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Plans For New /Theatre
on Square Announced
Latest in Design
and Equiipment
Iliff Clevenger, manager
of the Yancey Theatre, an
nounced Tuesday that Gay
Amusements Company, Inc.
is planning to build a new
and modern theatre on the
Briggs property, located in
the northeast corner of the
The front entrance will
face the Square and the
main auditorium will be lo
cated on a 50x150 lot ex
tending north, adjoining
the property of Mrs. J. Bis
Ray and C. M. Bailey, and
other property of Mr.
W. H. Parrott was here
Monday and purchased the
building site and made ar
rangements for construc
tion of the building.
Construction will start as
soon as the architect’s
plans and specifications are .
Several sites were con- ]
sidered for the new theatre i
and it was decided that by
building on the Square, ]
parking facilities would be ;
much better than on other 1
Henderson and Edwards
to Guide Mars Hill Lions
Mars Hill.—Don J. Hen- (
derson from Loudon, Tenn. *
and Bob Edwards from (
Mars Hill will be at the
wheel as the Mars Hill
Lions face a tough nine
game schedule in football
this fall.
Coach Henderson, new J
head of the Physical Edu- i
cation Department at the .
College, is a graduate of ;
Tennessee Tech and George ]
Peabody College for Tea
chers. He was instructor in 1
Y. M. C. A. and Marine
Corps before receiving his '
master’s degree and doing
additional graduate work
in Nashville.
Coach Bob Edwards has !
been back field coach in
football for the Lions dur
ing the past three seasons,
and his record in basketball
and track speaks well in
proving his qualifications
as a co-worker with Hen
dferson. He has been in
charge of the intramural
program during the regu
lar season and in summer
loaches Henderson and
Edwards will be using the
split-T formation this sea
son. They expect fourteen
returning lettermen on
September 4 along with
thirty - six new - comers.
There will be two work
outs daily for the ten day
period before the college
officially opens. The first
game will be on September
The Burnsville Eagles
will play the Morganton
Dodgers here at 2:30 Sun
day afternoon.
mmmm ~■■■■ ■—.... ■ y*
Farmers of North Caro
lina receive an income of
more than 25 million dol
lars each year from forest
products. . ..,
The Yanqey record
locations where traffic and
parking are more congested
While here Monday to
close the transactions and
make arrangements for the
building Mr. Parrott said
that he was always glad to
do anything that would
benefit the town and com
munity, and that he was
happy that he had had op
portunity recently to coop
erate with citizens of the
county in bringing new in
dustries to Burnsville.
He also stated that the
rapid growth of the town
merited, additional enter
tainment and recreational
| facilities and that he wish
ed to continue to give the
people of this section the
finest i n entertainment.
In keeping with the pro
gress of the town he
that it was entitled to a
new modern theatre of
which the movie patrons
and town would be proud,
-naqj, ; aqx
tre will be operated on a
part time basis after the
new theatre is opened.
A special announcement
regarding the new theatre
appears on page three of
this edition.
Receives Degree
Eidwin Wilson of PeriSE-'
cola received his degree in
General Engineering at N. '
C. State College this week.
Music and Dance Concert '
Will Be Given
The Music and Dance Re
cital, under the direction of
W. C. Deveny and Miss
Virginia Moomaw with
Mrs. Deveny as accompan
ist, will be presented at the
Playhouse Friday and Sat
urday evenings this week.
One hundred voices make
up the chorus and a mofet
entertaining program has
been rehearsed for several
weeks. The recital was pre
sented in Spruce Pine Wed
nesday evening.
%< iii ,'< wHHHH
.*JBn». . „ * ; 5. .■-.; art ■■ -
HBfk •',,* aiiMllE^j.
w'tiJro.-i- •’• --. :•
y%. Vv«;« * - ~.' y
View of some of the building, and a section of the grounds at Seecelo, home
of the Burnsville Painting Classes. The classes are enjoying a very successful
season with students from a number of states.
Pfc. John Hilemon, son
of Mrs. Annie Hilemon of
l Cane River, has been re
l ported wounded in the fig
> hting in Korea.
» Dr. E. R. Ohle> will be
l away for three weeks, July
■ 30th through August 17th.
s The Health Center at Celo
■ will be closed.
Group Will Attend Camp
at South Toe
Junior and intermediate
age boys and girls will at
tend camp, at the South Toe
River Camp next week.
The boys group will go
on Monday, July 31 and re
turn on Wednesday. The
girls group will go on Wed
nesday, August 2 and re
turn Friday.
Deaver Lawton of Ridge
crest, missionary to China,
will attend the camp. Rev.
Trammel will be camp pas
tor, Mrs. Trammel will be
camp mother and Rev. :
Jamerson will be business i
manager. <
“ —flf—
Martins Chapel Church and
Parsonage Will Be Dedicated
Church, Newdale will dedi
cate the new church build
ing and parsonage in spec- ;
ial services o n Sunday,
July 30.
Dedication services will
begin with the laying of the
cornerstone at 10:40 a. m.
Dedication ceremony will
be at 11:00 o’clock with Dr.
R. Dwight Ware, superin
tendent of the Asheville
District, preaching the de
dication sermon.
A picnic lqnch will be
served at noon and at 1:45
the congregation will as
semble at the parsonage for
the dedication o f that
Dr. Ware will be assisted
in the services by the Rev.
Mr. and Its. Amey Fox
Buy Thflaneev Record
Mr. an#trs. Arney Fox
.who havaJteently returned
to Burrisl|e to make their
home, laH|vfcek purchased
the YSK Publishing
Compan;®||n the owners.
This inajtfe the newspa
per, Tl»||ancey Record,
as well aphe commercial
printing t.
The bifaffißs was former
ly owneJ|||a partnership
composed,® Dover R.
Fouts, B. EpPenland, C. M.
Bailey a® - Frances M.
It was Bablished, and
publication pf the paper
started ifSAugust, 1936.
Mrs. Haidck served as
editor unft'ihe transaction
was comp|tpd last week.
Mr. andHfe. Fox are na
tives ol* "Mftcey County.
They rebidfe here until 6
years ago fcen they mov
ed to AshewiVe They had
more recently made their
home in Gnj&rfytte where
both were einpbyed.
The busings ?*nd news
paper will lit continued as
usual, under tie direction
of Mr. Fora!
E. C. Cover, pastor of the
The church building whi
ch is valued at $23,000 was
started in 1948 and com
pleted in 19$). The parson
age was started in 1947 and
finished in 1948. It is valu
ed at $9,000 and there is no
debt on either building.
The members wish to
thank all who helped to
make the building program
a success by their donations
Everyone is invited to at
tend the services.
The second annual reun
ion of students and teach
ers of the former Yancey
Collegiate Institute will be
held at Burnsville Schoo
on Saturday, August 19.
Funeral services for
Miriam Elizabeth Huskins
who passed away Thursday
night at the home of her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sam
J. Huskins, following a long
illness were held Sunday in
the Baptist Church.
The Rev. Charles B.
Trammel officiated, assist
ed by the Rev. F. R. Barber.
Burial was in the Holcombe
Surviving in addition to
the parents are a sister,
Peggy Jean, and two bro
ther's, Captain Sam J. Hus
kins of the U! S. Air Force
and William B. Huskins of
honors -Frank coots
The Yancey County
Baseball Club honored Mr.
and Mrs. Frank Coots with
a buffet supper at the home
of Mr and Mrs. H. D. Jus
tice Wedntsday evening.
The dining room table was
centered with Terry Hall’s
10 pound cake bearing the
inscription, “Good Luck
A gift was presented to
Mr. Coots by Manager Jus
tice in behalf of the team
and management for his
leadership as captain ofthe
that he has revived in base
ball in Yancey County.
Business Manager, Jake
Buckner presented the cap
tain with a baseball auto
graphed by all members of
the club. Practically all
members of the club and
their families were present
Mr. and Mrs. Coots are
i leaving for Burlington the
i last of this week where
i they will reside. Mr. Coots
■ who is a reserve officer ex
pects to be called back into
' service by the middle of
August. They will be great
ly missed here not only in
■ baseball circles but by
‘ many - friends throughout
r the county.
Mr. and Mrs. Bernie
Hunter visited relatives at
Big Creek lost Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Homer
Griffith of Detroit, Mich,
were visiting Mr. and Mrs*
Lester Bailey last week.
Loyd Hensley spent a 10
day leave with his mother,
Mrs. Eula Hensley. He has
returned to the Navy.
Darrell Honeycutt has
returned to the Navy af
ter spending two months
at home.
Roy Laughrun is home
from the Army after spen
ding the past 30 months in
Craig Woody is recover
ing from a broken foot
which.he received while at
work last Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Rudisill
Ware and children of Kan
napolis, N. C. spent part of
last week visiting Mr. and
Mrs. Craig Woody here.
Mrs. Bill Taylor and
children have gone to Ari
zona where they will join
Mr. Taylor who is employed
Mrs. Phil Hensley and
children are visiting Mr.
and Mrs. Bruce Bailey this
week. i xd
“So They Say”
We must mention the
weather as It Rains. Every
day, almost every hour. So
if you think we’ve been
bragging too greatly you
can now picture us as wet,
cold and bedraggled.
About town: The D. D.
Baggett’s 'tiny daughter,
Deborah Lynn, arrived
Sunday. Doris is in St. Jos
eph’s and the baby in Bilt
more Hospital where sht
was “holding her own to
day” . . . Blake Wilson un
derwent operation in Mar
ion Hospital and Gudger
Fox in Norburn. Both seem 1
to be getting along nicely.
The Robertsons are still
improving and Russell
York out of hospital . . J
The Hollemans to Norfolk]
next week where they’ll'
gather their children to
help them celebrate their
Golden Wedding Anniver
sary on August 9 . . . Wed
dings: Hugh Tomberlin and
Evelyn _ Dillingham last
Sunday, and home agent]
Rosalena Hale to Wesley
Carrington on July 24. 1
Glad to learn that she plans
to continue her work here.
She’ll be away July 31-Aug
ust 5 attending Farm and
Home Week in Raleigh . . ,|
Announcement about new,
,apund§ im 1, flirter
seating, lighting, etc. 700
seating capacity. Best thing
is that practically all mat-j
erial for building is on
hand as company „had plan-j
ned to build in Tennessee i
and changed plans. There
should be little delay once
construction begins . . . The
new district highway build
ing is “going up”. Framing
now in place and looking
good ... Good progress, too,
on the furniture store buil
ding . . . And the court hou
se is going to be “all dress
ed up” with a new coat of
paint, in fact the work has
already started . . . Emma
Lou (Banks) Andes 'Mrs.
John Arries, 2652 Detroit
Road, Westlake, Ohio) who
has had serious operation
and is now recuperating
says thanks to all those
who’ve sent cards and let
ters! ... Note: C. W. Phil
lips will lecture tonight in
school library instead of H.
R. Taylor who’ll speak next
Thursday in the lecture
series that is proving- most
popular . . * Troy Cooper
has moved to nice, new
home near Duplan plant. ..
thoughts as men from this
section join in the renewed
<?> Z*Si%
-•- '' ■*""*■'*■ *\
‘ • --
- - '
Drowned in Hawaii
on July 2
The body of Charles R.
Riddle, G. M. S., U. S. Coast
Guard, who was drowned
in Honolulu on July 2 will
arrive in Burnsville Sun
day morning.
Funeral services will be
held in the Pensacola Free
Will Baptist Church at 3
o’clock Sunday afternoon
with the Rev. Edd Woody
and the Rev. E. P. Blevins
! officiating. Burial will be
in the family cemetery.
The Earl Horton Post of
the American Legion will
Ibe in charge of graveside
Riddle was the son of Mr.
and Mrs. Pearson Riddle of
Pensacola. He attended
I Burnsville High School,
served two years in the
Navy and had been in the
Coqst Guard for two years.
He was 22 years of age.
Surviving in addition to
( the parents are three bro
thers, Pearson Jr. of Adak,
Alaska, E. R. and Vance of
Pensacola; two sisters, Mrs.
Fred Hyatt and Mrs. Ned
| Wilson both of Pensacola.
, fight for our way of life. ..
It is flerv p-nnd to hama
again? They’ve been living
plant . . . The report of
j first Yancey County casu
alty in Korea (Pfc. John
jHilemon of Cane River who
iwas injured) is sobering
reminder that war reaches
to every section. Even into
these peaceful hills of ours
so far removed from those
other hills half way round
the world. The battle fields
are near in our hearts and
He’ll teach at BHS this
fall . . . The Edwin Powells
have moved to Mt. Holly
from Spencer. Edwin is
now assistant superintend-
I ent of the River Bend
and Edwin Wilson received
his degree at State College.*
in Charlotte and we’ve
missed them very greatly
here. Last week they bou
ght The Record and will be
busy getting out the news
for you each week. Our co
operation and best wishes
are with them as they’ve
begun this most interesting
work for the very best peo
ple we know about any
where !
Mr. and Mrs. Molt Byrd
and family of Oklahoma
are visiting relatives here.

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