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    Food Production an d
Conservation are more Im
portant now than ever be
fore. Do Your Part.
F.S.A. Makes Loans to Veterans
During the war thous
ands of Gl’s dreamed of,
owning and operating theii i
own farm when they re-|
burned to civilian-life. Af
ter the war was over many;
hoped to take advantage of i
the GI Bill of Rights and:
own their own farm and
home. For many of them! it'
was a -practical • dream 1
wan u
while for others it was not. j
The Farm Security Ad-;
ministration i s helping
many veterans with prev-j
ious farm experience to
' buy the farm they wished
for while they were iin uni -
Yancey County Veteran |
In the Jacks Creek sec- (
tion of Yancey county Ot
tis C. Johnson, a veteran ot
the Air Corps and the ETO |
for 34 months, —and —wilV
Ellen, and -two small sons
have already moved t o
their new «- acre farm and
home and are well on theii (
way to owning' it.
When Mr. Johnson visit-*
ed the local FSA office in
January 1946 to place his
application to purchase a
farm, he owned only one
cow. Today he has six head
of cattle, a good horse, a
brood sow, farm fdols and
a good farm flock .of poul-
Frtriers’ Federation Picnic
\' _
« The Farmers Federation
Picnic for ancey county
is scheduled for Thursday,
July 4, at Burnsville high
school, James G. K. Mc-
Clure has announced. The
program of activities will
begin at 10 o’clock and will
last through the afternoon.
Prizes in various., events
will be offered as in the
past, and every one is in
vited to attend and partici
pate. All string bands, sin-
Hardscrabble —The homej
demonstration dull will
meet with Mrs, Jack Mcfti-J
tosh Friday, June 21 at 2.
Jacks Creek—A demon- j
stration on “Meal Planning,
and Table Setting” will be
given at the home of Mrs.
Mildred Woody Tuesday,
June 25 at 2:00.
Micaville —The home de
monstration club will meet
with Mrs. W. E. Rusty Thu
rsday, June 27 at 2:00. Mrs.]
R. N. Silvers will give the
demonstration on “Meal
Planning and Table Ser
vice”. ' 1
VI vc •
Prices Creek —The honvi
demonstration club will
meet with Mrs. Evelyn
Smith Friday, June 28 at
2:00. Mrs. Harmon Edwar
ds will give the demonstra
tion on “Meal Planning.”
Miss Shirley Sluder of
Asheville has been the
guest of Miss Virginia York
during the past week.
Nelle Bailey left Tuesday
to attend summer school
at Mars Hill College.
SUB. RATES: $1.50 YEAR.;
try. Full advantage ha sj
been taken of Read just-J
ment Allowances for self- 1
employed veterans in agri-j
culture. These funds have
been used wisely and have
I helped in starting again in
| farming.
i Mrs. Johnson now has a
| new pressure cooker to as
sist her with all her can
; ning. Her garden consists
of a wide variety of vege
tables and she plans to
have a spring, summer and
fall garden by continuous
! planting.
This'.year Mr. Johnson
plans to erect a new tobac
co barn and silo. During
1947 he ])lans to seed at
! least one acre of alfalfa
(for hay. By using lime'and(
j phosphate and good seed he
hopes to increase the pro-;
duet ion on his farm.
Although loans made tin-,
der the “Bankhead Jones
1 Farm Tenant Act” are re
payable over a forty-year
period, at three per cent in-j
terest, and. Mr. Johnson’s
first payment was not due
(until this -.fall, over five
hundred dollars has already
been paid on the farm, or
i nearly three full payments.
Mr. Johnson hopes to take
■ advantage of “On The
l Farm Training” and with
l' agricultural income to have
i his farm paid for fnr less
- than five years.
——————— ■ <
gers, quartets and other
entertainers have a special
The county Home De-j
monstration clubs will have
a lunch booth so that those
who do not desire to pack a
lunch may purchase one at;
the school. Proceeds will
go to the demonstration
clubs. j
Approximately 1500 peo-j
pie attended the picnic last
year and an attendance ofi
2000 is expected this year, i
The Yancey County Gue
insey Breeders’ Associa
tion’s artificial breeding
program is Underway. The
bull being utjpd is the out
standing bull—Quail Roost
Celia’s King who is out of
lone of the outstanding cows
at Quail Roost Farm.
The bull is housed on the
• farm of Dewey Silver, Mi
icaville and Mr. Silver is
1 doing the work. The ser
vic‘d,. lees are $3.00 at the
farm; within a radius of 5
! miles of Mr. Silver, $4.00;
, and elsewhere in the coun
ty $3.00 plus 10c per mile
' from Mr. Silver’s home. All
out of county services it
J SIO.OO. i ■
This program seems t(
be meeting the approval oi
dairymen from the numbei
of requests that have beei
I filed. Plans are being mad
to have a dairy show in th
county next year to exhil
it the offspring of this oil!
- standing bull. There will b
| two classes —grades a n
All registrants in the
age group 26 to 30 who are
now fathers should report
this to the local selective’
service board at once if
they have not already done;
so. ' 1
Harold Harris, Bk 3c,
received his discharge atj
the Separation Center,
naval air station, Charles-|
ton on June 15. He entered
| service in Oct. 1044, and
completed 20 months ser~
\ ;. c the navy, 16 months
lof which were overseas
duty. He is the son of Mr.
and Mrs. Sol Harris,.,. Bur
nsville. .
Hilda Maye Hensley was :
among those who graduat- .
ed from the Greeneyille l
Sanatorium and Hospital
School of Nursing on Thu I
rsday, June 13, 1946 at tlm
Si. James Episcopal church
in Greeneville, Tenn.
Miss Hensley is the -dau-|
ghter of Mrs. Shelby L.J
Hensley and the late MrJ
Hensley of Burnsville Rt. 1.
She is a graduate of Clear-!
mortt high school and had
one year’s work at Mars
Hill College. Her second
year of training was spent
in affiliation with Gallin-',
.«er Municipal
Washington, D. C.
Mrs. S. L. Hensley, Mr.
j Vernie Wilson, Mrs. John
Byrd, Mr, Molt Hensley!
and Mrs.. Ned Wilson at}
tended the exercises.
The regular meeting of
nembers of the American
region Post and the Auxil
ary will be held at Burns
,ille liigh school on lues
lay" evening, June 25 at
7:30. picnic supper will
>e followed by a short bus
ness and program session, i
All veterans of World
War II are especially urg i
.‘d to attend the meeting.;
At the meeting last month
a number of officers elect
ed were World War II vet
erans. Those included Mark
Bennett who was named
commander of the post.
Nathan H. Yel ton, direc
tor of the Retirement Sys
tem of N. C., was a visitoi
in Burnsville Monday.
I* - ,
A total of $163.61 has
been collected to date in
| the Emergency Food Relief
drive, Mrs. B. S. Connelly,
county chairman reported
today. No report has as yet;
been received from several
of the communities of the
Anyone who has .not
! made a donation and who
wishes to do- so should see
the local community com
mittee, send , the money to<
Mrs. Connelly at Burns
ville or leavejt at the Drug
Atore or the Record office.
\ t
Miss Cora Byrd Retires
•“1 11
Miss Cora Byrd retired (
at the close 'of the school ,
year after a -jong period of g
service as teacher at the|.
North Carolina School for,"
the Deaf at Morganton. ; ; j‘
4’he following citation '
was made E.I
I Rondthaler, ’president o f
I the board of directors of
I the school: %
I “Miss Cora Byrd, native
l of Burnsville, N. C., grad
uated from the North Car
olina School for the Deaf
in 1905 and shortly there- j
after began teaching cloth-;
ing sand f and sewing. She is re
' tiring at the end of the
: school year *f*-aLaJiong ussai
iod of distinguished service*
to the cause of education)
'for the deaf in North Caro
lina. To her go the heart-j
i felt appreciation of both
tlfe staff and the students
for her contribution to this
great cause and for her on
Mr. and Mrs. Frank S.;
Herring of New York and
Edward S. Shorter of Col- 1
ambus, Ga. plan to come to <
Burnsville July 1 to com
plete all arrangements for, i
! the summer art classes
which will begin on July 8. j
A capacity enrollment is
j anticipated, Mrs. Herring
said this week, and greatj
interest is being shown in
i the classes.
Pfc. Floyd J. Laughrun
ha^|, returned home after
two*years in service, 17
mofftiis of which were in'
the European Theatre. He
is the son of Mr. and Mrs.
Luke Laughrun.
The following men have
received Uieir discharge
| Ralph Hall, Duane Pen-
l land, Frank Burner, Charl
ies H. Silvers, Ned Austin,!
Hiram Ramsey, Jj\, Claude
j Maney, Edgar Hunter, Jr.,
Rotlia Wilson, Bill Huskins,
; James Proffitt, Carl Rob -j
jinson, Bill Fouts, Lonas
jCollis, Harold Harris,!
i Champ McMahan.
Arvelyn Angel who re
cently received an honor-!
able discharge after 4 years:
in service is visiting rela
tives here. He has enlisted
in the army reserve corps.
her retirement every cor j
dial wish for many happy!
years to come.”
On Friday evening, May
24, friends of Miss Byrd’s
attended the fashion show
of her classes in clothing'
and designing held in the
school auditorium.
The stage was decorated
Ito represent a beautiful
rose garden and walking
| about the garden were
Miss Byrd’s pupils wearing
i the attractive costumes
I they had made.
As Miss Byrd was retir-j
ing, Odie Undervill, voca
tional director of the school
.paid tribute to her inspir
efforts as a teacher. In ap-j
jpreciation, he presented her
with a chest of silver.
Miss Byrd will continue
to make her home in Mor
ganton. Her brother, Z. B.;
j Byrd, resides at Jacksi
i Creek.
Seaman, James Hamby f
is home on leave visiting 7
relatives. 1 1
Bruce Westall and Jim ‘
Anglin returned Wednes <
day from a business trip to '
Baltimore, Knoxville and 1
other points.
Mr. and Mrs. N. E. Dennis
and daughter, Barbara, of :
Atlanta are guests at the
Nu-Wray Hotel.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence
Robertson and Mr. and
[ Mrs. Clarence L. Robertson
and children of Baltimore
are visiting relatives in
the county and in Candler, j
.Mrs. Bob Peterson spent]
last week visiting Mr. andi
Mrs. Victor Peterson in
West Asheville.
— ' / r-
Head of Recreation Commission
Meets With Group Here
Harold D. Meyer, direc-j
tor of the North Carolina
j Recreation Comm ission,;
was in Burnsville Saturday
and met with a group of
local citizens to discuss a
planned recreation pro
gram for the county.
Dr. Meyer outlined thej
program cf the state com-;
mission and discussed in;
detail the work in other,
towns. He stated that with- 1
out exception the common-'
ities that have inaugurated
a planned program and
have carried it along suc
cessfully are all highly
pleased with the results.
The Burnsville home de
monstration club met Wed
nesday afternoon at the ,
' home of Mrs. A. E. Parrish
with Mrs. Ivan Westall as
(Associate hostess.
Mrs. B. S. Connelly, pre
sident of the club, presided
during the business session.
The members discussed the
food booth which they will
have at the Farmers Fed
eration picnic on July 4.
Mrs. Mack B. Ray was
program leader with the
subject “Meal Planning
and Yeast Breads”. She
gave a demonstration of :
j roll making.
During the social hour
| labels \vere sewed on Red
Cross sweaters.
Report of School Expenditures
A report of school expen
ditures during the pasti
year has been released from
the office of the board of
education. This report in
cludes purchases in school
equipment and in perman
ent additions to the schools.
On the matching prog-J
ram, with the individual
schools raising half the’
funds and die school board
furnishing the other half,;
equipment was bought.
This included 510 .movable
chair desks as the largest
item, and desks for primary
grades, teachers’ desks,'
primary tables, 1i b r ary
[chairs and tables, sewing
i Mr. and Mrs. B. R. Pen
land attende the wedding
of Betty Sue Tripp in Le
noir last Saturday. Doris
Penland came up from Wo
man’s College, Greensboroj
to be a- bridesmaid in the
Hope Bailey who gradu-,
ated with a B. S. degree in
music at Woman’s College
has accepted a position to
teach public school music ;
at Southern Pines.
i ■
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Hus-,
kins of Greensboro and Mr.'
and Mrs. Charles Huskins (
of Lenoir visited Mr. and;
Mrs. J. E. Huskins during
the week end.
Mrs. J. J. Sullivan and
children of Columbus, Ga.,
are visiting Mrs. Sullivan’s
parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W.
Howell at 9 ree » Mtn.
Food Production and
Conservation are more Im
portant now than ever be
fore. Do Your Part.
.... jaiiiiiaiiaiilllftlllllSlllUllllllUi
Dr. Meyer spoke of the
possibilities which Burns
ville has and said that he
would like very much to see
a program begun here as
soon as possible. The great
1 need of recreational facili
ties for both the young peo
ple and older ones was
1 stressed, as well, as the be
' nefits which would result.
The suggestions which
1 Dr. Meyer made could ser
've as a giYide" in inaugurat
ing a recreational program
for the town , and county.
The question now is: What
will the town and county do
(about it?
William M. Allen, 81, of
Burnsville died in an Ashe
ville hospital Friday follow
ing an extended illness.
Funeral services w- ere
conducted in the chapel of
the Morris-Gearing funer
al home, Asheville on Tues
day morning. Rev. William
Baker officiated and inter
ment was in the Salisbury
National cemetery,
i Mr. Allen, a resident of
Yancey county all his life,
was a veteran of the Span
isli-American war. He was
a farmer and merchant,
j Survivors include the
(widow, Mrs. Ida Allen, and
• two brothers, Mark Allen
I of Oteen and Albert Allen
1 of Pensacola.
tables, bulletin boards, and
other items.
| . The total expenditures
under this matching pro
gram amounted to $9,111.
The board of county com
missioners had set "up a
j budget of $7,000 for a
lunchroom project in the
[high schools. This included
two separate lunchroom
buildings, and equipment
for others. This is all per
manent additions to the
; schools and though the
lunchroom report is not yet
complete, a partial report
shows very adequate eq
• uipment purchased and a
very satisfactory financial
; statement.
Dr. R. L. Lovvorn, pas
ture crops specialist, sug
gests a seeding of one bush
el each o ff barley, oats,
1 and rye per acre plus 15
pounds of Italian rye grass
land pounds of crimson
I clover. Three bushels of
1 oats and one bushel of rye
, added to the rye grass and
crimson clover also makes
a good seeding combination
Some farmers are seed
ing 30 pounds of rye grass
;and 20 pounds of crimson
clover per acre.
I The time to plant is in
August for the western
.part of North Carolina and
September for the eastern
Mary L. Laughrun spent
the week end at home. She
is attending summer school
in Johnson City.

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