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    Volume 32
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Rev. Jesse Hushes receives
check for fret place award for
Green Mountain in Community
Development Contest from Roy
Ray. president of Yancey United
Green /mountain Takes First Plate In
Community Development Contest
Dr. George Hyatt, Jr., Direc
tor of the N. C. Extension Ser
vice, was guest speaker at the
annual Farmers’ Night and
Ci/mmun ty Awards Program
Monday night at the Community
Building. The program for
awards is sponsored by Burns
ville Men’s C.ub.
Dr. Hyatt spoke on the Yan-,
cey County and Tar
get 2 Program. He explained
that this is a program planned
by lpeal advisory committees
and that the 1971 goal in Yancey
County was $6,508,550 or 38 per
cent increase above the 1965
figure. He pointed out that
cf this increased income will
ccme from hcrt cultural crops,
such as, tomatoes, pole beans,
pepper, Christmas trees, native
shrubbery, and strawberries.
Dr. Hyatt was introduced by
M. E. Hollowell, Western Dis
trict Extenson Agent.
Green Mountain won first
place in the over all Commun
ity Cntest judging. Newdale
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to y >** , T y . | < Jk, : ' "..M !
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■ if M-
yi* . r>«re* Jr. p*-','cV
p.' speaker ,ii Former’s N'-’M p , '-t n!- n Tir-w * r»s<fim for
Pm. in-, r- *o tower *'* N h ”ar«r ( r.i t - agr-;u’tvjre
Burnsville, N.C.
Farm Agent E. L. Dillngham
points to certificate award held
by Maurice McGough which also
Wll be given Mr. Hughes. Mr.
won f rst place n the non-farm
group, and Arbuckle won 3rd
place. White Oak won 4th place.
Double Island won sth place, and
Rocky Springs won 6th p'ace.
Micaville community entered
the contest but was not judged.
Newdale won first place in the
yoyth contest, and Green Moun
tain won 2nd place in the youth
The United Fund awarded
$336 00 of the prize monev to the
winners. Roy Ray, presdert of
United Fund, presented the
checks, and he urged the gr~up
to see that the United Fund goal
was reached.
Other prize money was pre
sented by Morris McGough who
anouhCed the distr ct judging in
the Western North Carolina
Community Development contest
to be held in November. Green
Mountain will represent Yancey
County in the district judging
in the farm group while New
dale will represent the county in
the non-farm and youth group.
Dedicoted To The Progress Os Yancey County
McGough, member of the Ashe
ville Agricultural Couuncil, in
troduced Dr. Hyatt, principal
Northwestern Bank presented
a check to Green Mountain few
SIOO.OO and French Broad Elec
tric Company presented a check
for SIOO.OO to Newdale.
Mr. Charles Wesson presented
Yancey Chamber of Commerce
awards to two outstand ng coun
ty tomato growers. John Ramsey
of the Ce'o section was awarded
first place and Hugh Pate of
Bald Creek second place. Be
sides a cash award to the two
cutstanding tomato growers,
framed certificates hand-made
by Bev. Woodward Fnley, past
president of the Chamber of
Commerce, were awarded.
The local Farm Extension Of
fice presented a box of apples
to Dr. Hyatt. Mr. Hollowed, Mr.
MeGough, and former mayor,
Robert K. Helmle.
Named To
Formation of a “Committee
of 10,000” for W. Scott Harvey
for Congress is underway in the
16 Western North Carolina coun
ties of the llth District.
The drive . aimed at securing
the Republican nomination to the
Congressional seat for Harvey
is headed by Mrs. Elsie Z. Pyatt
of Marion.
Clell Laney of Marion is vice
chairman of the 16-county drive
for a “Committee of 10,000” for
Harvey. Co-chairmen include
Clyde Tomblin of Rutherford
ton, Dean Chrisawn of Burns
ville, Mrs. Jack Claris of Hen
dersonville who will head the
campaign in Henderson and
Transylvania counties: Jeff
Brooks with Graham. Cherokee
and Cay counties; H C ShefiH
in Haywood and Jackson and
lewis Hodcll of Tr- n heading
'he drive n F *<k *«»toto
Thursday, October 26, 1967
Yantey Boy
Seletfed To
Go To D.C.
m m
' , . m
By: Shirley Anne McAllister
I. . D. (W.A.M.Y.)
Long distance Washington
calling? But why would Wash
ington be calling the N. Y. C.
Office? A N. Y. C. representa
tive is i «eeded to attend a con
ference in Washington. But who
would be the lucky boy or girl
who would represent the four
county area?
Supervisors and others recom
mended that the representative
be John David Cooper, a Yancey
County Boy!
Monday, Oct. 23, was the big
day! David b arded a plane and
left fer Washington where he’ll
be meeting w'th 600-700 ether
N. Y. C. enrollees. This is a big
experience for David for two
reasons His his first trip on
a plane and Ms first trip to
David said, “This is a real
honor for me." His parents are
hanpy he was selected to attend
this conference
David has been with the N. Y.
C. program for about four
months. He is presently working
wHh the Forest Service. He is
also attending Adult Basic Edu
cation Classes at C’earmnnt.
Yes, th : s is quite an honor for
David. People in Yancey County
should he nroud of this young
Growers Will
/Beet Monday
Tomato growers of Yancey
County will hold a meeting Mon
day at the County Courthouse
at 7:30 p. m.
The meetng is being called
to complete a survey of tomato
growers in the county for 1968.
An effort is being made to have
farmers here to agree to grow
from 75 to 100 acres of tomatoes
next year. And a complete sur
vey is necessary so that further
steps may be taken to provide
• market here next season.
All farmers who have signed
to grow tomatoes next year and
those who are interested in
grow n? and have not sieved are
urge*! to attend the meeting
Number Eight
PTA Sponsors
The Burnsville Elementary
School and PTA wll sponsor
the annual Harvest Festival pro
gram to be held in the school
gymnasium ,cn Monday night,
October 30 at 7:00 p. m. Tickets
are now on sale by the students
cf the school. The admission
price :s 75 cents for high school
students and adults and 25 cents
for elementary grade students.
No charge for pre school age
The program theme will be
"A Tr p Around the World"
with various classes and erouos
doing s'mes and dances from the
various countres.
Following the program refresh
ments wll be sold And there
will he a number of cake “walks.
Drawings f-r door prizes wll
offer a >5 00 co'-h nrize to one
adult and one student.
Rite Awarded
Plaque For
\i 1 &
x * mM,
Carlie Rice of Burnsville has
been named the
Conservation Faimer for ttie
western area cf Soil Conservation
Districts. The award, a plaque,
was given Mr. Rice at a dinner
meeting Thursday n ght at Nor
th Buncombe High School.
Os farmers judged in the 14-
ccunty area. Mr. Rice was judg
ed to be the best in conservation
act vities on his farm. These ac
tivities included farm plan and
practices, farm income and
general knowledge of sod c>n
rorvation. Inc’uded also in the
judging was the appearance of
the farm, as well as community
porticipat cn and use of avail
ab’e services to farmers.
Others attending the meeting
firm Burnivil’e besdes Mr. and
Mrs. Rice were Mr. and Mrs.
Albert Sutton. Mr. and Mrs.
Arney Fog, Mr and Mrs. E. L.
Mr Sutton is Jtoil ConsqrvaFon
Specialist for Yancey County.

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