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USDA Gives Food Stamp Program Facts
i Department of Agricul
o the Senate Agriculture
nittee on June 30, 1975
ed that (1) nearly half of
cipients of food stamps
in households with
les under $3,000 (2) The
ie of the average four
n family qn food stamps
456 a year (3) 92 percent
food stamp participants
households with take
wine annual income under
*W>; 95 percent are in
households with income un
tmsß ,000; 97 percent are in
seholds with income un
s9,ooo; and virtuqjly 100
are in households
twih income under SIO,OOO.
WOnly 13 percent of all food
istamp participants are in
feusteholds with take-home
g From The <1
Homemakers j,
S|ood news;!
Extension Homemaker
A casserole can be a great
time saver on busy days if you
rtutkp one ahead and freeze it.
He* are recipes for salad,
casserole and dessert that will
provide new taste experiences
for your family.
1 head lettuce
2 large tomatoes
4 fresh onions, including tops
1 medium cucumber
1 bunch radishes
i-e\V Leaves Spinach
Buhch chives (6 to 8 spikes)
Vi tsp. salt
Cqmmercial French Dressing
Salad greens
. Cut lettuce in 1 inch
fiubes. Chill, peel and cut
tomatoes into wedges. Cut
onions into cubes. Peel and
Slice cucumber. Slice radish
es. Chop spinach leaves and
cut chives very fine. Place all
on a bed of salad greens.
Season with salt and French
dressing. Yield: 6 to 8
IVj cups cut macaroni
2 tsp shortening
Vi cup chopped onion
1 lb. ground beef
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp:? steak sauce
*/« tsp pepper
*/i cups shredded cheese
l‘/i Cups milk
Vi cup catsup
Cook macaroni according
to package directions. Drain,
ah<(« place in a large mixing
bowi. Place shortening in a
skillet and cook the chopped
onion until browned. Add
ground beef and cook until all
dolor is removed. Drain off
excess fat. Add salt, steak
sauce, pepper, and */i cup
catsup. Mix the meat and
npacjuoni and let cool. When
■UXture is cool, add shredded
cjieese and mix well. Place
mixture in two 1-quart cas
serole dishes. To bake: mix
together eggi milt, and '/j
cqp,;,catsup and additional
shfedded cheese if desired.
ever the casserole
mQtture and bake in a covered
cs&serole dish at 350 degrees
a£but 25 to 30 minutes, or
uplil it heats through and
starts to bubble. Yield 8
Servings. Note: This is an
Oxcpllent dish to make ahead
aod freeze.
oz) box graham crackers
baking powder
Fjeiip undiluted evaporated
I*sficks butter or marg.
2 cups sugar
s<kg s
f tsp. vanilla
1 cup chopped pecans
1 <3# oz) can coconut
pineapple filling
Crumble crackers, add
baking powder, mix well, and
*w milk. Set aside. Cream
njargarine and sugar. Add
eggs one at a time, beating
well after each addition.
Combine with cracker mix
tufe.Stir in vapilla extract,
pdcans, and coconut. Bake in
gffcased 13x9x2 inch pan at
350 degrees for 50 minutes or
Until done. Spread with
pineapple Filling.
J cup sugar «
$ tsp, flour or cornstarch
1 (20 oz) can crushed
sugar and flour,
*<ld pineapple and cook until
thick (about 10 minutes).
Spread over ckke in the pan
#nd cut into squares. Yield
12*15 servings.
p pay of over-$6,000;' and 87
e percent of such households
consist of at least five
s persons ' *
5 A wide'y-cited advertise
s ment in Parade Magazine for
s a booklet that supposedly
i would show how families
5 earning $16,000 a year could
qualify for food stamps Ts so
steak *l® I
I mm w- »
xjjgc ■ ■ Wfy/ a a .30oS cSR. /V\<DR.£ mb
dMßEjjfctefe :8|
INPfT I ■AI I hostess ham *7® I
9M. -ayAlaiMfaM gjp B**- * *(* **# *# *
| /J' t IMMUHET I seitcro meftis t FRozew meATS I
' .1* aailßffPlßil m ■ ROCOkI 4129 ?oosfimßo«*ueOik>-
f x t - * rrt& armxL +SL 9 pranks «. £O, I- y I
bsSalw I
wigs to^\| I SPRUCt ? iiM£ V N 1 & ,
g j J KE tj»>
questionable that the USDA
has referred it to' both the
Federal Trade Commission
and the Department of Justice
for investigation of whether
legal charges can be brought
against the ad’s sponsors for
false and*misleading adver
Mr - . T
The USDA June report ; t<r
the Senate Agriculture Com
mittee said that the percent
age of households fraudulent
ly getting food Stamps in 1,974
was 8/100 of one percent, that
is 8 out of 10.000.
The question was asked:
“Can able-bodied persons
refuse jobs that .have been
found for them and collect
food stamps instead? ’’ The
answer is that ail abie-.bodied
persons between the ages of
18 and 65 must register for
work as a prerequisite to
getting food stamps (unless
they are responsible for the
care of cttildren or incapacita
ted adults, or are a student at
least half time at an accredi-
ted institution.) If a person
refused to register for work,
his entire family is denied
food stamps. if a
job is located for a work
registrant, he or she must
accept it, except under
extenuating circumstances, or
his or her entire family is cut
from the program.
- 4 ■■’
Vff ,* J, tr 9 OWNEO or*) OPERATED by W
MR - & MRS - I T - FOX B
HWY ,9-E B y p ASS
|*' •URNSVIILE, N. C. 267 M

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