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    Volume twenty
First United Fund Exceeds
81 Percent Os Goa!
• Th « campaign committee of
the Yancey United Fund an
nounces that $9,160 h*; been
raised in the first annual drive
t 0 collect money for the sup
port of thirteen health, welfare
and character-building., agen- 1
cries which benefit the citizens
of Yancey County. Most of
these agencies in previous years
conducted individual money
raising campaigns in the county
Although the drive has been
officially closed, a few addition
al contributions' have been pro
mised, and the final figure will
accordingly be somewhat in
creased. The amount aj/eady
raised is 81% of the gdal set
, by the budget committee,
During Hhe United Fund
Drive, 912 individual donations
were received. Since three of
the contributions were sent in
by groups, two coming from
church congregations, the ac-
Funeral services for Claude
F. Honeycutt, 59, of Burnsville,
who died Friday in the Yanoey
Hospital after a brief illness
were held Sunday at 2 p. m. in
Windom Baptist Church.
The Rev. Ed Woody and the
Rev. Francis Radford officiat
ed, assisted by Bruce Tomber
lln. Burial was in the family
Honeycutt Is survived by the
widow, the former Dorothy
Mae Tipton of Burnsyilie;}
one (laughter, Ifrs. Raleigh
Robinson of West Asheville;
four sons, Kenneth and Charles
Honeycutt of Asheville; Ray
Honeyputt of Detroit, Mjch.;
and Claude F. Honeycutt, Jfr.,
.of the home; and two sisters,
Mrs. J. H, Stock and Mrs. Bally
Brinkley of Asheville,
Pallbearers were Ralph Black,
Wayne Tipton, Howard Silver,
J. C. Banks, Brownie McPeters,
Joe Revis, Ralph Edwards and
Frank McCurry.
Holcombe Funeral Home
was in charge.
Joseph Gj. sl, o#
Burnsville RPD 2, .died In an
Asheville hospital Friday after
a long Illness.
Funera} services were held
Sunday «t U in,
Methodist Church. The Reyr
jpe Petree officiated. Burial
was in Hyatt Cemetery..
Rathbprn |3 survived by two
sisters, Mrs. Maggie
and Mrs. Fitty Bedford of
Burnsville RFfP 2; and two bro
thers, W. A. Rathburn of Bur
nsville and James Rathburn of
Yakima, Wash.
Holcombe Funeral Home
was in charge.
Funeral services for £oy Lee
Ballew, 36, of Micaville, who
died Wednesday morping, Jan.
7, in a Kingsport, Tenn., hos
pita}, were held Friday at 2 r.
pi- in Crabtree Rhpttot Chqrch.
aye the widow, the
former Mi ß ® Ste}}a Lee Branch
pf Micaville; ohe mother, Mrs.
Nora Ballew of Glenwood; a
sister, Mrs. Lessel Westm»r e ‘
land of GJenwood; and thpep
brothers, A}bert Bajlew pf Ram
rick, Gorman, Ballew of Toledo,
Chip, and Fred Ballew of Bal
timore, Md.
We wish to express our sin
cere appreciation for the knid
ness and lovely floral offerings
in the loss of our dear daugh
Ray Gibbs and Family
i i i>* -
tual total of individual contri
butions was very close to 1,000.
The average contribution thus
works out to be about $9.00.
Os the total amount raised,
i about $7,000 was Contributed
•in cash, and $2,200 in pledges,
Os these pledges, all but $793
has been paid. The campaign
committee is now urging all
those who have outstanding
pledges to send their payments
to Harlan Holcombe, treasurer,
at their earliest convenience.
All expenses of the campaign,
which included advertising,
printing, postage, and certain
organization expenses of the
United Fund amounted to $269
which is less than 3 per cent of
the amount collected. AH vol
unteer workers in conducting
the drive contributed their
time free, and all use of auto
mobile transportation was do
The campaign committee,
headed by Torrey Tyner and
Mack B, Ray, feel that the
workers who canvassed the
county to raise these funds de
serve much credit for the hard
work they did and for gener
ously giving their time.
Mr. And Mrs. I. F.
McCurry To Observe
50th Anniversary
Mr. and Mrs. I. F. McCurry
will observe their 50th wedding
anniversary on Sunday, Janu-.
ary 15, with an ppen house
from 2:QO until 5:00 p. m, at
their home,
Mrs. Jake Barefoot, daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. McCurry,
and Mrs. Ed Hunter, sister of
Mrs. McCurry, will receive the
Mr. and Mrs. McCurry will
also have their four sons at
home for the occasion. They are
Paul McCurry of Virginia,
Flavil, Farrell, and Lc|y Mc-
Curry of Burnsville.
Hearings, Miller guy Shroter's
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Stanley
Herring and J. Robero Miller
have purchased Mr. Edward
Shorter's interest in the See?
celo Panting Glasses at Bur
Hr. Herring will continue
as president; and Mrs. Herring'
as executive secretary. M*-
Miller has been elected vice
president ftp succeed M*r-
The Burnsville Painting
Classes, which begin the elev
enth consecutive season next
summer, attract students from
all over the United States. The
group consists of professional
and amateur artists of all
ages. These students are very
enthusiastic about Burnsyille
- j (
and Yancey Gounty and appre
* ciate the many " courtesies
shown them throughout the
Mr. and Mrs. Herring and
Pr. Ohte To Take
Course At Dyke
Dr. E. R. Ohle, Celo Health
Center head, will attend a
post-graduate course at Duke
University January' 17, 18
and 19, according to an announ
cement he made this week.
Because of Dr. Ohle’s absen
. ce the Celo Health Center will
be closed during the period
stated. / j __T
The Yancey Record
ACP Office Open
'For Applications
Ilt’s time to sign up again in
the Agricultural Conservation
Program, says S. C. Edwards,
chairman of the Yancey County
ASC Committee. Farmers of
• Yancey County have an oppor
-5 tunity again to cooperate with
the farmers of other counties
- and states in strengthening the
* nation bj? improving the coun
| try’s ability to produce food
’ and fiber.
J The 1956 program is open to
. all farmers, of Yancey County
who would like to use the ACP
to help conserve the soil on
’ his farm and improve the pro
ductivity of hi« land.
Farmers who cooperate *in
[ the 1956 ACP will be helping to
. build up the nation’s soil and
i water resources against erosion
> and wtote, but they will be
. building inoo the soil a restot
. ance to erosion as well as stor
, iing up production potential in
the land.
With the nation’s farm plant
now geared to produce ample;
•supplies of most raljor foods,
there is. no need for any in
important grains and cultivated
important grains and cultivated
field crops. But there is an op
portunity in 1956, the chairman
points out, to use the ACP to
strengthen soil reserves by in
ireasing the acreages of cover
and green manure crops, pas
tures and hayland, and to In
crease the stores of nitrogen,
phosphate, calcium and potash
and other elements needed for
plant growth.
The county offjee is open
every day except Saturday and
Sunday to help farmers with
•their agricultural conservation
program plans for the coming
The Burnsville Woman’s Club
wiU meet Thursday night,
January 12, at 8:00 p. m. at
the Community Building.
Mrs. Exam Lewis will be in
charge of the program. Hos
tesses will be Mrs. Walter Fox,
Mrs. Ed Hunter, Jr., Mrs. R.
K. Helmle, and Mrs. Arney Fox.
Mr. Miller look forward to ft
highly successful season Jn
1956. The passes* will begin
June 23 and run through Sep
tember 2. g
—T 1
Increase Denied
Milk Producers
In This Area
The North Carolina Milk
Commission has denied the re
quest of producers in this area
for an increase in the producer
Producers had requested a.
$6.60 price for Class I mity,
based on increased cost of pro?
duction, and the fact that some
increase had Recently been
made in consumer prices in
the area.
The present Class I price of
Grade A milk in all areas of
the state is $6.25 hundred?
weight ag set hy the commiss
ion, except for a temporary in
crease granted the coastal
area to partially compensate
for damage rendered to crops
and pastures by hurricanes
and high water,
The Milk Commission re
ported that general conditions
of the milk industry were show
ing improvement toward a full
supply of N. C. produced Grade'
A milk for consumers.
BURNsVitLE, n. c, ttaaSASuammi 12, mi
■——— *—y —4
Miss Nottingham
Scheduled For
1 TV Program
1 fgj@g|p
, Miss Sue Nottingham, Yan
• cev County Home Agent, will
: present a television program on
■ WLOS-TV, Asheville, January
1 18. Miss Nottingham will ap
i pear on Farm a>fd Home tune
; at 12:30. Banking; and checking
- accounts will be jher subject.
I This subject is deigned to tie
in .with -the topic, “Doing
, Business at the Bank”, which
will .be for discussion at the
January meeting of the Home
Demonstration - QJubs in the
countv. ‘ gr '
. /
The schedule elf meetings for
January to as follows: Jacks
, Creek No., 2» Mrs. Leroy
Silver, January J 2 at 1:30 p.
m.; Gelo Club, pith Mrs. Earl
Teague. January 11 at 1;30 p.
m.; Bald Creek, with Mrs.
Ralph Proffitt, at the Method
ist Church, January 17 at
7:30 p. m.
Burnsville Club, with Mrs.
Harry Bowen, January 18 at
2:00 p. m.; Britoh Creek Club,
with Mrs. Garland, Jan
uary 18 at 7:30 ip. m.; Newdale
Club, with Mrs. Juanita Wilson, |
January 20 at; 1:30 p. m.; Jacks
Creek Club, with Mrs. Craig
Woody, January 20 at 7:30 p.,
m.; Micavilto-Club, January 23'
at 7sSO p. to be an
nounced later.
■ \ •
pointment as Chairman of the
Committee on Enforcement
and Traffic Safety of the Am
erican Association of Motor
Vehicle Administrators. This
Committee is composed of
thirty-four members chosen
from all parts of the United
States and Canada and is con
sidered one of the most im
portant standing committees
of the Motor Vehicle Adminis
trators. The appointment was
made by Asspciational Presi
dent R. B. Baillie of Winnipeg,
Commissioner Scheldt has
also recently been designated as
a member of the Executive
Committee of the American
Association of Mofbr Vehicle
Administrator* as well as a
member of the Traffic Com
mittee of the International
Association of Chiefs of
Pilgrim Quartet To
Sing Over WTOE
The Pilgrim Quartet is sch
eduled" to present a program of
songs over Radio Station
"WTOE, Spruce Pine’s n%W
broadcasting station, Sunday
afternoon. The program will he
broadcast from 4 o’clock until
6 o’clock, 1
The Pilgrim Quartet con
sists of person* well known in
this county, Mark Hall, Mac
Branton, Lillian Boone, “Roy
Boone, and Betty Joe Edwards,
Lions Club To
Meet Tonight
The Burnsville Lions Club
i will hold their regular supper
• meeting tonight at the Sun-.
I rise Case. The Rev. Warren S<
s! Reeve, Presbyterian paster,
j wW b* gwast speaker.
Rev. Warren, New
Pastor, To Be
Installed Sunday
The Rev. Warren S. Reeve
will be installed as pastor of
the Burnsville Presbyterian
* Church on Sunday, /January
’ 15, at 3 p. m.
’ In charge of the service will
' be Mr. T. Henry Jablonski,
f President of Washington Col
; lege Academy, and vice moder
, ator of the Presbytery of Eol
’ aton which the Burns/iHe
| church is attached.
The sermon will be preached
by W. Harding Kneeder, M.
1 D., of (Davidson, N. C„ who was
a college class-mate of Mr.
Reeve. Dr. Kneeder was for
many years engaged in medical
missionary work in Thailand
under the Board of Foreign
Missions of the*. Presbyterian
Church in the U. S. A. t
The Rev. Wesley M. Hyde of
Swanrianoa, who preached often
at Burnsville during the time
when the church was without a
pastor, will offer the prayer of
installation. The charge to
the congregation will be made
by the Rev. Howard C. Walton, (
Jr., pastor of the Watauga Av- ,
j enue Presbyterian Church -of l
Johnson City, and the charge ,
to the pastor will be delivered j
(by Dr, Dumont Clarke, diree- (
, tor of the Religious Depart
ment of the Farmers Federa- (
ition, Asheville.
Also participating in the ser
vice will be the Rev. Charles
B, Trammel, the Rev. W. B.
Royals, and _the Rev. John
Young, all of Burnsville.
The Pisgah Girl Scout Coun
cil has announced that the new
camp site of 131 acres in Tran
sylvania County, 8 miles from i
Brevard, will be open for the
first roundup of patrol camp
ing this summer. The period of
camping will begin on Tuesday,
July 17 and extend to Saturday,
July 21,
The encampment will consist
of patrols formed by eight girls
and one or two adult counsel
ors from each troop in all of
the seven counties of Pisgah
Council: Yancey, Avery, Bun
combe, -Haywood, Madison,
Mitchell, and Transylvania
Counties. Four girls from Bur
nsvdHe and four from Bald
Creek will he selected to-com- '
prise the patrol from the local j
troop to participate in this
roundup. j
By participating in this pro- (
ject, the girls will be perfect- ,
ing their camp techniques, in
creasing their human rdations
and patrol government skills, '
as well as taking advantage of
living out-of-doors. To be eli
gible to participate, each girl
Pr, Wm. L. Bell
Opens Office Here j i
_ <
Dr. William L. Bell of the <
Dr«. Hardy, Murphy and Bell, 1
Chiropractic . Clinic in Ashe- <
ville will open a branch office j
in Burnsville on Tuesday, Jan? <
uary 17th. The office will be
located downstairs in the Pol
lard’s Drug Store Building in
the space formerly occupied by
Randolph Beauty Shop. Office ,
hours for the present will be
from 7 p. m. until 10 p, m. on
Tuesday and Thursday evenings
of each week and on Saturdays
from 3 p. m. until 9 p. m. . |
Dr. Bell has attended VPI,
William and Mary, and Aahe
vilte-Biltmore Colleges. He at*
tended Lincoln Chiropractic
School for fi years and, is h
graduate of that school. He is
also a veteran having served
with the Marine Corp. I
. » *
PTA Will
Night’ Tuesdtfelvening
The Burnsville P. T. A. will
observe “Dad’s Night” at the
regular monthly meeting Tues
day evening, January 17, at
7:30 in the school cafeteria.
Don Burhoe, president, will
preside over the meeting at
which the men will be in full
charge of the program and re
The general theme of the
program will be “Community
Needs and Opportunities”. The
regular program committee has
During the month of Janu
ary, Tar Heels who enlist in
Navy may have a reprieve
from the winter cold, the Navy
Recruiting Station in Raleigh
announced today.
A large portion of applicants
enlisted in January will be sent
to the Navy Recniit Training
Center in San Diego, Califor- (
nia for their recruit . training.
This is the first time in over a ,
year that Recruits, other than ■
Companies, have been sent to
California for training.
Interested young men be
tween the ages of .17 and 31
are urged to see their local
Navy Recruiter while the offer
to “Go West” is still open,
since they will be sent to San
Diego on a ‘‘first come, first
served basis.
must be at least 10 years of age ’
and registered member of the 1
troop, be in excellent “health, ,
shall have participated in a pa- ]
('Continued on back page) \
Girl Scouts ....
Presented Awards \
By Cecilia Coletta <
The Girl Scout Troop 88 of ]
Burnsville recently held . a (
Court of Awards in the Com- \
munitjy Building. At the court ;
scouts received awards as fob
lows: Julia Byrd Bennett, ,
seamstress, outdoor cook, musi
cian, cook, and camp musician; ,
Carolyn Clevenger, neeedlecraft, ‘
cook, outdoor cook,, musician,
group musician; Cecilia Coletta, j
needlecraft, housekeeper, ~ cook, (
musician, group musician, j
drawing and painting, writer, <
outdoor cook, hospitality; (
Carolyn Ray, campcraft, per- (
sonal health, backyard camper, ]
saltwater, tree, animal raiser, t
cook, homemaker, wood, dabbler, c
musician, cyclist, cat and dog. (
Dianne Roberts, dabbler, £
took, mammal; Rickey Wolf, j
housekeeper; Frances Coletta, j
cook, writer, needlecraft, hos- {
pioality, housekeeper; Theresa s
Coletta, cook, writer, needle
craft, hospitality, housekeeper;
Susan Dillingham, dabbler,—
cook, housekeeper, homemaker,
tree, animal raiser; Suzanne
Sacra, adventurer, rock and
mineral, my troop; Selden
Gladden, dabbler, animal raiser, i
reptile and amphibian; Betty
McLean, dabbler, saltwater;
Linda Boone, Second Class
Badge; Saundra Garland, Sec
ond Class Badge; proficiency
. Following the Court of
Awards, Mrs, Gordon Moore
made a speech of appreciation
I for the retiring leader, Mrs.
Leroy Sacra. Mrs. Sacra was
presented with a gift from the
Girl Scout Troop. The nqjv
leader, Mrs. Brooks Boone, was
then installed.
A social hour was held fol
lowing the installation and re-'
Jfreshments were served.
1 chosen four men, T. M. Tyner,
s Posey Randolph, Max Penland[
and Garrett Anglin, to plan
the program for this special
The program will be present
ed in the form of a panel dis
• cussion, <- the theme being
“Juvenile Delinquency As a
Problem Pertaining to Our
Community and School”. Those
on the panel will be the Rev.
W. B. Royals, Mack.B. Rfiy,
T. M. Tyner, Posey Randolph,
and Garrett Anglin. Other men
belonging to the P. T. A. will
be asked to lead in an open
discussion at the end of the
The social committee 1 for
this particular meeting will al
so be composed of men with
Kenneth Robertson as chair
According to P. T. A. Presi
dent, Don Burhoe, the teachers
have had an almost 100 per
cent attendance at the P. T. A.
meetings this year, and he hop
es that the parents will come
in larger numbers.
Hospital Report
The Yancey Hospital reports
nine births and seventeen other
admissions this week.
The births include a daugh
ter, Brenda Kay, born Jan. 5,
to Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Layell of
Rt. T, Burnsville; a son, James
Harold, born Jan. 5, to Mr.
and Mrs. Raymon Robinson of
Rt. 1, Burnsville; a daughter,
Glenda Fay, born Jan. 5, to
Mr. and Mrs. Jule Whitson of
Burnsville; a daughter, Maude
Jane, born Jan. 6, to Mr. and
Mrs. Avery Gibson of Stocks
ville; a son, Lennie Burdet,
born Jan. ,7 to Mr. and Mrs.
James Brinkley of Burnsville;,
a daughter, Lena, born Jan. 7,
to Mr. and Mrs. Jack Silver of
Rt. 1, Burnsville; a daughter,
Sandra Kay, born Jan. 9, to
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Tucker
of Rt. 1, Burnsville; a daugh
ter, Lois Anne, born Jan. 9, to
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Tipton of
Rt. 1, Burnsville; and a dau
ghter, not yet named, born Jan.
10 to Mr. and Mrs. Shelby Ray
of Burnsville. Va
The following were admitted
to the hospital this week: Lee*
Mclntosh, Ola Price, and z
Claude Honeycutt of Rt. 2,
Burnsville; Sammy Yelton of
Green Mountain; Ellen Miller
of Celo; Thelma Byrd and
Carolyn Young of Bakersville;
Hattie Phillips, Zeb Fox, Mill
ard Murdock, Douschkia Pon
der, and Glenda Fay Whitson
of Burnsville; Jesse Lawhern .
and Fannie Honeycutt of Rt. 1,
Burnsville; Sandra Higgins 0 f
Pensacola; Garroll Strickland
of Hamrick; and Ruth Grind
staff of Bandana.
- Orthopedic Clinic
The monthly orthopedic cli
nic for the Avery-Mitchell-
Yancey District will be held
Wednesdly, Jan. 18, in the
Spruce Pine office of the Dis
trict Health Department.
Children attthding the clinic
should be registered not later
than 11:00 a. m., and adults
not later than 12:30. Dr. Bruce
Galloway, Asheville specialist,
is the clinician.
The Health Department in
Spruce Pine to located on the
I ground floor of the new Town
, Hall building (the old Williams
.Clinic). The entrance is at the
| far end of the building.

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