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    “I envyy no man that knows
more than myself, but pity
them that know less.”
~ Browne
Telephone System Here
To Be Improved •
Thomas H. Sawyer, Vice
President and General Ma
nager of the Carolina Moun
tain Telephone Company
announced this week that
construction of new and
larger telephone cable for
Burnsville will commence
the week of Sept. 11. This
project when completed
will replace all existing
telephone cable with nefy
and larger cable and will
extend into sections now
being served by open wire.
This new construction will
enable the Company to take
care of all held applications
for telephone service in the
Town of Burnsvile and pro
vide adequate outside plant
facilities for future growth
It will also make private
line service avaiable. to
these now served on a party
line who may desire a re
grade of service. A part
of the cable is expected to
be placed into service dur
ing September or early Oct-j
ober, and the entire project
is expected to be completed
during the months of Nov
ember and December.
The Company installed
a two-position switchboard
early this summer with a
capacity of 600 lines, capab-
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Ed
wards of Cane River, N. C.
have receievd letters from
their sons, Jack and James,
who are in Korea.
Jack served on Okinawa
during World War II and
has just gone into action
with U. S. Forces in Korea.!
James reported in his j
letter that he is now rest-!
ing after having been in;
battle 56 days without re-!
relief. He is attached to
the 24th Inf. Div., the outfit
from which General Dean
was lost.
According to Mr. R. N.
Silver, Chairman of the Se
lective Service Board, 35
men from Yancey County
are being called into service
this month. These men are
from the 25 year age group.
\ i-■"&w-’ ibsesr* gpg mmm
s S
Sr • 1 .JHEKu
mam mm)m
. * Hrif ; Jw
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HI? * kfrjlf' jM/mtumt \ W),
Carolyn “Miss North Carolina 1950” Edwards, center? registers early at Western
Carolina Teachers College, Cullowhee, prior to participating in the Migs America
contest being held at Atlantic City, N. J., September 4-10. Registering the 18 year
old beauty is Miss Addie Beam, college registrar, and John Sasser, her high school
principal. Miss Edwards plans to follow a pre-nursing curriculum. She is the dau
ghter of Mr. Mrs. J. B. Edwards of Leaksville.
The yan&y Record
le of serving from 1200 to
to 1800 subscribers. The
new cable construction, to
gether with the installation
; of the switchboard, is de-
I signed to take care of the
' increasing demand for tel
‘ ephone service in Burns
-1 ville.
Mr. Sawyer also announ
ced that equipment had
been ordered which will add
! two more toll circuits from
Burnsville to Ashevile,mak
; ing a total of five circuits |
between these points. The
two additional circuits are
required due to the tremen
dous increase in traffic to
and from Burnsville, par
ticularly during the sum
mer months. The Com
pany has already tripled
its toll facilities from Bur
nsville to Asheville. One
circuit was added in July,
1949. at which time the toll
pole route between Burns
ville and Asheville was
I completely rebuilt, and an
other circuit was added in
late June of this year. The
equipment for the two ad
ditional circuits is expected
to be shipped in time to be |
placed into operation be
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Mrs, Dale Honeycutt.
Trimmer, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Wade Honeycutt
was scheduled to return
home Wednesday from
travels in Europe. Mrs.
Trimmer has spent the
past month in Holland,
! Denmark, Sweeden, and
| Scotland.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert
i Hurst of Durham, N. U,
Mr. and Mrs. Raymosd
Perry and children, Lowell
and Jano, and Fleming Der
ry were the week end
guests of Rev. and Mrs.
The condition of Charlie
Byrd, who is in Mission
Hospital, is reported im
Approximately 50 Yan
cey County people attended
the landscaping meeting
which was held Wednesday
at the home of Jesse How
ell, Brush Creek.
The meeting was con
ducted by Mr. John Harris,
State Landscaping Special
ist. During the meeting,
shrubbery plans were dr
awn for lawns of" several
persons attending the meet
ing. Mr. Howell’s lawn was
used as an example for land
scaping, and a flannel bo
ard with movable shrubbe-
Iry to show different de
signs and arrangements.
A sketch of the Burns
ville Square was made by
Mr. Harris, and a landscap
ing program suggested,
which will be carried out in
the future. Boxwood should
be used extensively on the
Square, the specialist point
ed out, due to easy main
tenance of the, shrub.
The , Yancey Baptist
Association held 5 its annual
sessions with the Banks
Creek Baptist Church
Friday and Saturday,
September I—2. The 33
r churches q i the association
were represented by mes- 1
sengers who constituted
the association.
Rev. E. J. Hall, pastor of
Mt. Pleasant Baptist Chur
ch, presided over the sess
ions. Miss Laura Mae
Hilliard was named to ser
ve as clerk for the session.
Later Mr. Brantley Briggs
was named as clerk for
next year and Rev. Hall
was re-elected for next
year also. It was voted by
the association to hold the
annual meeting next year
with the South Estatoe
Baptist Church.
Among the outstanding
speakers representing the
work of the convention
were: Dr. E. U- Spivey, as
sociate secretary o f the
Baptist State Convention;
Burnsville livening College
to Begin JSeptember 18
Burnsville Evening Col
lege will Jlegm Monday,
will be .hMain the Burns
ville High School Library
Monday afternoon at 4
o’clock. Classes will begin i
, Tuesday afjernoon.
The Cottle will be spon
, sored again by Woman’s
College of f University of
t North Carolina with Frank
W. Howell |s local director,
s All classes ire also approv
ed by the Jreterans admin
istration. f
Two yeafjs standard col
lege work frill be offered
• both veteniis and non vet
’ All veterans who plan to
■ attend are urged to fill out
elegibility papers in the
1 office of the Service officer
l H. G. Bailey at once in or
! der to be feady for regis
tration on |he opening date
■ of the collfge.
Funeral services for Miss
Biddie*'Randolph, 66, who
died Sunday at the home
of a sister,lMrs. M. E. Rid
dle, were field Tuesday in <
Zion Baptiit Church, To
| ledo, with the Rev. Jesse
j Hughes huiial.
was in-flKnt Cemetery.
Surviving are four sis
ters and a brother.
££ =
One hundred and four
animals from Yancey, Mit
chell and Avery counties
were exhibited at the first
| annual* Tri-County Cattle
Show which, was held in
Spruce Pine September11 1
There were 34 animals
exhibited by Yancey coun
,ty farmers and 4-H Club
The following 4-H Club
. members entered calves in
the show and won blue rib
! bons: Joe Gillespie, Wayne
Silver, Edgar Bryan, Ed
| win Bryan, David Gillespie,
; Loraine McCourry, Billy
’ Pittman, Barbara Ann Mc-
Courry, and Tommy Ray.
In addition to winning blue
ribbons Barbara Ann Mc-
Courry won Junior Guern
sey Championship, and
tommy Ray won Junior
Holstein Championship.
Those winning red rib
bons were: Wayne Silver,
David Gillespie, Richard
Conley, Lois Randolph,
Hugh Teague, Reed Hall,
Billy Byrd, Richard Briggs,
Luther Laughrun, and Ver
lean Silver. • v ,
Jimmy Roland won first
place on showmanship ’ and
Joe Gillespie, won third
Dr. W. K. McGee, pirector
of the departmest of Relig
ion, Baptist Hospital, Win
ston-Salem; Dr. J. C. Can
ipe, executive secretary of
Evangelism, North Baptist
State Convention; Rev. E.
C. Wilkie, pastor of the
Baptist Church, Kennedy
Home, and Rev. H. M. Ken
dall, professor of Religion
at Mars Hill College.
The Banks Creek Church
served dinner to the mess
engers and representatives
of the churches on Friday
at noon.
The list to date of boys
and girls leaving for Col
lege from Yancey county
are as follows:
To Boone: Lucy Bailey, i
and Margaret Silver.
East Tenn. State: Lou- i
etta Randolph..
To Clemson: David Cov
ington. * i
Lees Mcßae: Max Buck- (
Meredith: Mary Evelyn
Woman’s College, Green- (
sboro: Sue Koenig, Clara
D. Banner. 1
Wake Forest: Elizabeth ,
Ann Roberts, Sarah Ham- :
rick, Dick Bailey, Charles
Trammel, Danny Fouts. ;
Wesleyan Conservatory:
Evelyn Hamrick.
Furman: Ruth Banks.
University of N. C.: Ar
liss Young, Charles Lee
Griffith, Charles Gillespie.
N. C. State: Charles
mer Parnell, R. L. Bailey,
Robert Tib on, and Phillip
Berea: Ross Bailey.
)Tio Greensboro College:
Llewellyn Ray.
Crossnore Business Col
lege: Mary Huffman, Mar
tha Huffman, 'Donna Tho
mas, Barbara Robinson,
Joyce Hilliard.
W. C. T. C. Cullowhee: ]
Hale Bryson and Wanda
Johnson. - ..... ? '
"warren Wilson: Wilma V
Woman’s Missionary
, ■““““ i
The Woman’s Missionary .
Society of the Baptist,
Church will meet at the
church next Tuesday even
ing at 7:30, with Mrs. J. A. '
Watson as program leader.
The subject of the program
will be “State Missions”.
Hostesses for the social
hour are Mrs. Hershel Hoi- i
combe, Miss Clonnie Hus
kins and Mrs. Cecil Angel.
Mr. and Mrs. Clayton
Spencer and sons, David
and Kenneth, Mr. and Mrs.
Bill Hedrick, all of Knox
ville, Tenn., were week end
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ed
place. David Gillespie won
first place on Best Fitted
animal while Wayne Silver
won second place.
In the Farmer class,
those winning blue ribbons
were: C. B. Gillespie, S. B.
Randolph, Bill Edge, and
Frank McCourry.
Those winning red rib
bons were: S. B. Randolph,!
Bill Edge, Roy Duncan,
Holt Whitson, Yates Ran
dolph, Wade Randolph, and
W. O. Briggs.
The animals shown from
Yancey county were better
as a whole than have been
shown in the past. This
fact was established by the
fact that no white ribbons
were placed on Yancey
county stock.
——i i ...
o On N. C. Highways
Killed September 1 through September 4 15
Injured September 1 through September 4 .... ~. 233
Killed through September 4 this year 605
Killed through September 4, 1949 547
Injured through September 4 this year 8,031
Injured through. September 4, 1949 7,239
Duplan Makes Report
“There has been a major
increase in activity in the ;
last three months. Our!
sales have been 25 percent;
ahead of last year,” E. C. •
Grier, Chairman of the Bo
ard and Lyman B Frieze, ;
President of the Duplan »
Corporation told stockhold-;
ers in the 1950 Annual Re-;
port, just released.
During the past year!
there was an increase in the I
quantity of fabrics sold, but; 1
the dollar voume was less.;
The yarn throwing was!
also less. Sales exceeded !
$16,000’000 for each 6 mon-j
th period, compared with;
sls million and s2l million i
in the previous year. . <
In the past four years;
Felts Furniture Store to
Open September 22
According to Fred Holli- 1
field of Spruce Pine, the s
new Felts Furniture Store
will have its grand opening i
on September 22. Mr. Holli- 1
field, who is associated with !
the Felts Store in Spruce '
Pine said the Ray-Ayers
Building was completed i
in fine shape to begin ar
ranging furniture op the
floor to show at the open
There will be a prize to (
each adult member visiting •
►thfiualare at j
The body of Neah
Mason, 53, of New \ ork i
City, who wag killed instan- 1
tly Monday when a car in
which she was riding with
her husband, Stephen W. 1
Mason, ran off a 45-foot 1 ;
embankment on the Blue;
Ridge- Parkway, was sent
to New York yesterday for 1
funeral service and burial, j
Mason was driving the
car and was striking at a 1
bee when he lost control of i
the vehicle. He was thrown!
from the car and suffered }
bruises. - - .. . . r
» - ■ ■ i ■ i . - ■ - I. n <
Rev. F..R. Barber, Chap- 1
ter Chairman, has announ
ced that the Yancey Coun
ty Chapter of the Ameri
can Red Cross will have a
meeting at Roberts and.
Johnson’s Club. Room,
Thursday, Sept. 7, at 7:30. ,
The purpose bf the meet
ing is to discuss, the Chap
ter’s responsibility in the
Blood now,
that 4tre Red Crsss is send
ing blood to our armed for
ces overseas.
„Rev. Barber urges that
a£l interested citizens of
the county. attend this
meeting. “We have a big
job to de, ano we rtiust have
cooperation from all citiz
ens in the county tc do this
great work”, he said.
It has been reported that
some of the blood givxtn by
employees of the Glen-Rav
en Mill has already gone to
our fighting men in/Korea.
N »■
“The mind is its own
place, and in itself, Gan
make a Heaven of Hell, a
Hell of Heaven.” Milton
- - -
the company has spent $9.
300,000 for expansion and
(plans -to spend $5,000,000
more before the end of its
1 1951 year.
Duplan has been rapidly
expanding its mills in the
| South and by the end of
1 1951 expects to have 60 per
■cent of the original cost of
[its plants and machinery in
| this part of the country. In
'December it will start its
latest weaving mill in Bur-
Ins ville, making a total of
mills in the U. S. and 2 *;
in Canada.
Government orders are
now in production and add
itional volume can be pro
duced without changes in
Mrs. Wilson Wyatt of
Washington, p r ominent
Democratic leader, will be
j the principal speaker at the
second annual Democratic ;
Women’s Day planning
meeting at 11 a. m. at the
banquet hall at Breece’s
landing in Fayettevi’ie on
Tuesday, September 12.
A luncheon and river
cruise down the Cape Fear
River on Breece’s Yacht
will, follow the meeting.
Business men of Fayette
ville are providing the lun
Charles N. Meakin,
preside. 1
Funeral services for Mrs.
Ida Belle Pryor, 66, of Hen
dersonville, who died Sat
urday night at her home
after a brief illness, was
held Monday at 2 p. m. in
Anderson’s Chapel.
Elder M. O. Williamson
officiated and burial was
in Liberty Cemetery.
Pall beareris were: Les
ter Wilson, Rex Freeman,
| Woodrow and Delma Pryor
and L. K. McMinn.
| Surviving are the hus
band, Guy V. Pryor; two
daughters, Mrs. J. Craig
English of Burnsville and
Miss Jennie Pryor of the
hofneV two sons, Freeman
and C. F. of Henderson
Also one sister, Mrs. L.
iW. McMinn of; Asheville
one half-sister, Mrs. 'T?. A.
Barnwell of Henderson
fille; one half-brother, M.
T. Freeman of Flat Rock,
and eight grandchildren.
__________ •
I Vic Vet says
Pw (all information contact roar noon*
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