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1 a S. defense
• > - ; • - *,-* , \ ' ’ J
Pearson Riddle Is Interned
In Shanghai, China by Japs
Mr. and Mrs. Pearson
Riddle of Pensacola have
received word that their
son, Pearson Riddle,' 7 Jr. is
in the hands of the Japan
ese and is now interned
iin Shanghai, China. He
Was one of the three North
Carolinians who were em
ployed as civilian constru
ction workers on Wake Is
land, and unusual concern
for his safety has been felt
since the outbreak of host
ilities. '
The communication came
from the Navy" Depart
ment, and is the first de
finite word of the where
abouts of young Riddle
since Dec. 7.
The letter from the Na
vy Department said in
part: “The Bureau has re
ceived a report from the
International Red Cross at
Geneva, Switzerland, whi
ch states that Pearson
Riddle has been interned
by the Japanese in Shang
hai, China.
“It is also reported that
the American civilian in
ternees are receiving fair
treatment considering all
the difficulties which ac
company war. It is hoped
that the anxiety of parents,
friends, and relatives of
these men will be greatly
..relieved by the knowledge
that they have finally been
accounted for and are re
ceiving reasonable treat
ment, even though they do
experience some inconven
ionces and hardships.”
The letter further stated
that now that the “subject
employee” has been offic
ially reported, it is possible
to deliver mail to and from
him- through the Internat
ional Red Cross. There are
still mhny difficulties, it
was explained, in connect
ion with the delivery of
mail and supplying com
forts to these civilian int
In discussing the possible
exchange of American ci
vilians the communication
said: “The Department of
State, through the Swiss
government i s exerting
every effort possible for
the early exchange of Am
erican civilians who are in
terned in enemy territor-,
ies.” It was also stated that
the In ternationai Red
Cross was rendering every
possible aid, both financial
and medical to interned
American citizens with
whom it can get in touch.
Mr. Riddle went o Wake
Island on July 10, 1941. He
was 20 years old on Oct.
15, 1941. He attended scho
ol at Pensacola and gradu
ated from Burnsville high
school in 1939.
A twin brother, E. R.
Riddle# is now employed at
Swannanoa, j He recently
signed up for civilian work
at Pearl Harbor.
Another interesting fact
it that an uncle, Fleet
Hamby of Burnsville, gra
duated with Pearson from
high school in 1939 and
shortly after graduation
joined the navy. He has
been with the Pacific fleet
for the past two years,
> I —- ■
J, B. Bennett of Bol
ens Creek was a mem
ber of a Panamanian
cargo ship torpedoed
and sunk Thursday in
the Gulf of Mexico. Only
one member of the 59- *■
man crew was lost; the
others, including Benn
ett, are now safe in New
- • j
L. G. Allison, license
inspector, will be i n
Burnsville each Friday
instead of each Wednes
day as formerly. All per
sons who wish to see
him concerning divers’
license may see him at
the court house then.
- - ' * t-Ei-
Y 3
A two day school for
those who will serve as re
porters for compliance
with the AAA program
was held at Burnsville high
school this week.
The school was conduct
ed by J. R. Burt of the
state AAA office, and
Charles 'Radford, state
supervisor for Mitchell and
Yancey counties. The men
who attended have already
had two days field training
in nuking maps for meas
uring tobacco acreage:
The following were pre
sent for the instruction: T.
T. Auglin, I. T. Bailey, C.
C. Banks, Frank Bowditch,
Paul Bradford, H. W.
Briggs, W. A. Duncan, H.
E. Gardner, W. B. Hens
ley, H. W. Higgins, R. E.
Holloway, D. L. Hurst, A.
Z. Jamerson, Joseph T.
Lippincott, Lester Peter
son, S. S. Peterson, S. B.
Randolph, Wayne Ray, L.
M. Robinson, W. R. Robin
son, Dewey Silver, Paul
Higgins, Willard Hall, R.
V. Angel, Blake Ray, Will
D. Petefson and R. F. Pet
There will be a decorat
ion of the graves in the
Burnsville cemetery Sun
day, June 21st, 1942, 3 to
5 o’clock in the afternoon. ,
As part of the physical
fitness program which the
state is sponsoring, boys
in the junior and senior
classes of Yancey county
high schools were given
physical examinations in
the district health office.
The following report has
been released- by the health
office, and gives a sum
mary of the results of
these examinations:
«' Bo y s examined, 182;
number Tuberculin tested,
42 with 4 positive and 38
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: r «
- ■ \ ;
' fUfi* i—i j
I Raleigh, N. C., June 18)
Victory Day celebration in
;each of the 100 counties of
| North Carolina is the goal
of the State Office of Civ
ilian Defense.
Ben Douglas, State OCD
Director, *>aid today- that
in accordance with Govern
or Broughton’s proclamat
ion of the Fourth of July as
1 VICTORY DAY, he was
urging chairmen of Civil
ian Defense in all 100 co
unties to proceed immed
iately with the organizat
ion of suitable VICTORY
| DAY programs which wo
j uld bring about a demon
stration of the scope of the
volunteers organized for
home front defense.
“1 regard as most fort
unate this opportunity to
combine patriotic celebrat
ion of the birthdate of our
independence with “recog
nition of the vast army en
listed in home front pro
tection and of parents of
men and women now on
duty with our armed for
ces,” said Douglas in ann
ouncing that in a number;
of places the Civilian De
fense organization was
planning a parade on -the 1
morning of the Fourth im
mediately preceeding
Town Meetings and the
meetings would be follow
ed by picnics or barbecues.
Douglas said the ideaj
was rapidity because* of *
limitations on travel that
would prevent many peo
ple from making custom-;
ary Fourth of July excur
sions and would give them
something to do at home. I
The American Legion j
and other patriotic and
civic organizations will
join the Civilian Defense
organzation in participat
ion. observance in dif
ferent counties will be j
sited to local conditions 1
rather than to a uniform!
program for the entire
•j- w „ —r- ' • .. . .
The $5.00 federal stamps
for motor vehicles are now
on sale at post offices and
must be purchased by July
Clarence King and Clif
ford .King with their fam
ilies have been visiting Mr.
and Mrs. Zeb King.
Mrs. Estella Miller of
Bakersville is in the Bank
here this we< k.
p. — —*
, : —?
c , .•. YOURSELF!
. Every person in America may
'Yf* /Z&jetar one’s dollars can help produce
the bombing planes that do!
You, you, you, can join the attacks on Tokyo by saving
at least 10% of your pay in War Bonds—hy joining your
1 company’s pay-roll savings plan todays or going to your
local bank or post office and buying War Savings Bonds
—at least 10% of your pay—-'every pay day. ,
Remember you can start buying War Bonds by buying
War Stamps for •* little as 10c and that you get a $25
War Bond (maturity value) for only SM,7».
V. S. fTtmntry Dtptttmmt
- " —■ ■
Pvt. Jack jiff. Robinson
of Hamrick was serving in
the Philippine Islands at
the time of the final sur
render, according to the
latest information.
The War department has
i notified his Jparents, Mr.
and Mrs. J. Luther Robin
• son of Hamrick that his
whereabouts now are un
•l known. •£ *4
The letter . also states
“the Japanese government
has indicated Jts intention
of conforming to the terms
■ of the Geneva convention
■ with respect to the inter
change of information re
garding prisoners of war.
i At some future date this
government will receive,
through Geneva, a list of
persons who have been
taken prisoners of war.
Until that time the war de
partment cannot give you
positive information.”
Pvt. Robinson enlisted in
th£ air corps of the Marin
es on May 2, 1941. He was
t stationed for some time at
Savannah, ,Ga. and his par
ients last heard from him
in Oct., 1941 in Los Angel
Increased interest in the
Navy is being shown due to
new regulations regarding
physical requirements, ac-i
cording to a recruiter of
the U. S. Navy who will be
in this section ne*t week.
The itinerary of the re
cruiters is as follows: June
22, Boone at she Post Of
fice; June 23, Newland;
June 24 and 25, Spruce
Pine, at the Young Men’s
Shop; June 26, Burnsville
:at the Court House; and
June 27, Hot Springs, at
the City Hall.
The new physical requ
irements are lowered on
eyes and teeth, allowing
many men previously re
jected to reapply for en
listment. It is suggested
than any men in this sect
ion interested in the Navy,
contact the recruiter next
week and receive full de
tails of the riew regulat
At the present there are
openings for skilled work
ers in the Navy Reserve.
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Blanks for the addit
ional sugar resistration
have been received and
the registration will be
held on June 24 and 25,
from 1 to 6 o’clock at
the five high schools.
All who wish to register
are urged to come on
i these days.
A county wide registra
; tion of applicants for ad
ditional sugar for home
■canning of fruits will be;
1 held as soon as necessary!
blanks have been received,'
Win. B. Wray, chairman of
! j the county ration board
• has announced. - . j
• Preference in every case
■ in issuing the sugar certi
• ficates will be given to
! those who have received no
» canning sugar allotment.
‘ However, those Who" have ;
j already registered and re
ceived the five pound al
lotment per person may
register and receive the
I difference between the old-
I allotment* and new.
The new regulation al-;
lows 20 quarts of fruit for
each adult and 40 for each
child, with 1-4 pound of
! sugar per quart. From this, I
however, the number of
jars already on hand must
be subtracted to- arrive at
amount of sugar allowed,
j This full amount will be
.allowed unless there has
jafeady been a 5 poUnd per
|j person allowance., In this
. | event, the amount must be
I subtracted.
! .There is an additional
alowance for jellies and
The definite date fori
the registration will be an
nounced as soon as pos
sible, and it is urged that
all persons register at time
and place specified.
The series of services be-1
. gan of Monday evening at I
the Burnsville Ba p t ist
• church. Rev. J. D. Moose of
Char lotte is preaching. |
. Citizens of the community:
are invited to attend all
. services, at 10:30 and 8. I
Annual Federation Picnic
Will Be Held On July 4th
Yancey County will in
augurate the 1942 series
of Farmers picnics, James
G. K. McClure, Federation
President, announced to
day. The Yancey picnic will
be at the Burn§jdlle High
School on July 4*h.
The picnics, as usual, will
be open to everybody liv
ing within the county or
within the trading area of
the Federation Store locat
ed in the county. Every
family is invited and urged
to bring a well filled pic
nic basket and be'prepared
to spend the day. A spec
ial invitation is extended
to any musicians in this
county to take part in the
program in the morning.
The meeting will get un
der way at 10 o’clock in
the morning, with music by
the Farmers Federation
String Band. The String
REA Allots $750,000 To
French Broad Corporation
~'T'" «
All male persons born
on or after January 1,
1922 and on or before June
30, 1924 are required to
register under Selective
Service Act as Ariiincnded
on Tuesday June 30, -1942.
Hours of registration will
be between the hours of
7:00 a. m. to 9:00 p. m.
You may register at
any of the following pla
ces in Yancey county:
I - Burnsville, Courthouse ;
Bald Creek, High school;
Bee Log, High school;
Green Mountain, Post Of
fice; Day Book, High
school; Micaville, High
Owing to the fact that
this registration will not
be so large as most regis
trations in the past a reg
istration place will not be'
provided in all townships.!
i. • - ■ : - - - A -—■ — ~
Bea Hensley who was;
arrested last Tuesday for
i failure ,to register under
; the selective service mili
tary act was released
Thursday from the Bun
; combe county jail in SSOO
bond for his appearance in
tfie November term of fed
eral court.
His father, Rev. Jeter
Hensley, was released
later under S2OOO bond
also to appear in federal
! court.
I <
I Increases in conservat
ion practices on North-Ca
rolina- farms singe y"begm
! ning of the AAA agricult
ural conservation program
!in 1936 are shown in a
report received by J. A.
Hannum, chairman of, the
; Yancey £ounty AAA Com
The report, issued by E.
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Band and any other music
ians who wish to take part
in the program will play as
the crowd gathers and aft-;
er this some brief talks will
be made. Speakers will be
announced later. .
Choirs, quartets, r and 1
other singers will sing com- j
petitively and song books I
will be given to the winn-j
ing choir and prizes will,
be given to the winning!
This year the Farmers
Federation picnics will be
especially devoted to tjie
war programs for the far
mers. Every part of the
picnic possible will be used!
to explain and encourage'
the farmers part in our
great national war effort,
Mr. McClure said. War
bonds will be stressed and
a special committee will be
appointed to get pledges
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© ’
The Rural Electrificat
ion Administration at Wa
shington announced an al
lotment of $750,000 to the
i French Broad Membership
corporation at Marshall to
day, according to an Asso
ciated Press dispatch.
The sum is to acquire 499
• miles of line to serve 2,823
I members in Madison, Av
ery, Buncombe, Yancey,
and Mitchell counties.
A part of the $750,000
■ will be utilized in install
ing 528 miles of additional
: rural power lines serving
3,000 farm members, ac
; cording to D. M. Robinson,
• of Mars Hill, an official of
i the Marshall concern.
■ This sum of $750,000, he
explained, is in addition to
the sum of $343,000 already
allocated to Project B with
1,500 members in Buncom
be, Madispn and Yancey
! counties.
Will Purchase Property
*of N.W.C.U.
Out of the $750,000, Mr.
. Robinson pointed out, the
sum of $340,000 will be us
;ed to acquire the property
of the Northwest Carolina
Utilities which has a gen
erating plant at Marshall
and has its headquarters in
1 It has 253.17 mies of lines
serving approximately 1,-
! 828 members.
j The sum of $50,000 will
be utilized to rehabilitate
the property of the North
west Carolina concern and
place it upon a modern ope
rating basis. ■
The French Broad corp*
oration at present is serv
ing 600 members in Madi
son and Buncombe coun-
ities in this sthte and in
Unicoi county, Tennessee.
Construction Delayed
It was pointed out that
while the money for the
new lines has been allotted,
actlijal construction work
cannot be done now since
there is a stop order in
force on all construction
in the country during the
Great interest has been
manifested by rural fami
lies in the* territory of the
French Broad unit and
Mr. Robinson stated ithat
were it not for the stop
order on construction, the
concern easily could be
serving 5,000 members
within the next 18 months.
The taking over of the
Northwest Carolina con
cern and the rehabilitation
of the plant is expected to
go forward at onee, how
lever. —< Asheville Times.)
A Father’s Day program
will be rendered at mild
Creek Methodist church
next Sunday, June 21, \at
11 A. M., it is announced
by the pastor, Rev. C. B.
Way. College students who
are at home for the sum
'mer months, will appear on
the program with brief
talks and readings. Special
music will be rendered. The
public is cordially invited
to attend the service.
t *

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