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Training Program For First
Duplan Employees Begins
Looms are now being in
stalled in one of the Legion
buildings which the Duplan
Corporation has leased for
their training program.
C. G. Gerhardt came
from Lincolnton last week
to supervise installation of
the equipment and to get
th'e training underway.
The first four loom fix
er trainees for the Burns
ville mill were hired on
May 26 by personnel super
visor H. J. Heinz and plant
manager L. C. Easter.
The trainees, Paul Sil
vers, Jess Styles, Morris
Styles and Ted Phillips,
went to Lincolnton for pre
liminary weave room and
fixer training under in-
Presbyterian Church
“A Yoyage to Japan” is
the theme of the Family
Night program at the Pre
sbyterian Church next
Thursday, July 27. A spec
ial invitation is extended
to the summer residents of
Burnsville. The program
will begin at 6:00.
Methodist Church
Dr. R. Dwight Ware
superintendent of the Ash
eville district, will preach
at the eight o’clock service
on next Sunday evening.
After the service he will
meet with the pastor and
official board for the regu
lar quarterly conference.
Rev. F. R. Barber and
family are spending the
week with relatives at Jon
as Ridge, where Mr. Barber
is assisting Rev. H. D.
Jessup, pastor of the Jonas
Ridge Methodist Church, in
a revival.
Newdale Presbyterian
S. B. M. Ghiselin, Pastor
Sunday, July 23
10 a. m. Sunday School.
11 a. m. Worship Service
“Let Us Hold Fast the
Profession *of Faith”.
Estatoa Presbyterian
10 a. m. Sunday School.
11:30 a. m. Worship Ser
vice, “If You Know These
Things Happy Are Ye If
You Do Them”.
Health Department News
Polio Precautions
Despite lack of definite
knowledge about the causes
of poliomyelitis, national
authorities in the polio pre
vention field are agreed on
certain precautions which
are believed to afford rea
sonable protection against
the dread disease, Dr. C. F.
Mcßae, District Health Of
ficer, said this week.
He pointed out that while
medical opinion is divided
as to whether the polio vir
us enters the system throu
gh the intestinal tract or
the respiratory tract, it is
clear that careful atten
ion to personal hygiene af
fords important protection
in either case.
Dr. Mcßae cited the U.
S. Public Health Servioe>
which urges parents to “en
courage more frequent and
The Yancey Record
structors Anthony Zelinski
and Elizabeth Schiefer.
They are now assisting in
setting up the machines
and will get additional in
struction at the training
; center.
I Two other men, Paul Mc
. Courry and Ward Price,
' were hired last week by
Mr. Heinz. They will begin
work on Monday.
The training program
. will go forward as rapidly
as possible. Twelve looms
are expected to be installed
. in the center.
; Work is also progressing
, rapidly on the mill. Appro
■ ximately one eighth of the
. roof is on and work has be
gun on the walls.
Attend Camp
16 4-H boys and girls'
from Yancey County at
tended Camp at the new
, 4-H camp near Waynesville
Those who attended were
Alice Garland, Ronnie
Grindstaff and Junior Rob
inson of Green Mountain;
Keith Letterman and • Ger
ald Honeycutt of Day Book
Chloe Elia Atkins and Mar
tha Wilson of Ramseytown
Earleen Bryan and Patj
Lawhern of Cane River;
Richard and Steve Briggs
of Jacks Creek; Carlton
Higgins and Sarah Higgins
of Higgins; Mildred Hen
sley, Bula, Bernice Robin
son of Boonford and Hugh
Teague of Celo.
The group attended
classes in handicraft, re
creation, swimming and
poultry. Each group was
in charge of one vesper
service and one evening
Graham County with 60
members and Jackson with
41 also attended camp last
Bill Flake, County agent
and Nellie Jo Carter, home
demonstration agent of
Graham County, Tommy
Cannon, assistant county
agent, Mary Johnson, home
demonstration agent of
Jackson County; Roselena
Hale, home demonstration
agent, and T. S. Godwin,
assistant county agent of
Yancey County accompan
ied the groups.
more thorough hand wash
ings in your family; make
sure that hands are washed
immediately before hand
ling food and always after
going to the toilet.”
The National Foundation
for Infantile Paralysis
says, “We should teach
children and youth to wash
their hands before eating,
after the toilet, and when
hands have been soiled by
either oral or nasal disch
arges ; and ‘do it with the
same care and conscienti
ousness that have proved so
effective in helping physi
cians, dentists, and nurses
to avoid spreading infec
tion from the sick to the
Lucy has been
home from summer school
at Boone for the vacation
between terms. She will re
turn for the second term.
Draft Board Will Be
Reestablished Here
* Instructions have been
received by the local Selec
tive Service Board to sec
ure office space so that all
closed locql board offices
may be reestablished.
Members of the local
board are R. N. Silver,
chairman, Wm. T. Jobe and
Paul Buck.
Dr. McNutt Will Lecture
Dr. Franklin McNutt,
assistant director of the
graduate school of the Uni
versity of North Carolina,
will lecture Thursday even
ing, July 20 at 8 o’clock in
the high' ■ school library.
This is the second in the
lecture series, presented
here by the School of Fine
Dr. McNutt is teaching a
two weeks course for tea
'chers. His subject Thurs
day evening will be “How
We Got This Way.”
W. R. Taylor will give
the third lecture in the ser
ies on Thursday evening,
July 27.
John A. Fisher, Recruit
ing Sergeant for the Army
and Air Force will not be
'in Burnsville during the
remainder of July.
— §fig — ——
Theatre SponsorsJßeautv Contest
According to an announ
cement issued this week by
Iliff Clevenger, manager of
the Yancey Theatre, the
Theatre will conduct the'
second annual search for
Yancey County’s most bea-j
utiful girl on August 18th. I
The Yancey Theatre will
be among six theatres in
this section to sponsor the
beauty show.
The winner of each con
test Will receive a cash
award of $25.00 and the
runner up will receive a
pass to all shows for a full
six months period.
After all the contests
have been held, the winners
will compete in the finals
to be held on the stage of
the Cherokee Theatre in
Gatlinburg for “Queen of
the Smoky Mountain”. The
svssS?**Jt- .... fgmHgj£j9| Br
jj&Ajg * j|
<■ V-Sfr V *•' \‘A vVI&-
:.<Cv-•>■•’ -'• it'-s* ' jay. .•tflKj' , • 1 aL, •.. • .
Eastern America’s Spectacular Outdoor Playhouse, Mountainside Theatre at
Cherokee, North Carolina, adjacent to Great Smoky Mounntain National Park, :
is a blaze of brilliance at night. “Unto These Hills”, a drama of the Cherokees, 1
is presented five nights weekly, Wednesday through Sunday. j
. 4; ;. _ ~J~
Service Stations Will
Rotate Stnday Operation
At a meeting last week
of owners m a operators of
service stations in Bums
.ville, an agreement was
reached cdjticerning being
open on alternate Sundays.'
The folftwing schedule
will be fofipwed for the
next three gSundays:
July 23: fWestall Service
and Main fStreet Service
will be open.
July 30: | Ray & Jarrett
and Service Sta
tions will be open.
August 61 Auto & Home
and Hilliard and Griffith
Stations wip be open.
By rotating in this way
the operators will have
more free lime.
Thirfl Playhouse Production
Famous Comedy .
The Parkway Playhouse
drama department of the
Burnsville School of Fine
Arts here, .will present its
third major production of
the current "season “YOU
YOU”, on Friday and Sat
urday evenings, July 21-22.
Resident 'PI aywright
Francis M'. Casey is direct
ing the play, and Gordon R.
Bennett, technical director,
designed the, setting.
“You Can’t Take It With
winner of the finals will
receive SIOO.OO and the
runner up $50.00.
Entry can be made only
i through some merchant,
] business or professional
j man of Yancey County.
Every girl wishing to enter
I the contest should make
j. application now to Mr.
Clevenger so he can ar
range for proper sponsor
All girls must be 16 years
of age or over, single and
appear on the stage in an
evening gown.
Photographers will test
the winner for photogenic
possibilities and a repre
sentative from one of the
major motion picture stud
ios will act as one of the
judges. Other out of town
judges will also assist in
selecting “Miss Yancey*’.
The 25th anniversary of
4-H Club work in North
Carolina will be celebrated
at State College July 24-28
when the annual State 4-H
Club Week is held with
some 1,400 members from
all parts of the State at
Program for the week
has been announced by of
ficials of the State College
Extension Service. Most of
the speakers will be former
4-H Club ~ members. All
were outstanding in club
work and now are out
standing citizens in their
respective fields. -
The first State 4-H Club
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You”, written by the famed
comedy team of Moss Hart
and George Kaufman, tells
the story of the Sycamore
family, who believe in re
laxing and accepting the ;
fun in life, instead of fight- i
ing for material success.
Dolly Davis, Atlanta, Ga. 1
plays Penelope, the would- <
be writer, while Florabel H i
Wolff, Asheville, portrays,
Essie, the daughter who
wants to be a dancer. Mark
R. Sumner, Asheville, will
play Mr. De Pinna, the ice
man who has stayed eight
years, and John Bonitz Jr.,
hov, the dancing teacher.
Dick Bailey, Burnsville,
will act the role of Paul,
who manufactures fire
works without a permit,
and Carolyn Junker, Con
cord, plays Alice. Bette
Barksdale, Asheville, plays
actress Gay Wellington,
apd Claude H. Raybom,
Greensboro, will appear as
“Grandpa”. Anne Edwards
New Bern, plays Grand
Duchess Olga Katrina,
Larry Thorp, Rocky Mount
plays Ed, and Gordon R.
Bennett, Knoxville, plays
Mr. Henderson.
Others in the cast include
Casey; Joan Vail, Ham
mond, La.; Tommy Rezzuto
Asheville; Larry Lambeth,
Greensboro; Ross Bailey,
Micaville; Dick Clarke,
Charles Trammel and Na
dine Evans, Burnsville
Festival Chorus Will Present
Concerts Here, July 28-29
The ninety-voice Festi
val Chorus .of Burnsville
and Spruce Pine, under the
auspices of the Burnsville
School of Fine Arts, will
present its second annual
program at the Parkway
Playhouse on Friday and
Saturday evenings, July
28th and 29th at the regu
lar curtain time 8:15 p. m.
The program will also be
given at Harris High Scho
ol, Spruce Pine* on Wed
nesday, July 26th at 8:30
p. m.
From its inception three
years ago when it was com
posed entirely of Burnsville
residents, the chorus has
had an enthusiastic re
Duplan Officials Here
E. C. Geier, chairman of
the board of directors, 'J.
K. Cochran, chief engineer,
and S. C. Veney, manager
of the southern division of
the Duplan Corporation,
were here this week to in
spect the new plant now
under construction.
Carlee Rice of Burnsville
purchased 10 sheep in'
Boone Wednesday at a sale 1
of pure bred sheep, spon-|
—»eid Vy tl*e Com
nty Sheep Breeders Asso
D. H. Harrison of Ham
rick recently purchased a
registered Hereford bull
from the Charles K. Bry
ant farm at Lincolnton.
Turkish tobacco growers
of the county are harvest- 1
ing their crop. The growers
are Fred Honeycutt of Day|
Book, Claude Presnell of'
Boonford and Barnett Ray
of Celo. The yield is good
this season.
Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Hall
87, died at her home Satur
day morning following ai
short illness.
Funeral services were
held in Newdale Presbyter
ian Church Monday at 11 a.
m. with the Rev. Roy Hin
son officiating. Burial was
in Blue Rock Baptist Chur
ch Cemetery.
Surviving are three dau
ghters, Mrs. D. M. Edge
and Mrs. S. T. McKinney,
both of Newdale and Mrs.
R. T. Ensley of Burnsville,
Rt. 2; three sons, W. M.,
and Charlie Hall, all of
Newdale, 25 grandchildren
and 20 great grandchildren
Miss Hope Edwards re
turned Sunday from a two 1
weeks vacation to Miami,'
Florida and Havana, Cuba.
Miss Shattie Taylor, for
mer teacher here, will un
dergo an operation in Em
ory Hospital, Atlanta on
Mrs. Alfred Pilz of Chic
ago is now at her summer
homq near Celo for the
Robert C. Howell is home
Boone where he has
beenV attending summer
Members of the group
have undergone rigid tra
ining under the direction
of Mr. and Mrs. William
Deveny, director and ac
For the Burnsville con
cert Miss Betsy Howard
and Larry Lambeth of the;
Playhouse group will sing
incidental solos. Gordon
Bennett of the Playhouse
staff will read a canticle
with the chorus,
i Miss Virginia Moomawi
plans to present a solo
group of her dance classes
from the school. *
Tickets for this event will
be obtainable from the
chorus members and at the
1 box office.
■■ ■— ■-»
“So They Say”
The weather: We still
say “hot,” wjth daily after
noon thunder showers.
About town: The Event
of the Week was formal
opening of the lovely Mt.
Mitchell Motel. A very fes
tive occasion with flowers
to enhance the beauty of
the surroundings, and a
most cordial welcome from
I Irene and Bob. If you didn’t
J get down Sunday, stop by
some time for a glimpse . .
| Newest daughters the
,-Bayaro HBweus ana —tire —
Henry Butners who arriv
ed on July 10 and July 18. .
Very nicest way to spend a
vacation: to move into a
lovely new home. That’s
what Lucius and Ruby
Smith did last week. Now
( they’re happily settled
down . . . Also moved are
Jesse and Nellie Styles and
! young Danny to their
house on a hill top on the
Green Mountain Road . . .
Number of local people
have gone over to see “Un
to These Hills” and all re
port that it is a wonderful
performance. We, here in.
Western North Carolina
should not miss seeing it
sometime tjgfore the sear
son is over. Will be present
five nights weekly—Wed
nesday through Sunday—'
through Labor Day .. . <
Some very special prog
rams here, too, this week—.
Tonight Dr. McNutt who’s
widely known as teacher
and lecturer will give a lec
ture in school library;
“Yon Can’t Take It With
You” at the Playhouse Fri
day and Saturday nights;
and the Festival Chorua
will give the concert next
week end. Therai are 90
voices from Pina
and Burnsville.
During the last six mon
jth period 175 forest firea
( occurred in the eight coop
erating counties in District
One of the North Carolina
Forest Service which haa
its headquarters at Ashe
These fires burned* a to
tal of 1540.75 acres of pri
vately owned forest land in
this district and is compar
able to 165 fires which bm>
ned during the spring sea
son of 1949 and destroyed
963.25 acres of forest land.
In District One there are
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