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•Man of the Year Doyce
McClure holds the certificate
awarded hm as Man of the
Year by Burnsville Lions last
The Bumsv ; lle Linns Club ce’e
brated its 18th Anniversary wth
a Ladies Night program that
featured the award ; ng of the
Man-of-the-Vear award to L ; ~n
R. L. McClure. The guest speak
er was Rev. Woodward F ; niey,
pastor of the First Presbvterian
Church and President of the
Yancey County Chamber of Com
Mr. McClure has lived here
with his family for the past four
years. He is employed as exam
iner with the Department of
Motor Vehicles.
He was named Man of the
Year by the Lions because of
his work with church and civic
affairs. He has done much to
ward safety education in driv
ing by holding meetings and
lectures with different groups.
He was a leader in starting the
Little Baseball League in the
county, and gives much of his
time to Cub Scouting. He is an
officer in the Methodist Church
here and is a former Sunday
School teacher.
E.Y. Junior-Senior Play
Scheduled May 5
East Yancey High School will
present its Junior-Senior play
on May 5. This year the stud
ents are doing a drama entitled
“The Crucible” by Arthur Mill
er. The play deals with the Sal
em Witch Trials which took
place in Massachusetts in the
late 1600’s.
Due to the unusual nature of
the play there are twenty mem
bers in the cast. They are:
Claudette Wilson, Betty Parris,
John Wheeler, Rev. Sumael
Parris, Irene Coletta, T'tuba;
Ramcna Penland, Abigail Will
iams: Pat Wilson, Susanna Wall
cott: Sandra McMahan, Mrs. Ann
Dedicated To The Progress Os Ynncey County
Burnsville, N.C.
Thursday night. Among his oth
er church and civic activities,
Lon McClure is treasurer of the
Burnsville club.
The local L’ons Club was or
ganized April 5, 1949 with Dr.
Gus Lauehrdn as the first pre
sident and Yates R. Bennett as
the frst secretary. The C'ub was
soonsored by the Asheville Lions
Since its organization the Club
has assisted in raising ova:
$48,000 for approximately 100 ac
tivities and projects including
co-operation with other groups in
raising money to purchase sites
for industry, work with the
blind, building hospital, Health
Center, school activities, and
scouts. The major activity has
been assisting the blind in get
ting glasses, operations, bit
proved housing, and Christmas
baskets. One of the major pro
jects was building Ralph Peter
son a concession stand on the
square in Burnsville.
The major money raising pro
jects have been selling fruit
cakes, white canes, radios, ball
games, broom sales, commun ty
calendars, and concession stands.
Putnam; Larry Brewer, Thomas
Putnam; Sharon Young, Mercy
Lewis; Virgin a Bodford, Mary
Warren; John Penland, John
Proctor; Ida Jane Maney, Re
becca Nurse; Gary Presnell,
Giles Corey; Dean Hicks, Rev.
John Hale; Linda Wilson, Eli
zabeth Proctor; Mike Silver,
Francis Nurse; Kenneth Nelson,
Ezekiel Cheever; Keith Harris,
John W'llard; Denn : s Howell,
Judge Hathorne; Jerry Cleven
ger, Deputy Governor Danforth;
and Dena Brooks, Sarah Good.
The student director is Ram
ona Bowditch.- - Stage Manager
and Technical Director is David
Thursday March 30, 1967
Revival Services
To Begin At
First Baptist
biSfe *■• -• v
TB < ’%pr"
W Mta—- •
1H&. : *<*&’y--
Dr. E. L. Spivey
Sunday evening, April 2nd at
7:30, a series of revival services
will begin at First Baptist Chur
ch, and will extend through Sun
. ffi.ffffiahJ&iUfti *afe%
services will be held. In addi
tion to the Sunday morning and
evening services, a short ser
vice will be held each morning
from 7:00 to 7:25, followed by a
“snack’ breakfast, prepared and
served by the WMU and the Bap
tist Men’s organization.
In order for the intermediates
and young people of the church
to become better acquainted
with the evangelist, a fellowship
hour will follow the Sunday ev
en?ng (April 2nd( service.
Mus : c be furnished by the
church choir, with the excep
tion of one evening, when the
youth choir will sing.
The evangel’st will be Dr. E.
L. Spivey of Raie’gh, the recent
ly retired secretary of Missions
~ for the Baptist Convention of
N. C. S : nce his ret'rement Dr.
Spivey has been engaged in in
tern pastoral work and revival
Dedicated To
Mrs. Hensley
The annual staff presented
Mrs. Pauline Hensley with the
first copy of the 1967 Confed
erate in a special assembly held
here on March 27. Edgar Ang
lin, a staff representative, made
the presentation and expreemd
the gratitude that the class feels
toward her. “For your patience,
understanding, and genuine con
cern,” he stated, “we dedicate
this, the 1967 Confederate to
you.’’ Mrs. Henlsey graciously
responded and was given a
standing ovation by the student
Mr. Tom Weeks, pastor at
Bald Creek Methodist Church,
was the guest speaker.
Mr. Don Wilson, sponsor, an
nounced that the annuals would
go on sale during the afternoon
on March 27.
The Cane River Science Fair
will be open to the public April
4 until noon April 7 in the school
gymnasium. This is the second
year of the fair. Judging of the
projects will be held at 12:00
Tuesday, April 4.
Much planning and work has
gone into the displays.
The following is a list of the
class projects. Each theme is
concerned with the scientific
Home Economics, Teachers:
Mrs. P.j Hensley, Miss B. Hen
Based on home and school pro
jects during the entire year. It
will show the work of the stud
Business Department: Teach
ers: Mrs. E. Boone, Mrs. L.
Kates, Mr. J. Neill. Title: New
York Cty Business Capital
of the Year. Show the students
education as intergrated with
scientific careers as we “walk
through our business world.”
Science, Chenrstry, Physics.
Teachers: Mrs. D. Allen.
p/3]ec!<r representing each phase
of science.
Chemistry: Displays dealing
w : th chenrcals, medicines, allco
holism and narcotics.
Physics: Demonstrations of
the law of Physics.
Physiology: Teacher: Mrs. C.
Cdx. Individual projects based
on the Student’s study of the
human body. _
Biology:' Teacher: Mr. W. An
gel. Group projects such as a
E.Y. Splits
Games With
East Yanecy Panthers travel
ed to Spruce Pine Tuesday night
where both teams met both
teams of Cranberry High for a
conference championship play
The Panther girls rolled up a
17-pont lead at the end of the
final game of the season for a
score of 47-30.
Jones scored 20 points for the
high of the game, with her sis
ter, coming in second with 12
points. L. Grindstaff scored 11,
while J. Grindstaff scored 1,
Hollifield 1, Bartlett 2.
In the game between the
Cranberry and East Yancey
boys, the Cranberry team ran
rough-shod over the local boys
to take home a 82-37 victory.
Gibbs, who scored 11 points,
was the only regular first strin
ger to play for the Panthers.
Warren and Laws both drop
peh in 8 points, w'th Wright 8,
C’evenger 4, and Fox.
Mike Hoover, East Yancey’s
high scoring forward, is sched
uled to play In the Blue White
game at Asheville-Biltmcre Col
lege Friday night.
Number Thirty One
prehistoric scene, an aquarium,
and a terrarium.
Mathematics: Teachers: Mr.
R. Kates, Mr. L. Phillips. Title:
Zooming ofC to modern Mathe
matics. It will be included with
posters, projects, etc.
Trades and Industry: Teacher:
Mr. J. Buckner. Evolution of the
tree showing the manufacturing
processes from the log to the
finished product. Evolution of
the house built by cave men to
the modern house built by the
shop classes.
Sports: Teachers: Mr B
Lewis, Mr. J. Neill, a display
of all school sports.
English III: Teacher: Mrs. N.
Deyton. Scientific Timetable
English Language 1816-1967.
Journalism and Dramatics:
Teacher: Mrs. N. Deyton. Dis
play of all school papers, sizes
of type used in printing, etc.
Dramatics: Chances in wom
en’s fashionns from colonial
times to the present based on the
work of the students this year.
Two Aetemebile
Accidents Last
Two automobile wrecks in the
county over the week end in
which four persons were treated
for minor injuries were report
ed by the Highway Patrol here.
One wreck in which two vehi
cles were i nvolved occurred
about 4:00 p. m. Saturday west
of Burnsville on Hyiemon Curve,
according to Patrolman C. W.
Warren, who investigated the
A vehicle headed west, re
ported to be driven by Emory
C. Elkins, went out r,«l control
and struck an oncoming auto
mobile in the other lane, the
patrolman said. The other car
was driven by Pauline S. Buck
Mrs. Buckner and J. C. Ingle,
14, were treated for injuries and
released. Elkins and a passen
ger in his car, Bernara Riddle,
were hospitalized for lacera
tions, Patrolman Warren said.
There were five passengers in
the Elk ; ns vehicle. He was char
ged with reckless driving, ac
cording to Warren.
The other accident, with only
one vehicle involved, occurred
west of Burnsville around 11:00
p. m. Saturday night.
Patrolman R. V. Davis, who
investigated the accident, said
that a car dr'ven by J. Harley
Hughes, 20, first left the road
and struck a utility pole near
the Prices Creek Road and re
turned to the highway.
The car traveled approximat
ely a mile, le'f the road again
and turned over on its top.
Theer were four boys in the
veVc'e. but none were injured.
Patrolman Dav«s said Hughes
was charred with driving under
the influence.

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