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    Your Country, needs Scrap
Materials. Throw your
Scrap into the fight for
it*-- *
... & ...
" Ji "f v W
Prizes Are Offered
This is the opening day
for the state-wide salvage
campaign to begin, and the
men, women and children
of the state are called on
to make their greatest ef
fort to gather every scrap
of metal possible. From
worn out car bodies and
saw mill boilers to old hor
se shoes and hinges the
material can be used in!
carrying on the war.
Newspaper Sponsoring
The Newspapers of Nor
th Carolina are sponsoring
the contest, and are offer
ing prizes that amount to
more than $3,000 to the
counties, business firms,
junior organizations and
individuals who turn in
the most scrap. The coun
ty award will be made on
a per capita basis so that
all counties will have an
equal chance.
The contest was planned •
to give competition and;
provide friendly rivalry
among the collecting agen
cies. The scrap is the main
thing, and that person or
county who works to the
hftgt .of
he wins a prize or not, willT
share in this great and vi-!
tal contribution to the war'
effort. “ •
Scrap is priceless. Or it
may be the price of our lib- 1
ertjr and freedom. (
Three Weeks Contest
The contest will last for
three weeks, Oct. 1-21 How
ever, —t h e gopernment
trucks will probably not be
here until Monday, Oct. 5.
During the entire drive
the responsibility for its
success will rest primarily
on individuals. Boys and
girls and their mothers and
fathers must gather up the
junk so that it may be load
ed on the trucks easily.
The scrap may be sold
by individuals or it may be
donated. If it is donated
by individual collectors the
proceeds will be received
by the county defense cou
ncil the designated re
ceiving agency, J. B. King
has been named treasurer
for the council to sign re
ceipts for all donated metal
All schools are named as
deposit centers and money
from the junk collected at
the school will go to the in
dividual school.
Many Inquiries
Many inquiries have
been received by the Sal
vage Committee— during
the past few 4ays. In many
instances it has been im
possible to give a satisfac
tory reply since it has not
been clear just how the col
lection will be made. How
ever, when the campaign
gets into operation it will
be easier to understand
how it will be best to carry
it on for the maximum ef
* . * •/
9-" " ■ • ■ '
If you haven’t . already
started your scrap pile,
then you’d better get
busy. The junk heap at
Micaville school already
has over 15 tons, with ;
an additional 1000 pou- j
nds of zinc, copper, !
brass, etc. * (
How did they do it? |
They all got busy. Wor
ley Buchanan donated [
the use of his truck and \
hauled in several loads, |
two other trucks were I
donated, numerous sleds
and wagons brought it j
in from sideroads, child
ren brought in old jar
tops and copper orna- I
It’s easy when you get
started, says Principal
Hubbard. Try it and
■ == L ’-
For Coutny: All Schools
For Burnsville: Farmers
CmtlTUt. m,,]l w iuw**-: : ... r
The town truck will go
around next Monday and
Wednesday and haul all do
nated scrap to the Federa
tion Warehouse. Any that
will be sold must be collect- '
ed by the yovernment:
Dr. C. M. Whisnant is
planning to attend the Ist
district dental society
meeting which will be held
in Lenoir next Monday.
He will not be in his office
that day but will return on
Miss Flora Alexander of
Washington is expected to
arrive today and classes in
home nursing which she
will teach are expected to
be organized immediately.
* Classes will meet in dif
ferent sections of the cou
nty, and at least one in
each of the,high schools,
according to plans announ
ced this week. In this way
the Red Cross instruction
will be made available for
many persons throughout
the county. Mrs. J. B. I
King is county chairman, j
The members of the Earl
Horton Post of the Ameri
can Legion, and the Auxil
i iary held the September
1 meeting at the Nu Wary
[ Hotel.
r Members of the Auxili
• ary were dinner guests of
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, *.
News was received by
relatives in the county that
Pvt. Richard A. Griffith
was killed in a plane crash
Monday in Florida. No de
tails were given.
Pvt. Grifefth was the
son of Mr. and Mrs. Her
bert Griffeth of Stony
Creek Mills, Pa., - former
residents of the county.
He was a nephew of Mrs.
C. P. Gibson of Windom.
Mr. and Mrs. Gibsqn left
\ for Pa. as soon as the mes
sage was received. Funer
al services and burial will
be held there.
, Word was received Wed
i nesday that the oldest son
of Mr. and Mrs. John
j Ewing died Wednesday in
1 Harlon, Ky. The body is
being brought here for
I funeral services and bur
ial. [
The following persons
have been appointed as a
Price Ceiling Committee
or Board by the Office of'
Price Administration: B.'
M. .Tomberlin, Chairman, ;
P. C. Randolph and Hope;
Buck, Members. The dut
ies of this board is to check;
I Price Ceilings of the mer-l
, chants throughout Hhb*
pcuuirtjf aim viicvii vui i
lints of any person or per
sons in regard to the mer
| chants who violate the
1 Ceiling Price Law.
■ ■*
j 1 r-r
Proposals to name a new
Navy cruiser “USS CHAR-i
LOTTE” highlighted pro
ceedingss today as North
Carolina stepped up plans
for the biggest and most
colorful Navy Day obser
vance in history.
Begun 21 years ago,
Navy Day never before
has seen its fostering na
tion at war, and this year
it will carry a greater sig
nificance than was even
imagined when a young
American Legion adjutant
proposed the observance
in honor of “the greatest
fleet in the world.”
A thousand potential
Navy Air Corps cadets,
stationed at Chapel Hill,
will participate in the pa
rade, and a token enlist
ment of 200 men who will
represent the 2,000 North
Carolina volunteers during
October will take place at
Memorial Auditorium.
Governor J. Melville
Broughton has proposi
jtioned the Navy Depart
ment that a cruiser be na
med for the city of Char
lotte. “The people of Nor-i
!th Carolina,” he said,
j “would consider it a signal
honor to have a cruiser of
the United States Navy
| named in honor of one .of
’ her cities.”
Misses Helen Styles and
, Eddith Penland spent the
past week end at Asheville
W- 1
j - The. ;; following persons
operating tf*ucks have sig-;
ned an agreement with the ;
i farmers of jtheir locality to
i haul their produce to mar
. ket:
H. H. JPenland, Paint
, Gap; Frajpk McCourry !
’! Windom; W. Hensley,!
r Cane River! Arthur J. Ed
. wards, Bee*Log; Erbv Sty
les, Micaville; Clay Mor-!
row, Higgles; R. K. Grind-!
staff, Green Mtn.; Dewey
Carrol, Windom; G. B.
Hensley, C3|ne River; Jam-'
es and Ral& Proffitt, Bald
! Creek; Ma c k Huskins,;
Celo, N. C. f-
These pejbons have their
agreement bn file in the
Rationing soard office for
which they, received tires,
| to do this hauling.
It will b# necessary for
the to pool their
produce solthe trucks will:
Ib e loaded' t o Capacity.!
Some merchants who'
; have hot filjfej their lists of •
j Ceiling Prices with the Lo
cal Rationing; Board, must <
do so at ojm, as the State
Office is ujeing us to turn
, all the najßL&rtb** £i vma
| they are violating a Fed
eral Law.
Temporary Program To
Remain in Effect Until
November 1; Classifies- 1
tion Listed
'... - <
Announcement of the
personnel of the Yancey
County Rationing Commit
tee to handle temporary
rationing of new farm!
machinery until November
I, 1042, was made today by
J. A. Hannum, chairman
of the County USDA War
Mr. Hannum, who also is
chairman of the County
AAA Committee, will ser
ve as chairman of the ra
tioning body, and other!
members named by the
County USDA War Board
are: G. C. Hunter, Burns
ville, N. C.; and Wilson S.
Edwards, Cane River, N.
C. Alternate members
are: E. E. King, Burns
ville, N. C., and L, P. Ban
ks, Burnsville, N. C. «>
Responsibility for ad
ministering the new farm
machinery rationing pro
gram was delegated to the
Agriculture Departirient
by the OPA, he said. Sec
retary of Agriculture Wic
kard named Fred S. Wal
lace, to handle the program
nationally, and directed
State USDA War Boards
to be responsible for ra
tioning on state levels:
Secretary Wickard also
provided for setting up
the county rationing com
-1 mittees.
! The order setting up the
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; Yancey county has gone
jover the top in the cam
paivn to obtain funds for"
the United Service Organ-
I izations.
G. Leslie Hensley, post
| master of Burnsville and
| USO chairman for Yancey
county, h as„. announced j
that collections to date to
* tal $514.12. The quota was!
Mr. Hensley •has submit
ted his report to state
headquarters.- Officials of
the state USO said ~Mr.:
Hensley and his co-work- [
ers deserve very much I
praise for their work and
for the efficient manner
in which they conducted!
.the campaign.
Mr. Hensley and other
officials have expressed ap-1
preciation to all who con
tributed to the fund or
otherwise aided in the
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Deitz
and family of Canton visit
ed relatives in Burnsville
last week end.
Roy Lanning of Canton ,
visited friends in Burns
ville last week end.
t . p - j
Sjwnwwwl y -4s; \
Much Interest Shown
By Local Growers
--I ( q
The' FaF Stock show
and sale which will be
held in Asheville on Oct.
7-8 will represent an ag
ricultural industry that
now means millions of '
dollars annually to far- j
mers of this section, and
is of vital importance in !
war food production.
The show and sale will
be held at the city water
department with C. Y.
Tilson, Buncombe county
harm agent, in charge
of the event.
Sponsored by Bankers
The State Banking As
sociation has given ev- j
ery encouragement t o i
the program of beef cat
tle production which has
increased very rapidly
during the past few
years. The association
in cooperation with the
state extension service,
is sponsoring the show,
to encourage an even
greater expansion since i
this expansion is now
more important than
Local Farmers Will
R. N. Scott, cashier
of the' Northwestern
Bank, V. J. Goodman
and Ralph Shepherd,
j county ayents, and Mack
■ B- Ray, FSA supervisor,
will attend. In addition
j. a number of local ?far
ij mers are planning to go.
Any farmer who de
sires to attend the show
»nd sale and who -has
> not already, made arran
gements* should contact
Mr, Scott, Mr. Goodman
> or Mr. Ray at once.
___ jl , *-
;: ;; , number nine
Men In Service ■**
OBER 6 W ) .
j. *■ A•• [
The next group of men;
will leave Yancey county
on next Tuesday morning,;
j October 6th to report to;
Camp Croft for final ex-j
lamination and induction
| into military service if.
] they pass this examination.
The followinv have been 1
notified to be ready toj
leave Tuesday morning,
j Herman Gurley, Oscar;
i, Riddle, Vernon Gardner,!
Homer Peterson, Lee Hen-i
sley, Joseph Fred Beaver,
Dock McCourry.
Radford, Tillman!
Hensley, Wm, Gus Wilson,
John W. Blankenship, Phi
lip Bailey, Claude Thomas,!
jßristo Wallace;
Frank E. Briggs, Clyde'
Tipton, Tillman McCurry,
Glenn Ray, PJoyd Elkins, 1
Avery G. Huskins, James!
Wilson, Louis Butnfer; . i
Claude Watts, Burgess
Higgins, Kenneth Hughes, j
Albert Tolley, Jay McCur
ry, Clyde Robertson, Willie
John Robinson;
Avery Deyton, Rotha
Ogle, Ralph Barnes, Wel
zie King, Alfred Ogle, Cecil;
Renfro, ‘Gus Proffitt;
Claude Buchanan, Clau-!
; de Dale, Grady Pittman,
Joseph Wilson, Vern i e (
Murphy ;
Fred Tallent, William <
Calloway, Charles Chris
awn, Roy Wilson, Shelby
Ray, Lewis Roland, Del- i
bert Robinson; ,
Howard McGee, Morris
Adkins, Linzie Buchanan,
Lawrence Curtis, Troy!
Simmons, John Wyatt.
■ ■ • [
Fred Sams, son of Mrs.!
Lela Sams, of. Cane River;
graduated from the ; U. S.
Air Corps National School
of Aeronautics at Kansas
City, Missouri Saturday.
He left for the “Will Rog
jers Air Base” in Oklahoma
I City, Oklahoma after the
i graduation, where he will
serve as a machinist for
; the air base.
Fred, who is a graduate
of Mars Hill College and
Air Conditioning and Re-'
frigeration School in Cle- 1
veland, Ohio, went to Fort|
i Bragg in April. He stayed j
there only a few days and
went to Sheppard Field,
I Texas for six weeks; then
|to Kansas City where he
| made a splendid record,
| making an original piece
ifor a blue print after he
land a man from Minnesota
; who had been a machinist
for four years, were select
ed to do the work.
S Sgt. Paul R. Westall of
Tampa, Fla. spent li\t
week with his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Roscoe Westall at
Hamrick. w S Sgt. Westaß
j left Saturday to return to
duty at his post in Tampa.
Pvt. Elzie M. Ray is now
stationed with Bttry. D. 2,
l|Ptn. 3-at Fort Eustis, Va.
1 ■ ■■ '
j\\ bond my
The Rev. M. L. Reid who
j served during the past
'year as pastor of the Pres
| byterian church at Mica-
I yille has volunteered for
| service as a chaplain with
the U. S. Navy.
Rev. Reid has passed all
examinations and is now
visiting his father in Ok
While serving at Mica.-
ville, Mr. Reid Was unusu
ally successful in his work
and is well qualified i n
every way for duty as
Navy chaplain.
Pfc. Luther Peterson of
Fort Penning, Ga. was
home on furlough- He is
the son of Mr. and Mrs.
Biss Peterson of Day Book.
Pvt. Howard Autrey who
is stationed at Fort Bragg
visited his parents, Mr?
and Mrs. W. B. Autrey of
Hamrick last week.
Cpl. Elmer Ballew 6 f
Fort Bragg is spending a
10 day furlough with his
mother, Mrs. Bessie Ballew
and other a t
Hamrick. ~ 1 ~”r
Sgt. Clair Laws, son of
'"ff" -
cently.v He is stationed at
Camp Wheeler, Augusta,
Pfc. Seth Peterson of
Camp Wheeler spent a few ;
days with his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Ben Peterson of
Day Book.
Pvt. James Edwards, son
of Mr. and Mrs. Walter
Edwards, is now stationed
with the 573rd Technical
School Squadron at Miami
Pvt. Clarence Deyton,
and Pvt. Cecil Deyton, sons
of Mr. and Mrs. Wess Dey
ton of Day Book are now
stationed at Camp Barkley,
Texas. -They and a third
| son, Roy Deyton, entered
service on September 5.
Pvt. Lloyd Creasman is
now with the Ist Training
Squadron of the 2nd A. F,
Field Training Det. at the
I arony air base, Yakima,
j Wash.
I Pvt. Ben Griffith, son of
Mr. and Mrs. Bryon Grif
fith. is now with the 193rd
Ordance Co. at Camp
Shelby, Miss.
Yancey Record: I am re
ceiving the paper, and I
wish to thank you very
much. The best of luck to
every one. there.
S Sgt. Fred Gardner, Co.
A, 381st Inf., APO 96,
f Camp Adair, Ore.
Ottis Bedford, son of
Mrs. Edith Ledford of
L Greensboro, N. C., and
, grandson of Mr. and Mrs.
Zeb V. King of Burnsville,
Rt. 1, has recently joined
1 the U. S. Navy and is now
, stationed at the Naval
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