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    Sm,; SUf-
Our Job Is to Save
Mfea|| Dollars
War Bonds
|L\l Every Pay Day
Red Cross Campaign
This Year Has Deep
Meaning In Person
Preliminary To
Be Staged At
Club Tonight
Drive Opens Here Mon
day. Quota Set At Five
Thousand Six Hundred
Person and Roxboro residents
on Monday mprning, Mardh 1,
under leadership of S. M. Ford,
resident manager of Plant E, the
Collins and Aikman corporation,
and special chairman of the Red
Cross War Drive Rod! call, will
begin their campaign to raise
Person’s quota of $5,600.
Starting emphasis to the drive
will be given here tonight at a
program at Roxboro Rotary club,
at Hotel Roxboro, where Chair
man Ford and others iwill be
(Mrs. Percy Bloxam and Mrs.
Georgs W. Kane, leaders in the
work of the Production unit of
the Person Chapter of the Amer
ican Red Cross, today said that
first Person tag on a garment
knitted by the Production Unit
came back this week with a let
ter from Pvt. Howard Jenkins,
Jr., of the Military Reservation,
Indiantown Gap, Pa., who is most
appreciative of a Person chapter
scarff received by him.
Other letters from other sol
diers have since been received,
among them one from Corp. Wil
lie Berry, in the Pacific area, to
chapter chairman, Dr. Robert E.
Long. Emphasis of Berry’s let
ter is on recreational and social
service, as well as nursing, done
by the Red Cross.
W. Wallace Woods, publicity
director for the Roxboro chapter,
today added to the social service
emphasis by citing the work of a
Mrs. W. J. Dexter, an American
born woman now! resident in
England and directing the Eagle
club, London, where many Amer
ican soldiers are entertained un
der Red Crossi auspices.
Person Red Cross officials point
out that the quota this year is
nearly twice as large. ai3 it was
last year, but they also are con
fident that the public will under
stand that demands upon the or
ganization are much increased.
Chairman of the different di
visions of the drive are as fol
lows: Accounting Division, Miss
Mamie Love Barnette, Campaign
Publicity Division, W. W. Woods,
Campaign Supplies Division, Dr.
ftobert E. Long; Individual
Special Gift Division, George W.
Kane; Residential Division, Mrs.
,J. A. Long, Sr.; Rural Division,
R. B. Griffin, business District
Division, G. C. Hunter; Negro
Dvision T. C. Tillman, Principal
Person County Training School.
Thesq chairmen will be ably as
sisted by other interested citi
Roxboro and P. C. Chapter Pro
duction Unit has knitted about
600 garments since the Chapter
opened in 1942. The first 110 gar
ments was for civilians. Since
then all knitted goods have been
entirely for service men.
There are a few more sweaters
to be made to complete the pres
ent quota. Knitters will have
made about 234 army sweaters,
124 mufflers, 80 helmets also 20
pair socks and 60 pair wristlets.
A new shipment at yarn will
soon be received and our quota
for 1943-4 will be increased.
Light Says
Person OPA
Citizens Warned That
They Must Register For
Food Books At Once.
Person OPA officials today I
warned citizens that registration'
for War Rationing Book II must;
be completed by Friday, or at:
latest by Saturday afternoon.!
Heaviest registration yesterday j
was more than 1,000 at Roxboro;
Central Grammar school.
To relieve the load there it;
is suggested that City residents |
living near Roxboro high school
go there to register. Cars may
be used for transportation to
nearest schools. Only Saturday j
registration is at Roxboro Cen-1
Citizens are reminded too that,
they must have War Ration Book!
I with them, that one person, 1
having with him books of mem
bers of his family, may register
for his family books. It takes
about ten minutes for holder of
one book to register.
Greatest OPA headache here
now is an insufficient number of
point value posters for grocery
stores. Twenty-five pesters and
not the needed two hundred
were delivered to the Post Of
fice here, but it is hoped that
the problems can be solved by
Roxboro Resident F^ils
To Recover From Acci
dent Os Two Months Ago
William Ruffin Harris, 72, of
Roxboro, injured more than two
months ago in an automobile ac
cident here, died this morning
at Community hospital, death
[ being attributed to effects of his
Harris, who died at 8:30 o’-
clock, is survived by his wife,
Mrs. Sallie Harris, five daughters
and two sons. Funeral arrange
ments are incomplete. Harris was
struck while walking on North
Main street extension, driver of
the car Using Pva. F. C. Louis
Shanko, of Fort Bragg and Rox
boro, who was absolved of blame
for the accident.
Sons surviving are: Henry
Franklin Harris, of Roxboro, and
Pvt. William Thomas Harris, of
Camp Gordon, Ga., while daugh
ters are Mesdames Helen Hatch
er, Clifton Whitlow, Hattie Camp
bell and Corinna Howell, all of
Roxboro, and Texie Honeycutt,
of Charlotte.
The accident occurred on Sat
urday night, December 12.
Herbert Stuckey, of Atlanta,
Regional Executive, Region Six;
Boy Scouts of America, will be
here Friday night to present
Eagle Awards to three Person
Scouts at the Father and Son
Scout church service will be
Sunday night at Edgar Long
Memorial Methodist Church,
Lieut. Ferri Os
WAACs Wants
Person Women
Lieut. Florabeth Ferri, of
the Woman’s Army Auxiliary
Corps, interested in recruiting
women in this branch of the
Army, is spending today and
Friday in Koxdoro. She may
be seen at the Recruiting
trailer in front of the Rox
boro Post Office.
Lieut. Ferri will be a guest
tonight of Roxboro Rotary
club, as will assisting mem
bers of the recruiting staff,
who expect to be here through
Monday. Officers in this unit
include Sergeants J. S. Nash,
John Muilenburg and John
Willard, of the Charlotte
branch of the recruiting ser
Sergeant Nash today point
ed out that need for women
to serve in the Army and re
lieve men to combat duty is
acute and that women who
can qualify are earnestly re
quested to enter the WAACs.
Ranks and salaries corres
pond to those for men.
| — = —
Person County And Rox
boro Give Liberal Sup
j port To Paralysis And
| Seal Funds.
j W. Wallace Woods and Mrs.
! R. H. Shelton, chairmen, respec
tively, of Paralysis and of
Christmas seal Sale campaigns
here, today reported quotas for
both organizations as considera
bly oversubscribed.
Woods, who yesterday present
ed flags to Roxboro Central
Grammar school pupils for their
leadership in the Paralysis Fund
drive, said that campaign total
this year stands at $385.37, net',
whereas quota was $341. Os the
amount raised $197.68 will re
main in Person County for local
Similar good report is presen
ted by Mrs. Shelton, for the
Seal sale, with a total of $336.51,
one-fourth of which gees to the
iState Tuberculosis association.
Amount to remain in Person,
after expense deductions, is
$246.96. '
Both leaders paid tribute to
the contributions from Negro
citizens, largely collected through
effort's of Nurse Mary Mills of
the Person Health Department
Averette Child
Dies At Home
Os Her Parents
Final rites for Brenda Royale
Averette, nine months old daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Oliver W.
Averette, of Allensville, whose
death occurred Sunday morning
at the home of her parents, were
held Monday afternoon at two
•o'clock ait Clement Baptist
Officiating minister was the
pastor, the Rev. L. V. Coggins.
Interment was in the church
cemetery. In addition to the par
ents, survivors include the mat
ernal and paternal grandparents.
Death was attributed to a heart
condition, with pneumonia.
Miss Inez Humphries, of
King's Business college, Greens
boro, spent the week-end here -
with her mother, Mrs. Effia.
City Ice And Milks Com
pany Official In Hospital |
The condition of Floyd Pea
den, 31, owner manager cf the
City Milk and Ice company, Rox
boro, hurt Tuesday morning in a
traffic accident on the Durham
road, near Quail Roost farm,
was reported today as somewhat
improved, according to Watt's
hospital attaches.
Peaden, according to reports,
received severe facial cuts in a
collision which occurred when
his truck, enroute to Durham,
met head-on with a car driven ’
by Herbert Moray, of Syracuse,,
N. Y. |
Damage to Peaden’s red truck
was estimated at SSOO and to Mo
ray’s car at S3OO. Investigation j
was by State Highway Patrol
man H. M. Petty, cf Durham,
I who said that Peaden has been
charged with reckless driving. !
Peaden, a former resident of,
Greenville, is a graduate of State
College, Raleigh, and has been in i
Roxboro about two years. With!
him at the hospital is his wife.
Peaden was taken to the hos-1
pital by Grant Terry, of Baha-j
I j
Six Schools In
J Person To Offer j
Special Courses
Six Person County Public
schools, beginning Monday, Mar. j
1, will offer food production and
conservation courses open to I
I persons seventeen years of age
! and over. Meetings will begin.
each night at 7:30 o’clock and
will continue Monday through \
I Friday each week in March.
Schools offering the courses;
j will be Helena, Mount Tirzah, j
| Hurdle Mills, Bushy Fork, High j
| Plains and Bethel Hill and
j teachers will he Joe Ellis, L. C.!
■ Liles, H. K. 'Slanders, V. C. Tay-!
lor, J. Y. Blanks, Mrs. Kathleen 1
Barham, M!iss Evelyn Caldtwell
and others, under auspices of the!
Person Agricultural Workers’ j
Mule At
Local Yard
Os interest to Person County
people and especially lovers of.
horses and mules is a genuine!
Chickesaw mare mule that is now
in Roxboro at the stables of Ben
nett and Winstead, located at
Camp Fertilizer plant.
Thomas Bennett one of the!
owners of this stock company,'
stated that many of the old tim-1
ers of this countyMiave heard ofj
the Chickesaw mules but that'
very few people have ever seen
one. Long ago, he stated, the
Chickesaws were well known as
being the best horse that could
be obtained. They iwere tops in
working and in driving and own
ers prized them highly. Since the
days of long ago these animals
have been hard to find and they
are considered! very valuable.
The one at the local stock com
pany is a mixture of white and
red sorrell. Should you care to
see this Chickesaw, you are wel
come to go to Bennett and: Win
stead where they will consider it;
a pleasure to show you around. ■
The Rev. and Mrs. J- F. Her-|
bert, of Wilmington, formerly of
Roxboro, announce the birth of
a daughter, Anne, on February
19, at Wilmington.
Big Night Os
Scouts And Os
Fathers Friday
With I. G. Greer, of Thom
asville, prominent in, Baptist
circles, as chief speaker, two
hundred or more Person and
Roxbcro Boy Scouts and Cubs
and district leaders will gath
er Friday night at Hotel Rox
boro for the district’s annual
father and son banquet.
Introduction of Greer will
be by Roxboro City Manager
Percy Bloxam. Hour for the
dinner will be seven ©’clock.
All scouts are urged to secure
their “father” team-ups in
advance. Tickets are 'still
available at office of the Per
son County Times but it is
urged that they be called for
at once.
Aunt Os G. R. Melton,
; Dies At His Home Satur
Held Monday afternoon at two'
o'clock at Olive Branch Baptist
church were filial rites for Miss
. Victoria Melton, 88, of Route
j two, Woodsdale, whose death oc
curred Saturday night at the
| home of a nephe'w, G. R. Melton.
Services were in charge of her
! pastor, the Rev. J. B. Currin,!
I with interment following in the
1 church cemetery.
I In ill health several years.
• Miss Melton suffered a stroke cf |
l paralysis some months ago, but:
‘ her condition did not become cri- \
j ticaJ until three days before hei-|
I death.
1 . I
j Other survivors are a niece,
| Mrs. Lum Poole, of Virgilina,,
! Va., and another nephew, S. W..
' Melton, of Roxboro, together
I with a number of grand-nieces
j and grand-nephews.
Four Schools
i Stand Out In
Scrapbook Plan
Winners of “Schools At War”
scrapbook contests in Person
County are Olive Hill, first
place, and Roxboro Central
Grammar school honorable men
tion, according to Person Su
, perintendent R. B. Griffin. Win-
I ners in same classification in
Negro schools are Bethel Hill
and Hester’s Grove.
Winning books have been for-
I warded to the Treasury Depart-1
j ment, Greensboro, for entrance
| in a State contest. All such books
j will bei later shown at a State
exhibition at a Teachers meeting
'in Raleigh. Other Person entries
will be shown at' a County meet
ing in Roxboro.
Contest judge was W. Wallace
Two Groups Os
Men Go To Camps
From Person Area
Mrs. James Brooks, office man
ager of Person Selective Service
i Board, this morning said that a
! large group of Negro men, about
(75, left today for examination
and induction at Fort Bragg and
that a smaller group of white
men, about 54, will tomorrow!
morning go to Camp Croft, S. C.,
for the same purpose,
Schools Contribute
One Hall Os Bond
Sale Totals Reached
Bradsher Has
Praise For j
Says Roxboro Citizens
Did Well Under New
Blackout Rules. Henry
Has His Fire.
i Landon C. Bradsher, Person;
I chairman of Civilian Defense, to- j
! day had praise for cooperation of
Roxboro and Person citizens in'
Tuesday night's surprise black-!
out, saying that the working to-,
gether was virtually complete, :
with only a few unintentional 1
misunderstandings of the new
signal system. i
Some citizens did mistake the;
third signal for an “All Clear”,:
forgetting that the “All Clear” is,
net now transmitted by audible
signals but by turning on ofj
street lights and by verbal noti-j.
Interruption of a moment was
a grass fire, burning when the
blackout descended but extin-;
guished by the City firemen, who,
took their truck out and ran it
to the spot with little if any
j light. Control center again was
i City Hall, with Coordinator Per-!
ey Bloxam and other officials,
including police, assisting.
j Person Negro Dies When
l Hit On Head By Flying
Timber Near Providence
| Dallas Dee Smith, 47, Person 1
| Negro, who lived with Lonnie
! Lawson, of Providence, was kill
ed Tuesday afternoon when an
eight-foot' piece of timber hit by
a falling tree was thrown into
the air and struck Smith on the
side of the head.
! Dr. A. F. Nichols, Person cor-!
oner, who made investigation, 1
this afternoon said that Smith
lived about fifteen minutes after
being struck. Smith, at time of
the l accident was cutting timber j
with another Negro, Lonnie Law- 1
son, cn thlei J. E. Perkins farm
where a “cutting frolic” was be
ing held.
Sheriff M. T. Clayton also went
to the scene of the accident,!
which occurred about 3:30 o’clock.!
Funeral arrangements for Smith,
who is survived by two sons and
a daughter, are incomplete.
Three Members
Discuss Approach
To Philosophy
Mrs. A. F. Nichols, Miss Julia
Fisher and Miss Bessie Daniel,
who discussed “Philosprophies
of Life”, were speakers at re
gular meeting this week of Rox
boro unit of the Business and
Professional Woman’s club at
Hotel Roxboro.
Welcomed as new member was
Miss Evelyn Caldwell, of the
Farm Security staff, and rein
stated was Miss Evelyn Umstead.
Presiding was Miss Barbara
Bloxam, president.
Hunter Says
Their Work
Highest In Totals, Cen
tral And Hurdle Mills.
Per Capita Basis Pulls
Up Those In Middle
; Person County and Roxboro
| district public school pupils, spur
red cn by patriotic motives and
i half-holidays as prizes, have dur
! ing the past four months sold ov-
I era quarter million dollars worth
\of War Bonds and Stomps, ac
cording to Person sales chairman
Gorlon C. Hunter, who today
placed the figure at $265,186.95.
Total Person sales in the past
: four months, said Hunter, have
' reached $431,184.48, giving the
' school pupil bond sellers more
| than a fifty percent lead over
their elders.
'School selling the most, accord
-1 ing to the tabulations, is Rox
boro Central Grammar school
with $51,867.70, while second is
Hurdle Mills with $40,000, and
third is Brthel Hill, $29,428. 50,
and fourth, Bushy Fork with
Others, in order, are: Roxboro
high school, $24,800; Helena,
i $24,380; Allensville, $20,000; Olive
! Hill, $15,673; Mount Tirzah, $9,-
, 596.75; Ca-V/el, $8,809; Cunning
ham, $6,600; Longhurst, $5,332,
and High Plains (Indian School)
S7OO. Hunter, in commenting an
the figures, said that a per capita
rating for each school would,
however, produce a different ra
tio and that schools in the mid
dle brackets would on a per cap
j it'a basis deserve to rank neat
the top.
j Grade rooms in each school,
, under a plan giving half holidays
to winners during each four
weeks period, strive to sell at
least one dollas’s iworth of war
stamps eacn morning. Grades and
schools, through their principals,
also act as selling agents for
Majority of bond buyers have
, been farmers, some of whom
have put as much as fifty per
, cent' of crop profits into bonds
and many but not all sales have
been credited to schools attended
; by their children.
Hunter in his report gives
credit for the holiday plan to J.
L. Hester, principal at Helena.
The plan, approved by Person
I Superintendent R. B. Griffin, was
; later approved by Person School
; masters club and has been adopt
ed in all schools in the Person
and Roxboro systems,
j February average, according to
I Hunter, is, however, not so good
for the County as a whole and
it is hoped that citizens will buy
more heavily the remain
ing days of the month. Apprecia
tion to all principals, to Miss
Claire Harris, of the Woman’s
division, to all teachers and pu
pils and to Mr. Griffin dor what
has been done was expressed
most warmly by Mr. Hunter.
William Dunn, of Roxboro. hag,
it, a Manx Calf, The calf, bent
here about a week ago, is per
fectly normal, but like the famed
cats of the Isle of Man, it hw
no tail.
Sunday victors in Bahaiw
were Mr. and Mrs. Logan K

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