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    Volume 31
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BrowiU Scouts conduct Flog ceremony ot Scout Day Camp at Mt.
Mitchell Camp. Around 60 girls are attending.
The 21st Annual North Caro
lina Rhododendron Festival will
open this week in Bakersville.
Starting off this colorful event
will be the little girls between
the ages of eight .and twelve
years of age on Wednesday
night when Jr. Rhododendron
Queen, Debbie Shook of Spruce
Pine will crown her successor.
Registration of the senior
contestants will take place Thu
rsday at Bowman High School
as the young ladies from over
North Carolina start arriving to
compete for the crown and title
now held by Miss Linda Jeanne
Blair of Greensboro. This year,
twenty three entries have been
se’ected and one of these girls
will not only take back to her
hometown the title of what has
often been referred to as “the
second most traveled beauty
queen in America”, but she will
also take with her $2,500.00 in
scholarships, a new white con
vertible which she will use until
she returns a year from now to
crown her successor, a personal
appearance conrtact from Coca
Cola, a gold engraved wrist
watch, a $500.00 wardrobe and
other prizes. She will represent
Nc rth Carolina a full year across
the naticn.
Mirs Blair, a graduate of the
University of North Carolina at
Grcensb' ro and the daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. H. Neal Blair hos
ret a record breaking number of
i personal appearances this year
with almost an average of one
a dav. Her total is about 3M.
She has trave'ed from the Atlan
tic to the Pacific, fr< m tV
Great Lakes to Florida, always
representing her state with groat
Dedicated To The Progress Os Yancey County
Burnsville, N.C.
pride and dignity. When asked
if she would be happy when it
all ended, the lovely dark haired
queen smiled and said, “I just
don’t want to ta’k about it right
now.” sfhe did, however, reflect
in hei» voice that it mav be a
rad moment for her, but she has
another big event taking
in her life exactly three weeks
from that day. On July 15th she
will be married to Mr. Richard
Sain of Burlington.
The 600 acres of purp'e rho
dodendron on Roan Mountain are
expected to be in full bloom
during the festival. This is
where the final moments of the
contest is held in the gardens
which gave her the title she will
wear and talk about.
scholarship program is -
provided by a $1,000.00 check
given by Mr. J. E. Broyhill,
Chairman of the Board of Broy
hill Furniture Company, in Le
noir, a $1,000.00 savings bond by
the Price Foundation, Ormond
Beach, Florida, and a $500.00
scholarship to Blanton’s Busi
ness College in Asheville. Price
Foundation will also give a
$500.00 Bond to the Ist runner-up,
a $300.00 Bond to the second
runner-up and a $200.00 Bond to
the most talented non-finalist.
Judges for this year’s Rhodod
endron Festival will be arriving
in Bakersville on Wednesday and
Thursday where they will spend
the <ext few days sifting the
pages of information ana data
supplied them by the Festival
OFicia’s on each girl This alone
will not assure any girl she will
t>e winner what will count
is how well she can handle her-
self before people, and her beau
ty, intelligence, as well as talent.
Judges for the juni r Mss
Pageant on Wednesday night will
be: Mrs. Mercsr Lei Prce,
Ormond Beach, Florida; and
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Ball of
Charlotte, N. C.
Filling the Judges chairs Thu
rsday, Friday and Saturday are:
Col. Mercer Lee Price, Presi
dent, The Price Foundation,
Ormcnd Beach, Fla.; Mrs. Doro
thy Carter, Director of Miss
Georgia Pageant, Valdosta, Ga.:
Mr. Jerry Ball, Humble Oil
Company, Charlotte, N. C.; Mrs.
Faye Arnold Broyhill, (A former
Miss North Carolina) Lenoir, N.
C.; Mr. Robert H. Graham,
Stock Broker, Daytona Beach,
Fla.; Mr. J. W. York, Chairman
Conservation and Development
Board, Ra’eigh, N. C.; and Mr.
Lawrence Terrill, Disney Pic-'
tures, Atlanta Division.
Singing On
The hltn.
June 25
The sturdy slopes of Grandfath
er Mountain will ring to Singing
on the Mountain on June 25, as
plans are completed for the 43rd
annual gathering of one of the
largest and most unusual re’ig
irus singing conventions in the
Continued on back
Thursday, June 22,1967
NEW YORK American Ex
press Company has announced
that The Northwestern Sank
has joined its new credit card
Under an agreement signed
lait week, the bank and Ameri
can Express Company will offer
a jointly sponsored credit card
carrying a minimum $2,000 line
of credit plus all privileges of
the existing American Express
credit card. The plan was de
signed for the convenience of
people who ordinarily have sub
stantial travel and entertain
ment expenses, the company
The new card will have The
Northwestern Bank’s name on
one side with American Exoress’
name on the other, and it will
have immediate acceptance at
all the establishments around
the world that now honor the
American Express credit card.
It will be available through the
bank to individuals who can
meet the bank’s requirement
frr an unsecured line of credit
of $2,000 or more.
The line of credit feature of
the new card enables a mem
ber to obtain funds at The
Northwestern Bank in cash or
Trave’ers Cheques or credited to
his checking account. Similarly,
the cardholder can obtain funds
while away from home, any
where in the world, at any of
fice of American Express Com
pany or its subsidiaries. He can
purchase up to SSOO in Travelers
Cheques at any office of the
Company in the U. S„ and up to
SI,OOO in Travelers Cheques at
any of its subsidiary company
* imijL .v.... w . - lye ll&J&i
Ready to enter helicopter for
a tour of Bald Mountain Devel
opment are Mrs. Grace Banks,
representing Yancey County
Chamber of Commerce, Mayor
elect James A. Anglin, Chair
man Beard of County Commis
sioner O. W. Deyton, Mayor R.
K. Helmle.
Bald Mountain Development
Corp. was host to several coun
ty and town officials and busi
ness men yesterday afternoon.
Included in the group taken on
the tour were James Ray. Will
iam A. Ranks. James Proffitt
Nuoibur Forty Three
offices overseas, and eha-"p ts e
amount against his line of cred
it at his home bank.
As another feature of the
p’an, the cardholder can trans
fer his monthly travel and en
tertainment charges into a loan
against his bank line of credit.
To do this, he will complete a
simD’e form on the back of his
monthly credit card statement.
Iq case of a lost or stolen
card, the bank's customers will
have liability protection. Am
erican Express assumes respon
sibility for any fraudulent char
ges at credit card establish
ments against a lost or a stolen
card, except for a SIOO deduc
tible provision. However, if the
company receives notice of a
lost card before it is used
fraudulently, the member is pro
tected against all liability.
To guard against fraud, the
American Express Inspector’s
Department, a world wide pri
vate investigative force of sev
eral hundred men, has been ex
panded and will also protect the
Bank Credit Card Plan.
TTie company siad its original
cards will continue in effect
without change and members
holding them will continue using
them as before. However, those
members in North Carolina who
wish to obtain a bank credit
card may apply for it at The
Northwestern Bank, or any par
ticipating bank, without extra
charge. ir
The Northwestern Bank cur
rently operates 73 offices in
Western and Piedmont North
Carolina and will begin offering
its new card shortly.
and Dean Chrisawn.
When completed the 5,000 acre
development will have ski runs,
chair lift, fishing lakes, golf
course and a host of summer
Many home and cottage sites
have been sold, with construc
tion underway on some of the
houses. Many more beauittful
building sites are available, and
road construction and work on
water systems, as well as on re
creational facilities, is ‘being
carried on at a fast pace.

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