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Dr. W. A. Y. Sargent was one of the physicians from ana Avery counties who
joined doctors from seven other counties "in attending the opening session m .Morganton of a post
graduate-course jn medicine on Wednesday, September 26.
Shown left to right,are pr. JAck Horner of Spruce Pine, Dr. Eustice H, Smith of Crossnore, Dr. _
D. L. Phillips of Spruce Pine, Dr. David Cayer, professor of gastroenterology at the Bowman Gary
School of Medicine who was lecturer for the first in the weekly series; Dr. W. K. Kibler of Morgan
ton, general chairman of the postgraduate courses; Dr. A. E. Gouge of Bakersville, and Dr. Sargent
of Burnsville.
Thirty-eight doctors registered for the first day of the course, which is being sponsored by the
University of ’North Carolina School of Medicine, the UNC Extensi on Division and the Burke County
Medical Society. These lectures will be presented in afternoon and .night sessions in Morganton each
Wednesday through November 7, with outstanding medical specialists as lecturers.
Bald Creek PTA
Names Committee
The members of the executive
committee of the Bald Creek P. T.
A. met on Sept. 19, for the pur
pose of naming various commit
tees for the year. The following
committees were named:
Membership committee: Mrs.
Vance Silvers, chairman; Mrs.
Ralph Edwards, Mrs. Miller Led
ford, Mrs. Lewis Robinson and
Bis Randolph.
Program committee: Miss An
nastacia Tomberlin, 'chairman;
Mrs. Mary Cecil Severs, Mrs. Earl
Wilson, Francis Robinson and
Ottis Gibbs.
Finance committee: Yates Bai
ley, chairman; Mrs. Clyde Whit
tington, Mrs. Ottis Proffitt, R. A.
Radford and Roger Banks.
Welfare committee: Mrs. P. M.
Hensley, chairman; Mrs. Charles
Tomberlin, Mrs. Edd Wilson, Mrs
Pershing Wilson and Mrs. Jack
Publicity committee: .Mrs. Doris
Burton, chairman; Mrs. Hugh
Pate, Don Wilson and Mrs. Ben
Lunch room Committee: Mrs.
Marjorie Jamerson, chairman;
Mrs. P. M. Hensley, W. H. Peter
• son and Mrs. Roy Pate.
Sanitation committee: Mrs.-
James Proffitt, chairman; B. H.
Higgins, Miss Lola Ann Hensley
and Mrs. Fleet Proffitt. •
The next P. T. A. meeting will
be held on Wednesday night, Oct.-
3, at 7:30 in the school library. All
parents and teachers, and anyone
else who is interested in the school
program of Bald Creek High
School, are urged to be present
for this and every meeting of the
P. T. A. for the year.
HD And 4-H Clubs
To Hold Achieve
ment Night
The annual 4-H and Home De
monstration Clubs Achievement
Night will take place on Friday,
October 26, at the Community
Building. The time of the meeting
will be announced later,
All 4-H members who turn in
a record arc eligible to attend, ac
cording to Miss' Sue Nottingham,
home ngent, 4-H achievement
awards and medals will be pre
sented, and County winners in
each project of 4-H will be
announced during the program.
Home Demonstration Club ex
hibits of , activities during the
year will be displayed, and a re
port of the years work in ■ HD
Clubs in the County will be pre
The program will follow- a sup
per, and the evening will be
climaxed by a period of recrea
tion. •. ,
Legion Auxiliary
Elects Officers
The regular monthly supper
meeting of the American Legion
and its Auxiliary was held Tues
day at the Community Building.
As . September is designated Music
Month on the Auxiliary program,
Mrs. R. K. Helmle, music chair
man, led those present in the sing
ing of old World War I songs.
The following officers were elec
ted for the Auxiliary:
President, Mrs. Dover Fouts;
Ist Vice pres., Mrs. George Rob
erts; 2nd Vice pres., Mrs. W. A.
Y. Sargent; Recording secretary,
Mrs. Bill Banks; Corresponding
secretary, Mrs/ Ransom Riddle;
Historian, Mrs. Hobart Ray;
Treasurer, Mrs. Evelyn Pate;
Child welfare, Mrs. J. J. Nowicki;
Rehabilitation, Mrs. J. G. Low;
Finance, Mrs. Frank Mem
bership committee, Mrs. Mack B.
Ray, Mrs. T. M. Tyner, Mrs. Earl
Sargent At arms, Mrs. Brooks
Wilson; Chaplain, Mrs. Lena Til
son; Program chairman, Mr?. Hob
art Ray; Menu committee, Mrs.
Julia Banks, Mrs. Ransom Silvers,
Mrs. Bruce Westall; Publicity, Mrs
Howard Simpson; Poppy chair
man, Mrs. George Roberts; Muskv
Mrs. R. K, Helmle. .. .
ASC Office Takes
Step On Committee
The Yancey County ASC Elec
tion Board met on September 18,
and named a Community Election
Board for each of the sixteen com
munities in the county.
The Community Election Boards
will select ten farmers from each
community as nominees for com
munity committeemen. These nom
inees will be posted next week.
Election of community commit
teemen and delegates will be held
October 23, and the County con
vention will be held October 25.
Every farmer should take this
opportunity to elect active farm
ers for community committeemen.
Bloodmobile To Be
Here Monday
Blood donors will be accepted
from 11:30 to 5:30 on Monday,
October 1, at the Burnsville First
Baptist Church. Each person do
nating a pint Os blood at this visit
will protect himself and his fam
ily for a period of 12 months, re
gardless of the amount of blood
that may be needed. Come and
give and help reach the goal of
118 pints to assure free blood for
our sick and injured. \
\i g oi ‘ * • *k.» . .it
The Yancey Record
• .. # 1 • •ggi . - .. r i
Men’s Club Dinner
Well Attenled
Approximately 17S members
and guests attended the Burns
ville Men’s Club Ladies Night an
nual dinner Monday night given
at Mt. Mitchell Inn, owned and
operated by Ewart Wilson.
Among the guests at the dinner
were sixteen officials of Clinch
field Railroad and their wives of
Erwin, Tenn. They were the guests
of Yancey Railroad officials who
are members of the club.
The number of persons attend
ing the dinner was surprising
when the fog and rain from the
. current storm is considered.
Letterman Takes
Welfare Position Here
Francis Lloyd Letterman of
Green Mtn., recently accepted a
position as case work assistant
with the Public Welfare Depart
ment here. He replaced Coy Whit
son of Newland, who resigned to
accept a position as a teacher in
the Glen Alpine Schools this year.
Letterman is a graduate of
Clearmont High School. .‘He at
tended King's College in Bristol,
Tenn., and was graduated in June,
1963, from East Tennessee State
College in Johnson City, Tenn.
After his graduation, he served
three years in the TJ. S. Army.
He is the son of Mrs. John Let
terman of Green Mtn., and the
late Mr. Letterman.
The Garden Club will meet with
Mrs. Fred Proffitt on Friday ev
ening, September 28, at 8 o’clock.
Mrs, C. M. Shotts will have
charge of the program.
Church Women
Sponsor Picnic
For Primary Class
A picnic honoring the primary
class of the Higgins Memorial
Methodist Church, sponsored by
the primary teachers, Mrs. Ike
Laughrun, Mrs. J. H. Cooper and
Mrs. Roy Ray, was held Friday,
Sept. 21, at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Ike Laughrun.
The primary students being
promoted to the junior depart
ment were Sherril Roberts, Gary
Ray, Amanda Bennett, Alma An
gel, Doris Chase, Vincent Tyner,
Donald McMacin and Ronnie ]
Other guests were Gary Bennett,
Gary Peterson, Norman Ray,
Betty Cooper, Johnny Gillespie,
Julia Ray, Jean Cooper, and the
’ superintendent of the Sunday
i School J. H. Cooper.
- r - ' - - -
Regional Meeting
The American Regional W. M.
U. will hold the annual session at
the First Baptist Church here on
Wednesday, Get. 3. The morning
session will begin at 9:50 4 follow
ed by lunch and an afternoon
Mrs. J. R. Morgan, regional
superintendent, will preside. Miss
Miriam Robinson, W. M. U. exe
cutive secretary for North Caro
lina, Miss Janet Wilson, youth
director of W. M. U. in North
Carolina, and Miss Mildred Math
-1 ews, missionary to Cuba, will be
guest speakers. * . *
Special music will be furnished
by the First Baptist Church of
Burton Is UNC
Paul R. Burton, former gradu
ate assistant instructor in the
Zoology department at the Univer
sity of Miami, now holds a grad
uate assistantship at the Univer
sity of North Carolina where he
is completing his work toward a
PHD degree.
Burton, the son of Mr. and Mrs.
Clarence Burton of Burnsville,
made an outstanding record in
his work at the University of
Miami. During the summer, he
was associated with the Parkway
Playhouse as c*-publicity direc
tor as well as working in some of
the shows presented at the Play
house, sponsored by the Drama
School of Miai&f U.
Burton has assumed his duties
as graduate assistant at UNC,
Chapel Hill, for the fall term.
Miss Parser Complet
ing A F Training
Lackland Air Force Base, Tex
as, Eva Mae Parker, 24, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Parker,
Star Rt., Burnsville, N. C., is
completing her AF basic airmen
indoctrination .course at Lackland
Air Force Base, the "Gateway to
the Air Force.”
Lackland, situated near San An
tonio, is the world’s largest air
force base, site of Air Force basic
training, for men and women,
headquarters of the Human Re
source Center, and home of AF’s
Officer Candidate School.
Her basic training is preparing
her for entrance into Air Force
technical training and for assign
ment in specialized work. The
i course includes a scientific evalu- |
ation of her aptitude and inclina
tion for following a particular vo
cation and career.
The Bee Log PTA will meet
tonight (Thursday) at 7:30, in -
the High School auditorium. Mrs. <
Oscar Fender, president, will pre- :
side at the meeting. •• i
The Merchants’ Association an
nounced this week that the busi
ness places in town will stay open
on Wednesday afternoons begin
ning next Wednesday, October 3. '
.*- - I
Miss Jean Yelton, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Rex Yelton of Rt.
3, Burnsville, has returned to the
Woman’s College of the Univer
sity of North Carolina, Greens
boro, N. Q„ where she is a senior
this year.
Dr. C. F. Mcßae, district health
officer, attended a regional meet
ing of the North Carolina Divis
ion, American Cancer Society, in
Asheville on May 21. Miss Iris
Byrd, secretary In Mitchell Coun
ty for the District Health Depart
ment, attended a similar meeting
in Morganton on September 19. >
Hospital Report • "
The Yancey Hospital reports
four births and seventeen other
admissions during the past week.
The births include a daughter,
Linda Gaylene, born Sept. 19, to
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Doan of Rt.
l, Burnsville; a daughter, Susan
Elaine, born Sept. 22. to Mr. and
Mrs. Carroll H. Souther of Burns
ville; a daughter, Scottle Elaine,
born Sept. 23, to Mr. and Mrs.
Nathan Boone, Jr., of Rt. 3, Bak
ersville; * a daughter, Rebecca
Lynn, born Sept. 23, to Mrs. and
Mrs. Spurgon Almon, Rt. 2, Bur
Other admissions include Will
iam Silvers,' Wayneßr&nton, Mrs.
Julia Jones, Mrs. Lora Allen, Sam
Murphy, Rt. 2, Burnsville; Mrs.
Kathryn Chandler, Asheville; baby
Wayne Hullett, Rt. 3, Burnsville;
Miss Edith Buchanan, Mrs. Esther
Boone, Burnsville; Shelia Turby
fill Rt. 1, Green Mountain; Donald
McMahan, Ronald McMahan, Star
Rt. Burnsville; Albert R%y, Rt. 5,
Asheville; Mrs. Madge Edwards,
Rt. 4’ Burnsville; Jerry Robertson,
Mrs. Katie Wilson, Pensacola;
Mrs. Jenell Webb, Rt. 2, Bakers
Pensacola Lad Loses
Fingers In Accident
Jerry Robertson, 9-year old son
of Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Robertson
of Pensacola, lost two fingers
and a thumb in a freak accident
Sunday. The accident which brou
ght serious injury to one hand and
minor injury to the other was
caused by explosion of a dyna
mite cap.
According to reports, the lad was
carrying a dynamite cap in his
hand as he was on his way to
church Sunday morning. He fell
with" the cap In his hand and the
cap exploded from the jar or from
striking the ground.
The explosion caused the loss of
two fingers and thumb on the
left hand and injury to the right.
Immediately following the acci
dent, Jerry was taken to Yancey
hospital where he received treat
ment. He was released Tuesday.
Hunter Joins In Farm
Draining Program
E. F. Hunter of the Jacks
Creek community is one of the
many Yancey County farmers who
are draining the wet bottomland
and stopping erosion on upland
this year, according to Lewis
Dameron, work unit conversa
Fifteen Yiiincey farmers to date
have drained a total of eighteen
acres of land by installing 7,427
feet of clay tile drain and 7,200 feet
of open ditch drains.
By draining the wet bottomland,
these farmers have been able to
utilize their time and labor more
efficiently. Machinery can be used
on these bottomlands, thus tak
ing less time and labor to work
the crop, Mr. Dameron said.
Less soil erosion occurs and pro
duction increases, since this sys
tem enables row crops to be
moved off the less productive,
more erosive slopes.
Technical assistance in the na
ture of surveying, designing, and
supervision of installation has
been furnished to Yancey farm
ers by the personnel of the Yan
cey Soil Conservation Office.
Eight gallons of Grade C milk
per day might not be enough to
impress a larger producer, but
Roy Duncan of Yancey County
isn’t dissatisfied with this amount.
Assistant county agent, Roger
Hyatt, says that Duncan is get
ting these eight gallons from two
cows. Duncan says he gets ap
proximately 340 net income fromi
these two cows every month. Dun
can agrees that while this may
not sound like much, it hfelps
supplement his income from the
rest of the farm and helps to pay
some of the minor monthly bills.
Four Os Six Prisoners
Reported Captured In Va.
Six prisoners from the Yancey
County prison wmp at Cane River
attacked a guard and State High
way employees Monday and escap
ed while doing road work in the
Prices Creek section.
Prison guard Fred Honeycutt
. was injured by one of the prison
i erg during the escape affair. Hon
oycutt was attacked by Wayne
Joyce of Mt. Airy, who stabbed
the guard in the shoulder with a
pitch fork. Honeycutt was not
i seriously injured.
When Joyce launched the es
■ cape attack, five other prisoners
joined In. The six long term pris-
Mrs. Low Does Much
Work With Vets
In Hospital
Os the several women’s clubs in
Burnsville, the American Legion
Auxiliary is one which was organ
ized strictly for service to others.
One example is the work that
i Mrs. J. G. Low, rehabilitation
chairman and volunteer hospital
worker for the Auxiliary, is doing
in our two V. A. Hospitals, Oteen
and the Swannanoa Division of
Oteen. The Legion’s hospital pro
gram consists of bringing person
al service to patients, being often
a go-between for patient and home,
and working in child welfare when
children of veterans are in need
as a result of the father being ill.
By personal services, Mrs. Low
explains that “we do for the pa
tient just what one would do for
a relative; read and write letters;
make phone calls, supply toilet
articles for those 'vrtio have left
• home in an emergency and need
J razors, tooth brushes and combs,
, lotions and other small items.”
The Auxiliary subscribes to sev
eral copies of all the leading ma
gazines, furnishes stationery with
picture of the hospital, distributes
greeting cards, does banking, dis
tributes free cigarettes, takes J
care of post office needs, and'
many other small attentions that'
only sick men can appreciate.
Whereas all of the volunteers at|
present are women, the hospital
would like for Legionaires to con
sider volunteer work in the nature
of visiting and doing what they
can for the hospitalized.
The following students from the
Jacks Creek community have re
turned or entered college for the
fall term;
Misses Genene Bailey, Hope Ann
Mclntosh and Beverly Silvers has
reterned to Mars Hill College,
Mars Hill, N. C.
Loyd Bailey has entered Duke
University, Durham, N. C.
Misses Patty Wilson and Ange
line Evans have entered the Dell
School of Medical Technology,
Asheville, N. C.
Steve Briggs has entered N. C.
State, Raleigh, N. C.
Reid Hall has returned to East
Tennessee State College, Johnson
City Ten.n.
Hensley Leaves For
Overseas Duty
Morehead City, N. C. (FHTNC)
—Marine Pfc. Harmon W. Heif
sley, son of Mrs. Eula G. Hensley
of Rt. .\ Burnsville, and Marine
Pvt. David A. Giller son of Mrs.
Saf Giller of Newdale, N. C., de
parted Morehead City, N. C., Aug
ust 21 with the 3rd Battalion, 2nd
Marines, 2nd Marine Division, for
a goodwill tour of the Mediter
The battalion will join the Sixth
Fleet in relief of the 2nd Battal
ion, Bth Marines, which has been
in the Mediterranean since March.
The battalion will participate In
amphibious exercises in several of
the NATO countries and make
goodwill visits to numerous Euro
pean countries.
k .. *• .-I- .V .. i, .
oners tied up Honeycutt, Ben
Griffith, a State Highway em
pi oye, and three other prisoners.
One of the prisoners stripped the
guard of his clothing, as well as
also taking his guns and. identifi
' fation papers.-
Following the escape, the pris
oners held up a motorist, Lel&nd
Scott of that section, and made
their getaway in his 1951 Ply
mouth automobile. They also took
a rifle from the 18-year old Scott.
The next contact made by offi
cers with the escaped prisoners
was in Big Stone Gap, Va., where
gun shots were exchanged by
prisoners and Virginia officers.
Shortly following identification
of the stolen automobile and the
gun battle, the prisoners aband
oned the car and escaped into the
’ mountains around Big Stone Gap.
As the search continued, one
prisoner, Herman Patterson of
Shelby, N. C., surrendered to of
ficers in Big Stone Gap Tuesday
night. i
Ralph England, prison camp
superintendent, reported Wednes
day evening that it was known
officially that Raymond Gilley
was captured Wednesday morn
ing in the Virginia town, his home.
Virginia State Police captured
Gilley after he had broken into a
commissary at Big Stone Gap.
Superintendent England also
said that an unofficial report had
been made Wednesday that two
other prisoners, Deyton Watts and
Carl Roberts, had been captured.
He said that if this report is true
only two, Wayne Joyce, instigator
of the escape, and John Woods re
main at large.
All prisoners of Camp 1014 are
long termers. One of the escaped
men from the camp was serving
two life sentences, it was said.
Plans Being Made
For Extension
Courses Here
Cullowhee, Sept. 21—Dean W. B.
Harrill of Western Carolina Col
lege has announced that plans
have been completed for an ex
tension course to be taught in
Burnsville beginning Saturday,
September 29, at eight-thirty a. m.
Mrs. C. A. Hoyle of the college
faculty will teach "Language Arts
in the Elementary School” at the
Burnsville High School Library
each Saturday morning for eleven >
consecutive weeks.
It was explained by Dr. C. D.
Killian, head of WCC's education
department, that the course will
allow credit only in the under
graduate and certificate renewal
areas. He also said that teachers
from surrounding counties are in
vited to attend the Burnsville
classes if they wish to do so.
Officials To Hold
Open House At
New Building
Town officials announced this
week that “‘open house” will be
held at the new Town Office
Building Sunday afternoon.
The building now houses the of
fice of the Town and the Burns
ville Fire Department as well as
maintenance equipment.
The public is invited and urged
to make a visit through the new
building Sunday. Refreshments
will be served In the Fire Depart
ment section of the building.
Dr. W. A. Y. Sargent will leave
Sunday for Chattanooga, Tenn.,
where he will attend the Tennes
see Valley Medical Assembly con
vention on Monday and Tuesday,
Oct. 1 and 2, and the Southern
Medical Association’s Golden An
niversary celebration on Tuesday
and Wednesday, Oct. 2 asd 3.
Dr. Sargent will be back In his
°c£:l7u, Thurs,i * y "“71

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