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—Men In Service-
Killed In Action
Dr. and Mrs. W. L. Ben
nett have been informed
that their son, Lt. Sam
Byrd Bennett, was killed in
action over Germany on
May 28. He had previously
been reported missing on
that date.
The telegram from the
adjutant general was re
ceived Saturday and stated
“Report now received from
the German government
through the International
Red Cross states your son,
Second Lieutenant Sam
Byrd Barnett, who was
previously reported missing
in action, was killed in ac
tion on May 28 over Ger
many. The Secretary* of
- War extends his deep sym
pathy- Letter Follows”*
Lucille Chase, daughter
of Mrs. Lillie Chase of Bur
nsville, was recently pro
moted to the rank of cap
tain in the army nurses
corps. She is now in charge
of the Cantonment Hospi
tal at Fort Sill, Okla.
Johnnie E. Harness, the
former Miss Edith Ray of
Bald Creek, has been pro
moted to the rank of First
Lieutenant in the Army
Nurses Corps. Lt. Harness
is “hdw stationed at Camp
Van Dorn, Miss.
Sam S. Young, 26, hus
band o f Kathrine M.
Young, Burnsville, N. C.
was enrolled recently in an
intensive course at the El
ectrical Naval Training
School located on the Pur
due University campus, La
fayette, Ind.
Selected for this special
school on the basis of his
recruit training aptitude
test scores, the newly en
rolled Bluejacket’s course
of study includes the use,
function and maintenance
of all electric tools used by
the Navy. Electricity and
the radio elements of elec
tricity are also included in
the course. I
Successful completion of
the course will see the
Bluejacket graduate with
the petty officer rate of
Electrician’s Mate third
class or receive recognition
as eligible to qualify for
that advancement.
Mrs. Grace Harris re
ceived a letter last week
that her son, Pvt. Edward
E. Harris had arrived safe
ly overseas He is some
where in the Pacific Area.
Cpl. Ralph Calloway has
returned to camp after
spending a furlough with
his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Ernest Calloway,
Mr. and Mrs. Zeb Fox
have received word that
their son, Brady Fox is in
Pfc. Gusß Proffitt from
Camp Barkley, Texas has
been home on a 14 day fur
lough visiting his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Prof
fitt of Cane River
: *
Killed In Action
Willard Beaver of Bur
nsville has received word
that his son, Cpl. Joseph C.|
i Beaver was killed in action
> on Dec. 31, 1943.
The letter from the War
i Department stated: “It» is
with regret that I am writ
i mg to confirm the recent
telegram informing you of>
l the death of your son, Cpl.
i Joseph C. Beaver of the air
I “Your son was reported
, missing in action Dec. 31,
i 11943 off Corsica- He was ♦»
t passenger on a British ship
: which struck an enemy
• mine in the Tyrrhenian Sea.
• Official reports have now
been received in the War
■ Department which estab
lished the fact that your
son died on Dec. 31 as a re
sult of the explosion of the
. mine.”
John R. Lewis, son of
Mr. and Mrs. 0. R. Lewis, is
now stationed with a Head
-1 quarters shore regiment of
engineers somewhere in
C. A. McCurry is now at
; the Navy V-12 Unit 1, Wor-.
cester Polytechnic Institute 1
Worcester, Mass.
——- .
Roy W. Hensley, son of i
i Mr. and Mrs. Willard Hen
, sley of Bald Creek entered
the Merchant Marines on
March 27. He took his boot
training at Catalina Island,
Avalon, Cal. and is now in
radio school at Boston,
Pfc. Ned Evans who
was recently transferred
from Camp Hulen, Texas
to Fort Jackson, S. C., and
Pvt. John Evans of the
Marine base, Parris Island,
S. C. are home on furlough.]
They are sons of Mr. and
iMrs, L. W. Evans of Jacks
Pvt. Keith Penland, son
of Mr. and Mrs John Pen
land of Paint Gap, is now
somewhere in England.
! |
| Edward Morgan, S. 2c, is;
home on a fifteen day fur- 1
lough visiting his mother.
Seaman Morgan has been
at Corpus Christi, Texas
for the past eight months.
He is a grandson of Mrs.!
Oliver Ayers.
Cpl. Woodrow Ayers i
writes home: “I will spendj
my birthday in France and
it will probably be celebrat
ed by the noise of Cannon
fire all around me. You
know by this time that I
was in the invasion. I re
ceived my package and
birthday greetings, for
which I thank you very
Pvt. Fred H. Riddle and
Pvt. Clyde W. Riddle are
taking their basic training
at Sheppard Field, Texas.
They are the sons of Mr.
and Mrs. C C. Riddle.
i Jack Anglin, S 2c, son of
T. T. Anglin of Burnsville
, is now at the naval train
ing station at Patuxent
River, Md.
The following men left
Wednesday for Camp Croft
where they will take pre
induction examinations:
| Roy Wallace, Arthur Lee
McPeters, Landon Frank
McMahan, Wm. Floyd Fox,
Ralph Bradford, Braskie A.
Allen, Tommy W. Buckner,
Reed Hermon Moody, John
Lee Ray, Kennie Ernest
| Bay;
Lee Wallace, Isaac Wal
ter Tipton, G. D. Robinson,
Glen Austin, Thomas Clay
ton Mathis, James Leonard
■ English, Jonathan Robin
son, James G. Beaver, Ray
-1 mond S. Robinson, William
Huskins, J. C. Hensley,
■ Drate Banks.
Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Buch
anan of Newdale have re
ceived the following letter
of commendation in regard
to their son, Sgt. Paul B.
Buchanan, who participated
in the battle of Guadalcanal
It was signed by his com
manding officer and read:
! “Paul B Buchanan, Ser
geant, Field Artillery for
conduct during the attack
against the Japanese Dec.
: 19, 1942 at Guadalcanal. In
the course of the attack a
battalion commander was
; killed and his radio opera-
Jtor was wounded while re
connoitring in front of our
lines. Sgt. Buchanan, with
other members of an artill
ery liasion party voluntar
ily covered a party that re
scued the body of the com
mander and the wounded
J man, though exposed to
enemy fire himself. Sgt.
Buchhnan’s spirit of will
ingness and high devotion
to duty was an inspiration
,to his men.”
T Sgt. Jack Higgins is
now stationed at Camp
Barkley, Texas.
Seth S. Peterson, son of
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Peterson
of Day Book, N. C. has
been promoted from the
rank of Corporal to Staff
j Sergeant according to a let
jter received by his wife
Mrs Athleen Peterson. S,
Sgt. Peterson has been in
the U. S. Army three years
land has been oyefseas siy
months. He is now with the
invasion troops in France!
land writes in the frequent
|letters received that Fran
ce is a beautiful country.
Pvt. Royce Horton, son of
Mrs. Alice Horton, is now
stationed at Camp Bland
ing. Fla. He entered service
in June.
George Blake, H. A. lc,
is now at the naval train
ing center, Memphis, Tenn.
James Reece Robertson,
son of Mr. and Mrs. J. w!
Robertson of Bald Creek, is
now stationed at the naval
aviation training center in
Memphis, Tenn.
Tom Lee Wilson, son of
Mr. and Mrs. Ewart Wil
son of Pensacola is now sta
tioned at Camp Wheeler,
Ga. He entered service in
■■j?*-. i
Successful f local leader
ship in the jseven county
area included in District
Two of the .'United War
Fund of Nfcrth Carolina
was assured !with the an
nouncement | Saturday . of
the appointment of county
chairmen by lames G. K.
McClure, chairman of Dis
trict Two. J
Counties ittcluded in the
district are Buncombe, Hen
derson, Madison, Mitchell
- McDowell, Transylvania and
Yancey. Gus| Peterson was
1 named chairman for Yan
■ cey county. |
An organisational lunch
eon meeting of county
i chairmen and members ofi
their executive committees
will be held *in Asheville,
Friday, July" 14, at the
George Vanderbilt Hotel,
it was announced by Dis-;
• trict Chairman James G
i K. McClure, f
County quotas will be dis
cussed and plans initiated
for organization, publicity
and methods of solicitation.
Each county Committee will
include representative citi
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War Bond Rally Puts County
“Over The Top”
The War Rond Rally held
.on the town jsquare was a
. highly sucofbftil wind-up
i for the cTriVe in the county,
. and the $14,000 worth of
. bonds sold Saturday put the
. county over the top.
A military band, jeeps
and other army equipment
, and a number of the Moore
General hospital patients!
. and personnel gave a mili-i
; tary air to the rally, and!
brought first hand infor-.
mation from some of
men who had returned 1
from active participation!
in battle.
Lt. Marvin Golden of
Moore General made all ar
rangements for the visit
here of the group, and Lt.
George B. Faulder, infan
try officer of Wapakoneta,
Ohio, served as master of
ceremonies. The latter was
overseas for 8 months and
was wounded in action in
Italy. i.
Brigadier Gen. Lehman
W. Miller of Lynchburg,
iVa. was present. He is a
! graduate of West Point in
the same class as Gen.
Eisenhower and Gen. Brad
ley and is a former instruc
tor there. He has been in
the regular army for 33
years and is former com-)
SOUTH TOE $5,329.00 $2,000 00
PENSACOLA 5,104.25 2,000.00
BRUSH CREEK 3,491.75 2,000.00
CRABTREE 15,550.50 10,000.00
PRICES CREEK 6,716.75 5,00000
EGYPT 13,616.75 r 10,000.00
BURNSVILLE 48,070.00 40,000.00
CANE RIVER 10,201.25 10,000.00
GREEN MTN. 6,716 75 7,500.00
JACKS CREEK 5/416.75 ' 7,500.00
RAMSEYTOWN 5,023.25 10,000.00
total m —wmm
SERIES E 90,431.00 83,000.06
George T. Robbins, who
was formerly connected
with the Northwest Caro
lina Utilities here, has re
cently been appointed sup
erintendent of operations
for the telephone and elec
tric properties of the Vir
ginia East Coast Utilities.
He succeeds E. W. Mullikin
who recently resigned toj
accept the position of sup-;
erintendent of operations!
vrtth the Central Ohio Light j
and Power Co.
Mr. Robbins entered the
public utility service with
the Blowing Rock Power
and Light Co. in 1923. He
i was elected vice president
and manager of the North
west Carolina Utilities in
1941 and he and his family
resided here for several
Mrs. Thomas Rayburn
and Tommy, Jr. are visiting
the latters Aunt, Mrs. Cora
Byrd at Jacks Creek where
she is spending the sum
mer. Mrs. Rayburn is the
former Miss Madeline Mc-
l mandant at Fort Belvoir,
t Va. He was military attache
l and head of the military
mission to Brazil at the
/time of Brazil’s break with
? the axis. At present he is
a patient at Moore General
i hospital but retains his po
sition as commandant at
: the Camp Sutton Engineer
i; unit training center.
Capt. Wm. E. Beauvais/
! Engineers, of Muskegan,
. Mich, and Lt. Bruce Taylor,
|M. P. officer, of Lansing,
Mich, were also present.
The man whose experien
| ces were of greatest interest
in the group was S. Sgt.
Victor Cameruice of Sprin
gfield, Ohio, holder of the
distinguished service cross,
second highest award given
to a member of the armed
In the South Pacific are?
Sgt. Cameruci spent 5
months behind the Japan- 1
ese line as member of a re
connaissance party of 5
men, and his telling of his
experiences there was a
real incentive to the as
sembled crowd to “buy
more bonds”.
Mayor Clarence Briggss
and Bond chairman, G. L.l
Hensley were in charge of
| arrangements here.
Health Board Takes Precautions
Against Infantile Paralysis
No Cases In County; Children Lnder 15 Quarantined;
Other Recommendations Listed
The epidemic of Infantile
Paralysis which has devel
opepd in the Piedmdnt cou
nties of the state during
the past few weeks is of
grave concern to all citi
izens. There are no cases
I in Yancey county, but near
-Iby counties have reported j
j cases and as a pre-caution
|ary measure a meeting of
'the county Health Board j
was called and it was voted
to pass quarantine regula-j
tions now to lessen the j
dangers of an epidemic in
| the county.
The health ddepartment
!|has released the following
IJ statement:
As yet no cases of polio
'have been reported in Yan-j
( icey county. However, near
r counties have reported
; cases, and the number of.
( cases in the state is increas
ing steadily.
} We are making every
possible effort to prevent
i the spread of this epidemic
, to our county. It is only
through the complete coop
eration of every individual
of Yancey county that we
can hope to prevent an epi
demic. Thus the rules and
; rogulatioris regarding polio
r have been passed, by the
> County Boai-d of Health
, and these MUST be com
, plied with, or action will be
I taken to enforce them.
The Sheriff’s Department
has been authorized to en
|force these rules and any!
|offender will be punished,
! within the discretion of the
court, the fine not to exceed j
$50.00 or imprisonment not
to exceed thirty days.
Due to this emergency it
will not be permissible for
children under fifteen years
of age to visit the regular
clinics held at the Health
Department until further
We hope that the public
will not feel that these are
police rules, but rather are
Imeasures taken in an es-,
Ealm h. The State’s
pea h crop may fall below
earlier erpectations unless
rainfall cemr-a in the peach
belt before July 15, accord
ing *o Crop specialists of
I the North Carolina Depart
ment of Agriculture. The
, bulk of the crop is now
reaching the critical stage,
l the point at which moisture
iis a determining factor in
sizing the fruit
The early varieties, chief
ly Red Birds, and Early
Rose, are now moving from
the Sandhill section, but
the bulk of the crop, which
consists of Hileys, Georgia!
Belles, Elbertas and Hales,’!
is not expected to start
moving until around July
19th to 15th, with the peak,
movement anticipated aro
und the latter part of July/
Some peach growers report J
a very light set of fruit
. • - "-H V. 4TTV
• j
--iAMai;, -1
, ; v
. k S I
fort to prevent a serious
epidemic. These restric
tions will be lifted at the
earliest possible moment.
Because of the danger of
infantile paralysis the Cou
nty Board of Health " has
passed the following rules:
| 1. All children under 15
years of age must stay on
.their own premises.
I 2. Theatres shall be closed
to all children under 15
! years of age.
j 3 All people coming to
this county from infected
areas must report to a local
doctor, or to the Health De
partment, for examination
{within 24 hours after ar
4. All children under fif
teen years of age coming
into this county from infec
ted areas must remain un
der quarantine for three
All persons wilfully vio
lating quarantine regula
! tions will be prosecuted to
the fullest extent of the law
6. Children under 15 years
, of age shall drink from pa
per cups only, when away
from home.
i 7 All persons should re
i port any sickness to their
doctor or to the Health De
. partment immeliately.
1. All crowded places
should be avoided by every
2. General health should
be kept up. Get plenty of
rest, well balanced meals,
adequate water and milk,
fresh air, exercise, sunshine
and proper elimination.
3. Flies should be kept
out of homes and away
from all food.
4. Swimming is to be dis
couraged by all children
under 15 years of age.
5. People from this coun
ty should not visit in other
counties without permission
from the Health Depa
, ment,
. At lire 1 , ard College ,
Brevard. Jul / I.—Thc.e
are two students from Yan
cey countv extending Bre
vard college this summer,
it was announced ioday.
! They are Misr Ray,
daughter of Mr. Elzie W.
Ray and Miss Mary Hig
gins, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. W. M. Higgins. Bqth
of these are members of
the freshman class.
Brevard college has an
enrollment of over 100 stu- ~
dents for the summer ses
B. M. Peterson, Jr., is
home on 10 day furlough
from the Marine Base,
Parris Island, S. C. „ ,
• mm, ,
Warren Fox is home on
1 10 day furlough from Fort
McClellan, Ala. He is the
son of Mr. and Mrs. Kell
.while others expect around
| normal yields, providing
! ample moisture is available
and the fruit sizes properly ,
• * **"""• lit m i . - -1 U» ’ ••

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