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    Volume 32
At a meeting of the Yancey
County Cnamber of Commerce
hem lhursaay night, the 7ui, tne
foatwing new officers and dir
ectors were elected: President,
Phinp M. Thomas; Vice Presi
dent, J. C. Styles; Directors Jack
Biggerstaff, J. F. Roomson, and
Lee Childress. Director Bigger
staff is replacing J. C. Styles;
Director Robinson replaces R.
K. He.mle; Director C.iildress
is a new Director. Mrs. Grace
Banks remains as Secretary.
Bill Dean, Director of Public
Re.aticns, spoke to the group,
outlining the athletic program
at Mars Hill College.
The Chamber adopted the fol
lowing Resolutions:
LEY has provided spiritual guid
ance for the members of the
First Presbyterian Church of
Burnsville, and for the many
others with whom he has ser
ved, and
WHEREAS, his devotion to the
ministry and the cause of Christ
has led him to seek a Christian
solution to the many problems
confronting Yancey County and
its citizens; and
WHEREAS, his tenure of the
office of President of the Yancey
County Chamber of Commerce
has resulted in an outstanding
record of achievement; and
WHEREAS, his faithful ser
vice, abundant life and clear ex
ample have produced a signifi
cant contribution and will ever
serve to enrich the lives of those
among whom be has labored;
WHEEAS, his departure from
this community for another place
of service can onlv be accepted
Mrs Briggs z
Mrs. Howell W. Briggs, 86, of
Rt. 3, died in a local hospital
Sunday afternoon after a long
Surviving in addition to the
husband are two daughters, Mrs.
Terrell Young and Mrs. James
R. Yeung, both of Burnsville Rt.
2; two sens, Dawson of Burns
ville and Thurman Briggs of
Mars Hill; four sisters, Mrs.
Haskett Hensley and Mrs. Tay
lor Wheeler, lfl>th of Burnsville
Rt. 3, Mrs. Earl Hensley of Bur
nsville Rt. 4, and Mrs. Stella
Shepard of Weaverville: two
brothers, Cloyd of Bamardsville
and General Sronce of Mars Hill
11 grandchildren and 18 great
Services were held at 2 30 p.
m. in Mt. Pleasant Bap
tist Church.
The Rev E J. Hall and the
Rev. M H. Kendall officiated
Burial was ir. the family ceme
Pa'tbcarer-! were Charles and
p .’nU Ai-nn Sron r ‘c,
Ollie and Willard Gar
ntt Vi I *, n *•''! 4 iepard and
Kenneth Buckner.
Burnsville, N.C.
with the knowledge that we
thereby share his dedicated life
with others;
RESOLVED by the Yancey
County Chamber of Commerce,.
acting by and through its Board
of Directors, that
1) The sincere gratitude of
this organization and its mem
bers be publicly extended to
leadership and service;
granted an Honorary Life Mem
bership in the Yancey County
Chamber of Commerce; and
3) This Resolution be entered
in its permanent minutes and a
copy be presented to WOOD
This the 7th day of Septem
ber 1967.
Philip M. Thomas, President;
J. C. Styles, Vice President,
Grace R. Banks, Secretary, G.
D.. Bailey, Harlon Holcombe,
James W. Ray, Joe Young,
Donald Westall, George W. Rob
erts, Claude Vess, J. A. Anglin,
Ray W. Miller, Earl L. Boyles,
William A. Banks, Paul Wooten,
Charles J. Wesson.
October 3rd, 4th, sth and 6th
will be busy days for some
homemakers from Mitchell, Yan
cey and Avery counties as mat
tress making workshops will be
going on. Mitchell and Yancey
will have their two day work
shop, October 3rd and 4th in the
Scout Hut in Spruce Pine.
This event is being sponsored
by the Agriculture Extension
Service in cooperation with
W.A.M.Y. Community Action.
Mrs. Genevieve Greenlee, Spec
ialist in Housing and House Fur
nishings, N. C. State University,
will be the instructor.
Mrs. Carol Wilson, group work
er, W.A.M.Y. Community Action,
Burnsville reports the following
will be making mattresses from
Yancey County: Mrs. Maggie
XfcPeters, Mrs. True Elliott.
Mrs. Faye Storie. Mrs. Ethel
Fox, Mrs. Kathleen Fairchild,,
Mrs. Wilma Harris, and Mrs.
Carrie Bennett.
Those to make mattresses
from Mitchell include Mrs. Lois
Slaele. Mrs. Eula Young, Mrs.
Beulah Burleson, Mrs. Ina Stev
enson, Mrs. Gladys Wise, and
Mrs. Evelyn Bennett.
Mrs. Greenlee will he in Av
ery County October sth and 6th
to conduct the same wrkshoo.
Anyone with sewing skills wish
ing to participate in these work
sh' ps should the Fx'-u
si l| Office 'll f’oki-rs* i’V New
lf>”d or ( aroi n
Dedicated To The Progress 01 Yancey County
Expert Rating
Yi’n . ..v.. ... ’
llllfc I m
' .r&sggp
NC) Amiv PJemr Ar
r'wond. 23. son of Mr. and Mrs.
Fra"ei s Route 3, Bur*
rsviHe. N. C„ fired expert with
the M-14 rifle near the comn’e
tion of his ha«io combat train
in® at Ft., Kv.. Aue. 14
The emert r>» : ng | s the high
est mark a om arMeve
in his rifle qualification test
Plum Branch
Road Improved
RALEIGH The State High
way Commission comp’eted work
on more than 1.15 mi’es of road
in the Thirteenth Division during
the month of August, according
to Commissioner James G.
Strike’eather, Jr., and Division
Engineer A. J. HuPhes. Work
was comp’eted in McDowell and
Yancey Counties.
In McDowell County: 01 mPe
Be Jp “ :
I II _ \ __
TRACK ''Tien Scottish Games
enthusiasts Rather next July at
Grandfather Maintain. N C.
Thursday, September 14, 1967
$8,988.77 UNDER POWELL
Dairy Bill
Roy A. Taylor Monday introduc
ed a bill to control dairy im
ports which are hurting the
dairy farmer.
The Uth District Congressman
said he was joining colleagues
in both the House and Senate in
an effort to halt the increasing
flow of foreign-produced dairy
products. Similar bills are being
sponsored by several members
of the North Carolina congress
ional delegation.
Dairy imports in 1966 were
three times those of the previous
year. Estimates for 1967 are al
most double those of 1966.
Taylor’s bill would not at
tempt to eliminate imports, but
would restrict them to a level
where they would cease to threa
ten the livelihood of dairymen.
“Many dairy fanners in North
Carolina who are already oper
ating on dangerously thin profit
margins will be forced out of
business if imports continue to
disrupt the market,” Rep. Tay.
lor declared.
of grade, drain, and stabtizing
was improved to Mt o’iv e Chur
ch (New Addition) from
SR-1415 north: 015 mile of grade,
drain, and stab’izing was im
proved to Grandview Drive (New
Addition) fr°m Loop off Airport
Road-SR-1512 to the dead end.
In Yancev Countv- no mile of
grade, drain. sfab'Mzing. and
erosion control va<» improved to
Plum Branch (SR-132D.
they will see an entirely new
Highland Games track in the
Shadow of the 6000-foot peaks.
The new track cent ruction is
under the directim of Ellis
Nunber Two
RALEIGH State Street Aid
allocations totaling aimost 10-
million dollars will go to qualify
ing cities and towns in the State
this year under provisions of
the Pcwell Bill, State Highway
C-mmission Chairman J. M.
Hunt, Jr., said today.
Hunt said that 424 North Caro
lina towns and cities will re
ceive proportional cash allot
ments amounting to $9,959,054.78.
Checks will be mailed from Ral
eigh the latter part « Septem
ber so that they will reach the
municipalities by October 1.
Funds equal to the amount pro
duced by one half cent of the re
gular six-cents per gallon motor
fuel tax levied by the State are
returned annually to participat
ing municipalities in propor
tional shares based on relative
non-state system street mileage
and cn the relative populations
of each of the municipalities.
Towns and cities qualifying for
participation do so by submitting
detailed information each year
to the Highway Commission Con
cerning ad valorem taxes, other
sources of revenue, budget ordi
nances and local elections. Some
legally incorporated towns do
not participate in the Powell Bill
Program simply because they do
not perform the necessary muni
cipal functions required under
the law.
Cha'rman Hunt noted that the
$9,959,054.78 being returned to
the 424 participating municipa’i
ties this year is more than twice
the amount returned t® 386 pa*--
ticipating towns and cities at the
beeinning of the program in 1951.
During the 17 year history of
the Powell Bill Proeram. a total
of $118,260,817.55 has he®n re
turned to the municipalities for
use on local streets.
Based on the 1960 Cenmg po.
pulation of 1.388, Burnsville will
receive a total allocation of
Maples, architect who de
signed the new Grandfather Golf
and Country Club nearby, and
will be the standard one tiuarter
mile in length.

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