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FIRE PREVENTION SPEAKERS Here are eight of the speakers for the Governor’s Confer
ence on Forest Fire Prevention held yesterday in the N. C. State Fa ; r Arena at Raleigh. Purpose of
the Conference is to curtali North Carolina's 35-million-dollar annual loss to forest fires. Speakers on
top row (left tp right) were: Govprnor Luther H. Hodges, who also served as honorary chairman of
the Conference; Thomas J. Pearsall, Rocky Mount businessman and farmer; W. Lunsford Crew, state
senator of Roanoke Rapids; and Fred H. Claridge of Raleigh, state Forester. On the bottom row are:
!f. Wade Bruton of Raleigh, assistant N. C, attorney general; Turner W. Battle, Jr., of Rocky Mount,.
N, C. Wildlife Federation president; D. Hidden Ramsey of Asheville, retired newspaper publisher; and
C. E, Hartford of Wilmington, vice president of Riegal Paper Company.
North Carolina took action
against one of its major economic
problems yesterday when more
than 2,000 Tar Heels attended the
State’s first Governor’s Confer
ence -on Forest Fire Prevention.
The gathering was held in the
giant N. C. State Fair Arena in
Yancey County was represented
at the conference by District For
est Ranger Don Bylsma, Assist-
ASC Officials
Attend Meeting
The Yancey County ASC Com
mittee, officp manager Fred L.
Anglin, and office personnel at
tended a quarterly staff confer
ence in Asheville on November
Bth and 9th.
The first day of the meeting
tvas dgyoted to duties and respon
sibiliti& of county committeemen,
_ jpaf-fc
eting quota violations, and the
acreage reserve and conservation
reserve programs. The second day
was devoted to the agricultural
conservation program and other
current ASC activities.
Tilman Walker, state ASC
Chairman, pointed out that it is- a
selling Job for ASC to get more
people in the program.
According to Mr. Anglin, the
Yancey ASC office would like to
thank the people of Yancey Coun
ty for their fine cooperation dur
ing the past year. Seventy-nine
percent of all Yancey farmers are
participating in the agricultural
conservation program for 1956,
Anglin said, and it is hoped that
a larger number will participate
in 1957.
The sign-up period fqr 1957 will
be announced in the near future,
and the ASC office Jiopes that at
least 90 percent of all farmers
. will be participating in the pro
The job Os the ASC, Anglin
stated, is to serve the public in a
way that they will be pleased with
our operations hero in Yancey
J, Evelyn H. Pate, Register of
Deeds for Yancey County, do here
by certify that the following is a
true and cprreot copy, of the Min
utes of the Board of County Com
missioners fbr the October and
November meetings.
Oct. 1, 1956. Poor $5340.37; Debt
$34.40; General $7,780.59
Nov." 5, 1956. Poor $608.01; Debt
$98.29; General $3,541.84
Witness my hand and official
seal, this 13th day of Nov. 1956.
Evelyn H. Pate, Register I. of
The Yancey Record
/”" ' , . ■ • •, < 4| «K“ .'■■••• - • -
ant Ranger Robert Cox, Assistant
County Agent W. H. Anderson
and Forest Warden Craig. English,
The problem discussed at the
conference was one which takes
a 35-million dollar slice out of the
State’s economy each year, a loss
Which impairs" North Carolina's
per capita income and standard
of living.
• Governor Luther H. Hodges’ as]
honorary chairman of the confer-
Miss Hassel Speaks
•To Women On
Trip To Italy
The Burnsville Woman's Club
held its regular monthly meeting
last/ Thursday evening at the
Community Building,
Mrs. R. K. Helmle, president,
called the meeting to order and re
cognized the guests, Mrs, Karl O.
Bellack ipd Mrs. G. S. Crane of
Wisconsin, and Mrs.
Don Byslma of Burnsville.
Mrs. R. K. Ransom presented
Miss Annie. Hassel, who gave an
interesting talk on her trip to
Italy and showed slides of scenes
she visited during her trip. Miss
Hassel. a. newcomer to Burnsville,'
is employed at the Glen Raven
Silk Mills.
Mrs. Don Burhoe, chairman of
the membership committee, pre
sented the following candidates for
membership in the club: Mrs. J.
B. King, Mrs. Warren Franklin,
Mrs. Dick Bailey, Mrs. Don
Bylsma, Miss Annie Hassel and
Miss Hope Bailey. Members who
were teinstated were Mrs: Ever
ette Dillingham, Mrs. Clarence
Burton and Mrs. Hubert D. Justice
Reports were given by the var
ioup committee chairmen, and Mrs.
Rush T. Wray was appointed
chairman of a new project to
place an air marker on a build
ing In town. The club has been
asked to do this In order to put
Burnsville on the Air Force map.
No Red Cedar
Available For
Due to the Impact from the soil
bank program, no’more red cedar
or yellow-poplar tree seedlings
are available from the state nur
series for the coming tree'plant
ing season.
A small allotment of 150,000
yellow-poplar seedlings was ear
marked for a program by the Fur
niture, Plywood and Veneer-Coun
cil of the North Carolina Forestry
Association In the summer. These
trees weff assigned free of charge
:o interested applicants on a mat
ching tret -for-tree basis up to a
limit of ,5,000 trees to aiiy indi
t victual. However, hti tnc r treos in
j s pro r ae a,q mnv e .
A I -- ii -
ence, led an- impressive list of
speakers who are regarded as er -
perts on various aspects of the
forest fire problem.
The Governor has designated
November as “Forest Fire Pre
vention Month in North Carolirfd"
to emphasize the fact that need
less economic waste through" for
est fires has an adverse effect on
the State’s per capita income.
Heart Clinic To Be
£***•* ii. i —•
Held At Spruce Pine
A heart examination clinic will
be held at the Bell Chiropractic
Clinic at 11 Walnut Street, in
Spruce .Pine, on Nov. 20, from 9 a.
m. to 12 noon, and from 2 p. m. to
6 p. m. Dr. Royal S. Lee of Mil
waukee, Wis., is sending Mr.
Daniel Boone to take the readings.
Any questionable readings will
be sent to Dr. Lee for analysis.
Dr. is a nationally known nu
tritionist, and in addition heads
an engineering company which
has developed the Endocardio
graph machine, which has been
used for about twenty years. Dr.
Lee is disturbed about the rising
incidence of heart conditions and
is offering this service to Chiro
practors throughout the nation, at
no expense to either the doctor
or the patient, in an effort to de
tect heart weaknesses before they
i each critical stages, and to out
line proper care where needed
I '
Miss Boone Speaks
To Bald Creek PTA
The Bald Creek PTA met in
the school library on Nov. 7, for
its regular monthly meeting. The
president, Mrs. Fleet Proffitt, pre
sided at the meeting.
The devotional was given by the
fifth grades under the leadership
Pf Mrs. Virginia Bailey and Miss
Paula Mae Higgins.
Miss Ethel Boone, county super
visor, gave a most interesting talk
on the subject, “The School and
Your Child", after which she gave
one of her famous readings.
The next meeting will be held
on Dep. JJ The program will be
given by the Glee Club under the
direction of Mrs. Mary Cecil
The South Toe PTA is present
ing its second movie prpgram Sat
urday night, Nov. 17, at 8 o’clock.
, • 7f ysgrtT ■■
The name t>f the picture is "J'ggs
and Maggie Out West”.
[ Mr - and Mrs - Harf y Hockins of
:* * *
Clearmont School
Clearhnont Booster’s Club .
A group of interested men and
teachers met recently at Clear
mont and organized The Clear
mont Booster’s Club. Its major
purpose being to help subsidize the
Clearmont Athletic Association and
other school activities.
# Officers elected at the organi
zational meeting were Clarence E.
Bailey, president; Phillip J. How
ell, vice-president ’ and Cecil Dey
ton, secretary-treasurer.
There is at the present time a
membership drive underway to ad-"
vance the enrollment of this need
ed organization.
The Booster’s CJub, when the
basketball season., opens, will han- i
die all duties assigned to the ath-1
letic event. V
Clearmont Organizes Dramatics
Twenty-seven interested stud
ents met recently under the dirte
tion of Robert Howell and organi
zed a high school dramatics group.
During the organizational meeting
t lie following officers were elect
ed: Gerald Garland, director; Bet-
Lou* Peterson, assistant direct
and Bobby Ayers, business
The purpose of the organization
is to a-dvanee-A stronger interest in
dramatic acflyiti’ at Clearmont and
to encouraftv interest in
oral expresßr '‘‘j
A series ate now
being studiolL T
Season OgSfr J'tWlth Nebo On
Tuesday- . »*• '.f
The Cle£U'i',joitt athletic squads
will journey Ivto MoDowell County
Tuesday to spen their basketball
On re
turn “to their home court for the
home-game opener with Bald Creek
as the visiting team.
The Rev. and Mrs. B. H. Cov
ington of Winnsboro, S. C., visited
Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Covington
here recently.
Weems Anounces
Section Os
Parkway Closed
Sam P. Weems, Superintendent
of the Blue Ridge Parkway, has
announced. the customary closing
of the high altitude sections of
the Parkway for the winter mon
ths. These sections will reopen
April 15.
The 22 mile section from Bull
Creek Gap to the Mt. Mitcrell
turnoff will be closed, as will the
Soco-Mke High and the Wagon
Road-Beech Gap section.
Mt. Mitchell State Park will he
open tp visitors throughput the
BMMiBf wSHgur
| gg|. *****
V Jail
W % A
Acting Secretary of State Herbert
Hoover, Jr., is shown as he leaves
Walter Reed Hospital in Washing
ton after visiting Secretary John
“cwryiag U the ball” f« the hospi
talized Dulles, reports Mr. Dulles
to be making good progress in
( C©r operqjjpn.
BHS Defeats Bee
Log In Opening
Games Here
By Gerald Murdock
The Burnsville High School bas
ketball teams opened the season
here Tuesday night with two
games with Bee Log. Burnsville
took both games. The Burnsville
girls defeated the Bee Log girls
by a score of 59-51, The boys took
their game with a final score of
Judy Briggs led the Burnsville
, girls team with 27 points. Nancy
Brown got 18 for the winners.
The Lineups: Burnsville; Brown
18, McCurry, Bennett
12, Gardner, Woody. Substitutes:
Berry 2, Ray Angel. Bee Log: Ran
dolph 6. Tipton 23, D. Edwards 22,
5. Silvers, G.. Edwards, L. Silvers??!
Raleigh Buchanan led the Bur
! nsville boys scoring with 15 points.
Donald Banks and Charlie Hen
sley each got 10 points.
The Lineups; Burnsville: Banks
10, Buchanan 15, Hensley 10, Lew
is 6, Harris'!?! Subs: Fox 4, Wells.
Bee Log: T. Fender 2, Hylemon
6, D. Hensley 14, J. Wheeler 2,
D, Wheeler 14. Subs: L. Fender,
yJ. Hensley 2. Officials were Rig
gins and Sizemore.
Burnsville’s next game will be
at Bald Creek November 27.
Former Foreign
Missionary Visits 1
Church Here
Present in the congregation of
the Presbyterian Church last Sun
day were Miss Elizabeth C. Wright,
formerly of Peiping, China, and
Dr. and Mrs. Daniels of New
York City, who spent' Aj number I
of years in missionary service at [
•Wanking, China. The Rev. Mr.
Reeve, local minister, recalls hav
ing met them at a mountain sum
mer resort in Japan in the latter
1930”5. Miss Wright, who now re
sides at Penland, was a colleague
in China of Miss Sarah Perkins
whom the Communists captured
and held prisoner for a long time
until her release a year or so ago.
At the service on Sunday Mr.
Reeva commissioned about eight
een people who were to go out
as visitors fn the church’s annual
Every-Member Canvass. Prizes
were awarded to Mr. and Mrs. j
George Anglin, Mrs. C. A Russell
and Tommy Dean Mclntosh for
distinguished achievement in the
"Bible Mastery” plan of reading
and study in First Corinthians
during the month of Ootober.
On Sunday next, at the morn
ing service’ Mr. Reeve will preach
on the subject, "Thanksgiving
That is Really Christian”.
Hospital Report
The Yancey Hospital raports
one birth this week, a daughter,
Helen, born Nov. 12, to Mr. and
Mrs. Billie Chandler of Rt. 3,
Other admissions during the
week include Grace Chase and
Charles Laurents of Burnsville:
Edward Roy Hollman, Tom Laws
and Ray Street of Green Mtn.;
Baby Edward Dean Styles of Rt.
1, Burnsville; Agnes Chandler of
Swiss; Holt Griffith of Relief;
Neva McKinney of Bakersville;
Ovecja Gibson of Spruce Pine;
Elizabeth Moore of Ridgecrest;
and Myrtle Taylor of Asheville.
Lions Will Sell
Fruit Cakes To
Aid The Blind
.* OR v . A « . . . I
Civil Air Patrol Squadron
To Be Organized Here
Wing CommandeT of the
Air Patrol In North Carolina, Col.
Hamilton, has authorized Carl
Mclntosh of Burnsville to organ
ize a local Civil Air Patrol squad
At least 15 young men between
the ages of 15 and 20 are needed
before the sfuadron can be organi
zed, Mr. Mclntosh stated.
The Civil Air Patrol is-an auxi
liary of thf Air Force and is vit
ally interested in the cadet pro-
No Mail Service
• Over Weekend,
Postmaster Says
•ft l
Postmaster G. Leslie Hensley
announced this week that mail
service from the old post office
location will come to a close Sat
urday afternoon at 1:00 p. m.
One o’clock Saturday of each week
is the regular closing time of the
office, however, incoming and out
going mail is processed Saturday
I afternoon and Sunday. This ser
vice will not be given this week
end due to the fact that the office
is moving to the new location in
the Briggs Building.
Postmaster Hensley said the
process of moving will begin im
mediately following the closing of
the window at the regular closing
hour Saturday and will continue
until the moving has been com
pleted. Business will be resumed
at the new location at the regular
hour beginning Monday morning,
he said. -—— - —--
Formal opening of the new post
office building will be held in the
near future, Mr. Hensley said. He
stated that some notable figures
in the Post Office Department
will be on hand at the formal op
ening, which is believed to be
early in December.
Beta Club Organized !
At Bald Creek !
A local chapter of the National
Beta Club, a leadership-service
organization for high-school stu
dents of America, was established!
on Tuesday, Oct. 23, at Bald Creek
School according to E. D. >
The National Beta Club, with
over 2300 local chapters and ap
proximately 85,000 members in high
schools of 19 States, is now in its
twenty year.
Objectives of this non-secret,
leadership-service organization are:
to encourage effort, to promote
character, to stimulate achieve
ment among Its members, and to*
encourage and assißt students to
continue their education after
high-school graduation. ,
Donald Wilson, teacher of eighth
grade, was appointed as faculty
sponsor for the local chapter.
Permanent officers for this year
are: President, Conita t Fender;
vice presidtnt, Becky Proffitt;
secretary, Valorie Anglin; treasur
er, Sarah E. Proffitt; reporter,
Patricia Mclnturff.
The local organization is com
posed of the following students
who have fulfilled the require,
raents necessary for membership
in the . ational Beta Club.
Valorie Anglin, Stoker Hnstin,
Mary K. Bailey, Linda J. Briggs,
Donah Burton, Billy Doane, Conita
Fender, Allire Foxx, Terrold Foxx,
J Elaine Hensley, Helena Hensley.
Evalle King, Betty Ledford, Patri
cia Mcln'.urff, Becky Proffitt, Sar
•k a Proffitt. Harbor, Pair,
— —i—■ -
'Y"’ i Y ‘Tierf’ '
• - - rnfr'Vi
* *y
number Twelve
gram that they have. At the pre-
Isent time, they are striving to get
more young men interested in the
aviation phase of the service.
Members of the Civil Air Patrol
who join the Air Force are per
mitted to advance one rating on
entering the Air Force, Mr. Mcln
tosh said. - . ’
Once the squadron is foYmed
and has young people interested In
communications and radio, the
Air Force issues on 4 radio kit, a
transmitter and receiver oh voice
icommuuications. After the radio
is in operation and licensed, ' a
second kit is issued. Each squad
ron is given up to two radio 'kit3
free of charge. • * -
When the squadron has three
or four pilots, enough to' warrfibt
having an air plane, the squadron
is put on a rotation program, Hr.
Mclntosh said, and the airplane
is rotated from squadron to squad
ron throughout the area.
The Civil Air Patrol is made up
solely of volunteers. Much of the
equipment is received from var
ious branches of the military ser
vice and passed on to the various
squadrons according to the amount
of equipment they already have,
their active participation in Civil
Air Patrol functions, and their
activity in the cadet program.
Col. Hamilton will be in Burns,
ville, the time and place to bo
announced later, to speak to .all
interested in organizing a local
Civil Air Patrol squadron. All
young men who are interested
should contact Mr. Mclntosh by
calling 2082, or by writing Box 67',
Burnsville, N. C.
v *■- ■ v .’.r
X 52555
GirJ Scout Camp
Approved For
This Area
- Plans for a $116,000 permanent
camp for Girl Scouts in this area
were approved at a meeting -of
the Pisgah Girl Scout Council on
Nov. 9, at St. Paul's* Methodist
Church, Asheville.
The camp, located on the 131-
tract owned by the council in
Transylvania County, eight miles
I southwest of Brevard, will provide
j for the needs of 96 girls and a
staff of 20.
Plans call for a £fnit plan camp
which will include three Brownie
cabin units, each- *to ..accomodate
16 girls; one tent' girls
of one
Adirondack shelter tuiTfr.jtor girls
16 and older. ' -■
Construction is expected to ex
tend over a three to foor year per
iod as funds are available.
At the meeting Miss- Sarah
Ellen Proffitt of Troop- '67, Bald
Creek, showed slides and told the
group of the Patrol Roundup on
the camp site this summer^
Mrs. James Proffitt Bald
Creek, first vice president of the
Council, presented a 3 miniature
statue of a Girl Scout to Mrs. Guy
Carpenter, outgoing who
was named second vicrfjhresfdent.
in recognition of her m&itce as
president of the Council during
the last two years. '
Mrs. G. Dixon Bailey Os Burns
ville was elected to the ntember
ve a two year term
A total of )M person* from the
vartoooJitarl Stepnt Trange in the
area attended the i iWflg
The monthly qllnic
u - _

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