj HnK /" v - bI
I £ 'V » mmMmmmßemmf 4 TOR mm**
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1 ■ \ 1 IJfeif Wmk m BMIM
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f, \ mHI if 1
Rc I B»|<« aw—
Pvt RRI l BiBBMi
1 Representative and Delegates. The above picture shows four SeutK American
delegates to the Inter-American Institute at the University of Horth Carolina
I at Chapel HilUand Dover R. Fouts, representative. The picture whs made when
members of the N. C. Legislature spent one day at Chapel Hill. From left to
right: Carlos Munoz of Peru, Senorita Netter Lauder of Chile, Mr. Fouts, Senor
-1 ita Victoria Noguera of Chille, Senorita Jnana Gahdarillos of Chple.
( _ a
Each .week we are pub
lishing story about
citizenjior citizens of the
counjppvho are 80 years
old jwolder. Jf you know
soUbwune who has reached
th JH# we shall -appreC
iJ§r sending the in
fjnpmaon to us. We al
roffpnove on hand a nura
be*F of stories and plan to
publish one each week.
Mrs. JonnM. Robertson,
who is 84 year old, is the
mother of four children,
Festus vßobertson of High
Point, Mrs. Elsa Brown of
Swannanoa, Mrs. Bertha
Thompson, Burnsville and
Brinton Robertson of
Boone. She also has eleven |
grand children and one
great grand child. She was
born, raised and has always
lived in Yancey county.
She joined the Baptist
church at the age of fif
teen and has been a loyal
member ever since. / A
Four Counties Already
* Final preparations are
being made for the Mica
ville All Star Tournament.
Six teams representing
four counties have already
entered the tournament.
They are: Madison county,
Walnut, McDowell county,
Pleasant Gardens; Mitchell
county, Spruce Pine;‘Yan
cey county, Clearmont,
(Bald Creek and Micaville.
Invitations have also ex
tended to Bakersville, Tip
ton! Hill, Pineola, Cross
nore, and Riverside. The
drawings for places were
made on February 11.
The tournament will be
held in the Micaville High
School gikmasium on Feb
ruary 20-21-22. Forty
three medals and awards
will be given the winning
teams and outstanding
players. The tournament
promises to furnish some
of the best games to- be
played in this section of
the state this season.
Paring of the teams wUI
be given in the next issue
of the paper. J%
1 • , r
' ~r ' ' - bmlk .1
Mrs. Sam J. Huskins, De
puty Commissioner of Re
venue, has announced the
following itinerary during
the period for filing State
income and intangible re
turns, from March Ist to
March 15, 1941, for Avery,
Mitchell, Madison and Yan
cey Counties. - Mrs. Hus
kins will be in Burnsville,
March ist, 3rd, Bth and
15th; at Bakersville,- Bak
ersville courthouse, o n
March 4th; at Newland,
Newland courthouse, o n
March 6th; at Marshall,
Marshall courthouse, o n
March 7th; at Mars Hill,
Roy Tillery Case, March
11th; a t Spruce Pine,
Spruce Pine Store Com
pany, on March 12th.
Mrs. Huskins states any
person subject to filing
either or both the income
and intangible returns
must file such returns with
the State Department of
Revenue on or before
March 15, 1941, and pay
the tax due. ,
Any unmarried man or
any woman, either married
or unmarried having an in
come of SIOOO or more dur
ing the year 1940, and any
married man having an in
come of S2OOO or more must
file an Income Tax return.
Any person owning on
December 31, 1940, Intan
gible Personal* Property;
such as, Money on hand,
Accounts Receivable, Not
es, Bonds, Mortgages, or
other evidences of debt, or
shares of Stock of Corpor
ation, must file an Intang
ible Tax return. No ex
emption is allowed.
Girls Tournament
Friday and Saturday, February 28, March Ist
FRIDAY NlGHT—'7:3&—BurnsviUe vs Bee Log
—B:3o—Clearmont vs Bald Creek.
SATURDAY—IO:OO A* M.—Winner of Burnsville-
Bee Log game vs Micaville. •
Friday and Saturday, March 7 and Bth
FRIDAY—7:3O P. M.—Burnsville vs Micaville
8:30 P. M.—Clearmont vs Bald Creek.
SATURDAY—IO:OO A. M.—Winners of Burnsville-
Micaville game vs Bee Log.
■ ;• 1
H •
On Tuesday evening,
■ February 18, the Burns
i ville P. T. A. will hold its
; annual Day Gel
i ebration ati the Burnsville
High School.*
i T. C. Roberson; superin
, tendent of Buncombe
County Sobools will be
the guest speaker of the
evening. He wilUbe pre
School, a former citizen of
Yancey County.
Other features of the
program will include wel
, come to the visitors by
B. M. Tomberlin; a group
of violin numbers by Mrs.
Elizabeth B. Hughes ac
companied by Mrs. Garret
Bailey; History of the P.
T. A. by Mrs. W. B. Wray,
Jr., and a social hour with
cutting of the birthday
cake by P. T. A-jjresident,
Mrs. R. W. Wilson.
All parents are urged to
be present and a special in
vitation is issued to all
County High School Prin
cipals and the presidents
of the other County P. T.
A.’s to attend.
The annual meeting of
the Yancey county stock
holders of the Farmers
Federation will be held in
the Farmers Federation
warehouse at Burnsville on
Saturday, February 15, at
10 a. m. James G. K. Mc-
Clure, President of the
Federation; Guy M. Sales,
general manager; and E.
N. Stamey, manager of the
Burnsville warehouse, will
speak briefly about the
year’s business.
Farm demonstrations
conducted last year i n
growing tobacco it has
been found that a fertilizer
high in potash is much
needed in Yancey County
to grow the crop most suc
cessfully. The tobacco fer
tilizer recommended is
3-10-6 or 3-12-6 and i n
most cases it is also recom
mended that 100 pounds of
48 per cent ■ sulphate o f
potash be applied about
three weeks after planting
in addition to the regular
tobacco fertilizer.
According to these re
commendations the follow
ing demonstrations were
carried out:
Bill Bailey, Toledo, ap
plied one hundred pounds
of potash on 0.8 of an acre
and no potash on 0.5 acre.
The yield on 0.8 was 1188
pounds and sold for an av
erage of $25.00 per hund
red. He said he . could tell
the differ e mftr in the
brightness of each leaf and
’ he is well satisfied that the
• five cents per pound incre
-1 ase resulting from potash
is well worth while.
Jesse Howell, Green Mtn.
applied fifty pounds of po
tash on 0.4 of an acre of
tobacco and 0.7 acre in the
same field was not treated.
He applied the potgah
about three weeks after
planting And .800 , pqwnda
per acre bf 3-8-5 fertilizer
was used at planting time.
The yield on the treated
plot was 1280 pounds per
acre as compared with 1170
pounds per acre on the plot
receiving the potash. The
big difference occurred in
the increase i n quality
where potash was used.
The following compari
sons will further illustrate
the benefits of the recom
mended practice:
Tobacco from .4 acre
treated with potash was
512 pounds which sold for
$101.37. *^4^
Tobacco from .7 with no
potash was 822 pounds,
sold for $149.50.
W. T. Tomberlin of Swiss
carried out the third de
monstration using 60 lbs.
of potash on .44 acre and
checked against a plot of
.36 acre which received no
Tobacco from .44 acre
treated with potash was
864 pounds, sold for $164.
Tobacco frcui .36 acre
with no potash was 510
pounds, sold for $103.52.
During the 1939 season
J. A. Hannujn of Ramsey
town and L. H. Ray carried
out similar demonstrations
and received similar results
These demonstrations,
made in different sections
of the county, all , show
that by following these re
commendations very good
results are obtained.
(R. H. Crouse, Agt. V. J.
Goodman Asst. Agt.)
Mr. and Mrs. W. I. Par
nell of Greenville, S. C. vis
ited relatives here during
the past week end.
W. A. Covey who AIAS
been very ill for the past
two weeks is some better.
•■,* ' . r
* ... .
’ ll
' R* . ;|RB’
1 iBL -«illp
• I
m m
* - v.. v
Julian Price
a "
Greensboro, N. C, (Spec
j ial) “Present prosperity
of our country is largely
. due to the tremendous
1 sums of money being spent
, by our government on de
j sense measures,” reports
, Julian Price, re-elected
' of the Jefferson
j Standard Life Insurance
Companjt -
In his annual statement
’ to stockholders here yes
! terday, President Price ad
; monished that “while we
can reasonably expect pros
| perity in eountry for
. the next few years whether
the war continues or afiafo
J hei it
end, prepare for
the future 1 fev continuing
to build on iwSafe, sound
and conservative basis.”
The stockholders’ and
directors’ meetings were
held yesterday on the 14th
floor of the Home Office
building with Col. William
A. Blair of Winston-Salem
acting as chairman for the
re-election of all officers
and directors. The only
change made in the official
staff was the naming of
Dr. W. M. Jones, assistant
medical director, to the full
directorship in succession
to the late Dr. J. T. J. Bat
tle, who died September
29, 1940.
In addition to the declar
ation of the regular divi
dend of 75 cents a share on
stock (payable January 31
to stockholders of record
on January 27), the direc
tors, following last year’s
procedure, declared a five
per cent bonus on the earn
ings of all home office and
branch office employes.
J *From the standpoint of
earnings and progress”,
Mr. Price stated in his an
nual report, “the year 1940
has been as satisfactory as
the year 1939, when we ex
perienced ah outstanding
year.” One evidence of
that is the $51,000,000
worth of new life insurance
sales made during the year,
an average of almost sl,
000,000 a week, with a mor
tality ratio described as
“very satisfactory.”
“During 1940,” Mr. Price
further reviewed, “our as
sets increased $7,264,000
and now stand a i $94,764,-
607. The unassigned sur
plus and contingency funds
increased to $4,730,000,
making a total of $6,730,000
(Continued on beck page)
| Tlie * 'lf
9 • i'
■ ¥ OUT* I
j c * rri *‘ a |
\ * a" ; - -\ W
k J"
- i—: —
t . '
1; Probably tne most im
portant responsibility of
the Health Department is
the control of Communica
ble Disease, by both the
preventive and protective
measures. During 1940 the
Health Department was
very active in this phase of
the work. There Were 67
cases ftf communleable dis
eases Reported and found
by the Health Department
officials? A total of 161
home visits were made in
the interest of control, in
vestigation and quarantine
measures. '
Diphtheria cases were
much less in the District
i for 1940, with no deaths re
’ suiting. 'We found that
most cases occurring were
, due td the fact the parents
had failed to have their
, children inoculated against
diphtheria. However, - sbme
cases had had one dose of
, diphtheria toxoid, but had
not been schick tested. The
Health Department is now.
following the procedure of
giving two doses of,diph
theria toxoid, one mdhth
apart, and schick testing
three months later. This de
partment is making stren
uous efforts to*, see that
every child receives diph
, theria toxojd, either from
t.h department.!)
A great deal of time has
been spent in holding diph
theria clinics, and the re
sults have been very grati-~
fying; 1,432 children have
received the diptheria ino
culation in 1940. u is now
a law that every child At
tending school shall be Suc
cessfully vaccinated. We
are carrying This out by
seeing that the children
under ten years of age are
successfully vaccinated if,
they are attending school
regularly. The parents are
responsible for children not
attending school, and are
required to have every'
child that is over the age of
si x months immunized*
Those unable to pay for
this service may obtain it
free at the health depart
During 1940 a total of
16,751 doses of typhoid vac--
cine were given. A totaf of
416 doses of Whooping
Cough vaccine were given.
Two cases of typhoid fever
occurred in Yancey Coun
ty. Both cases occured in
the same family. This fami
ly did not have approved
sanitary disposal, they also
had refused to be vaccinat
ed at the clinic held in their
community this summer.
A second clinic was held in
the same community, and
they still refused to be vac- <■
cinated. Typhoid clinics
were held this past year in
practically every section of
the District and also in the
county schools.
Five hundred six were
vaccinated for smallpox.
No cases of smallpox were
reported in the District.
One of the activities jof
the Health Department
which gives gratifying re
sults is thfc work done in

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