Volume VIII. SALISBURY, NORTH CAROLINA, OCTOBER, 1899. No. 10. A LI S B TOT, ' . "" i - ' " f, -." : ; , . . -. ' -f N. a The Coming City of Middle North Carolina Populatioh of 15,000, Now Entering Upon a New Era of ProgressDestined to Become a Large Manufacturing Centre. A Cotton Centre A City of Electric Lights, Fine Water, Beautiful Wide Streets, Fine Churches, Splendid Public Sphools, Elegant Residences, with Firiely Shaded StreetsBuilding of Business Houses and Residences Going On AH Over the City. location, well watered and conve nient for inlapd trade. As early as 1770 the ton did not allow hogs to run "aj ; large upon the pie of the North. The thermom eter does not reach nearly so high a temnerature as it does at the North and Northwestern points. The Very Best Railroad Facilities Plenty of fcaw 'Material at Her Very Door Extensive Developments -4 of Copper and Other Mines Finest Farming Lands The Home Seeker, the flanu facturer and Capitalist Will Be Accor4ed a Warm Welcome. f FT is the object of the writer of " this article to place before the prospective home seeker or investor a brief, plain and true; statement of the existing conditions Of Salisbury. Tt. ift bnloivojl t.li at ithift is all that is necessary to at leftst cause any interested! reader to-make a visit to this progressive city, and make an investigation and. convince them selves of the numerous advantages offered by this locality. They will at once see that the city is entering upon a new era of progress." "Fine and j costly substantial business luimuings 01 stone ana brrcK are going up on every business street ana- many being built. mer and the heard from late in the elegant ' residences are The rap of the nam- buzz of the saw Vis early morning; until Many :lusin ess r day side are taking on a hew coat of; pa'int. f urement showl to be fourteen trni, if she is bavin? feet . two inches; in circumierence streets, or fast priding or driving There are no hot winds, very few which was subject to a penalty, 'storms, and the nights are almost The Scotch-Irish i extraction is said invariably cool and' comfortable. to be the most numerous early .set tlers and many of the present citi- ! zens are descendan ts of these. The exact location of 4he first court house is thought: to have been in the centre of the present public square. Mr. ," Theo'. F. Kluttz's residence on West Innis street stands Where pnpe stood ."Ilobard's Hotel." One of the oldest lahd- it i marks of Salisbury is a very large sassafras tree that stands very near the Western NpyQarolina f rail road just aiteVUdarin tlhom- most of those lying there departed Salisbury are not often spoken Very tnis life at a very advanced age. well of by the citizens, but the WATER. writer can truthfully say he heard This section is well watered and several of the leading business men 11 .- ! Cll ' 1... xl wens are numerous, as well as yA oaiisuury say me southern was tiere are numerous natural snrinars. a Sreat railway system and dealt ... a. ' fhe city has a fine system of water fairly with Salisbury giving them The writer was told the as low rates as was enjoyed b any other Southern city. One business man said he did not want any more railroads as lono- n tho business done here and the- city Southern would treat him as fair sVciif entering upon a new era of as she does now. hrks, sufficient for all uses. SALISBURY AS A CITY. There is an immense mercantile ! process, as there are many sud stanial and costly business build ings an the course of construction and pnany more contemplated, and HOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS. There are three hotels, the Cen tral and Mt. Vernon are the two nvsifencfis arfi beinff built-in every lt?t4UU1S "oieis, ana tney are always 2 . O; fill. 1 ! i . . 1 . direction. The successful develop- mieu Wlin transients- ev give inenl of the copper mines at Gold god accommodations for 2.00 to HllUnaAd. Tiiftnv iTifimhaTit.s and $2'50 Per day- The National is a ca;italists to open their eyes to a b-ight future for Salisbury. The rierchants and many large property jolders are just awakening to the '-.act.' a city will not build itself, unless it has the proper assistance. Siilisbury is now what you might term right on the "top of the fence" and it remains whether her two roller flouring mills, two plan- day with about 450 childrpn of all the different grades. He says ihere is not a sufficient number of teach ers and jthp building is not large enough, doubtlesSsthis wil sooh be attended to by the city fatliers. , small family hotel yet it takes transients. and is well kept" at a reasonable rate. MANUFACTURING. The right spirit is being shown' and Salisbury must become a man ufacturing centre. There are now three cotton mills, one foundry. ' ml ' citizens are progressive enough to push her forward, and the writer believes they will, for with the . : - . ,v -v - 1 . '. A HOW SHE GOT HER NAHE. riio t-rivincr'arwl nrojTressive city - vii i o i.-P I-.-.- i--i4-m nnmn if mifrllt. oi oaiisuiuv gui,iL iirtm, " ini6x be said, by accident. Between the years of 1704 and 17G8 there set tled in Ilowan county some English churchmen from the cathedral ciy of Salisbury, England, and it was from this Salisbury .received its name. When first established as a village Salisbury was not pro- two feet from the ground, making it nearly five feet in diameter. It was standing, seemingly, nearly as large as it is now in 180G. LOCATION. Salisbury is located in the centre ef the State' and ' one of the richest and most prosperous sections. It is the county, seat of Rowan county. Its altitude is 700 feet above the sea level, and it furnishes an almost natural drainage. . - A W6s.i IT . i I ing mills, one plating-mill, one rope and cordage manufactory which is finely equipped and the best paying concern of the kind in South, as well as many minor in dustries such as planing mills, etc. WHOLESALE BUSINESSES. There are three" wholesale gro- ceries, and several merchants. in the different lines do a nice jobbing trade. There are some excellent stores and some very large bu-s in ess concerns, doing an excellent busi ness. The retail stores are. very good. f ' BANKING. i There are two banks the First fcilrg ; National ' and ,lhe: J)avi & Wiley J a savings bank. yT-tr Main street looking North from Central Hotel, showing nevy buildings in course of erection. The difference between tne North Carolina summers and summers of the North and Northwest, is in the great length of the warm season, which;is not as uncomfortably hot as during the heated term in the North, for, the same reason the ' j winters are mud.1 . The diseases which are so severe in the cold cli mates, such as la grippe and ordi nary fevers scarcely ever visits this section, and if they do, it is in a mild form and occasions little risk to the patients. Typhoid fever which is so prevalent in the North, in this section is seldom if ever complicated with pneumonia, and the death rate from these causes is phenominally low. HEALTH The, average man or woman m younsr life, is able to withstand successfully change of temperature Tt. is tTinaA wVin arfi sink" or in deli cate health caused by the cold winter blasts of the North, or the trying heat of the summers, or by the fact of their being past middle life, who will at once realize the advantages of this section, and a residence here will not only im prove their health but prolong then- lives. This tact is attested by the large number of people in the city who can be met daily attending to their duties, yet they are from to 80 years old, and on the other hand they are also attended by the SAVINGS BANK BUILDING.! Now being erected on S. W. Coniefyof Miiin aud Council Streets by Mr Lee S Overman which will be used the first floor for a Savings Baiik and stores, the other two floors for offices. vldeid with a oharter. It was in 1 770 an act was passed by tlfe as sembly to regulate. the tovn, as it was considered a healthy, pleasant (CLIHATE. Regarding! .the climate of this section .there is much misunder standing in the rnmds of the peo- iroper adyertising land treatment of investors Salisbury should, with out! a doubt double its size in five years. Many cities have with less advantages. She has the climate. ; ; the wealth, the! location, society. In speaking of society, it is due to Salisbury to say there are few cities of its size more advanced in social circles. I I RAILROADS. The great Southern Railway gives Salisbury four outlets and a through system,' with many trains day and night bringing mail and passengers from; four different di rections, A through train frnm Atlanta to Waahi norfnn oil points north and a through train from Washington and all points SOUth. This ii? iliniWminol Astern X. . c. branch of the Southern- that 'runs from here to Knoxville via ' Asheville Mor ristown, Chattanooga, Mcni phis and all Southern points. A tWn direct to Norfolk connecting vijli tlie ocean j steamships for all Pnts of the globe. The Southern Kiljvay shops located at Spencer near Salisbury is next to the best merty they have of the kind, ttfyare very large, and complete ? havo be to accommodate the - o, uu uivisions oi tne main ' t The pay roll at these shops is toO.nnn - ., , vji more per montn. P mney is! all snent . in and tfpnd Salisbnrv- ti,o ftfi, ""iBaeB ampie iacinties hriffht and hPalthfnl complexions; of the children and elastic step and , tor transportation of freight to all blooming countenance ot tne utau i , una as Salisbury is snr mui women, wno are uuh"-" , I j lertne larminsr coun- anywhere for beauty of complexion, J m the business interests are and elasticity arid grace of ; motion. l pidly expanding, it needs such Catarrh in this sectigndoses its ier--i j em of railroad and shoulcl rors and consumption is very rare. - Tj er herself fortunate. - Rail Unon examination of 'the head- ;rip, especially amonjr the differ- stones in the cemetery (which is a ; M rPorations, without "com peti very old one) you will find that, f a3 the Southern Railway is at ELECTRIC LIGHTS. r .The ground has been broken for the power house and the machinery etc., has arrived, so Salisbury will soon he lighted by electricity and will take on quite a metropolitan air. All the elictric light drum mers take notice, hereafter you need not pass Salisbury bV. CHURCHES., There are some fine edifices, and most every denomination is repre sented. f large at- - tendance of the school this term was owing to the reputation as an educator that preceded Prof. 6oon who was elected5 superintendent of the schools of Salisbury for this term. There are several prosper ous private schools, but Salisbury needs badly aiid is a fine pour; for colleges both male and female. ' THE COUNTY ROAbS. j There are being made tne finest turnpike roads to be had from ey ery direction. 1 They use the j con victs who for petty offences are -put on the chaingang for building these roads. v I LABOR. I The greatest inducements of all, both for immigration into this sec tion and for the comfort of those who settle here is the fact of the abundance of cheap labor. The . : j " colored man whose wants are few and he likes his money! ejvery Sat urday night, he had rather do this than to iarm on his, own account. The colored women are almost nec essary in the South for housework, and white labor is cheap hand they readily learn any factory work, as they seem adapted to it. ' TO THE MANUFACTURER. The success of - all tlie inanu- factories here indicate that this is a held ready lor further --develop- I X I 1 'l I "11 ments. it needs more cotton mins, clothing mills, flouring kills, fur- niturc factories, more ron foun dries and more manufacturing of every clask - and . description. Ko pl5b; under ' the canopy ol-; Heaven , Ican'Hfmtfadvautiigesi than Salisbury, being accessable to all markets. . MININQ INTERESTS. ' The State of North Carolina hds " been long known for its vast un developed, mineral wealth. The copper mines at Gold Hill and Dutch Creels both which are near here, seemed to have j "struck it rich,, especially Gold H-ill which is assuming large pro)ortions. There has been several shafts; sunk and the "finds" are numerous and rich. It is said by the best experts that fcyrm - - .i - y - i ' Y t: .i' ' " i -j : . ft - I ! !-; -j . ; .-i t; i ... - ; a ..-: ? ' 1 'v-.'- :' ' -.Xr r - i j 1 I ! i - . . - ' :. : i ,- h:ir. .. v , A ., ? . ! ;ii : .. i iiviiia iijuji.WiiViii.''7""'"-'" - .......V.V.,.. . , ,.,, ,-.., ! - '""'ini 4ygJLJ ! im.pmniiuiiijimii.1 muVjm . , ,. T- mm fk 'mktf : i - 4' , Ir, , iff t5sl ' ' - ' - J a f.n" I, . 11. ' ' ' lifT? KTT1' ' ' .slL fr'" a -If W -i-rt vs- pp. v This Building will be erected this year by Mr, Lee S. Overman. the first floor to Uncle Sam for Postoffice for seven years. upper floor will be used by the Old Hickory Club. SCHOOLS. Salisbury has a fine graded school system. Prof. Chas. L. Coon tells us he commenced from the openiug He has leased the 1 in untold copper is at Gold Hill quantities and could not be ex hausted in years to come. Mr. (Concluded on eighth page.)

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