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VOL. 4, NO. 15
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S 7OO Given To Special Class At Micaville
Mr. Carl Penland, president and Mr. Kenneth Phillips, vice
president of the Mt. Mitchell C.B. Club presented a $700.00
check to the Trainable Mentally Retarded Class at Micaville
Garden Assistance Program Now
Available To Qualified Families 1
A limited garden assis
tance program to help fami
lies who may not otherwise be
able to plant a garden this
spring will be carried on by
the local Community Action
Office. The project is sche
duled to begin immediately.
Only the families unable to
obtain seeds, plants or fertili
zer, in sufficient amounts to
plant and raise a garden
adequate for their families
use, should make a request to
W.A.M.Y. Community Action
Office, stating the assistance
needed. Request should not
be made for more seed,
fertilizer, or plants than is
needed for a garden based
upon the size of the family.
The condition for qbtain
ing help through this project
is that the family show they
have a need for assistance
that they are unable without
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East Yancey Students At State FFA Meet
Fairmont High School at Fairmont in Robeson County was
the site of the 22nd State Land Judging Meet on April 3, 1976.
Forty-five FFA teams competed for an expense-paid trip to the
National Land Judging Meet In Oklahoma City plus other team
and Individual awards. Representing this area was the East
Yancey FFA Chapter which placed first In the Western
District. Team members Included David Gibbs, Scotty Hicks,
Randy Crowder and Wade Biddix. The team was coached by
hardship, to obtain the help
needed and that they agree to
plant and harvest all the
foodstuff given.
The request for assistance
French Broad EMC
Rate Hike Notice
French Broad EMC has
' received notice from Carolina
1 Power & Light Company that
: a new rate increase request
1 has been filed with the
1 Federal Power Commission
’ which will increase wholesale
* rates approximately 33%.
CP&L was denied a 35%
increase in March of this year
1 and required to refile at a
’ lower level, and French Broad
EMC was not anticipating as
1 much as 33% on this new
School. The check was accepted by the teacher, Pat Mclntosh
and her assistant Pauline Livingston. This class is for special
children who cannot function in the regular classroom.
should be made immediately
to the W.A.M.Y. Community
Action Office, number 682-
2610, or contact Betty Whit
son, True Elliott, or Sabra
filing. However, it appears
that the FPC will allow this
33% to be put into effect,
under bond, on May 1. This
will mean that French Broad
EMC’s rates to its members
will have to be increased on
the May bills that will be
mailed around June 1.
Information on exactly
how much bills will have to be
increased will be supplied to
the members as soon as it is
vocational Agriculture teacner Herbert LI. Allen. \
The Meet is sponsored by the North Carolina Bankers
Association and Carolina Power & Light Company In
cooperation with the North Carolina Department of Public
Instruction, the North Carolina Agricultural Extension Service,
the Soil Conservation Service and the North Carolina Soli and
Water Conservation Commission. Pictured r. are Blddix,
Crowder, Hlcki, Gibbs.
Each family needing this
assistance will be requested
to fill out a written reque st for
the help needed and a family
information sheet about the
family needs and conditions.
Community organizations
interested in planting Com
munity gardens and who have
need of assistance should
contact the County Director as
soon as possible.
Ms efts
9ft - 72
Mount Mitchell Golf Club Sets-
Opening Date , Gets New Pro
; The Mount Mitchell Golf
CTuh will open for the 1976
reason on Saturday, April 10.
An 18-hole public facility, the
course has been operating
less than a year, having
officially opened June 15,
1975. The relatively flat layout
features a number of interes
ting holes including the Par
3-15th over the South Toe
River. Because of the terrain,
the course can be easily
traversed by electric or pull
carts which are available to
rent. Green fees will remain
$4.00 on weekdays and $6.00
Photography Experiment:
Art Students Make Camera
Using materials found in
any home or schoolroom,
Alden Hanson’s seventh and
eighth grade art students at
Pensacola School constructed
their own pinhole cameras
and began to experiment with
the art and the science of
photography. The camera
bodies were made from
oatmeal or tobacco boxes; the
lens from a piece of tinfoil
pierced with a straight pin
(hence the name “pinhole”);
the shutter, a simple flap of
A paper covering the pinhole.
The boxes were covered
entirely with opaque black
paper to make them “light
tight (sealed from any leaks of
light through cracks or
seams). One end of the
“camera” was removeable
for the loading and removal of
film. The opposite end held
the lens, simply a two-inch
square of tinfoil with a
centered pinhole for the
controlled entrance of light.
Once the cameras were
completed, work began on the
making of a darkroom. A few
sheets of black paper over the
window, a few signs of
warning and identification, a
photograph safelight and as
sorted tools perfected the
metamorphasis from boiler
room to darkroom.
Film was then cut from
sheets to fit each camera and
inserted into the removeable
back opposite the pinhole.
With the shutter flap covering
the lens, each student left the
darkroom to find the right
subject to record. When the
choice was made, the cameras
were rested upon some stable
prop, the lens pointing toward
the subject. The shutter flap
was opened, the seconds
needed for exposure slowly
At High
High Pastures is pleased
. to announce a special Spring
seminar this weekend, April
9, 10 and 11, featuring Bible
study, prayer and praise. It is
the prayer of those at High <
Pastures that you find it an
opportunity to come apart
from your everyday world to
draw closer to the Lord. Bible
teaching and counseling will
be done by Nelson Walden of
Asheville. People who already
know Nelson will look forward
to being with him and sitting
under his ministry.
The first session of the
Spring seminar will be Friday
evening, April 9, at 8:00 p.m.
There will be a morning and
evening session on Saturday
and the seminar will end
with a session Sunday morn
ing at 10:00 a.m.
Please come yourself and
share this information with
your friends.
on weekends apd holidays. c
Season passes are available
for $150.00 for an individual c
and $175.00 for families. The «
popular Wednesday Special 1
will continue again this year v
with the package of green fee "
and Vt golf cart for $7.00.
The new professional at '
the course will be William <■
Deck who was the assistant s
last year. William is a 1975 1
graduate of Appalachian State
University and was a member i
of the golf team there. He s
recently returned from Flor- <
ida where he enjoyed success <
counted, the shutter closed
once again-the first trial
photograph had been made.
At that point the students
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Pensacola Students Construct Camera Body
- W 09 % w
Wk If M Wk
lisp I gHB
i Bl
Camera Takes Shape Photos by Ann Hawthorne
* s'., -
on the Winter Mini-Tour.
The pro shop will again be
completely stocked with golf
equipment and mens and
ladies golfwear. The golf shop
will be open from 8 a.m. until
7 p.m. during the week and
7:30 a.m. until dark on
weekends. Lessons are avail
able by appointment with
several group clinics to be
formed in the summer.
Persons requesting more
information on the golf course
should call 675-5454 or
675-4923 or come by the
course on Highway 80 south.
3 entered the aspect of photo
-1 graphy that few knew any
thing about- the technical and
s chemical process of develop-
15 c
y . <pi -i-jf '*>
William Deck
ing and printing film. The
exposed film was developed
in a three chemical process to
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