North Carolina Newspapers

    Volume 31
Advisory Board Members
Seater (ljr.) O. W. Deyton,
Charks Harr son, Mrs. An
drew Johnson, Mrs. Alice B,
Hopson., Mrs. Roy Young.
Albert Edwards.
Standii.g, M. D. Bailey; Yat
Agricultural Development Program Launched
The most ambit Ous agriclu
tuiai program,
ever under by
County has been ouicialiy
launched a.ter a year of
The u-Cal program is part
of an overall staio pro
gram of A o r.cultura! Service
,: n a State Uni
at Nor.h .C-vro ima
verity wii-ch i~„ n ; ho ' (t
m Raleigh January 30 by
Q°v. Dan Mcore and univer
s ty officials.
The fii’p-year program is a
product of a fombinat.on of
local level planning which
involved some 7,600 lay lead
ers including scores of Yancey
County citzens, and N. C.
State research and extension
special r sts.
Yancey County has goals in
five areas under the Target
opportunities endeavor.
These long
inclue reals in agricultural
production, fam ly living, con
servation and use- of natural
resources, 4-H and youth, and
community resources devel
A state agricultural income
potential of $2 billion has
been estabrshed. Yancey
County’s ror:ion of this total
figure has been set at $5,000,-
000.00. Ths will represept a
gain of 20 per cent over the
gross value of the county’s
av’-cultural production in
1968. *- «
E. L. Dillin , 'ham, Yancey
County Extension Chairman
hrs announced that the new
program is already being
implemented ,r-
Some of the priority items
designated for the C'mvng
year include tomatoes, s‘raw
berries, shrubbery, Chrstmas
trees, irore young pto-de in
4-H, increased particlnating
in f'>*»dlv living and commun
ity clubs.
Mr. D said the
Dedicated To The Progress Os Yancey County
Burnsville, N.C.
es Deyton. Rev. Jchn Powers,
Don Buihce. Rev. Woodward
Finley, Amey Fox, Buddy
Members not present wera
Robert K. Helmle, Miss Ra
c-ninty extension s‘aff, with
the assistance of the exten
sion advisory board, will be
meajuring process at in
tervals throughout the year
and evaluating total progress
toward the f : vp-vear goals at
the end of ra-h of the five
ye~rs until 1971.
XT/, J
IJC < ,rr *ri uiar, me county
a "*d state urograms h-’ve
fcuil*- ? n flexihilitv to allow
for abutments and shifts of
emrbasig dur’rg the course
of the five-year development.
Lincoln Day
Dinner Set
For Feb. II
The Lincoln Day Dinner
to be held in the Ashev.ile
Cuy Auditorium on lebrua.y
11, ai 7:co p. m. will feature
Si.ator d Baker, Jr.,
of Tennessee as the speaker.
The master of ceremonies
will be Sta.e Representative
David Johran of Asheville,
and the address of welcome
will be given by Clyde Rob
erts of Marshall who is soli
citor of Buncombe and Madi
so.i counties. The resiymse
wll be delivered by State
Representative Charles Tay
lor of Brevard, and Senator
Baker will be introduced by
W. Scott Harvey of Arden
who was the most recent
Republican candidate for u.
S. Represent a'ive. An unusu
ally large crop of recently
elected Republican off : clais
from the Western North
Corolra counties will be in
The price of the
ticke's Is $7 50 ea'-h and may
be nhtai-ed from Mr Garrett
Pa lev of Burnsvil'e. or at
the d<rr.
Thursday, February 2, 1967
mona Bowditch, Mrs. Katie
Wilson, Mrs. Clyde Edwards,
Mrs. Cecil Anglin, Mrs. Allen
Honeycutt, Luther Averse
Ralrh Ray, Rex Mclntosh,
Alvin Pate, Charles Ray.
PACE Officials
To Meet
Officials of the Program
AfsKtirinsr College Eauca.ion
(PACE) wdi meet inter-’
estea citizens of Ya.xey bou
nty in the conference room
of the court house Friday,
Feb. 10-h, at 4:00 p. m.
John M. Pollack, assistant
consultant for PACE, serv
ing the western counties,
tea that the purpose of the
program is to give thousands
of N. C. college students an
opportunity to help further
their education through PACE.
The pro-ram, established
Dec. 19C5, acts as an aid to
worthy students. It is an
ministerea under the State
Department of Welfare’s
Community Service program.
As explained by the repre
sentative, PACE wefrks as
follows; Any public or non
prof t agency in the com
munity which needs some
summer help, by putting up
just 10 per cent of hs salary,
can hire a college student
full time for the entire sum
mer Where the pregram la
In effect PACE students have
handled Jobs in law enforce
ment agencies, 10-ai welfare
departments, hospitals, libra
ries, health departments, re
creation programs, local pov
erty-fighting ao-e-cies, scho
ols and o f her institutions.
Don’t forget the da*e
Feb. 19, at 4:00 p. m. In the
room of court
house, it i s ho-ed that re
presentatives from the above
listen agencies w*ll be nre
.sert, as well as a’l others
interested in this
program for Yancey County.
Arrests Follow Wave Os
Break-Ins And Car Thefts
Invest gating a suspicious
cLi parKca at a burnsviiie
fiibng on at 4 a. m. last
bunuay mcrnL.g, town
o.i.cer Lloyd biivtr smarted a
chain reaction ihat enced in
the jailing of four teen-aged
ycUihs charged wi.h break -
ii.s and car thefts. According
to Police Chief Ralph Pen
lanl and Sheriff Donald
Banks these arrests
tile solution to the following
cjinies commiUed in the area.
Breaking and entering at
Sta .ley Ba ley’s business;
two cases of breaking and
entering at Lacy Johnson’s
Store; breaking and entering
at a Malison County filling
s ation on 19E; theft of a
19f>4 Fa rlane from Roberts
Chevrolet lot; theft of a 1966
Buick in Barnardsville; theft
of a truck from Buddy Ben
nett’s filli. g station.
In jail accused of these
crimes are Wade Miller, age
16 and Dean Bolen, age 17,
together with two Juvenile
youths, aged 14 and 15.
When police officer Silver
approached the susp’cious
car parked at ths filling
station oppos te the funeral
home, the v two occupants
East Yancey was host to
Ma ia j tiui rciday night
and iook butix games 1,0. n
the Visitors.
me rauiher girls of East
Yancey en-ea the game with
a bi-23 lead over me Mais
Hill team. Ihe halftime scoie
was 14-13 in favor of the
ViSiJng team.
uriiKStati wi.h her corner
sho.s scored 17 pones to lead
the home team, while Louise
Jones came through Wu,h
14 points, and Boone 1.
The Panther boys gave the
Madison Visitors a good
trouncing with a f.nal score
of 60-44. At halftime the
It cal boys led by. two points,
Hoover scored 18„ Silvers
13, Young 12, Gibbs 10, "and
Wc stall 7. "f
On Tues 'aji' night the East
Yancey teams traveled to
Marshall where the games
were split.
East Yancey girls came
home losers by two points.
The final score was 21-18 in
fa\or of Marshall.
Grindstaff was high scorer
for the team with 10 po'nts,
yh le the Jones sisters scored
1 and 8 points to round out
the f'nal score.
The Panther boys did bet
ter, coming home with a
Victory of 69-62.
Hoover scored 23 points,
wi h Silvers and Young both
13. Wes*all dropped in 10
points,, with Gibbs 9 and May
hem’ l
Number Twenty Three
of the car fled. After appre
hending one of the youths
Silver contacted Sher ff
Banks and Chief Peniand,
and shortly thereafter a sec
onl youth was arrested by
Peniand. ,
On the basis of information
received, the officers, a-com
pan: ed By one of the youths,
drove to Barnardsville where
•they located an abandoned
car, out of gas, that had been
stolen from Roberts Chevro
let the previous evening. They
were also able to not fy John
Wilson son of Bamardsvil e
that his Buick, also stolen
th e previous evening, £- was
undamaged in Burnsville.
The next stop of the officials
was the Madison County fill
ing station that had been
broken in*o.
La f er, the two other youths
were arrested and taken to
Jail. ,
A curious fact disclosed by
the investigation of these
occurrences is that in repeat
ed instances it appears that
cars ani trucks have been
s‘o’en at nia-ht,. and after
bHn<r driven considerable dis
tances, have been returned to
the owners wi’hout the lat
ter k’-rmung that they had
been taken.
Cane River stf.Ut their gam
es Friday and Tues ’Sv nights.
At Tipton Hll the Rebel
girls gave the host team a
good beating with a score of
Cox led the way for Ca-e
River with 18 po : nts, while
Holcombe made 9, with Allen
and Peterson five each and
Proffitt 1.
The Cane River boys lost
by three points in a 53-50
game., _ 1
Whitson burned the net
with 22 points, wi h McCurry
18, Robinson 5, Jobe 4, and
Riddle 1.
Tuesday night at ' Cane
River the Rebel girls more
than doubled the score a
gainst the Mars Hll team,
wi'h a score of 47-23.
Cox scored 26 points and
Hensley scored 14. Holcombe
made 5 po'nts while both
Enel and and King scored one
. The Rebel boys lost a
h n »rt-breaker after overtime
plav with a score of 52-50 i n
favor of the visiting Mars
Hll tram.
At the end of the first
half, Mars Hill was leading
the local boys 2T-18. But at
the end of regulation play
the score was 46-46. •
McCurry and Hensley both
scored* 17 points. Cooper made
7, Jobe and Robinson 4 each
and Riddle made 1.

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