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Pride goeth before de
struction and a haughty
spirit before a fall, Prov
erbs 16:18.
Yancey County
To Open Tuesday
According to Frank W.
Howell, Supt., Yancey
County Schools will open
Tuesday, August 29, with
the exception of Bee Log
Consolidated School which
will not begin for approxi
mately three weeks.
Mr. Howell said there
would be a meeting of all
teachers in the county on
Monday so that plans could
be made for the opening
operations Tuesday and for
the year.
Teachers for the differ
ent county schools are as
Burnsville Sc|ipol
Bruce M. Tomberlin,
Principal; Islean Ray, Ver
nie Wilson, Clonnie Husk
ins, Elizabeth Evelyn
Briggs, Mrs. Wilhelmenia
A. Herfsley, Hartsell Ford
McCurry, Roy M. Proffitt,
Edwin Wilson, D. L. Gar
land, Mrs. Dorothy S. Ray,
Coy Ford Bailey, Mrs. Eli
zabeth E. Stamey, Augus
tus R. Peterson;
Ethel Boone, Mrs. Pearl
H. Randolph, Osie Bennett,
Mrs. Zula C. Wilson,
Bailey, Mrs. Madge Bailey
Byrd, Alberta Campbell,
Nettie Bennett, Mrs. Mary
L. Atkins* Mrs. Enola P.
Wilson, Mrs. Annie B. Prof- 1
fitt, Mrs. Lena R. Tilson,
Mrs. Mattie G. Sosrells.
Pensacola School (
Jessie Louise Jamerson,
Mrs. Ruth H. Wilson, Inas
Edna Atkins.
Bald Creek School
Rasse H. Howell, Principal;'
Anastasia Tomberlin, Mrs.
Pauline B. Hensley, Mrs.
Margaret B. Griffith, Char
les Edwards, Charles B.
The Burnsville Lions Cl
ub, including wives and
children of the club mem
bers, are having their annu
al outing this evening
(Thursday) at Carolina
Hemlock picnic grounds.
Pitching horseshoe and '
other games will be played
from 5:30 p. m. until 6:30.
A picnic supper will be ser
ved at that time.
Mrs. Viola Shepherd of 1
Swiss has returned home
after a twelve day stay at
Biltmore Hospital, Ashe
ville, where she underwent '
an operation. She is recov
ering nicely. *•’'
— it— I
j _
Boy-Made Boats in Speed Tests
r : xfj&s» <'• j? I* nHPB •• v - -^xT'f
-' ’^’4'’ r ■ "" t?
.■■£•>'•#& ?■■■ ■>:■'s&■ ' V< ' r;X '^
<-. / ' X |
' Outboard motorboat racing has taken a unique turn at Algpnae, Mich.,
whose waterfront used to echo with the soar of “Speed King” Gar Wood.
High school students build their own trim little craft in a shop class gs part
of the curriculum, then race them on the St. Clair River in the summer. This
year, 18 student-built boats “graduated” from School to the water and nere
i’ilot Dick Hex makes a h-.irpin turn in front of a Chevrolet station- wagon
which his friends drove to the water’s edge
... - -•-- «•■*'»* “■Sr
the Yancey Record
Tomberlin,,- Jack Mclntosh
Hattie L. Phoenix, Willie
Molt Hensley, Ottis S.
Gibbs, Vergie Duncan, Lill
ian S. Tomberlin, Era Jam
erson, William David Pet
erson, Lenora Madge Car
ter, Mrs. Norma R. Pate,
Mrs. Lola Byrd Wilson,
Mrs. Doris G. Tomberlin,
Madge Ferguson, Irene
Higgins, Lola Anne Hen
sley, Mrs. Vera Carter Ray.
Bakers Creek School
Maphrie R. Wilson
Prices Creek School
Mrs. Edrus Ledford.
Bee Log School
IVfonroe Mclntosh, Prin
cipal; Edward L. Beeson,
Cecil J. Beeson, Robert F.
Peterson, Ernest J. Banner,
Erma L. Peterson, Inez
Edwards, Mrs. Lillian Mc-
Intosh, Opha S. Hylemon,
Jennie Hensley, Tensie Bai
ley, Hettie Higgins, Mrs.
Lucy E. Randolph, Mrs.
Kate Briggs Robinson, Mrs.
Pearl R. Austin, Mrs. Maye
B. Robinson.
Little Creek School
Ethel Edwards.
Piney Hill School
Lost Cove School
S. B. Conley.
Clearmont School
Erskine B. Bailey, Prin
cipal; Mrs. Ora Deytoni
Byrd, William W. Angel,
Doris Hunter, Airs, Floren-
Hunter, Jr., Sam J. Byrd,
Claude C. Hughes, Maglee
Ray ; Mrs. Ruth Jobe Rice,
Doris M. Penland, • Mrs.
Maphra B. Bennett, Bessie
Wilson, Mrs, Juanita B.
Wallace, Madlyn L. Bailey,
Ola Edwards, Mrs. Thelma
P. Gornto, Mrs. Lois M.
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Mr. and Mrs. Zeb Ben
nett are visiting Mr. and
Mrs. Otway Bennett of
La Dore Hurst of Dujv
ham returned home today,
after visiting Rebecca
Miss Willie Hensley is
spending several days in
Lincolnton with her sister,
Mrs. Lester Heavener.
Mr. and Mrs. J‘ R Bar
ber and family spent last
week at the beach.
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Griffith
are visiting relatives in
Huntersville, Tenn.
We are happy Mary L. is
home from the hospital.
The Burnsville Painting
Classes, owned and operat
ed by Frank Stanley Her
ring, Edward S. Shorter
and Frances Hall Herring,
will hold their Fifth An
nual Exhibition from Sat
urday, August 26th throu
gh Thursday, August 31st.
The public is cordially in
vited to attend. The exhi
bition will be open each af
ternoon from 2 until 6, at
Seecelo, Burnsville, N. C.
The school accomodates
forty students and has
been running at capacity
for the summer. The class
es opened on June 24th for
a twelve-week session, whi
ch will end Sept. 16th. The
students come from all ov
er the United States and
range in ability from be
ginners to commercial ar
tists, art school teachers
and people who have paint
ed for many years.
Last Rites Planned For
Mrs. Arminda Ballard
Mars Hill.—Funeral ser
vices for Mrs. Arminda
Ballard, 82, who died Wed
nesday at her home in the"
Middle Fork section of
Madison County, will be!
held Friday at 10 a. m. in
;Mt. Pleasant Baptist Chur
-Ich at Swiss.
The Rev. Frank English
officiate and burial will be
in Swiss Cemetery.
Surviving are two dau
ghters, Mrs. Fannie Styles
of Burnsville and Mrs. Jul
ia English of English; one
son, Arthur of the home.
Also one sister, Miss Jona
Jamerson of Swiss; three
brothers, J. W. and W. C.
Jamerson of Swiss and L.
L. Jamerson i>f Lafayette,
Ga. ■
Mrs. Ruby Buck Adams,
daughter of Mrs. D. M.
Buck and the late Mr. Buck
of Bee Log, was married to
James Nash Fulp, spn of
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Fulp of
Statesville, Saturday after
noon, August 12 on the
lawn of the home of the
bride’s mother.
The Rev. David Swartz
of Burnsville officiated.
MrsrJim Holcombe of Mars
Hill, pianist, and Jim Cox
of Mars Hill, soloist, pre
sented the wedding music.
The bride was given in
marriage by her brother,
Paul Buck, and Miss
Buck was maid of honor.
John Cornell of Statesville
served as best • man and
ushers were Bruce Higgins
of Ramsey town and Ben
Wilson of Pensacola.
Mrs. Fulp was graduated
from the University ;of
North Carolina and has
been teaching in Yancey
Mr. Fulp was graduated
from Statesville High
School and attended Ac
counting School in Chicago.
He served in the U. S. Navy
for three, years and is now
connected with the State
Health Department, locat
ed in Avery County. They
will reside in Newland.
Miss Nell McMahan is
spending several days in
Burnsville, visiting friends.
Former* Burnsville Man
Killed) In Wreck
O. C. Bryant, 45, former
ly of was killed
in an
near Forest|City, Tuesday
Accordin||*to reports of
the acddelk, Bryant’s car
was comsjpely demolished
when itjsipfek a tractor
trailor loaild with 13 tons
of pork ai» beans. Althou
gh the trllk was greatly
damaged, Me driver was
uninjured, ppcording to re
. Bryant, Sho for several
years was Attached to the
State HiMway Depart
ment in fjpascey County,
was empflred with the
State Hlgway and Public
Works Cort&nission in . Shel
by at the t§he of his death.
He is surfived by his wife
and one daughter.
SeasoJlcioses At
Parkway Playhouse
The Butfjjfiville School of
Fine Arts, Sponsored by the
Woman’s ©allege, brought
to a close Tits'annual series
of productions at the Park
,,way Plamouse Saturday
night witMihe' presentation
of ‘The Late Christopher
Bean”. The final produc
tion was under the direct
ion of Fr# Koch Jr., from
the dram® of
partment of the School of
Fine Arts say that this sea
son has beep very-success
ful with an attendance in-
I crease of 200 percent above
their first season. They are
looking forward to even
greater success nqxt year.
Other productions given
this season were: “The
Patsy,” “On Borrowed
Time,” “You Can’t Take It
With You,” “Fashion,” and
“The Mikado”.
Injured In Accident
Rhea Penland of Burns
ville was injured Tuesday
afternoon when his car
, struck the concrete curb
ing on the east side of the
square in Burnscille. Pen
land’s injuries were slight
and only first aid was given
Billie Jean Ramsey
Named “Miss Yancey”
Miss Billie Jean Ramsey,
pretty daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. S. L. Ramsey of Bur
nsville, was winner of the
grand prize and the title of
“Miss Yancey” of 1950 in
the second annual beauty
contest held on the stage of
the Yancey Theater on
Tuesday night.
Miss Virginia Caldwell,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Theodore Caldwell of Bur
nsville was runner-up and
winner of second prize.
Miss Ramsey was chosen
over the other contestants
because of her graceful
walk, poise, and personal
ity. Her sparkling eyes and
winning smile added great
ly to her outstanding fea
Many of the girls who
entered this year’s contest
were given their first ex
perience before an audien
ce, to say nothing of the
judges who were watching
every move they made. A
\ j
Reunion of Y. C. I. Students
and Teachers Held
The annual Homecoming
of the alumni of Yancey
Collegiate Institute was
held Saturday morning.
The addresses and business
meeting were held in the
auditorium of the Elemen
tary Building at Burnsville
High School. Following the
meeting a picnic lunch was
served outside the building.
Addresses by Mr. E. E.
Hawkins of Johnson City,
Tenn. and Mr. A. J. Hutch
ins, Supt. of Canton City
Schools, were of great in
terest. Both men are for
mer teachers in the Insti
Officers for the Alumni
elected in business session
were C. P. Randolph, presi
dent; A. J. Hutchins, vice
president; Mrs. Louise
Wicker, secretary; Mrs.
Hattie Peterson, treasurer,
and James Hutchins, his
torian. Also in the business
meeting, it was decided to
have printed a history of
Yancey Collegiate Institute
Material for the history
will be compiled and pre
pared by Mr. Hutchins.
Baptist Church
Homecoming day was ob
served at the First Baptist
Church of Burnsville, Sun
day. Several former mem
bers of the church were
uirscii v Shu
Baker of Grover, N. C., for
mer pastor of the church,
delivered the morning ser
mon. Immediately follow
ing the services, a picnic
lunch, prepared by the lad
ies of the church, was ser
ved to the guests and mem
In the afternoon session,
a roll call of all former
members present was made
and were recognized by D.
R. Fouts, church clerk. Also
to be recognized as the old
est living deacon of the
Church was Mr. Melvin
Robinson. In a short talk,
Mr. Robinson said he had
been a member of the chur
ch for 74 years and a dea
con for 54 years.
Miss Hope Bailey sang a
solo, “The Lord’s Prayer.”
few of the principle reasons
for early eliminations were
the contestants failure to
| smile, faulty carriage and
I poise, and too much make
Serving as judges in the
contest were Mrs. T. C.
Hudson, Columbus, Ga.,
Mrs. Watson from Jackson
ville, Fla., Mrs. Wilson,
from Miami, Fla., and Mr.
Eddy Rosenblatt, Academy
of Motion Picture Sound
Engineers, Washington, D.
Acting as master of cere
monies was 0. D. Calhoun
who is heard every Friday
night on the Carolina Bafn
Dance Broadcast from
Spruce Pine. Grandpappy,
one of the stars on the
olina Barn Dance was a
guest and had the audience
in an uproar before the
contest got under way.
The winners were photo
graphed by John G.“ Robin
son, well known photogra-
P Her - • J ,>4J*
Tri-County Cattle Show
To Be Held September Ist
Reports from many sour- ;
ces indicate that the num-; 1
ber of entries in the Tri-'
County Cattle Show on the 1 ,
fair grounds in Spruce Pine'
on Friday, September 1,1
will exceed all previous re-j!
cords. The quality of the
stock to be shown also pro
mises to be better than in
any of the shows that have
been held, starting in 1941.
Final plans for the show
were adopted at a meeting
of the farm agents of the
three counties and their as
sistants acting as a com
mittee in charge, held last
• Saturday in Spruce Pine.
At this meeting the decis- j
ion was made to have the
farm agent of the county in:
which the show is held etfCh' <
year serve as chairman. |
That means that George :
Conrad of Mitchell will
the chairman this year.':
Next year the farm agent j:
of Yancey will hold this \
! place, and in 1952 the farm
agent .of Avery will_ head
the managing committee.
Manager of Show
The decision also was
made to place the. authority ,
T“'Funeral" services for the :
Rev. Julius Van Hensley, ]
71, of Burnsville, Rt. 2, who ]
died at his home Thursday
after a long illness, were ,
held Saturday, August 19,'.
at 11:00 a. m. in Martins (
Chapel Methodist Church, 1 ,
Newdale. I •
Rev. Ed Woody and Rev. <
Shelby Beaver of Windom, (
Dev. D. B. Earley of Ashe- ]
ville, and Rev. Francis Rad- ]
ford of Beech Glenn offi-‘
ciated. Burial was in the;
Will Young Cemetery,
Newdale. (
The Rev. Hensley was ]
the son of the late Mr. and <
Mrs. Jack Hensley. Over ;
thirty years ago he was or-[ i
dained a minister and was ,
a member of the Bowditch
Free Will Baptist Church
for 35 years. He served as ,
pastor of churches in bothj
Yancey and Mitchell Coun
Active pall bearers werej
Guy Boone, Paul Branch,
Bass Branch, Andrew Let
terman, Jack Young, and
Fred Wyatt. Honorary pall
bearers were S. D. McKin
ney, Sr., Rev. H. C. Honey
cutt, Floyd Ray, Creed Wil
son, Bryan Thomas, Char
lie Wilson, Charlie Hensley
and Rev.. Grover.
Flower girls were Ethel
Phillips, Mrs. Ottis Murphy
Mrs. C. A. Branch, Mrs.
Jack Young, Esther Hen
sley, Clara Byrd, Julia
Boone, Ruth Wyatt, Van
McKinney, Grace Harris,
Gladys Robinson, Betty Jo
Robinson, Flora Hensley,
Inez Wilson, Viola Honey
cutt, Geniva Honeycutt,
Mollie Hensley and Naomi
Surviving are his widow,
Mrs. Sarah Hensley; one
sister, Mrs. Buna Hensley
of Newton; five brothers,
Samuel of Burnsville, Jim
tff Windom, Straub of Le
noir, Fred of Vixen and
Commodore of Celo.
I am the bread of life: he
that cometh to me shall
never hunger; and he that
believeth on me shall never
thirst, John 6:35. |
for the operation of the
show in the hands of one
man. For several reasons,
the farm agents thought
that the manager of opera
tions should be some one
outside of their group who
had a direct and serious
interest in the improve
ment of the cattle of these
counties. They accordingly
requested Guy Wilson,
manager of the Carnation
Company plant in Spruce
Pine, to act as manager of
the show this year.
Hours of Judging
As a large number of en
tries is expected, the com
mittee decided that judging
will start promptly at 10:00
a. m. and continue without
interruption until all clas
sess have passed through
the ring. In discussing this
part of the program the
necessity for &11 owners to
have their cattle on the
grounds by 9 a. m. on Fri
day,; September 1, the day;
of the show, was stressed.
Ample Room For All
Ample room tq care
of all entries uhdei* cover;
will be available on’the fair
grounds, the committee p
wished prospective exhibiy
tors to know. Even thought
cliUe brought "than
last year, stalls for all will
be provided.
By arranging so owners
will not have to bring their
animals until the morning
of the show, very little feed
will have to be provided by
the owners. Provision for
watering will be made, but!
each owner is requested to<
bring his own pails to serve
his animals.
Cash In Hand for Prizes
Under the long-range
plan for the show the de
cision was made that the
business interests of the
county In which the show is
held should raise 70 percent
of the prize money. The
other 30 percent is to be di
vided between the business
interests of the other two
The show being held this!
year in Mitchell, the busi
ness houses of that county,
already have subscribed
more than SBOO.OO. It also
appears that they will put
up about $150.00 more.
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- i i
We are happy Mary L*
Butner is home from the;
hospital. . j
W La
/ A /(; // y I
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