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Photo by Jody Higgins
AN EXTRA-EARLY SPRING? —The past few months of unseasonal weather is playing tricks on area ski resorts and
on the plants and trees. Confused by the warm temperatures that have been predominate since heavy snowfall early in
the winter, many trees and plants are budding for what they think is spring. The warm weather has successfully fooled
the vegetation, but many growers fear these eager plants will be damaged when normal winter weather returns.
High School Students Plan Recreation Center,
Lack Os Progress And Initiative Kills Enthusiasm
By Zoe Ann Kaulf
East Yancey and Cane
River High Schools combin
ed their Student Council
members to discuss the possi
bility of a recreation center
in Burnsville for its teens. It
was agreed that both schools
would work for this goal.
Building plars, location or
just what type recreation
plans were not set at that
meeting, but officials were
elected and the students ware
ready to make the plans.
Some two months later,
however, this idea has made
no progress. When asked if
the two schools had decided
to call it quits or if the plans
had jist been forgotten, Jim
Noiris, East Yancey'sstudent
council president, said that
as far as he knew, the plans
were still in effect, jist that
no progress had been made.
Tim Higgins, president of
Cane River's student coun -
cil, had the same thought.
The recreation center
idea was enthusiastic ally re
ceived by TVA representa -
tive John B. Mariis, who
talked with Tim Higgins,
Keith Webb and John Renfrq
John Blair
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Hf Wrlß® tk J /
Ernie Howard
aflKliSßßfek jSIm
Catherine Deyton
OUTSTANDING STUDENTS AT EAST YANCEY—Eight seniors at East Yancey High School have been nominated for
the 1972 Outstanding Teenagers of America Awards program- They include John Blair, Charles Boone, Dwight Higgins,
Ernie Howard, Boyd Howell, Jimmy Norris, Janice Hunter, and Catherine Deyton. They have distinguished themselves
by leadership in community or school services, extracurricular activit iep, scholarship or sports. Charles Boone, Ernie
Howard and Janice Hunter and Catherine Deyton have been chosen to participate in the semifinals. Three juniors at
Erst Yancey were also nominated for the awards program. They are Debbie Thomas, Sheree Banks and Jerry Laws.
all of Cane River, along
with businessmen of Burns
ville who would give sup -
port to the students.
Cane River confronted
East Yancey and asked if
they would join them i n
Editor’s Note
Readers of The Yancey Record and Mitchell Led
ger have noticed a few issues of their newspaper, such
as this one, in which the news from bothcounties has
been printed in both papers. Our reason for doing
this is usually due to scarcity of news, cr ads, or both
at certain times of the year—when we want to give
our readers an interesting and informative newspaper
Although some subscribes who have friends and
relatives in both counties have applauded these issuer
it will not be possible to combine news cm a regular
basis as each county normally supplies us with more
than enough news for their paper.
It is worthy of note, however, that the combined
circulation of The Yancey Record and Mitchell Led
ger totals more than S, 500—one of the largest week
ly circulations in North Carolina!
Charles Boone
Debbie Thomas
working for this goal. East
Yancey seemed a little re
luctant at fist, but as talk
started, enthusiasm grew
and Eait Yancey was one
hundred par cent for the
Jimmy Norris
Sheree Banks
This enthusiasm ins died.
A lot of the membes have
forgotten about the recrea -
tion center. No other meet
ing have been held. There
seems to be a lack of com
munication between the
two Council presidents as to
how the situation stands.
Cane River waits for East
Yancey and vice versa. Mr.
Marius was to be informed
as to whether the schools
were interested in the re
creation center. This had
not been done either.
Another meeting should
be scheduled and enthusiaan
worked up again. Instead of
letting this enthusiasm die
down again as it did
do something towards this
goal. It will have to be
decided definitely whether
a recreation center is wan
ted and if so, die students
mist work on it instead of
waiting around.
At the meeting, it was
made clear that the center
would be planned for the
near future. If the plans
are not follcxved through,
a recreation center will not
be pxxsible.
7 fwtjJUjm
Dwight Higgins
Janice Hunter
J*’l L»i
VOL. 36, NO. 2
Holshouser To Speak
At GOP Dinner Rally
James E. Holshouser, Re
publican candidate for Gov
ernor, will be the featured
speaker at a GOP dinner and
rally to be held January 29,
at 8:00 p. m. at Cane Ri\er
High School.
Yancey County Republi -
can Chairman, Steve Boone,
announced this week that
James Holshouser
IRS Tax Booklet Is Now
On Sale At Post Office
A booklet that gives infor
mation on how to fill out
Federal tax returns will be
sold at the Postal Service
facilities in the area Post
master Paul Buck announced
"Your Federal Inc om e
Tax" was written by die In
ternal Revenue Service and
contains many examples to
illustrate how the tax law
applies to actual situations.
A special feature of the book
let is the sample, filled-in
return, Form 1040, keyed to
pages where explanations can
PTA To Meet
Parents and teachers of
Burnsville Elementary stu -
dents are urged to attend
the first meeting of (he PTA
in the new year. The meet
ing will be held in the dining
area of the Rock Building on
Tuesday, January 18, 7:30
p. m. Rev. Harold Me Don
ald, this year's PTA
has stated that a well-atten -
ded and forward-moving PTA
is essential in order to carry
through plans and programs
to help Burnsville Elementary
School and its students.
Carlyle Bledsoe will give
a slide talk on "God and Coun
try" with pictures of many
beautiful areas of the United
States, as an especially in
viting program for this PTA
Women’s Club
To Meet
The Burnsville Woman's
Club will hold its regular
meeting at 8:00 p.m. Thurs
day, January 13, at the Com
munity Building. Hostesses
will be Mrs. Ernest Briggs
and Mrs. James Ray. Mis.
Donald Westall will be the
speaker for the evening. She
will discuss her recent trip
abroad, supplementing her
talk with slides, readings,
and materials appropriate to
the travelogue.
The public is invited.
Holshouser and his wife,Pat,
plan to be at both the rally
and dinner.
Holshouser has served four
terms as a State Representa
tive from Mitchell, Avery,
and Watauga Counties and
was State Republican Party
Chairman from 1966 through
Tickets for the January 29
dinner are five dollars each
and can be obtained by con
tacting Mr. or Mrs. Steve
There will be a meeting
of the Republican Executive
Committee on Thursday
night, January 13, at the
Courthouse. This meeting
is very important. All in
terested people are urged to
be found for each entry on
the return.
The 160-page booklet is
on sale now and costs 75<t a
"By selling this booklet
at postal facilities in the
Burnsville area we are offer
ing a convenient service to
our customers," Postmaster
Buck said. . "We are partici
pating in a nationwide pro -
gram to make the tax booklet
available to the public in
15,000 postal facilities. "
Another popular IRS pub
lication, "Tax Guide For
Small Business " will also be
sold for 75$ a copy at the
Asheville Post Office.
This publication answeis
many questions businessmen
have about Federal income,
excise and employment taxes
and also contains a 1972 tax
calendar with due dates for
various tax and information
returns and payments.
MUaville PTA
The Micaville PTA will
meet Monday, January 17
at 7:30 p.m. Mrs. Fergus
Pope will show slides about
their life and work with Dr.
Albert Schweitzer in Africa.
Interested parents are urged
to attend.
Tax Help!
FIRST: Dial your long dis
tance access number.. .THEN:
Dial 800-822-8800 The
person who answers will be a
Taxpayer Assistor in Greens
boro who will help you with
any federal tax problem you
have. AND: The phone
call costs you nothing!
All York Rite Masons in
the tri-county area are invi
ted to attend its regular
meeting Friday night, Janu
ary 14, at the Masonic Tem
ple in Asheville. Dinner
will be served at 6:30 p.m.
followed by a regular meet
ing of the Chapter Council
and Commandery at 7:30.
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VANDALISM IN BURNSVILLE—Last Friday night vandals left their mark on several es
tablishments in Burnsville, two of whicb were churches. Three of the main spotlights on
the grounds of First Baptist Church were broken off at the base, the steel casings broken
although the bulbs themselves were undamaged. The church sign at Higgins Memorial
Methodist Church had its glass housing broken and the board itself splintered. Vandals
apparently then continued down the street, breaking a plate glass window at Burnsville
Veterinary Clinic before ending up at Burnsville Elementary School where they also broke
windows. The vandalism was not discovered until morning, and the Yancey Sheriff’s De
partment is investigating the incident.
Northwestern Financial Corporation
Reports Net Earnings For 1971
The unaudited,combined
net earnings of Northwestern
Financial Corporation forthe
year 1971 were $6,574, 345
or $2.17 per share. This
compares with $5,278,618 or
sl. 74 per share for the year
1970, an increase of 24.71
per cent or 43 cents pershare.
The Northwestern Bank,
the principal subsidiary of
Northwestern Financial Cor
poration, contributed the
major part of the earnings
for the Corporation. Total
deposits of the Bank on De
cember 31, 1971, were
$6 31,400,317, an in
crease over 1970 of 2 3.13
per cent or $118,612,559.
loans increased $94,214,101
or 26.59 per cent. Total
assets of the Bank increased
from $582,877,079 to
$710,050,026 or 21.82 per
Northwestern Security life
Insurance Company reported
continued expansion in sales.
Insurance in force increased
68 per cent as against 39
per cent in 1970. This ne
cessitated an increase in re
serves of $1,100,000. Not
withstanding this increase in
reserves, Northwestern Secur
ity Life showed approximate
ly the same profit as it did
in 1970.
In 1971 First Atlantic
Corporation increased its bu
siness very materially. The
KT.S BOX 253 D
BURNS fILLF., N.C. 28714
Corporation was fortunate in
selling its loans at the high
rates of interest prevalent in
the first part of 1971 and as
a result showed a substantial
increase in profits.
M G J Financial Corpora -
Chamber Os Commerce
Plans f vents For New Year
The Board of Directors of
the Yancey County Chamber
of Commerce met at the Town
Hall at 7:30 p.m. January
6th with president C1 a ude
Vess presiding. Twelve mem
bers attended.
Plans were made by this
group to carry out several
events of civic interest to
the county. Committees were
named to work out details
in connection with the An
nual Dinner Meeting to be
held in the spring.
Plans are already under
way for the Annual Craft
Fair on the Square early in
10 e
tion increased its volume of
business and due to a lower
cost of money revets id the
decrease in profits noted in
our report of December 31,
1970. Profits increased from
$266,000 to $352,000.
August, as well as for bring
ing other attractions to the
town and county.
Members of the Board also
plan to look into the possibi
lity of bringing about a 'Tace
lifting" project for the Town
of Burnsville.
The Yancey County Cham
ber of Commerce is an active
group of citizens working to
gether to make our beautiful
Yancey County an even bet -
ter place in which to live.
They invite your participa -
tion in county affairs. Won't
you join them?

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