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Yancey Citizens Present
Gift To Rev. Finley
Rev. Woodward Finley, pastor
cf First Presbyterian Church here,
experienced a totally different
mid-week service Wednesday even
ing, December 23. The Presby
terian minister was, called from
lus home early that evening to
take part in a meeting which was
a surprse to him, but had been
eagerly awaited for by the others
Miss Bryant To
Attend Inaugural
Events In Wash
t-rsoiva! appearance ends, another
Lii. haa b.v.n scheduled for North
Cty ' pr stty Rhododendron
Mias Judith Lackey Bryant
c. ray, N. C. Thai"; is what hap-
P-a.d week. While Miss Bry
ant was riding the Bakery and
Confectionery Float -in the famous
Tournament, of Roses Parade in
Pasadena, California New Years
Cay, her manager in Spruce Pine
was busy confirming her trip to
Washington where she has been
invited to attend the inauguration
< f President Johnson.
Miss Bryant learned of the in
vitation immediately after she ap
peared on the Lawrence Welk show
coast to coast Saturday night. She
and her mother, Mrs. Helena Bry
ant flew' to Honolulu. Hawaii Sun
day and was given the royal Ha
waiian welcome when her plane
landed at 1:30 P. M. by the Greater
Honolulu Lions Club where she
will open her round of appearances
Tuesday, January sth.
Miss Bryant was scheduled ’ to'
leave Hawaii on January 17th—
hewever three days has been cut
oil * her ti ip in order' "tß'“l@t' , ~Tief
attend the Washington celebration.
She will now return to North
Carolina January 14th.
The invitation came in a tele
phone call from Mrs. V. L. Hayden
of Norfolk, Va., whose husband
will play an important part in the
ceremonies in the Nations Capitol.
Miss Bryant visited Norfolk last
fall and placed a wreath on the
Tomb of General Douglas Mc-
Arthur as well as many other ap
pearances. Mrs. Hayden accam
—panied her during her stay in thalt
This will be the second trip to
th e Nations Capitol for Miss Bry
ant since being crowned Rhodod
endron Queen. She visited Wash
ington, New York and Cambridge,
Mass., last November.
The Rhododendron Festival has
gained National recognition in re
cent years and is sponsored by the
BakersviUe Lions Club.
65 License Plate Renewal Card,
Have Yau Received It?
H fORM 904
1 state or North Carolina
|H Department or Motor VkmicuES
Raleioh, N. C. *7OOI
Please read endoeed instructions
before applying for license. Noroe
of insurance company and poh'cy
number required to obtain license
H p/ote.
Must be used in obtaining Nee llceeee
It s license re4>!stjns time again
In North Carolina, Department of
Motor Vehicle officials say •
2,225,0C0i application cards were
mailed in mid-December to motor
vehicle owners who had ‘ their
motor vehicle registered at that
time. ■ ‘ ;*t “ I
Miss" Poy Ingram, Director of
the Department’s Registration
Division says, “If by January 1
you did nc|t receive the all-import*
ant registration rentewaV card, let
us know at once.” • r .
The proper procedure is to
V : . / ' i. . » ■
Subscription |&sd Per Year
i present.
Rev. Finley was confronted with
a group of well-wishers, which
consisted not only of members of
his own flock, but of members
of other denominations in the town
and county as well. And in the midst
of it all stood a 1985 Chevy 11,
all tied up with a red ribbon with
a big Wm. Rathbum sign which
read “Season’s Greetings—from the
citizens of Yancey County.”
Presentation of the net, ear was
made by Bill Stewart, who was
selected .as spokesman for the
On the first Sunday in July, 1962,
ftev. FirJey came to the First
Presbyterian Church here to begin
his first pastorate after graduating
from Presbyterian Seminary In
Louisville, Ky.- He is a graduate
of Warren Wilson College and Gil
ford College. And since he began
his pastorate here two and one
half years ago, he has not only
been the leader of the First Pres
byterian Congregation but has
been very active in other related
fields In the counity.
Rev. Fniley was chairman of,
Yancey United Fund In 1964, and
the goal waas reached with $150.00
over. This is the second time the
United Fund here reached its goal.
He is pres : dent of Burnsville
Men’s Club, a member of lions
Club International, beaded the
N. C. Volunteer program in Yan
cey County last summer. And in
his church he instigated a program
known as “Operation Help,” and
has been very active in the build
ing program launched by the
church. 1
Rev. Finley’s parents have been
missionaries in Yucatan, Mexico
for 31 years and he was bom in
that southern Mexico state. And
many Yancey County citizens wall
rem'.mber h ! s grandfather. Wood
ward E. Finley, who came here
as principal of Stanley McCormick
school in the 1920’s following a
period of missionary work In
Brazil. He later lived in White
Rock, Madison County.
Rev. Finley and his wife, the
former Miss Coreen Case, of Char
lotte, were married in 1959. I
Mrs. Brooks Will
Teach Study
Mrs. Tillie Brooks, Methodist
worker, will begin a series of study
courses on the Book of Genesis
Sunday evening at 7:3Cf p. m. in
the fellowship Hall of Higgins
Memorial Methodist Church here.
Everyone is invited to attend
these study courses.
',u; * .»*• • - 0.1 POST Ad
; 7 , PAID
Perak Ho. M
■ (C • V"' N
write the Deportment of Motor
Vehicles, Raleigh. Give the make
and identification numbelr, of the
vehicle, your last year’s tag num
ber and! your full name and ad
dress. .
1964 plaites expire December 31
and their use beyond that date is
permissible only If they are duly
registered by the department to
the vehicle on which display is
made. Owners who have iheir ve
hicles properly registered by the
department have until PHruary
16 to obtain new plates.
Surrounding area residents may
# .W • ■: J *'y T. ..zItZL . •
■ * T. • -* ■ W
\ * • , * \ ’} J : '
"Dedicated To The PrograM Os Yancey Crantyf
Jik, >A
- S 3
':gd§|jik iSH
Bi. .! nH
|DKw j* lafik
I 4 ;'/1 n
1 jn
Officials To At
tend Inaugural
Events In Raleigh
Thursday and Friday, January
7 and 8, are Inauguration Days for
North Carolina at the state capi
tal, Raleigh. Outline of events as
Thursday night, Inauguration
Ball at The Coliseum, State Col
lege; Friday morning parade; In
auguration ceremonies at Auditor-,
ium at noon; public reception- at'
Attending all inaugural eyents
will be State senator-elect Clyde
Norton from this district, who
will sponsor his niece, Miss Lisa
Noi}jon, at the inaugural ball. She
is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. j
H. A. Norton of Marion, senior it.
Marion High School.
Mr. Mark Bennett, Representa
tive-Elect from Yancey County
will attend all events.
Representative Mark Isaacs, Re
presentative-elect of Avery County,
will sponsor Miss Anne Penland
at the Inaugural ball. She is the
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene
J. Dont Street Rppite aentatiw-1
Elect of Mitchell « County, - will 1
sponsor at the inaugural ball, Miss
Marcia Latham of Raleigh, who
served in Mitchell County last
summer on the Volunteer Student
Corps. Willie Clay Street, son of
J. Dont Street, will serve at the
inaugural ball as a marshall.
Traffic Accidents ;
RALEIGH—The Motor Vehicles 1
Department’s summary of traffic 1
deaths through 10 A. M. Monday, 1
Jauary 4; ’
Killed To Date Last Year 11 j
From a traffic standpoint, the (
year ended on a dreary note-4565 (
road fatalities compared to 1888, j
the previous year. ‘ Last year’s
kill was the highest in the state’s
mototfcig h M“*- The figures |
will escalate upward as delayed j j
deaths are received.
obtain their 69 plates at the
Credit Bureau office here beginn
ing January, 4, 1965. Office hours
will be fronts a. m. to 4 p. m.
Monday. Tuesday, Thursday and
Friday and 9 a. m. to J 4 noon
Wednesday and Saturday.
The local License agent Grace
Banks and Miss Ingram urge that
you “open your application cards
and complete them in accordance
with instructions before presenting
for a new. They say this
Iwill greatly expedite the issuance
and keep long lints from forming.
March Os Dime*
Drive During
Birth defects cause many dis
abling conditions which may be
prevented or corrected if they are
detected and treated in time by
\he best known methods known to
medern medicine.
Such quality care has been, un
til recently, available onjy in a
few oC the nation’s great medical
Today, contributions
of the American people are mak
ing possible a growing national
\network of March of Dimes Birth
Defeats and Clinics dedit&ted to
providing diagnosis, treatment
and rehabilitation for children
bom defective.
The March of Dimes fund cam
paign wdl be conducted through-'
out the month of January by the
Plsgah Chapter of the National
The chapter includes Buncombe,
Burke, Haywood, Henderson, Madi
son. McDowell, Mitchell, Transy
lvania and Yancey oounties. The
main office is in the Parkway
Building in Asheville.
The month-long drivo will close
with the Mothers’ March at the
end of January. I
Yancey members of the Board
of the Pisgah Chapters are Dr.
I Garland Wampler and Jerry Hol
combe. A racy C. Fox hr treasurer
for Yancey County. -
! /
Services Held For
Hardy N/Black
Funeral services for Hardy N.
Black, 62, were conducted Tues
day, December 29, 1964 In Corinth
Baptist Church, Leicester. N. C.
Burial was in the church ceme
tery. Mr. Black, a former resi-
Ident of Yancey County, had lived
in the Leicester* Community for
the past a* yeai£. ;
j Surviving ar e the widow, Mrs.j
Pauline Owens Black, four sons,
Hardy Jr., Harold and Arthur of (
the home; and J. C. stationed
with the U. S. Army in Oklahoma. I
Four daughters, Mrs. Martha
Hoyle of Asheville, N. C.; Darlene, j
Nina, and Bertha of the home; The 1
parents. Mr. and Mrs. E. C.
Black of Burnsville, N. C.; Pour
brothers, Jora, Ghorles and Luther
of Burnsville, N. C. and Ralph of
Lake Ctty, Fla.; Seven sisters,
Mrs. Margaret Deyton and Mrs.
Anne Penland of Burnsville, N. C.;
Mirs. Helen Derby of Brooklyn,
N. Y.; Mrs. Virginia Joines of
Newark, Del.; Mrs. D. C. Deyton
of EUdton. Md., Mire. Grace Rog
ers of Leicester, N. C.; and Mrs.
Louise Silcox of Wayne, Mich.;
and nine grandchildren.
Home Demon
stration Club
To Meet
The Burnsville Home Demonstra
tion Club will meet with Mrs.
P. O. Coletta at her home here on
Friday, December 15 at 2:00 p. m.
Edwards Award-1
ed Air Force
Good Conduct
HOMESTEAD, Fla.—Airman Sec
ond Class Creed Edwards, adn of
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Edwards of
Rt. 4, Burnsville, N. C., has been
awarded the U. S. Air Force
Good Conduct Medal at Home
stead AFB, Fla.
The medal was presented to
Airman Edwards for exemplary
behavior, efficiency and fidelity
during the past three years of
his Air Force service. He is a
physical conditioning specialist
in a unit which supports the
Strategic Air Command mission
of keeping the nation’s Intercon
tinental missiles and Jet bombers
on constant alert.
Airman Edwards, who attended
Lamar High - • School, Jonesboro,
Tenn., entered the Air Force in
May 1961.
E. L. Dillingham has been
named Chairmlan of the Red Cross
Blood program for Yancey Coun
ty this year.
1 Mr., Gillingham came to Burns
ville in 1949 as County Agricultur
al Agent and has served in that
capacity since. He came to Yan
cey County from Buncombe where
he was Assistant County Agent.
He has been very active in civic
' Bffaiis In county having serv
ed as president of the Men’s Club,
j president of the Lions Club and
was also Deputy, District Gover
nor of that club. He is a member
lof the Mitchell-Yancey Board of
Health, and is a member of- the
Two GtgjUon Blood Donors Club.
He was awarded the Distinguished
Service Award for County Exten
sion Chairmen.
Car lie Rice is the outgoing
chairman for the Blood Program.
Mrs. Robert Rhine hart is Blood
Program Secretary for the second
Mr. Dillingham expressed his
appreciation to the Yancey Coun
ty P’°ople for their cooperation In
the Blood Pixujtem these, past
years and requests their assist
ance this year. The Quota for this
I year is approximately 450 pints.
He asks that any organizations
wish to sponsor the program
Methodist Minis
ters To Attend
! Evangelistic Mission to min
isters of Western North Carolina
Methodist Churches will be held
In the Myers Park Methodist
6hurch in Charlotte on January
II and 12.
'Bishop Earl G. Hunt, Jr. will
preside. 1
Special speakers at the confer-)
enoe will be Dr. Wiliam R. Can
non. Dean of Candler School of
Theology at Emory University in
Atlanta, Ga. and Dr. G. Ernest
Thomas, pastor of First Methodist
Church in Birmingham, Michigan.
This conference is an inspiration
al rather than an educational con
ference for ministers.
-' m - - m
: ! : l . j HigHnHj■■ W‘, jS ■ ’ '■■■ •
•U ’ ' • A f. gj. mgr Jp
I W igiijK.-,
Photo by John Rohinoon
Pictured obey, ape winners in the Christmas Promotion sponso red by the Yancey Merchants
Lucky winners Were left to right: Roger Pentand, first prise of $500.06; repaid n fl^y fl gecond
priee of IBOOdCI; «. A. Huskins. curd pries of $190.00; Jertons Bh«p er d, fourth prise of $l2O 00 pr*.
seritlng the nriaes Is Mr*. Gjgos Banks, secretary to th. Merchants Association. The fifth prize of
$60.00 as no t dsiuk). .
.. ■ ,*J: • - » '’■ ’‘ ' -*■ *** .. , - ' *«. ’ .flw .*f I|<4
Price Per Copy Fire Casts
RabiesfClinics Scheduled
For Yancey County
By orders of the Yancey and
Mitchell Comity Boards of Com
missioners and the Local Board
of Health, due to a serious epi
i demic of Rabies in several sect
ions of East Tennessee which joins
Yancey and Mitchell Counties,
many rabies clinics will be held
as, places listed below. Dr. J. C
Cornwell, D. V. M. will be the
Burnsville Health Center, Satur
day, January 23, I—3 p. m.
. J. F. Robinson Store, Cane Riv
er, Monday, January 25, I—2 p. m.
Miller Ledford's Store, Prices
Creek, Monday. Jan. 25, 2—3 p. m.
Bald Creek School, Monday,
'fencey County
Women Attend
Home Demon
stration Planning
Ten ladies from Yancey County
attended the Western (District
Home Demonstration session in
Asheville, which was held alt Oen
tfal Methodist Church on January
The purpose of the meeting was
to set up goals and make a plan
of acf.ion in the following areas:
Citizenship, Education, Family
Life, Health, International Relat
ions, Music, Public Relations and
Those attending were:" Mrs.
Honeycutt,; Mre. Brooks
| Wilson, Ms. Clyde Edwards, Mrs.
1 1 Bob Wyatt, Mrs. Enzjr Lebterroan, 1
• Mrs. Andrew Johnson, Mrs. Roy
1 Young, Mre. Ed Boone, Mrs. Tho
-1 mas Rutledge, and Mrs. Alice
"■ Jif GroTO*. _
January Bible
Study Week At
Baptist Church
Th e January Bible Study Week
for 1965 will be held in First Bap
tist Church here Sunday, January
24 through Thursday, January 28
The. adults will study “Studies
lln Deuteronomy ”, Intermediates,
) “Exploring The Old Testamedt”,
Juniors, “Before Jesus Came”;
Primaries, “The Story Os Sam
uel”; Beginners* “Good Times At
Church”; Nursery, “Daytime And
Pre-enrollment for the Bible
Study will be conducted through ,
the Sunday School and Training 1
Union on January 10 and 17. 1
~~ " ’ .;!■ “
number Twimi
1 January 25, 3—l p. m.
' ! Higgins Store, Higgins. Tuesday,
1 January 26. I—2 p. m.
Atkins-Hensley Store, Ramsey
town, Tuesday, Jan. 26, 2—3 p. m.
1 Bee Log School, Tuesday, Jan
uary 26, 3—4 p. m. \
Clata Whitson Store, Big Cr Ak.
Wednesday, Jan. 27, i—2 p. m.
Higgins Store. Mouth Coxes
Creek, Wed. Jan. 27, 2—3 p. m.
Ray’s Store, Concord, Thursday,
January 28, 2-3 p. m.
Peosacolaa School, Thursday.
January 28, 3—4 p. m.
Micarille School, Saturday,
January 30, I—2 p. m.
Bis Ray’s Store, Upper Brush
Creek, January ». 2-3 p. m.
Brush Creek Community Bldg.,
Saturday, January 30, B—4 p. m.
Chrlaiwn Store, Cefo, Monday,
February 1, I—2 p. m.
Effler’s Store, Burick, Monday,
February 1, 4>. m.
The laws at the state of North
Carolina requires that every dog
or cat have them vaccinal- ‘
ed against this dreadful disease
which Is deadly. As most people
know there is no cure for Jlabies
known to medical science once the
disease is contracted. All dog or
cat owners are urged not to sub
ject their neighbor or themselves
to this disease.
While dogs are responsible for
spreading 90 per cent of Rabies,
oats, foxes and other warm blood
ed animals spread tt also. Just
.because it is now mainly in the
state of Tennessee does not mean
that it will not spread into North
Carolina. It la a known fact that
' animals carying this virus laden
, disease travel for miles. All per
sons raving animals worth keep
ing are urged to give them pro
tection, to say nothing of the hu
man lives that may be saved by
’ wibnal vaednated
against Rabies.
It s strongly advised that all '
dairymen and farmers with beef
cattle or sheep have them vacci
The local Board of Health, the
County Commissioners and the
Local Health Department are cer
tainly n!o4 trying to place a sense
less and costly burden upon any
one, much to the contrary, they
are trying to help save lives of
people and animals.
This law will be followed up to
see whether or not it has been
complied with.
One innoca’atlon of the Rabies
serum will protect animals for 3
years. Anyone suspectng an ani
mal has rabies should notify their
Health Department at once. Any
one bitten by a sickly animal
should see their doctor at once and
follow his advice to the letter.

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