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    Volume .31
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This view of Yancey County it.
from the crest of Mt. Mitchell,
looking down on Mountains of
rugged beauty, graceful valleys.
A Lwo-mile strelch of US 19-E,
from wesl of Burnsville lo the
bridge by the Riverside Drive-
In, is to be relocated and im
proved, according »to James
Strikeleather, Highway Commis
sioner for the Thirteenth Div
ision. i
In a meeting on February 7
with the Directors of the Yancey
County Chamber of Commerce
and the Chamber’s Task Force
on Roads. Strikeleather promis
ed to assign funds from the 300
Million Dollar Road Bond Issue
for the engineering, purchase
of right-of way, and construc
tion of d>, new road
i ' i 1 ■>•!• of tin Conmis
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. *,t 'li (,vh<-n ' “ n>
Dedicated To The Progress Os Yancey County
Burnsville, N.C.
and *an occasional highland
stream. As these pages of The
Yancey Record will attest, this
scenic land has made progress
Highway Commission, meeting
in Raleigh, assigned sixteen
thousand dollars for engineer
ing the project and surveying
the proposed route.
Strikeleather has indicated
that the length of road construc
tion will depend on the amount
of funds that the Highway De
partment will have to spend in
purchasing right-of-way proper
ty from th* end of the Burns
ville by-pass to the Cane Creek
The Chamber s Task Force on
Roads, headed by Paul Wooten,
considers this project a fruitful
star* in achieving its long-range
g<> ' < inprovc all of US
(f 'lsvill- to tin Matli&iip
t ,nty t. 0,-
Thursday April 20, 1967
in the past year and, along with
it, the Yancey County Chamber
of Commerce has matured and
come of age.
Dinner Friday
A speech by juen Belt, popu
lar News Director of WLOS-TV
in Asheville, will highlight the
annual meeting of the Yancey
County Chamber of Commerce
to begin with dinner at 7:30 p.
m. in the cafeteria of East
Yancey High School.
In addition to Belt’s speech.
Chamber members will hear a
prbgress report and vote on
three amendments to the by
laws of the organization. Also
attending the dinner meetmg
will be the officers of the
Mitchell ('minty Chamber of
Commerce at’ 1 ’ selected guests
f 'it the town of B iker . nl’
Hanes Acquires
Site For
In the long continued effort
of our Chamber of Commerce
{o attract new industry to Yan
cey C unty, an important prize
has finally been landed. The
Hanes Corporation of Winston-
Salem. leading North Carolina
manufacturer of knitwear and
ether quality clothing, has pur
chased a site on Highway 19E
a quarter mile east of the Cane
River High School for the erec
tion of a factory expected to
employ some 200 or more people
The closing of the transaction
followed several weeks of con
sideration between Hanes Offi
cials and members of our
Chamber of Commerce task for
ce on industry, headed by Philip
Thomas. Town officials were
also involved as well as the
Northwestern Bank. Several vis
its were made to the area by
various Hanes people under the
leadership of Senior Vice Presi
dent, Reginald F. Brooks.
Several possible sites were
considered, and* before a final
decision was reached, test bor
ings were made to determ ne
the suitability of the preferred
site for foundation construction.
The site purchased is of about
30 acres, located on the north
side of 19E and extending on
the north to the Cane River.
The property was purchased
from Ernest Briggs, Frank E.
Signs Will
Be Erected
At Entrances
To County
Colorful signs, greeting
travelers to Yancey County, are
soon % to be erected at three sep
arate road-side entrances in the
eastern, western, and southern
sections of the county.
The signs are scheduled to be
set up near the Madison County
line along US 19, not far from
the Mitchell County line along
US 19-E, and off the Blue Ridge
Parkway along NC 80.
Made of cream-colored letters
routed in panels of stained wood,
the attractive signs were pre
pared by Clyde Smith, well
known sign designer in Spruce
When erected in the next two
weeks, the signs will rest on a
base of eight-by-eight inch tim
bers and will carry the mes
sage: “Entering Yancey County,
Gateway to Mt. Mitchell, High
est Peak in Eastern America.”
The signs are a project of the
Yancey County Chamber of
Commerce and work on the
project is being carried out by
the chamber's Yancey Promo
tion l ask Force
Number Thirty-Four
Briggs and Olive Briggs Ford.
The Hanes people are not pre
pared to state when- th6y will
start construction, or give such
details as the precise size of
the factory. They have asked
our Chamber of Commerce to
assist them in making a labor
survey to determine the number
of women interested and quali
fied for the type of employment
they will offer. The results of
this survey may be a factor in
determining the size of the
The people have stated
that the building will probably
be similar to their plant near
Pineola in Avery County. This
'is a handsome building, situated
in a large well landscaped tract.
The Hanes Corporation oper
ate eleven plants, mostly locat
ed in North Carolina, employ
ing more than 10,000 people.
The Hanes family, active in the
management of the company,
has been notable for their par
ticipation in civic and cultural
affairs, and the corporation has
the well earned reputation of'
being a good “corporate citizen”
in the communities where they
have plants.
Four sections of secondary
roads are scheduled to be
paved when the State Highway
Commission approves the low '
bid for the work, turned in by
Dickerson Inc. of Monroe.
In a telephone conversation
Wednesday morning ’with Paul
Wooten, Chairman of the Yan
cey Chamber’s Task Force on
Roads, Truman Conley describ
ed secondary road work slated
for Yancey County.
According to Conley. two
miles of the Blue Rock Road
will be paved, from NC 80 to
the forks of the Hall Chapel
Road. Nine-tenths of a mile on
the Bakers Creek Road will
be paved from the end of the
present pavement to the end of
the road.
The Plum Branch Road, of
which one and four-tenths mile
has been graded, drained, and
base surfaced, will be paved for
eight-tenths of a mile. The gra
vel section of Arbuckle Road
will be paved, with the excep
tion of a short section for which
the right-of-way has not been
Conley reported that Highway
Department plans for this
spring aim schedule the re
building of a bridge on Prices
•’reek Road.

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