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QUOTA $4260
—Men In Service—
Word was received this
week that Pvt. Virgle
Banks had landed safely
somewhere in England. He
is the son of Mr. and Mrs.
Will Banks of Bolens Creek
Lloyd Williams is in the
ground crew of the army
air force, and is stationed
at Sheppard Field, Texas.
Maurice Styles spent the
week end with home folks.
He has been stationed at
Norfolk Naval air station
for the past 18 months.
Pfc. Wade J. Proffitt who
is now stationed at Nash
ville, Tenn. has spent a 3
day pass with his wife and
parqpts at Swiss and re
turned to camp Saturday.
Pvt. >Kie Tomberlin who
has been stationed in Tex
as is now at Camp Lamp
bell, Ky.
James Tom Walker of
Fort Knox, Ky. was home
on week end leave.
Cpl. Kenneth Carter is
now at Camp Carrabelle,
Sgt. Albert M. Westall is
now at Camp Butner, N. C.
His brother, T. Sgt. Paul
R. Westall, is at Punta Gor-;
da, Fla. and another broth- 1
er, Cpl. James A. Westall
is at Orlanda, Fla.
Pvt, Paul Deyton is now
at the infantry replacement
training center, Camp
Blanding, Fla.
Cpl. William Duncan is
stationed at Camp Gordon
Johnston, Fla.
Pvt. Edd W. Chrisawn is
at Camp Haan, Cal. and
Lee Chrisawn, S 2c is at
the Armed Guard school,
S. Sgt. Ray Cooper is
now stationed in England, j
S. Sgt. Cooper entered
service August 17, 1940 and
received his basic training
at Fort Benning, Ga. and
hag been overseas since
He says England is a
beautiful country and he
likes it fine. His wife and
son reside at Waxhaw.
Pvt. Leroy Roland is with
the station hospital, Fort
Eustis, Va.
Awarded Legion of Merit Medal
Somewhere in Australia:
Pfc. William L. Foxx, for
mer light repair electrician
in the Auto Shops of the
Chrysler Corp. Detroit,'
has been awarded the Leg
ion of Merit Medal for:
“exceptional mer itorious:
conduct in the performan-;
ce of outstanding services
during the Buna, New Gui
nea, campaign.
Assigned as courier-dri
ver and frequently under
enemy fire, Pfc. Foxx per
formed his work with con
spicious re s o usefulness
and energy, saving the liv
es by the timely delivery
of oxygen and blood plas
\ New recruits at the U.
■ S. Naval Training Station,
r Great Lakes, 111. include
> nine Yancey County men.
They are now receiving
: instruction in seamanship,
military drill, and naval
! rocedure. Soon they will be
' given a series of aptitude
* tests for determining whe
ther they will be assigned
( to one of the Navy’s ser
vice schools, or to immed
iate active duty at sea.
| The men are: Andy Rob
inson, Claty Taylor, Grady
Edwards, Ward B. J?rice,
> Herbert Gouge, Clarence
. Morrow, Harold Presnell,
! George W. Hall and Rob
[ ert McMason,
Word has been received
recently that Seth McCur
i ry has landed safely over
. seas. He is the son of Mr.
and Mrs. Clate McCurry of
Day Book.
S. Sgt. Seth McCurry had
been awarded his good con
-1 duct medal before going
1 William B. Huskins, son
■ of Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Hus
kins of Burnsville, N. C.,
has beetT appointed a Cad
-1 et-Midshipman in the Uni
ted States Merchant Mar
ine Cadet Corps and assig
ned to preliminary train- i
ing at the Cadet Basic
School, Pass Christian,
Miss, jl.
Cadet-Midshipman Hus
kins was appointed for en
gineer-officer training. On
completion of the training
course, which includes
three months basic train
ing, six months sea duty
| aboard ocean-going merch
• ant ships, and eight mon-,
ths advanced training at!
the U. S. Merchant Marine
Academy, he will be licen
sed as a third officer of
| merchant marine vessels,
and in addition will be eli
jgible for a commission in
the U. S. Naval Reserve as
Cpl. Ralph W. Byrd, son
of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Byrd
of Pensacola writes:
I certainly have enjoyed
getting the Record: I have
been in service for 13 mon
ths and have been getting
the paper almost regularly,
although I mov
ed quite a bityfj) sure is
(Continued on page 4)
ma, and getting urgent
messages through when
other couriers had failed.” j
Pfc. Foxx was inducted
at Detroit, April 28, 1941.
He received training at
Camp Livingston, La., and
, sailed for Australia in Ap
ril, 1942. He is at present
; assigned to the Reeondi-:
tioning center where he re
ceived his decoration from
Colonel Frank La Rue, n
Commanding officer.
Pfc. Foxx is the son of;
Mr. and Mrs. John Foxx of i
Bald Creek, N. C. He at
tended Bald Creek high i
school, and worked in De
troit before he joined ( the
Mrs. L. C. McCall of
Washington, the former
Miss Lora Lee Lyon, pass
ed away Tuesday following
an illness of several months
Funeral services are
planned for today at the
Presbyterian Church i n
Weaverville, with inter
ment in the Burnsville ce
Surviving are one dau
ghter, Maxine of Washing
ton ; her father, J. M. Lyon;
two sisters, Mrs. Roy Bur
ton of Weaverville and Mrs.
1 W. M. McNew of Knox
; villa; three brothers, John
’ Ernest and Rheh.
Mrs. McCall was reared
in Burnsville and had made
her home in Washington
for several years. Mr. Mc-
Call passed away there
three years ago.
Leave For Pre-Induction Exams
The following men left
Tuesday morning for Camp
Croft where they will take
pre-induction examinations
for military service:
Ted Cole, John Horace
Bailey, Zeb Fox, Charlie
I Hunter, James Larry Bur
leson Earl M. Honeycutt,;
Levi Honeycutt, William J.
j McLaughlin, Druid Chase, j
Claude Harris, Otto Prof
fitt, Stanley Riddle, Nelson j
Jack Laughlin, William
Jesse James Higgins, |
Marion Ballew, Howard!
Garland, Daniel Don Wil-'
son, Phillip Hensley, James
Fox, Fonzo Lee Miller, Ar
thur Henry Letterman,
Lee Boone, Alphonzo Whit
' son ;
Bruce Westall, Paul Smi
th, Howand Bailey, Hassie
Whitson, Jesse Johnson,
John Wesley Wilson, Cecil
Murphy, Millard Hoilman,
James Proffitt, Lloyd Ell
iott, Barnet King, Harley
Howell, Clyde Jenkins,
Hicks Vance Robertson
George Larry Mclnturff,
Hiram Peake, Johnny Mill
Lewis Ellis, Carl McCur
ry, Lige Hylemon, Handy
Whitson, Frank E. Wilson, 1
Jule Whitson, Theodore
Elkins, Merritt Harding, 1
Malley Tolley, John Pass
more, Newlan Wilson, Rob
ert Lee Riddle, Cornie Hoil
Diamond Austin, Charles
Anglin, Lee Roy Buchanan,j
Alvin Burgin, Clarence A.
Wilson, Lawrence Hall, i
Horace Doan, Howard ;
Fender, Emery Laws, Grov
er McMahan, Charles Biggs '
Clyde Ogle, Ellis Edwards;
Royce Masters, Earl Bod
ford, Earl Gurley, Charles i
Hensley, Robt. Hal Maney, I
James Wheeler, Horace
Adkins, Ralph Silver, Eli
Fox, Arthur A. Hughes,
Daniel,Creson, Wm. Brooks
Periland, Paul Fairchild, !
Roy E. King; jj
Colmon Tipton, Albert,
Laws, Joe Ballew, Tate :
Fortner, John Evans, Clau
de Riddle, Wallace Gurley, !
Cecil Anglin, Dennis Grind- j
staff, Lee Ray Ballew, Ar-\'.
thur Ledford. Kenneth Bal-!;
Home Garden Meeting Friday
The Burnsville Garden!
Club will hold ; its regular
monthly ntC%*g at the
. Courthouse on Friday,
• March 24, 1944 at 7:30 P.'
jM. Mr. H. R. Niswonger,'
Extension H# r ticulturist
: from North Carolina State 1
i College will be guest speak-1
. er. He will discuss garden
. and small fruft practices
and problems as applies to
. this area and then will lead
the discussion |>n problems
that cause us trouble.
Everyone is f invited to
come out to this meeting
and bring along your gar- 1
den - problems; and take
part in the diapussion. The
Garden Club and the Coun-j
1 ty Agent’s expend to all,
both women and men a'
most cordial invitation forj
you to be prapent at this
! informal garden meeting.
®- ' ; *3s
lew, Milford Chandler;
Albert Wyatt, Dudley
Peyton, / Frank McCurry,
Wesley Laws, Jr., James
Woodby, Paul Elliott, Clyde
Gortney, Ward Ballew,
Lloyd Lee Johnson, Willie
James Ray, Carl McMahan, 1
J Garrett Wilson, Arthur
Robinson, Junior Silver; |
Blake Jack Lau
ghrun, Zeke Austin, Paul
Price, Conn Crowder, Hor-;
ace D. Ray, Emerson
! Woody, Wayne Edwards,!
Hiram Young, Brown Bu
chanan, Garrett Pitman,
! Fred Riddle, James R. Rob
ertson, James McPeters;
Norman King,. Worlie
Presnell, Vernon Reavis,
Jack Edwards, T. F. Sams,
Roy Wm. King, Jack Ang
lin, Troy Mathis, James
Gilley, Rube McKinney,
Jay Hugh Styles, Harold
Fender, Claude Gurley;
Paul Anglin, S. D. Mc-
Kinney, Carson David Fox,
Andrew Briggs, Francis B.
Anglin, Aaron Hensley,
Lawrence Silvers, Kenneth i
Letterman, Charl es A.
Branch, James Lee Silvers,
Ellis Renfro;
Ford Hensley, Boyd Ed
wards, Perry England,
James Rex McMahan, Lloyd
Johnson, Brack Davis, Per
ry D. Wilson, Champ Mc-
Mahan, Edwafd Boone,
Charles Ledford; !
Gerald Adkins, Lloyd !
Burlison, John Wm. Robin- ’
son, Ralph Hylemon, Joe J
Miller, Ralph Byrd, Ken
neth Maney, Norman Byrd, ,
Stanley Ledford, Paul Bry- J
ant, Floyd Laughrun; 3
Hermon Styles, Suel Bai- ]
ley, Robert Howell, Gus ]
Chandler, Joe Tipton, Le-|
roy McCurry, Rotha Wil
son, Ray Robinson, Clyde :
Styles, Earl Roy Black, 1
Max Wilson, Gus Haun,
Oscar Thomas, Ve'rnon 1
Gardner; • i.
Burnie Peterson, Jr., 1
Paul Robinson, Joseph Rob
inson, Floyd Warrick, Geo- i
rge Mclntosh, Wm. H. Swa-[
nger, Arthur Whitson, Ed-]
ward McFalls, Ralph Soep- «
herd, Willie Bryant, Earl 1
Willis, Ed Parnell, Clyde
Riddle, Levi Fox, Sam Ben- !
nett. j ]
The trial of Cecil Silvers
, of Swiss for the murder of
, hi s wife on April 16, 1942 is
now being held in Superior
I Court here. Following his
I arrest at the time of the
| murder Silvers was jailed
but escaped and was at lib
erty until a few months ago
On Wednesday both sides
introduced evidence, and
rebutal evidence for the
state was begun this morn
ing (Thursday). There
were two eye witnesses to
the killing.
Other cases heard were:
, Arthur Thomas, abandon
ment. Discharged on pay
! ment of cost and payment
lto prosecuting witness.
l Futchel McMahan, aban
donment. Sentence suspen
ded on specified payment
to prosecuting witness.
Elzie Ray, attempted as
sault. Not guilty. Shelby
Hall and Ollis Staton, af
ray. $50.00 each and cost.
Lonnie Haney, violation
prohibition law, discharged
on payment of $50.00. Get
-ler Hensley, Jr., larceny.
$50.00 and cost.
I Fillmore Hughes, reck
less driving. 3 months sus
j pended sentence on pay
-1 ment of $26 and cost. Lic
ense revoked. Will Ray,
violation prohibition law, 1
1 $75 and cost.
i Civil cases will be heard
ias soon as criminal session
is completed.
AT P. T. A.
Mrs. Walter Clark of
Asheville, President of the
Grace Parent-Teacher As
sociation, was guest speak
er at the Burnsville P. T. A.
on Tuesday evening.
Mrs. G. L. Hensley,
program chairman, was in
charge of the program and
introduced Mrs. T. C. Aut
rey, also of Asheville, who
introduced the speaker of
the evening.
Mrs. Clark who has been
very active in P. T. A. work
for years, gave an instruc
tive discussion of the objec
tives of the Association.
From her own wide exper
ience she set forth the
great need for the work
and the ideals which - the
entire program seeks to ob
Following the program,
a social hour was held in
the home economics depart
ment with members of the 1
hospitality committee as 1
The Burnsville All-Stars
won over the Blowing Rock
All S tars by the score of 13
to 10 in the game played at
Blowing Rock Thursday
The line up: Blowing
Rock: Ray (2), Hollifield,
Justice (10), Coffey, Crisp,
Winkler, Walters.
Burnsville: T. Allen (7),
Mclntosh (6), W. Allen,
Hall, Bailey, Wilßon.
Donations in the county,
to the Red Cross drive now,
total $3570.90 with reports
to date from most of the
townships. This is still
nearly $700.00 short of thei
county quota. All who have!
not already turned in their j
donations are urged to do,
so as soon as possible, and I
any one who will increase:
his donations is asked to
do so at once.
The following 100 per
cent groups have been
ported, and names of sub
scribers are listed on page
100 Percent Group to Date
Professional Men, Prison
Voting For Service Men
Raleigh, Mar. 20. The
State Board of Elections
today issued instructions
on absentee registration
and voting by North Caro
lina men and women in the
armed services.
“It is the desire of every
one that the privilege of
voting be exercised to the
fullest extent by our men
and women in service”,
said Chairman William T.
Joyner of Raleigh. “The
procedure is simple. Any
member of a soldier’s fam
ily can fill out the- applica
tion form and deliver it or
mail it to the Chairman
l of his County Board of
, Elections. The Chairman
will do the rest.
“An application by the
soldier on a card furnished
by the United States Gov-j
ernment, addressed to the
Secretary of State (who
. will forward it to the chair
* man of the proper county
board), is sufficient appli-|
’ cation for registration and
general election ballots,
and is just as good as one
made to the Chairman of
’ the County Board of Elec
| tions.
“One application is all
Production Or edit Qroup Reports
During the ten years the
Asheville Production Cred
it Association has been on
the job, it has loaned more
than $900,000 to farmers
for the production of crops
and livestock, according to
John A. Hudgens of Hen-1
dersonville, President
The membership has
grown from 78 in 1934 to 1
673 in 1943. Net earnings
of $21,154 have accumulat
ed since this PCA’s organi
ization anclis being held in"
I reserve to protect the in-:
vestment of the members’
and assure them of a con-j
tinuing dependable source
of credit to meet their'
i needs.
“We have come a long}
way from our start on thej
winter’s day in 1933 when!
20 farmers joined together
to organize this association
in hopes that it would (pro
vide die answer to Jmeir
credit President
Hudgens said.
According to W. H. Ov
eralls secretary- treasurer
of 1he v Asheville PCA, the
1943 annual report is being
QUOTA $4260
•| Camp-PrisoneTs, Harris
Clay Company-Yancey Em
ployees, Feldspar Milling
Company, Styles Bros. Gar
ge, Hervey Veneer Com
pany, South Briar, Arno
Company, Johnson and
: Roberts Mill, Micaville high
. school, Clearmont high
I school, Bald Creek high
| school, Shop and Equip
ment Department-S ta t e
! Highway, Burnsville high
school; Boonford school; /
Double Island school.
Over The Top
Jacks Creek, A. P. Hon
eycutt, chairman; Cane
River, Earl W. Wilson,
that is necessary. It will
secure for the applicant all
the registration or voting
privileges to which he is
entitled in both the primary
and in the general election.
For example: if an appli
cant makes application pri
!or to the primary and is
! found to be entitled to be
registered, he will be regis
tered for the primary and
general election, and will
be sent ballots for the pri
mary and for the general
“After a proper applica
tion has been filed giving
the necessary information,
there is, nothing further for
the applicant 7or for his
family to do either for the
primary or the general el
ection. The Chairman of
the County Board of Elec
tions will do the rest.”
An application form,
which can be used by the
service man or woman, or
by any member of his or
her family, will be publish
ed in the next issue of the
paper. It can be used, or a
printed form can be obtain
ed from the Chairman of
the local County Board of
i distributed to members and
I others, showing the finan
cial condition of the asso
ciation. The report also in
cludes 6ome data concern
ing the services rendered
by production credit asso
ciations throughout the
R. R. Ramsey of Mar
shall i s vice president of
the local association and
serves as a member of the
board of directors with
President Hudgens, H. L.
Nettles of Asheville, S. C.
Bennett bf Morganton and
Charles W. Davis of Bre
vard. I
The Asheville Production
Association serves
sixteen western counties
Mrs. Jerlene Marsh" is
now attending the Bell
Telephone company school
in Asheville, taking a cou
rse in long distance opera
Mrs. Ed Wilson has re
turned from Florida where
she has spent the past six
months, and is visiting Mr. -
and Mrs. H. G. Bailey.

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