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Chamber Presents Awards
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Shown above are Lcuise Jones,
Rev. Woodward Unbar and BB
Thacker as they received die
sportsmanship awards from the
Yancey County Chamber of
Commerce presented by Rev.
Finley. President of the Cham
ber. Their names will be engrav
ed on a large trophy and pre
A total of 115 organized com
munities in 15 counties and the
Cherokee Ind an Reservation en
tered the 1967 Western Nortr
Carolina Community Develop
ment Program by the entry
deadline, according to an an
nouncement by Frank H. Brown,
Jr. of Cullowhee, president of
the Asheville Agricultural De
velopment Council and Jerry
Sutton of Franklin, area chair
man of the program. The com
munity improvement program,
wheh encourages groups to or
ganize and work together on all
types of community projects, is
now in its 18th year. The pro
gram is sponsored by the agri
cultural agencies in the partici
pating counties and tre Agricul
tural Development Council.
Nine (9) communities in Yan
cey county are in the program
this year. They are Arbuckle,
Double Island. Green n,
Micaville, Mine Fork, Newdale,
Rocky Springs Heights, South
Toe and White Oak.
A total of seven (7) communi
ties in Yancey and 74 in the
area are also competing in a
special Roadside Improvement
Contest which is be'ng conduct
ed as a part of the Community
Development Program. Object
of iliis program is to encourage
jrpec al effort in improving and
beaut ifving the roadsides
Burnsville, N.C.
lewegr wtip iaiwrw w kw»
there. The presentation was
made at 10:QO a. m. Monday
monrng at the Class Day e*er
c’ses. Similar awards will be
made at Cane River on Frday
at 10:00 a. m. This is an annual
event for the Chamber of Com
Area awards totaling $4,900
will be awarded next fall to the
organized communities that
make the greatest progress dur
ing the year. The communities
will be judged on the basis of
commun’ty-wide improvements '
youth programs, efforts to in
crease income and better family
living. Local sponsors in the
various counties will also pro
vide approximately SB,OOO in
county prizes.
Area prizes to the winners in
both the Farm and Non-Farm
groups will amount to $1,750 for
each group, with a S4OO first
place award. Additional awards
will be made to the communities
w th the most outstanding youth
programs and to the winners
of the Roadside Improvement
Time Runs
Short For
Teacher Tests
BOONE—Less than two weeks
remain for prospective teachers
who plan to take the National
Teacher Examinations at Appa
lachian State Teachers College
on July 1, 1967, to submit their
registrations for these tests to
Edue itional Testing Service.
I’n'ncchm. New Jersey Regs-
Dedicoted To The Progress Os Yancey County
Sheriff Captures
And Destroys
Two Stills
Sheriff Donald Banks reported
this week that two “white liq
uor” st Us had been captured
recently in Yancey County, with
arrests being made.
The most recent still destroy
ed, Sheriff Banks said, was found
on Prices Creek last Friday
night. More than five gallons of
illegal whiskey was found. Along
with the whiskey, 300 gallons of
mash and 300 pounds of sugar
were found. The still was a 250
gallon outfit.
Sheriff Banks said the still
was being operated in the home
of Walter Banks. Banks was ar
rested, the sheriff sa : d, and
charged with the illegal manu
facture of whiskey.
Sometime earler a still was
found and destroyed on Horton
Creek near the home of John
Shepherd, Sheriff Banks said.
Thirty gallons of whiskey was
captured, and 600 gallons of
mash was found.
The sheriff said Shepherd was
charged with illegal manufac
ture of whiskey. He has been
■ *■> - As I. Ai I ■■»..*• t-...»umuiwiiiMayu>jinr.^Mwt.-
Hearings ea both cases are
Federal Officers Maurice B.
Gettleman and Abraham L
Lynch aided Sheriff Banks and
Deputy Sheriff Fred Rob : nson
in the capture of both stills, the
sheriff said.
G.S. Court
Os Awards
The Yancey County G ri Scout
Court of Awards will be held
Friday, May 26, at 7:30 p. m.,
in the Communty Budding. Mrs.
. Don Burhoe is Chairman of the
Neighborhood Association which
is sponsoring the event.
Adult leaders who will make
awards to the girls who have
completed badge work requre
ments are: Mrs. Ben Banks and
Mrs. George Butner, Burnsville
Junior Troop 88; Mrs. Willard
Crowder and Mrs. Frank Mc-
Mahan, Micaville Troop 146;
Mrs. Kore McWhirter and Mrs.
George Hicks, Scout Troop 18;
Mrs. Jack Edge, Burnsville
Cadette Troop 65; Miss Anne
Hassell, Senior Advisor w'll pre
sent graduation certificates to
s'x graduating seniors. Mrs.
David B. Powers and Miss
Theresa Coletta are leaders of
Burnsville Brownie Troop 86,
and will present fly-up wngs to
the Brownies moving into the
Junior level.
156 g rls are registered in the
seven active G’rl Scout Troops
in Yancey County.
trations for the examinations
must; be forwarded so as to
reach the office not later than
June 2.
Registration forms may be ob*
ta ned from Miss Hilda Ever
hart, 200 old Education Bldg.,
ASTC. Boone. N C 28607
Thursday, May 25, 1967
Public Hearing
In Raleigh On
Flection Os
School Boards
A public hearing will be held 1
in the North Carolina Legisla
tion Build ng in Raleigh Tuesday,
May 30, at 2:30 p. m. concern
ing the election of County
Boards of Education for all the
100 counties in North Carolina.
It is our understanding that
the bill as introduced would pro
vide that County Boards of Edu
cation be elected on a non-par
tis an basis, unless there is sev
ere opposition.
This bill applies to the entire
State. However, it is reported
that some senators want 24 Wes
tern North Carolina counties
exempt from the bill. Yancey
saire or im seSatehi want
exempt, it has been sa’d.
More than 178 registered Do-'
mocrats in Yancey County have
expressed in writing their wish
to have the Board of Education
hoe elected, it was reported.
Persons interested in the bill
should contact the elected offi
cers. in Raleigh representing
Yancey County.
Home Ownership
loans Available
W. Ralph Sechler, County Sup
ervisor, Farmers Home Adm n
istration stated that notice had
been received advising that
Farm Ownershp Loan funds are
again available. That for the
past several months, funds had
only been available for emer
gency purposes. However that
leans are now available for the
purchase of farms, for the en
largement of farm property now
owned and being operated.
Funds are also available for re
financing debts aganst farm
property where needed. Interest
rates are 5% and repayment
may be extended over a period
of up to 40 years.
Mr. Sechler stated that funds
continued to be ava lable for
Rural Housing Loans to both the
low to moderate and above mod
erate income groups. Interest
rates on loans to the low to mod
erate income group continues
at 5% and is slightly higher to
the above moderate income
Mr. Sechler further advised
that operating loan funds alse
continued to be available.
For further information con
tact the County FHA Office lo
cated in the Citizens Bank Build
ing, Burnsville, N. C. Office
hours are from 8:00 a. m. to
500 p. m„ Monday through
Number Thirty-Nine
A campaign to give Yancey
County a much needed face-lift
ing is moving from scattered
plans to an action stage, accord
ing to Bob Hill ard and Mrs.
Charles Gillespie, C>Cha : rman
of a county-wde CLEAN-UP,
SPRUCE-UP campaign being co
ordinated by the Chamber of
The Town of Burnsville, as its
P*rt in the campaign, is in the
process of painting and repairing
street signs about town. Summer
flowers are being planted at the
Sun Valley Nursing Home by
members of the Carol na Hem
lock Junior Woman’s Club.
Boy Scouts from Troop 502
were active two week-ends ago
picking up litter along East Main
Street and around the old court
house on the town square. A
group of Scouts also helped to
clean up a trash dump on the
N. C. 197 entrance to Burnsville.
Members of the Rocky Spring
He ghts Community Development
Club intend to landscape around
entrance signs to the develop
«!fn« fo - toe‘homes Th *toe~ at
tractive sub-division. A project
is also under way to mow grass
and weeds along roadsides In
the development.
Burnsville’s Volunteer Firemen
plan th ; s Sunday to wash down
the thoroughfare along Main
Street from Yancey Hospital,
around the square, to Young's
Auto Sales and North and* South
Main Streets from the Higgins
Memorial Methodist Church to
the 19-E Intersection.
On the afternoon of June 7,
members of the Burnsville Men’s
Club plan to landscape the pien'e
area behind the Health Center
and to f 'nish some of the con
struction on the picnic facilities
begun by the club last year.
Mrs. Lena R. Tilson of Burns
ville is retiring at the end of the
1966-87 school year, after more
than 30 years teaching in Yan
cey County public schools. She
has taught f rst and second
grades in Burnsville. Bald Crude
and Bee Log Schools, the Bee
Log School being her last' as

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