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VOL. 4, NO. 16
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Students Hold Teacher Appreciation Day
Monday, April 12, was designated Teacher Appreciation
Day at Burnsville Elementary School by the Junior Beta Club
and the Student Council. The Council and the Beta Club placed
a small vase of spring Bowers on the desk of each teacher, in
the principal’s office, and on the tables in the lunchroom on
Monday morning with a reminder that the Beta Club members
would be coming to their rooms to work with them during the
Board Os Education Appoints Mori
1976- ’77 SchoofYear Principals
The Yancey County Board
of Education has announced
the election of principals to
serve in two elementary
schools for 1976-77. Miss
Paula Mae Higgins will serve
as principal of Burnsville
Elementary School, a position
held by Mr. Larry Howell for
the past five years. Mr.
Howell will serve next year as
principal of Micaville Ele
mentary School. Sidney Zull-
Plans have been comple
ted for the Yancey County
Chamber oF Commerce An
nual Dinner. It will be at East
Yancey High School Friday,
April 23. Reservations must
be made by April 17. Tickets
are available at the Chamber
office in the New Town Hall
on the square, or you may call
i I II
rui 1 111 'jB
K rTTHIin m .‘WHI.w
Gudger Files As Candidate
On Monday, April 5, 1976, Lamar Gudger filed as candidate for the Congressional seat
presently held by Roy A. Taylor. He is presently serving as State Senator from the 26th Senatorial
District including Buncombe, Madison, McDowell and Yancey Counties. Her formerly served as
District Solicitor and he served 1 term as representative of the N.C. House of Representatives. He
Is a member of the law firm, Gudger & Mclean; he Is an active Methodist layman; and has been
prominent with civic and educational affairs for many years. Gudger stated in his announcement,
“ll is my hope that my own record of public service In the North Carolina Senate, sustained by the
Integrity of my professional and private life, will prove that 1 am qualified for this office.”
* inger will be the new principal
of South Toe Elementary
Miss Higgins holds a
Master’s Degree in Admini
Rate Hike Higher,
Says French Broad
French Broad , Electric
Membership Corporation an
nounced earlier this week that
Carolina Power & Light
Company had given notice of
a revised wholesale rate
request, and it was expected
to be around 33%. It has now
been announced that the
Federal Power Commission
has given tentative approval
to their original request of
January 30, 1976, for 34.5%
whi<th will go into effect on
May 1, 1976, instead of their
revised rate.
French Broad EMC along
with the other Cooperatives in
day in any way that they could be of service or wherever they
would be needed most.
At 1 o’clock the Student Council gathered in the attractively
decorated school library to finish preparations for a tea from
1:30 to 2:00 in honor of the principal, the faculty, the school
secretary and librarian, the custodian and school aids, the
lunchroom staff, and the members of the central office force.
stration from Appalachian
State University. She has
served as principal of Clear
mont Elementary School and
has taught at Bald Creek and
North Carolina will do every
thing that is legally possible
to see that these rate
increases are justified, and if
they are not justified, that the
overcharges are returned.
The rate increase of
January 2, 1975 was opposed ”
by the Cooperatives and the
new increase is being op
posed. Since the progress
made by the Federal Power
Commission in ruling on these
increases is very slow, mem
bers of French Broad EMC .
are urgbd to write their
Senators and Congressmen,
as well as the FPC for prompt
action on these matters.
Bee Log Elementary Schools
Mr. Zullinger is a graduate o
Mars Hill College and i:
expected to receive hi
Master’s Degree in Adminis
tration from Western Carolim
University this summer. Hi
has been a teacher a
Burnsville Elementary Schoc
for the past four years. He i
married to the former Par
Young of Burnsville.
Mr. Frank Robinson, prin
cipal of East Yancey Higl
School, will serve as Assistan
Principal at Mountain Heri
tage High School next year.
At Newdale
Dr. E. Perry Mobley o:
Winston Salem will be speak
er in a series of services to b<
held in the Newdale Presby
terian Church beginning Eas
ter Sunday at 7:30 p.m. Dr
Mobley is a warm spirit ant
popular pastor of the Rey
nolds Presbyterian Church
having served there forth«
past ten years. Much at hom'<
with both young and old, ar
avid sportsman, he find:
himself comfortable both a:
preacher and sports official.
As a native of Albany
Georgia he graduated fron
Presbyterian College of Soutl
Carolina and Columbia Se
minary. Later he was awardee
an honorary degree of Doctoi
of Divinity from King College
He has served in the U.S
Navy and in pastorates ii
Florida, Georgia and Ten
nessee before coming t<
North Carolina.
The congregation of New
dale Presbyterian feels tha
they are indeed fortunate it
having Dr. Mobley for thi:
time of spiritual enrichmen
i and evangelistic effort. Feel
ing that you might like t<
share this spiritual feast o
praise, inspiration and fellow
ship they cordially invite yo»
to be at Newdale Churcl
Sunday through Friday, Apri
18-23 each evening at 7:30
Special music and congrega
tional singing will be a part o
each service.
| Firefighters Use Helicopter:
‘Firebugs’Set Forest Fires
I National Forest Rangers in
I- the Toecane District have
I been very active in recent
I weeks fighting fires in and
I around Yancey County. Ac-
I cording to a Forest Service
I spokesman, “Firebugs” are
I responsible for many of these
I fires.
On Sunday, April 4, Forest
Rangers took action on a fire
on Stoney Fork Road near
Barnardsville. Only 2-3 acres
were burned due to prompt
[ action in spotting and getting
men in to the site.
Wednesday. April 7, there
Help For
I Elderly
A limited amount of
y assistance to help elderly
families to fix-up and repair
safety hazards in and around
n their home is now available
through the local Yancey
County Community Action
, Office.
Any family of Senior
Citizens of Yancey County
whose home, or the surroun-
O ding premises contain haz
ards which might cause a
„ person’s injury, and the
family is unable to" fix or
repair the hazard, should
make a request to the County
s. Director, W.A.M.Y. Com
of munity Action. The request
is should be made on “Request
iis for Assistance Form” which
s- can be obtained at the Yancey
ia County Community Action
fe Office.
at This program is designed,
©I and was developed and
is approved, to help elderly
m citizens (60 years and older)
or other disabled families who
n- are not able to do this kind of
?h work or do not have the
nt resources to eliminate such
ri- conditions in and around their
r. homes that might cause
serious injury to someone.
Wherever these conditions
exist and the family cannot
correct them they are encour
aged to contact the Commu
nity Action Office, Telephone
j 682-2610 or write the County
Director, P.O. Box 596,
Burnsville, N.C. 28714.
of Theatre
“ Presents
' d Comedy
y- The Burnsville Little Thea
h. tre will present a Woody Allen
>e comedy, “Don’t Drink the
ie Water”, on April 30 and May
in 1, 1976. Advance tickets will
Is be on sale starting April 14.
1S According to director Bar
• bara Bailey, this promises to
y. be a fine production with most
m credit going to an excellent
th cast. ’
e* Cast members are: Phillip
sd Shore, Betty Bacon, Jim
or Priesmeyer, Gail Deyton,
e. Tom Gardner, Theresa Cold
s' ta, Kevin Shirley, Phyllis
in Downing, Tim Thompson, Liz
n- Lasley, John David Stewart,
t 0 Chris Day and Gene Cannon.
nt irnmnm i H ■!
to immSS-TET
* MwJri
5 %Zll
were about seven fires set at
the proposed Craggy Wilder
ness area and a total of 15
acres were burned.
A helicopter crew and
smoke jumpers were used in
both of these actions and the
prompt action made possible
by this means of getting fire
fighters into the area is
credited with saving scores of
acres from being burned,
i A forest fire at Big Butt
t Gap just west of the Yancey
r County line was spotted by an
aerial observer last week. The
: observer saw a man setting
that fire and another one, but
the Toecane Rangers were
unable to get TO the area fast
enough to apprehend him.
One of these fires burned 25
acres, the other burned 5-6
acres of forest land. Here
again, the helicopter crew was
the means of preventing a
greater destruction of forest
land by bringing in two
firefighting crews within a 30
minute period from outlying
Last Saturday and Sunday,
April 10 and 11, Toecane
Rangers fought one fire at
Ogles Meadows in Yancey
County, two fires at the White
Oak Creek Campground, and
a small fire at the Black
[ Mountain Campground.
. Carelessness with camp
r fires an<T cigarettes were
I responsible for some of the
t conflagrations, but the Forest
Service spokesman empha
t sized that “Firebugs” were
t responsible for setting a great
, many of the forest fires in this
f area lately.
! “We cannot even estimate
i Schools
! Close For
; Easter
Yancey County Schools
: will be closed for Easter
Holidays on Friday, April 16,
i and Monday, April 19. There
t will be no other spring
vacation, since a number of
school days were lost during
January and February be
■ cause of snow.
Graduation exercises have
been scheduled for East
Yancey High School on Friday
night, May 28, and for Cane
River High School on Satur
day night, May 29. The school
year will end for all other
students on Wednesday, June
2, 1976.
•r| fig. 4g
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j -
l CB Club Coffee Break
v On March 20,1976 the newly formed Mt. Mitchell C.B. Club held their first coffee break. Ike
coffee break was held at Micavllle Elementary School and $700.00 was given to the Mentafty
Trainable Retarded Class at that school. The Little League Baseball Team was also given SIOO.OO
and $50.00 was given to the Radio Patrol. The members of the Mt. Mitchell C.B. express
appreciation to Mr. Boyd Deyton, principal of MlcavUle Elementary School, and to everyone who
attended, for their contribution In helping make the coffee break a success.
how many acres of National
Forest land would have
burned if we had not had the
means of getting to the site of
the blaze so promptly,” said
one Ranger. The helicopter is
owned by the United States
Forest Service and it arrived
about three weeks ago from
Utah. Toecane Rangers were
initially doubtful about its use
in the mountains, but have
been impressed by how
quickly the helicopter can get
fire fighting crews to the
Motorists Warned
About Holiday Statistics
Edward L. Powell, Com
missioner of Motor Vehicles
today reminded motorists that
the four day Easter Holiday
weekend will begin at 6:00
p.m. Friday, April 16, and
end midnight Monday, April
19. Last year during the four
day period, 25 persons lost
their lives and 645 persons
were injured on North Caro
lina highways.
During the Easter holiday
last year there were 1,141
traffic accidents in the State
One-Man Shows Set
For May In Mitchell
Toe River Arts Council
Two distinguished men
will be brought to life again on
the Harris Elementary School
stage next month. They are
Mark Twain and Clarence
Darrow, who will be portrayed
by Bill Wilson and Don
Baucom respectively, in one
man shows Friday, May 14
and Saturday, May 15. The
two productions are spon
sored by the Toe River Arts
Council and Mayland Techni
cal Institute.
Bill Wilson’s portrayal of
Mark Twain will be the
culmination of his two years
as dramatist-in-residence at
Mayland Technical Institute,
a post which he will be leaving
in June. Each performance he
gives will be fitted to the
audience. He has memorized
four hours of material and will
choose, according to audience
response, selections from
such works as Huckleberry
Finn, Roughing It, and
Letters from the Earth.
Don Baucom as Clarence
Darrow will be acting the play
by David W. Rintels. In
15 c
blazes and its maneuverabi
lity in small areas.
The National Forest Ro
gers have been working oh
more—efficient means of
apprehending firebugs and
have several plans of action
which should be effective.
Citizens are urged to call the 1
Forest Service if they
aware of any unusual or
suspicious activity in the
Forest Service jurisdiction.
Remember-the National For
ests belong to everyone. >
with 1,014 violations of the
motor vehicle laws. The
leading causes of these
accidents were failing to see
safe movement and speeding.
Speeding over 75 m.p:h.
caused 7 highway deaths.
Highway fatality statistics
for Easter weekend 1975 also
show 4 fatalities with speed
ing 65 to 75 m.p.h. and 3
fatalities with car speeding
below 65 m.p.h. Failure: to
yield right of way caused 2
fatalities. ■>.
talking about his life and the
famous trials in which he
participated, Darrow reminds
the audience of some of the
great moments in courtroom
drama and of the many causes
he defended. Don Baucom,
who is Dean of Instruction at
Mayland Technical Institute,
has the same angular face as
Darrow and, with the subtrac
tion of his beard and the
addition of suspenders, will
be Darrow on Saturday, Nfay
15, at 8:00 p.m. in the Harris
Elementary School Auditor
ium in Spruce Pine.
Chamber To
Publish New
The Yancey County Cham
ber of Commerce h doing a
new accommodations bro
chure to be inserted in the
colored brochure for distribu
tion. Anyone wishing to place
an ad in this brochure should
contact the Chamber office at
P.O. Box 175 or call 682-2312
before Saturday, April 17.

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