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A Ghostly Scene From A One Act Comedy ‘The Hangman's Loose’
Hawk Headlines
By Emma Sparks
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Dd3rcat
from Asheville visited with
Mr. and Mis. Jay DeGroat.
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Led
ford from Waynesville and
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Calhoun
i SBIE i
| Size 9 Mo. to m $1.97-53.97 ♦
i i
| *
| CHILDRENS SPRING COATS - 51.97-54.47 \
j GOWNS - 51.97-52.97 j
I GOWN SETS - 53.97-55.95
| LADIES SLIPS - all nylon - $2.47
| *
| PANTIES-$.67 »
» |
f Fabrics: Polyester—Cottons—Whip Cream-Dan River .
I All Kinds Os Lace, Trim, and Buttons
i Open Daily 7a.m. To 4 p.m. j
Carter’s Ri<~ge Rd. j
Spruce Pine, N.C. I
| (Grassy Creek Section)
I Across From PJneGolf Course^
Sue’s Beauty Shop
Is Having A Special
JUtf Permanents SB.OO
Bleaches $15.00
Frostings $15.00
These Prices Will Last Through The
ij Entire Months Os February And March ji
|*Y *•• leploytes At Sit’s
i Willarit Job*
: Iw Sboroi Katlf ||
W« Art Also Glviag Away A Shag Wig
March 1, So Ivoryoao Coaa Dowa Aad W ij
Fat Yoar Noeo la Tho Box For Tbo Drowiag
- !
from Morganton visited with
Mrs. Doris Ledford.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Buch
anan are the proud parents of
a new 9 pound baby boy.
Cottage Prayer meeting
MARCH 2, 1972
will be held at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Milt Buchanan.
Mrs. Estelle Buchanan is
visiting with friends and rela
tives over the weekend.
Mr. Ernest Buchanan from
Charlotte has been visiting
with friends and relatives.
Many of the children from
our community enjoyed col
lecting money for the heart
fund. They collected $60.00
of which they were verypoud.
The girls involved were Pam
Sparks, Rhonda Stamey,Deb
bie Greene, and Penny Beam.
Mb. Sue Lloyd from Char
lotte has been visiting with
Mrs. Doris Ledford.
Mrs. Cretia Woody is visit
ing with friends and relatives
in Charlotte.
Cottage Prayer Meeting
will be held at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Wise McKinney
of the Rebels Creek Commu -
nity. The public is cordially
Larry Sparks has been visit
ing with friends in Florida.
The fourth Saturday night
singing will be held at Cahory
Baptist Church. All singers
and the public are invited.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Buch -
anan are the proud parents of
a 9 pxrund baby boy.
We would like to extend
happy birthday wishes to Cin
dy Rathbone, Nat Burleson
and Roe Woody.
Women Past 21
Suffer Many Troubles
After 2). common Kidney or Bladder
■ motion! affect twice u many women
aa men and may make you tense and
nervous from too frequent, burning or
itctung urination both day and night
Secondarily, you may lose sleep and
suffer from Headaches. Backache and
feel old, tired, depressed In such irri
tation, CYSTEX usually brings fast,
relaxing comfort by curbing irritating
germs in strong, acid urine and by anal
gesic pain relief Get CYSTEX at drug
gists. See how fast it can help you.
Drama Club To Perform
By Diana Fagan
East Yancey High School's
Drama Club will present two
one-act productions at the East
Yancey Gym on March 2 at
Bioo p.m. Tickets for adults
are SI.OO and 75* for child
ren and may be purchased fnm
a Club member or at the door.
Both plays are comedies..
The first, "The Hangman's
Loose", is an amusing play
about two spinster sister aunts
who inherit a three - hundred
year old haunted mansion. The
plot becomes complicated as
two free-loading beatniks show
up and exprose a mansion full
of ghosts and bandits.
"Quiet Please", the second
play, is equally amusing, al
though it's background it to-
From Berea
By Mrs. J. N. McKinney
A bright sunny day was
really welcomed by all of us
here in Berea Community. It
was especially good to see the
faces of all the folks who had
been sick but now able to be
back in church this Sunday,
February 27th. Oi Saturday
night, February 19th and Sun
day both the regular singing
and the Sunday School had to
be cancelled due to bad wea
ther and sickness. The Regu
lar 3rd Saturday Night Sing
ing was planned again for
March. Singing groups and
everyone is invited to attend.
Johnny Jones who has been
real sick with flu is improving
he reports, but not able to
work in his shop as yet.
Mrs. Frank Masters has
been spending some time with
her mother in Fork Mountain
Community. Mrs. Garland is
at borne recuperating from
Surgery she had for skin can
cer on her arm. We trust
Mb. Garland will be vrell soon.
Mr. and Mb. Howard
Hughes were recently visiting
Mrs. Hughes mother and sis
ter and family in Johnson City,
Tennessee. Her mother is
Mrs. Maude McKinney and
her sister is Mb. Ray Garland.
Those visiting Mr. and Mb.
Jesse Garland recently were
his brother and wife, Mr. and
Mrs. Ike Garland of Envin; a
daughter and husband, Mr.
and Mrs. Paul Hoilman of
Johnson City; another daugh
ter and husband, Mr, and Mrs.
J. L.Tipton from the Fork
Mountain Community.
Mrs. Christine Honeycutt
was absent from church re
cently with her mother, Mrs.
Hassie Duval. We hope you
will soon be recovering, Aunt
Hazzie, so that you and Chris
tine can be bacjs in chinch
The family of Bruce Hoil
man have been sick. Wfe hope
they will soon be oit again.
We miss every one that is out.
It was reported that How -
ard Gouge is ill. He is a faith
ful one at church and we hope
that he won't have to be out
Mrs. James A. Millergives
an encouraging report on her
work collecting donations for
the Heart Fund in this area.
She says moat all the people
she contacted helped out in
the project.
< J
YOUR so/&:.
tally different, ft begins with
two feuding mountain brothers
whose non-speaking quarrel
is interrupted by the visit of
a "city gal". She prove* to
make a difference and to
subtly aid the two brothers in
to a funny reconciliation,
which awes the members of
the "Sunnyville Christian So
ciety", whose fruitless efforts
on the two mountaineeß have
resulted in frustration and
many an amusing episode.
The cast includes: "Quiet
Please"—Jeff, Charlie Boone;
Judd, Faron Silver; Mattie,
Pam Edge; Rev. Andrews,
Joey Robertson; Josie, Regina
Robinson; Catherine, Sylvia
"The Hangman's Loose"
Hilda, Karen Fagan;
Sherrec Banks; Minerva, Jan
ice Hunter; Mrs. Matthew,
Rita Wilson; Ctewald, Lyndon
Burgin; Florence,Karen Mc-
Intosh; Bill, Charles Robinron
Carol, Christine Harris; Dud
ley, Gary McMahan; May,
Sandy Ray and Ghost, Regina
Proceeds from the plays will
go to a fund to purchase a
new stage curtain—badly need
ed in the gym at E. Y. Every
one is invited to attend and
enjoy one of the funniest and
most entertaining events ofthe
school year.
Mine Creek
The True Gospel Quartet
will be singing at the Mine
Creek Church on Saturday
night, March 4th, and every
one is invited who wishes to
* *
This weekend turned out
to be a far cry from the likes
of last weekend and was a
most welcome change. We
have even seen some spring
flowers poking their heads up
through die earth —but I think
old man winter won't be lea
ving us for real for a few nore
weeks. That will be toler -
able because of the eager an
ticipation and expectation of
Spring. If we didh't have
winter Irow could be appre -
date spring and summer?
* *
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gage
had a birthday dinner Sunday,
February 27, honoring their
daughter and son-in-law, Mr.
and Mrs. Fleet Hensley.
Guests were their granddaugh
ter, Tammy, Mi. and Mis.
Philip Gage from Old Fort,
Horace and Mary and Hale
* *
Mb. Lucy Saylor remains
quite ill in the Mountain San
itarium at Fletcher, N.C.
* *
Dallas Howell is home from
the Irospital and doing well
after a bout with pneumonia.
* *
It has been reported to me
that Fred Gage is running
against Cloyd Thomas for the
Mayor of Mine Creek. Surely,
this must be in jest, so here's
to the worst man to win!
Enough foolishness...
* *
It's such a shame that some
people think of our land as
just a garbage dump. I hope
that those who do will some
day be inundated with garbage,
but we get so mad to see beer
and soft drink cans strewn
along our roadsides every few
feet, ft really is inexcusable
and so unnecessary. Oirgood
scouts and clean up crews
really have their work cut out
for them and when we get it
clean, please, let's keep it
that way.
lasts up to JfoOa
V L 1
*■ A VHL "pk.
A Scene From The Rehearsal of Drama Club Play ‘Quiet Please’
In And Around The Tipton Hill Area
By Ethel Miller
Rev. and Mrs .Ho It Griffith
of Tipton Hill spent several
days last week visiting their
daughter, son-in-law and
grandson, Mr. and Mrs. Hollis
Sayloß and Tracy of Green
ville, Tennessee.
Mr. Gene Griffith of Erwin,
Tenn. visited his sister and
dad, Mrs. Kate Ledford, son
Greg and Mr. Beecher Grif
fith of Tipton Hill Thursday,
Feb. 24.
Mr. and Mb. Earnest Peter
son of Green Mountain visited
Mb. Peteßon's sister, Rev.
and Mb. Holt Griffith and
Betty' of Tipton Hill Friday
night, Feb, 25.
Mr. William Grindeland
of Grand Fork, North Dakota,
visited the adult education
class held at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Harvey J. Miller of
Tipton Hill Monday night,Feb
ruary 21. The class is taught
by Mr. Grindeland's son, Mr.
Richard Grindeland. Mr.
Grindeland told of how his
grandfather came to North Da
kota over a century ago from
Norway. He also told of his
early childhood and of a visit
he made to Norway. Mr.
Grindeland is a retired ele -
mentary school principal. The
class enjoyed his visit very
Honor Roll
The following students at Cane River High School
have maintained a93 average or above for the "A"
honor roll or have been placed on the "B" honor roll
for the first semesters
Seniors on the "A" honor roll are Sheila Byrd, Janis
Fox, Deborah Grindstaff, Debbie Higgins, Verlyn Hig -
gins, Tim Higgins, Carson Honeycutt,Mike McCurry
and Dennis Whitson. Seniors on the "B" honor roll are
Kenny Hedrock, Ronnie Randolph, Anna Robinson,
Marvin Silvers and Debbie Watson.
Juniors on the "A" honor roll are Betty Buchanan,
Debbie Edwards, Pam Fox, Cathy Hughes, Marie Man
ey, Audrey Renfro, Nina Stiles. Junios on the "B" ho
nor roll are Doug Angel, Diane Banls, Donna Beaver,
Doris Byrd, Judy Cannon, Jody Cox, Donnie Edwards.
Also Teresa Fender, Randy Foxx, Mike Higgins, Rita
Higgins, Jana Pate, Anita Peterson, Ramona Ray,Ca -
thy Robinson, Wanda Tipton, Mike Thomas, Norma
Westall, Patricia Woody. Eddie Stiles was another
junior placed on the "A" honor toll.
Sophomores on the "A" honor roll are fibroma Brad
ford, Sarah Deyton, Linda Doan, Sue Fox, Kay Honey
cutt, Sandy Hylemon, Carol McCurry, Carol Phillips,
Cathy Ponder, Nora Williams. Sophomores on the "B 1
honor roll are Jayne Banks, Janice Cannon, Tom Eng
land, Roger Foxx, Larry Hall, Pat Hensley, Glenda Mc-
Curry, Harold Robinson.
Freshmen on the "A" honor toll are Ramona Angel,
John Anowood, Warren Bailey, Marilyn Banin, Phillip
Deyton, Linda Tipton, Brenda Webb. < Freshmen on
the "B" honor toll are Tommy Adkins, Judy Anowood,
Donna Davis, Sara Deyton, Carolyn Edwards, Dosnetta
Elldns, Yvonne Gregory, Tom Higgins, Donna Higgins,
Kenny Jobe, Darrel Metcalf, Mona Morrow, Monty
Whitson, Joan Whitson.
We salute these students for their fine work and hope
they do as well during the remainder of the year.
Those on the sick list this
week are Mrs. Edythe Griffith,
Mb. Besrie Whitson, Mb.
Zeke Barnett, Steve Barnett,
In a Kay Barnett and Mr. Car
men Miller. We hope they
will all soon be fad ing better,
Mb. Carmon Miller of
Brum mitts Creek visited the
doctor in Johnson City and
had the cast removed from
her leg Friday, Feb. 25.
Those visiting Mb. Pearl
Hughes and Vaughn of Brum
mitts Creek Sunday, Feb. 27
were Mb. Ethel Peteßon,Mis.
Julie Fritz and Mrs. J. D.Mas
teß and Steve of Burnsville.
Mb. William Edward went
back with her husband, Staff
Sgt. William Edwards to In
diana where he is stationed.
They left Tuesday, Feb. 22.
Mr. and Mb. Hollis Say
lob and son, Tracy of Green
ville, Tenn. visited Mr. and
Mb. Holt Griffith Sunday.
Mr. and Mb. Scott Grif
fith and son Joe ofTiptaiHill
visited Mr. and Mrs. Vaugin
Bryant of Johnson City, Tenn.
Sunday, Feb. 27.
Those visiting Mr. and Mrs.
Scott Griffith and Joe Sunday,
Feb. 27 were Mr. and Mrs.
Alfred Blanton of Bakeßville,
and Mr. and Ms. Shelton
Byrd of Johnson City, Tenn.
Mr. Gaither Barnett of
Pigeon Roost bought a 1972
4-wheel Chevrolet pick -up
truck last week.
News From
While Oak
ByMrs.Ruth Seatz
Mb. Virgil Dellinger, mo
ther of Mrs. Woodrow Green,
fell one day last week and
broke her arm.
• • •
Mrs. Myrtle Greene,sister
of Mrs. Earl Greene, is a pa
tient in Spruce Pine Hospital.
Mb. Pauline Parker and
children Randy and Deia of
Kings Mountain were visiting
Mb. Lillie Bailey over the
Mr. and Mb. J. C. Moss
of Mars Hill were visiting Mr.
and Mrs. Stokes Bailey Sun.
Mr. Edward Reel spent 2
weeks with his father and
mother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs,
Walter Ledford.
Our sympathy goes out to
Mr. Fred Sparks due to the
death of his sister, Althea.
By Deborah Grindstaff
The Intermural Basketball
Tournament began Tuesday,
February 22. This tournament
is for students who did not par
ticipate in varsity sports for
some reason or another.
Tuesday the freshmen play
ed the junioß during fourth
period. The final score was
18-14 in favor of the fresh
men. Wednesday, 23rd, the
freshmen boys played the jun
ior boys. The final score was
24-21 in favor of the junior
boys. Thursday, the 24th, the
sophomore girls took on the
senior girls. The game was
played with much skill, but
the sophomore girls were vic
torious over the senior girls
by a 17-5 score. On Monday,
the 28th, the sophomore hoys
met the senior boys. Final
score was 39-30 in favor of
the senior boys. All playeß
have shown good sportsmazrfdp
and the crowds have also had
very good sportsmanship.
The freshmen and sopho -
mores (girls) will meet each
other for finals and the junior
and senior boys will be play -
ing each other for the Cham -
pionship. The dates of these
game* have not been set yet.
The varsity basketball play
ers were coaches and referees
A 50* admission price has been
charged for all game*.

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