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United States at War With
Japan, Germany And Italy
Unexpected Attack of Jap-; BULLETIN
anesc Causes Disastrous
Damage to Pearl Germany and Italy de-
Harhor dared war on the United
-States today (Thursday).
Congress Declares War On They were “forced into it”
Japan Monday by the action of the U. S..
The United State:
Japan are at war.
For the past four days
the thoughts of all Amen-i
cans have been turned to -
the series of events that! Creek Lodge No,
have taken place in the Pac-i^^"^ ^
ific-latest battle ground | regular communication at
of the mighty world con-|fl^e Lodge hall on Satur-
flict. Some of the develop-Ulay? Dec. 6.
ments in brief are: i The election of the fol-
At dawn on Sunday Jap-.Towing officers for the en-
anese fighter and bombing suing year was held: Max
planes attacked Pearl Har
bor, the U. S. naval strong
hold in the Hawaiian Is
lands, causing untold da-
Proffitt, W. M.; R. E. Eng-
lich, S. W.; Levi Ballard,
J. W.; A. P. Hensley, treas
urer; W. T. Tomberlin, sec-
“In Defense of His Conntry”
Hickam Field, Hawaii
December 7, 1941
mage to the harbor and h’etary. Remaining officers
ships, and some casualties.!appointed by the
Hickam Field, the air base^^^®^®^ ^ future date. .
near Honolula, was also!. The lodge was fortunate!
attacked with a fearful loss having, the mp^^LERS TO OFFER
of men and planes. An ho^^ored guests, Thomas pQjj ‘FOOD FOR
estimated 350 men were past grand masteriGARDENS’
killed and 300 or 40Q woun-^^f the grand lodge of Nor-
ded. Approximately 200 Collections of seed for: Farm people of Yancey
planeswere putoutof com-; McCon^eU clLtnct deputy Gar- County rob their pocket-
mission and much damage dens in 1942 Gardens” will: books, as well as their heal-
was done to the hangars other visitnr^t^e offered by seed dealers th, when they fail to grow
from Joti A Nichols X i throughout the State, ac- a garden, says L. P. Wat-
Srw M oi the West As ‘o L. P. Watson son. Extension hortieultur-
tne w. IVI. 01 tne. west Niswonger, Ex- ist of N. C. J3t^te .College.
tension horticulturists of To prove his point, the ag-
N. C. State College. Seven ricultural leader presents
at Hickam
Many Boys From Yancey
County In Pacific Area
Many Yance^' County
boys are now on duty in
The death of Weldon The Junior Red Cross is i the far east. The following
Burleson of Banks Creek 100 percent in Burnsville!list is not complete but is
and field.
The city of Honolula was
also bombed with great,
destruction and loss of life. be\ille lodgt^ uiHi W. B.
Three hours after the first Ferguson, past district de
attack, Japan declared war P^fy gi’and master of the
on the United States. Blackmer lodge, Weaver-
In quick succession at- were also present,
tacks were made on t h e
English crown colony ot "’’’h he held cuuniy
Xt'ZfZ; S '=• 1" SX“'n;
settlement of Shanghai was dealers about the same ser- value of all the farm gar-
seized, and attacks were vice. den.s in the county, as esti-
made on the Philippine Is- NOTICE Every North Carolina mated to the census-takers
.+ A fu f' ^— farm family has been re-;by the farm people them-
It is also reported that Despite many rumors no quested to grow a home selves, totaled $302,805.
the small islands of Wake casualties have been offi- garden as a part of their That is an average value
and Guam, stepping stones cially reported in the coun- contribution to the Nation- per garden of $117.
from the Hawaiian Islands^ except that of Weldon wide “Food for Freedom”. By multiplying the aver-
wholesale seed distributors the following facts and fig-
have been asked to quote ures:
“a X'ic‘'imita!raHon of garden .seed The 1940 census showed
A public installation ot, farms in this
[agents of the Extension county had a garden, but
in the Japanese attack on School.
Hickam field in Hawaii on
Sunday was announced
Wednesday in a message
from the United States
War department to his'
parents. Mr. and Mrs. Hen-
i*y W. Burleson.
Mr. Burleson was born
and reared in Yancey
county. He attended Clear-
mont high school and Mary
ville College, Maryville,
Mr. Burleson served in
the U. S. Marine Corps for
4 years, during which time;
he saw duty in many for
eign countries. Shortly af
ter his discharge from ser
vice in the Marine Corps,
he enlisted in the Army
Air Corps. For the past
two years he has been sta
tioned at Hickam Field. i
In addition to his parents'
a brother and two sisters,
also survive: George L.
Burleson of Banks Creek,
and Mrs. Ethel Ledford
and Mrs. Faye Grisom, both
of Gastonia.
This was the first Wes
tern North Carolina casu
alty reported in the war. Western Union Telegram
Wa .F.i'iigtoi'i, D. C.
Dec. 8, 1941
H. Grady Bailey, Chm.
Provisions have now
been made whereby
World War Veterans
who served any time
from October 6, 1917, to
July 2, 1921, in the mili
tary or naval forces of
the United States, and
who applied or were el-
gible to apply for a year
ly renewal term “war
time” insurance or Uni
ted States Government
life “converted” insur
ance may now make ap
plication for reinstate
ment. I will be glad to
assist any World War
Veteran in applying for
this insurance.
Dover R. Fouts, Ser
vice Officer, American
Raleigh, Dec. 9—“The Yancey County American ,
United States is at war and Cross,
the need for men in Ameri- Burnsville, N. C.
ca’s fighting Navy is ur-' Again the American Red
gent,” today asserted Lt.- Cross is called upon to serve
Comdr. McFarland W. >“»■. "aWon i" war. Both
Wood, officer-in-charge of nationally and locally we
; as nearly complete as this
, paper could learn since hos-
; tilities began. Their loca
tion of course, is a mattei'
of conjecture but at last
reports they were station
ed as follows;
Weldon Burleson, Air
corps, Hickam Field, Ha
waii. Killed in action,
December 7.
James Powell, Navy!
Pearl Harbor.
Fleet Hamby, Navy.
Pearl Harbor.
Pearson Riddle, Clyde
Ray, Wake Island.
Hershel and Clay Haney,
Ralph Fender, Pearl Har
Fred Peterson, Honolulu.
Pershing Williams, with
! Pacific fleet.
Fletcher McCurry, Whee-
1 ler Field, Hawaii.
Ray C. McCurry, Bellos
Field or Hickanm Field,
Vick Peterson, Wheeler
Burgess Fox, Wheeler
Leslie Peterson, in Phili
Howard Williams, with
Pacific fleet.
I. B. Hensley, with Paci
fic fleet.
Arthur Peterson, with
Navy recruiting in the Car-
face vast and definite res-
to the Philippines had been
The first word of the in
itial attack reached the
United States about 2:00
o’clock on Sunday after
noon. The president con
ferred with leaders of con
gress and in the cabinet
and called a session for
12:00 o’clock Monday.
At this session of Con
gress the president made a
brief address, in part as
To the congress of the
United States:
Yesterday, December 7
1941—a date which will live
in infamy—the United Sta
tes of America was sudden
ly and deliberated attack-1
ed by naval and air forces
of the empire of Japan.
The United States was at
peace with that nation and,
at the solicitation of Japan,
was still in conversation
with its government and
its emperor looking toward
the* maintenance of peace!
in the Pacific.
Indeed, one hour after
Japanese air squadrons had
commenced bombing in Oa
hu, the Japanese ambassa
dor to the United States
and his colleague delivered;
to the secretary of state a!
formal reply to a recent'
(Continued on jiage four) I
cami^aign. To make it' age value per garden by
easier for rural people to j the number of farms with-
achieve this patriotic goal,lout a garden, it can be
the two Extension horticul-i seen that the loss to the
turists have compiled a list [county due to the failure
of vegetable seed, together j of every farm family to
garden totaled
J Goodman, assistant ecu-;quanti-'have
ny agent: Three register-; necessary to^$34,047.
ed Guernsey bull calves: ^
from tested cows were plac- t ^
ed in Yancey county this; The dealers
•' *' Fn TTrv»o> ..... ....... ..^1
Carolina farm peo- ™ this time of crisis.
' „ , , ^ XT.,,,,, ic
ojij^as. ponsibilities for service tO;
“Carolinians have always forces and^ for
been foremost in defend- t’clief to distressed civilians.,
ing this country in time of provide essential funds i
war and I am sure the peo- Cross today is launch-,
pie of these two Southern 5.^^ ^ campaign for war;
states will not fail to re- minimum of fifty!
spond now,” he declared. . niillion dollars. The Presi-1
“During all the wars in'^^^nt will issue on Friday a’ ,
America’s history, the men supporting
in North Carolina and Your chapter, event of enemy at-
South Carolina have joined $1000. Chapters, tack, with full cooperation
A very iwportant meet
ing of the Yancey Coun
ty Defense Council will
be held at the Farm Ag
ent’s Office at f o u r
o’clock P. M., December
12, 1941. Every member
of the Council is urged
to be present.
Dover R, Fouts, Chair-
the colors to fight off at-.^^^ fifteen percent of Philippine Government
tackers. and a quick, large , their collections for loc- officials some months ago,
vvaismi reported that rnuster of recruits is ex- war relief expenditures, ciiajrmaii Davis stated,and
been the State totals show that Pected from the Carolinas Ch^Ptei's should at once de- the national Red Cross had
ea in lancey county iniSj i • SI 868940 wac lo'st hv to help defend the nation luii eiioits to raising gent him supplies, includ-
f“":Ubefed‘pa:k^Ses ^ farm pe'o^ in tbi.^time of cri,.. .
farmer.: C. M. Deyton,:“ 1 beca^oT a l^k‘’“U NaU is relaxing ume. mease repon ,„ent,s for children. Eva-
Green Mountain; J. Thp"^ collection incln i gardens. The census re-■ physical standards cuation schemes were com-
Higgins, RamsSytown and:approximately 26 pou-'port shows that 247,127'enlist men between 17 and “A ‘h'S plete and had undergone
C. C. Honeycutt, SioUx.j , jP , , k the 278276 fnviriQ in thp 49 vears of age in the re- rehearsal, horster cabled
The_ calves werfe brought: tonMlState had a garden, leaving gnlar Navy or^ Naval Re- Norman H. Davis, two days ago. One plan
in from Cabarrus county
and will be used in promot-
ing_ the better dairy cattle
program in Yanqey county.
cient quantity to. ^-uiuion, o— » i • i
both fresh vegetables and 31,149 without a garden., f''™ Men with physical
a supply for canning. The total value of all gar- : defects will be accepted if
dens in the State was ‘be defects can be correct- U
The seed, and the amount ’
‘ftdod for a p-avHon to food . ^
A special section for
school news has been re
served on page 2 of this
issue. Please look there
for news from the schools
of the county.
Also^ please notef the
time of presentation of
the plays at both Burns
ville and Bee Log High
School have been chang
ed. Instead of dates pre-.
viously announced they
will both be presented on
Friday evening, Dec. 12.
needed for a garden to feed
a family of five, are
Vfu*'*:value of $60 per garden.^ Applicants who have Honolulu were prepared to, Seven national staff
of the Extensio?^ horticul-physical re- aid, evacuation! members of the American
included establishment of
Washington, D. C., Dec. a children’s evacuation hos-
-American Red Cross pital, in addition to the
ed after entrance into ser- chapters in Manila and in medical first aid stations.
lajfcie vege- jeetions or who think they ^^d other problems of the; Red Cross were sent from
:a)®e grown i^ight be rejected are asked civilian population follow-; Washington to the Philip-
half-acr^ garden contact their nearest re- hig today’s air raids by the pine Islands to aid Forster,
would cost the fai^i house- cruiting station. Japanese, Chairman Nor- and six national staff mem-
bought at re- active men between H. Davis announced bers were sent to strength-
One-tenth of ^he ages of 17 and 49 may today. [ en the Hawaii Red Cross,
acre will produce an a definite step Twelve medical stations, Both chapters had been as-
abundance of vegetables toward defending America equipped and with sured full cash grants to
for one person. A family ^y applying at Navy re- doctor, nui*se and first aid meet any needs for shelter,
of five therefore would^‘^tations in North personnel, were ready in medical aid, clothing and
following vegetables: Bush, .
porLtaT'beans; 2u”pou: "bkh cai^Agrown might be rejected are asked to the Jhilip-
nds; bush snap beans, 5
ipounds; pole snap beans, .» ,
12*/':. pounds; beets, 2‘A oun- bought at re-
jees; cabbage, 1 ounce; car- prices,
irots, 2U ounces; collards,will produce
1 ounce.
1 Cucumbers .slicing i, 2'-
ounces; lettuce, 1 ounce; nge^an acreUor’ garfen Carolina at Raleigh, Char- the Philippine Islands, and food for evacuated or home-
okra, 2>v ounces; field peas;^,^^ lotte, Greensboro, Sails- ten similar medical stations less populations.
21,2 pounds; garden peas,' ; i Continued on back page.) were on hand in Hawaii,' A cable received from
,21/2 pounds, peppers, ‘ ’ pounds; mustard, 5 ounces;: h® announced. Forster two days ago stdt-
ounce; onions (sets), 5 tomatoes V-. ounce- and: hirs. R. E. Powell and Charles M. Forster, man- ed the chapter there had
pints; kale, 2/2 ounces; turnips, 5 ounces. ’ ; Edwin Powell ager of the Philippine Red set up three medical stat-
spinach, 2V2 ounces; squash,' ' ^ I of Spenser are visiting re- Cross, had begun prepara- ions in Manila, including
21'2 ouncas; sweet corn, I’-ii subscribe to the record' littives and friends here. tions for Red Cross relief the port area.

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